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  1. General Discussion on CMNT

    Wish Canada had a game this weekend.... would of been a great to see them play today after WCMNT played two games...
  2. General Discussion on CMNT

    Let us that this statement will be wrong and CSA does get them some games or join a small tourney....
  3. General Discussion on CMNT

    Agreed this kid has done well with limited time sort of like AJH, but isn't given the chance to push on instead is sent back to bench if lucky. Heck even that other player gets more chance, but doesn't deserve it Mr.Spencer....
  4. General Discussion on CMNT

    C. Pulisic comment's on youth development... Obviously he speaks mainly about the MLS/USA, but I feel due to closeness of USA/Canada that it also affects Canada. He has a very good point on this matter and it is something that I hope CPL will help push that much more with giving youths more game time. For example I felt that Davies at one point during the season was doing great, but got benched for Reyna I believe once back from injuries or something else. This has happened many times as well for other players like Bekker with Montreal, TFC, and more. Anyways Davies has played many games, but I feel that he should of have much more games in the totality of Vancouver entire season including playoff. CPL coming in 18 or 19 will help increase youth depth for all national teams. I would love to see CPL teams to give many minutes to the young and best players coming out of their academies again CPL should have academies set up from the start of league. I do believe if you're good enough you play does not matter, if player is 16, 17, 18, and the such they should play if better compared to older veteran players. That's is something that I think has made many fans frustrated with CMLS teams for signing Canadian youth players, but not giving them that chance to shine for team. Anyways CSA are pushing for something new and let see what is going to happen with CPL, CMLS, and youth teams overall. Canada will improve and will have to be patient as they grow....
  5. Fraser Aird

  6. Milan Borjan

  7. Hanson Boakai

  8. Stephen Eustaquio

  9. Canucks Abroad Transfer News & Rumor(s).....

    C. Larin and Orlando Orlando has picked up option for C.Larin and we know he has mentioned wanting to leave team for Europe... This will be an interesting story to watch during the off season and the question will be "Will he be sold or will he not be sold?"
  10. Canucks Abroad board

    I can't provide evidence until we all try and give it a chance that's all.....
  11. Canucks Abroad board

    Try it out and see how it goes.... I don't think it is that difficult plus most people active on thread will know where to go and if you want once thread is closed it can have link to new thread to help ease confusion...
  12. Canucks Abroad board

    You don't have to move the thread it can be shut down and start a new thread at appropriate board.... that simple a new journey started for the player....
  13. Canucks Abroad board

    Well I feel like topics about National team should just be about the national team and players performance on the national team. We can have more pre-during-post game topics about games. Coaching topics and more that just deal with National team. With Canucks Abroad I believe it can help condense all discussion about players in their club teams and this way topics aren't lost in one huge topic. This will keep track of our players abroad outside of MLS/CPL/NASL/USL and will have section for their clubs, rumors, and more. While having MLS have it's own board and combo of the NASL/USL on there own board.... Once many topics with abroad players are in the Canucks abroad it will be much better..... To add with many playing abroad will make it easier to know where players are based on the board. MLS, Canucks Abroad, NASL/USL, CPL, and lower leagues in NA region. @Blackdude @BuzzAndSting @socceronly
  14. Will track news of players moving to Europe, S. America, Asia, and more.... Obviously one possible movement will be C.Larin....
  15. Canucks Abroad board

    Alright move any topics with players that play abroad: Canniga, Borjan, Arfield, and more You have the topics of weekly game tracking of players abroad... Also any ladies playing abroad or would it be too much? Seems like a lot are in or would it be best to start them over?