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  1. toontownman

    Vancouver Whitecaps 2018

    Why would a fan want the club to try and fulfil its massive potential, to think big, to show the fanbase they care about the club and the fans over their own egos? Beats me too. I don't think it was questioned that a manager could survive/flourish in shitty boardroom/ownership situations, look at Benitez at Newcastle in addition to your examples. The point is that a manager, fans and city shouldn't have to put up with it and the ownership should look at themselves and seek outside investment to help or step aside and let someone that will take the club where it could be come in. However I never though Benitez would take on the Newcastle job under Ashley. Just as 99% of the world questioned Rafa's sanity taking and still sticking with Newcastle he saw the potential. He likely won't see it due to the same ownership though. It is his farewell season as far as I am concerned, if he makes it that far. So attracting a decent manager with shit owners isn't impossible if the potenial is there, but it lowers the chance of attracting one and further lowers the chance of sucess in the job.
  2. toontownman

    Cristián Gutiérrez

    Let us have this Blackdude, let us have this..
  3. toontownman

    Coaches Speculation

    What I actually came in to post was if it's possible to start a sticky on the first page (first post) with all the currently announced head coaches for each team? We know a few now right?
  4. toontownman

    Coaches Speculation

    I like it. Let's appoint the last 8 Canadian managers for the first 8 club's and the winner of the first season gets to slap it out in a playoff with Herdman to manage Canada.
  5. toontownman

    Vancouver Whitecaps 2018

    On the upside its fucking roses and champagne in comparison to being a Newcastle fan.
  6. toontownman

    Alphonso Davies

    Going to a top English club and hanging in their reserves or on loan in the lower English leagues isn't the right move for him imo. Wherever he goes in Europe I hope it is a mid to top half team where he gets to play.
  7. toontownman

    Ballou Tabla

    So, not so much watch this space but...
  8. toontownman

    Ballou Tabla

    What, this one Chad_Impact posted on the last page? Or I am being wooshed here?
  9. toontownman

    2018 Voyageurs Cup

    The whole game was a joke. Couldn't agree more with U.T. or Dub. I am someone that has defended Robinson in terms of deserving more time. The team has at best inched forward but looks like its sliding backwards now. That happens in football and consistency can win though in terms of keeping a settled coaching/management team. However we have the deepest squad we have had in my opinion and its full of capable attacking players. He has sucked the life out of the team. You can't even say he has lost the dressing room, he has made them as comfy and complacent as he and the entire upper echelon of the club has been for years. The Board are happy and won't change, why would they? Its the perfect situation. They have someone that players like, that wont cause a fuss that he isn't backed as he should be financially for DP's. He will keep the team meddling around the playoff area and won't command big wages. If he does leave I can't see there being any ambition to get a better coach in. I am understanding if the money isn't there with the ownership and if the pockets aren't deep enough but if that is the case stop blocking the clubs potential and seek outside investment or sell up to someone that will back the club properly.
  10. toontownman

    Vancouver Whitecaps 2018

    Another limp, uninspiring and frustrating performance. I think Carl Robinson is a nice genuine guy and has just about deserved the chance to continue each year but man he has sucked the life out of this squad, which in my opinion is the deepest it has been. Albeit they are without the DP difference makers other clubs have that could really propel them to the top but they should be doing far far better. Can't see the board getting anyone better in though, it is nice and cozy with Carl who doesn't cause a fuss.
  11. toontownman

    2018 Voyageurs Cup

    Thanks! I think that is something that will soon be addressed with the CPL clubs entering the fray. Not least it makes the MLS teams think more Canadian especially as the talent is increasing. To be honest 3 is such an insignificant number its almost non existant anyway.
  12. toontownman

    2018 Voyageurs Cup

    Has it always just been three Canadians as a requirement. Was sure it was higher before? At any rate I believe it absolutely should be at least 5. Edit: Stark contrast in the Ottawa/TFC game verses Whitecaps/Impact. More Canadian players just in either sides line up than Vancouver and Montreal combined. 🤨🤔
  13. toontownman

    2018 Voyageurs Cup

    Visual stream stopped, audio still going for whitecaps. Bloody CSA.
  14. toontownman

    Andrew Olivieri named U17 MNT head coach

    https://www.canadasoccer.com/-canada-soccer-announces-andrew-olivieri-as-men-s-excel-u-20-program-director-p161676 U20's?
  15. toontownman

    CPL new teams speculation

    I will soon get over my pouting and sulking period. Happy to see how the league is shaping up so far in terms of the cities club's are in. What matters most is that the correct amount of preparation is done so when a team does come here it is both here for the long term and ready to hit the ground running as well as it can. That said, is there anything we can do to help that cause other than continue to spread the gospel and sit and wait on news?