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  1. Scorpion26

    General Discussion on CMNT

    FIFA World Ranking ConCaCaf Ranking The FiFa ranking came out and Canada hasn't moved still at 79. I know some people don't care about FiFa ranking and prefer ELO I believe it's called, but in the end FiFa matters most. Honestly feel that Canada can rise up the ranking before the Gold Cup, but that does mean playing games against foes outside of ConCaCaf NL aka more games. Someday CMNT will be in the top 25 ranking.
  2. Scorpion26

    General Discussion on CMNT

    @Blackdude & @ted thank you for the information must of missed that part. What I am happy to see are few Canadian players are hitting their top or going towards playing well at the moment. Which should be a good situation for CMNT come next month let us hope they keep it up.
  3. Scorpion26

    Cyle Larin

    He had a good game and I do hope it keeps going all year. Larin may not have started off well with CMNT, but dang I can't wait when he gets it all together for CMNT. He will hopefully have a very strong season in Turkey.
  4. Scorpion26

    General Discussion on CMNT

    Another USA friendly game Doesn't the US have games in the ConCaCaf Nation League? They are getting chances to play some good teams and dang I wish it was Canada playing these teams. Anyways one month to go for CMNT to play a game...
  5. Scorpion26

    General Discussion on CMNT

    Was hoping to here some friendlies outside of the ConCaCaf Nation League. Well At least we know they're getting things together for the Quest to 2022 World Cup in Qatar. Still want a lot more games for CMNT. Two months away from the next game at least.
  6. Scorpion26

    Herdman new head coach

    I tend to agree, but for CSA they hope that doesn't happen as they believe he will lead the CMNT to higher levels. I know some member on this site are happy with his appointment and utilize his effort with CWNT (two bronze), but for me he had a good team that could have achieved more under his guidance. I personally think he fell short of what this team could have done at the time. Both time I think they should have gotten into the finals anyways that's just me.
  7. Scorpion26

    General Discussion on Canadian Youth Teams

    No you are wrong there. I have not seen any issues with players be signed to homegrown deals for example Jay Chapman went through this a few years back. He played several years in college and was signed by TFC. Don't know where you getting this from. Many players from MLS academies go to college and instead of joining league through draft they're signed to HD. Typically players outside MLS academies are now in the draft unless HG players are not signed by team which has happened.
  8. Scorpion26

    Alphonso Davies

    Not bashing you @Tg11, but that's not a productive post at least put in your thoughts. Seen two post like these and those are things that will bother a few members. You've been on this site a month or so you've got 600+ post that's a lot dude. Anyways yes Davies will become the face of the Canadian soccer movement of the next generation players. Along with others like Millar, Larin, and more. (Maybe just maybe Tabla) Again he could be sold this summer and loaned straight back to Vancouver or he leaves January. I just don't see him in MLS next year unless he truly wanted to stay to be close to his family. It's not easy to move far away from the family that's for sure.
  9. Scorpion26

    Kwame Awuah

    Yes I thought the same new coach sometimes can me little to no playing time, but he's been given a chance. Maybe towards end of season he might start a game or more.
  10. Scorpion26

    Alphonso Davies

    That entire moment was beautiful and loved seeing that from him allowed to just play his game within the team of course. He's going to be a big part of the 2022 quest for Canada to make the World Cup at Qatar.
  11. Scorpion26

    General Discussion on CMNT

    It was either a 4-3-3 or 4-1-4-1 formation... Formation on the site.
  12. Scorpion26

    CPL General

    Would love to see CPL have some partnership with a top Euro league similar to what MLS has done I believe with the French league or association. Maybe with the French, German, Dutch, or Spaniard organizations could come right at start of CPL to help create a program and teach the coaches. Also teach Herdman perhaps as well could prove useful to him.
  13. Scorpion26

    General Discussion on Canadian Youth Teams

    It's not every youth players that does this and those they do sell add to the finance for youth academies. Obviously many youth players leave without MLS getting compensated for it and I think it is due to MLS being difficult at transferring their youth either for increase sell money or just plain don't want to lose the youth player. Think for example Altidore, he joined NYRB years back and was sold for 10mil. MLS could probably make a lot more money honestly, if they just realize they're a seller type league. CSA & CPL will make those moves, but it will take time. What will be good are Canadian college players will be part of the CPL movement come 2019 and beyond. Well until CPL clubs pump out top notch talents which I believe many would probably leave on free to join top Euro clubs. CPL I do hope won't make it hard for youth players to leave like MLS has done in the past and sort of continue to do.
  14. Scorpion26

    General Discussion on Canadian Youth Teams

    Well if MLS are selling their players yes that's good way to invest further into youth academies. If it is a youth club outside MLS well that one I don't know if they get compensated or I think they do actually maybe a small fee for that youth player. Anyways let us hope CPL can do this for our youth as MLS as done for US youth. As I think CPL will be financially viable much more with selling players and not being hard bargainers as MLS have been known to be. I think if young players is ready to move and will obviously get plenty of PT sell them. CPL should sellers mainly, but that will take some years.
  15. Scorpion26

    CPL General

    Exciting to see which is now 6 teams on CPL and have they officially capped amount of teams to start CPL with? Any ways I like the team names and logos to me they've been quite unique in the soccer world.