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  1. Milan Borjan

    Distribution isn't an issue for Borjan. He has used his kicking as a weapon more than once, putting pressure on the other team defenders and sometimes you can get a breakaway from it.
  2. Probably not as big as Arsenal and co but you can add some of the big Turkish teams from his time in Turkey with Sivasspor.
  3. Atiba Hutchinson

    Radzinski in 2000-01, Anderlecht won their group with Man United, PSV and Dynamo Kyiv. Paul Stalteri (Werder Bremen) came close in 2004-05 when they finished with 13 points and Inter won the group with 14 pts.
  4. Canada's Friendlies

    Chile drew very well for that U20's opening game in 2007.
  5. General Discussion on CMNT

    Italy did qualify for the 2008 Euro starting, for half of the qualifying, a Serie B goalkeeper. 😃
  6. General Discussion on CMNT

    First time since 1982 that the WC will be played without the USA or Canada....
  7. Jonathan Osorio

    Yes but we need to know if this was because of the IG picture or not. That's the main point of discussion here.
  8. Lucas Cavallini

    I hope the CSA organized something big to commemorate the 100 years of those results in 2027.
  9. Funny thing is this game was always announced on the FIFA site and now it has disappeared. Not sure why.
  10. Even with your edit, it's still very inaccurate because Piette was mainly used as a sub in the Floro era.
  11. It could've been worse....FC Vaduz of the Swaziland league.
  12. I doubt FC Vaduz is in the Swedish league...
  13. Excellent result. Piette MOTM for me. I hope his GC performance can help him get to a better level of play. He was really terrific today, pitbull defending and some good distribution as well. Hope this put to bed some of the comments about him not being MNT material. Clearly, he's a starting midfielder for us. Arfield and Borjan are honourable mentions.
  14. U-19 Men's Basketball

    Not strange. That would be totally Calipari if he convinced the kid not to play in the tournament just to gain an advantage in case they play us... Anyways, good job to our U19's world champions!