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  1. Massih Wassey

    If only we had the ability to call up both!
  2. Whitecaps Off Season 2017-2018

    Say whaaa. hope not. Protected list should put that to rest. Not convinced Kamara has much left in the tank but scored only one less than Montero this season. Could be a canny signing to help Blondell settle in. At worst its the second coming of Blas. I'd be happy to keep Shea if we can get his contract down.
  3. 2017 Toronto FC season (aka the 2017 MLS Cup clinching thread)

    Late to the posting party but a huge congratulations to the TFC staff and fans. You have shown passion, class and ambition. More importantly now backing up that ambition. Let's keep that trophy coming up north so we can make a mockery of their biased U.S. team only champions league spot rule. Should be two Canadian teams in after this.
  4. Alphonso Davies

    No Auto correct
  5. Alphonso Davies

    No brainer for club and player. They did the same with adekugbe and someone else in previous years. If manure like what they see then they will have to pay to get him.
  6. Russell Tiebert

    And this was the day I officially gave up on Russel Tiebert. What a waste of potential. Whatever makes him happy. While I can see he is settled and apparently happy with his lot in Vancouver it smacks of a lack of ambition or serious misplaced trust in a coaching team that a) has consistently shown they don't know how to use him rarely do use him and c) have taken him backwards since his breakout seasons as an attacking player and on the face of it ruined his game trying to turn him into s defensive midfielder. Can but only hope there is a 180 from Robinson and the coaching team and he fortunes better over the next three years. From my perspective, the national team and surely his own he needs to be playing weekly at his age. This was his best chance at improving himself as a player, moving on to a new team and coaching staff that would test him and want to play him. In the end maybe i feel it's not so much me but Russell Tiebert that's given up on Russell Tiebert.
  7. Cyle Larin

    If he like being up top alone without support and to regress through clueless coaching with a solid history of taking good players and sucking the life out of them, west brom wouldn't be so bad. However we have seen what he is like with no support playing for Canada. Hope he steers clear of West Brom.
  8. Doneil Henry

    Main thing is to get back to fitness and stay there playing regular minutes. At the moment his destination is less important. He still has time and this experience while not positive I really hope it has made him mentally stronger and hungrier opposed to breaking him. All the best Doneil we all be rooting for ya.
  9. CPL General

    On the upside there is a meeting. On the downside it is to postpone the league until 2119.
  10. Whitecaps Off Season 2017-2018

    Much needed depth. Hopefully they get Montero back too. Still think they need someone else up top as well. Hurtado is nothing better than a tired legs sub to stretch defenses. Greig made no impact so far.
  11. Whitecaps Off Season 2017-2018

    Whaaaaa? http://www.rednationonline.ca/Articles2016/IsareunionwithChiumientoapossibilityfor.aspx Nice memories. Probably best to keep them that way. Not convinced he has anything to offer us at his age.
  12. Whitecaps Off Season 2017-2018

    Some big surprises there but also not the full picture as all or none of those could be back. Reasonably happy with the list. Would have put Hurtardo on there though. Agree with The Beaver, would like Laba and Nosa back. Some big cap space there that I hope they use wisely. Great to see Brett Levis retained too. So much raw potential if he is back to full fitness.
  13. Ben McKendry

    The CPL player pool is getting depth! Woop Woop.
  14. Brian Wright

    Love this time of year. Depressing as hell. Don't scroll back to read all the hope and aspirations we had not too long ago. Hopefully he lands on his feet somewhere.
  15. Marco Bustos

    Like Tiebert another great release. He will only do better provided he lands at a club that has faith enough in him to give him some minutes.