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  1. NASL Lawsuit vs USSF

    Apparently that rumour is not true, "Here is the problem, Silva is entrenched in the Promotion/Relegation battle more so now than ever before. Silva’s account is not usually active on twitter but over the past weeks it has grown to be a hot bed for the promotion/relegation front. Silva is also reportedly helping finance Eric Wynalda’s campaign for the USSF presidency. Why would he bolt to the USL now? We reached out to Miami F.C. CEO Sean Flynn for comment about Rueter’s tweets, to which he replied “Nothing to comment … focusing on NASL beginning in Aug 2018”." http://magiccity.soccer/2018/01/12/a-chaotic-off-season-the-nasl-story/
  2. Metro Vancouver CPL Club

    With the recent Pro Rugby league folding after just one year last January don't expect this one to last long either. Would stay away from teaming up with a Vancouver team thats likely to fold with the league.
  3. NASL 2018-19 Season - Aug 11 to June 1

    But they're owners of the NASL so why would they fold their business and join another league owned by a private company with its restrictions and a model they don't believe in? Not to mention it would cost them millions and most USL teams are losing money as well. Hard for USL to ignore MLS as well as they are MLS's minor league with its affiliate and reserve teams.
  4. NASL 2018-19 Season - Aug 11 to June 1

    Jacksonville had a press conference yesterday and said there not going USL, they're model doesn't fit the owners vision. USL going head to head with established Jacksonville would not end well, just like when they tried to go against Tampa Bay NASL club.
  5. NASL 2018-19 Season - Aug 11 to June 1

    Offseason on the current spring-fall was about 3 1/2 months, winter break on the fifa calender schedule would likely be about 10-12 weeks (early Dec to early March). Wouldn't really be as big a deal as it first may seem, MLS finishes around 1st week of Dec and starts around first week of March.
  6. NASL 2018-19 Season - Aug 11 to June 1

    NASL ANNOUNCES MOVE TO INTERNATIONAL CALENDAR NASL will become the first U.S. professional soccer league to operate in line with global soccer calendar The NASL announced that it will adopt the international calendar beginning with the 2018-19 Season with a planned kickoff on August 11, 2018 and conclusion on June 1, 2019. The change is pending the outcome on the NASL's appeal before the U.S. Court of Appeals. Due to the decision of the United States Soccer Federation to revoke the NASL's Division II sanctioning, the NASL will be unable to operate the 2018 Spring Season. The NASL and its member clubs believe that a shift to the international calendar will bring another level of excitement to fans and offer greater development opportunities for players and clubs across the country. The NASL will become the first professional league in the United States to adopt the format used by the leading soccer leagues around the world. http://www.nasl.com/news/2018/01/08/north-american-soccer-league-announces-move-to-international-calendar
  7. Metro Vancouver CPL Club

    There's a nice Casino/Entertainment complex right beside the fairgrounds as well.
  8. NASL Lawsuit vs USSF

    "A spokesman for the Eleven said no decision on a move to the USL has been finalized and the team is still awaiting the U.S. Court of Appeals' decision regarding the NASL's case"
  9. NISA Eliminates Expansion Fees, Territory Exclusivity In An Effort To Create Open System Pro Soccer In the USA NISA Division III is still planned as a launching point for the system, and is now intended to start in Spring 2019. In addition to NISA DIII, a professional NISA Division IV is also intended to start in Spring 2019. NISA would look to add a Division II league to its system in the years ahead, ideally through a partnership with the NASL but if not by creating one. A NISA Premier Division is built into the design, to be added at a future date when the system supports it. A fully populated NISA system would support 128 total teams (20 in DI, 20 in DII, 24 in DIII and 64 in DIV). These divisions would be linked with each other through promotion and relegation, and NISA DIV would seek a partner league at the top of the USASA’s amateur pyramid to promote from and relegate to. Primary among NISA’s model changes are the elimination of expansion fees at both the NISA DIII and DIV levels. The removal of expansion fees will reduce barriers to entry to join NISA. NISA is also reducing its league dues. NISA planned to charge $150,000 in dues, but will now charge $100,000 plus a percentage of ticket sales at the Division III level, and $50,000 plus a percentage of the gate at the Division IV level. The Performance Bond in NISA DIII will be lowered to $250,000, and will be set at $100,000 for DIV, subject to US Soccer approval. For the initial launch of the league, NISA will only process $25,000 of the league dues up front until Division III is populated with a minimum of 8 teams, holding the other $75,000 in escrow until that time. Division IV will have a very regional structure from the start, so any groups joining NISA DIV would also see only $25,000 of the league dues processed upfront and the other $25,000 held in escrow until their regional conference is fully populated with eight teams. NISA Division III teams are expected to operate with annual budgets between $1M and $3M, while NISA Division IV teams are expected to operate with annual budgets in the $500,000 range. NISA DIII is expected to ultimately consist of four divisions with six teams each, while NISA DIV at its full capacity would have eight highly regionalized divisions with eight teams each. NISA also intends to launch an annual Cup competition between the teams in its system as well as those in any professional or amateur leagues partnered with its system. NISA will strongly encourage its teams to add a fan ownership element to their organizations via Supporters Trusts, as well as advocate that teams pay training and solidarity payments to youth clubs they receive players from. NISA will also encourage clubs to develop their own academies. http://midfieldpress.com/2017/12/21/nisa-eliminates-expansion-fees-territory-exclusivity-in-an-effort-to-create-open-system-pro-soccer-in-the-usa/
  10. NISA : Independent Soccer’s Future in America: Align out of NISAssity NASL (sanctioned by USSF as a professional league) and USASA (United States Adult Soccer Association, an affiliate member of USSF, who sanctions UPSL, NPSL, GCPL and a litany of other adult amateur and semi pro leagues in the US) should merge together to form their own association, NISA, keeping USASA’s affiliate membership in USSF, and therefore also FIFA. Let me say it again in case it was unclear: USASA, NASL, and the proposed NISA should all merge into a separate association building on the current USASA. The new association will then remain an affiliate member of USSF, just as USASA is today*. The NISA name already includes the word association. It’s a sign. In Peter Wilt’s manifesto published on Midfield Press outlining his plan to fix American soccer, he makes the case for a separate pyramid and a separate league structure with NISA 1, 2, and 3 and support from existing lower divisions. I want to take that idea one step further with a full merger. http://midfieldpress.com/2017/10/18/vision-and-plan-to-use-prorel-to-get-us-soccer-on-track/ *It’s worth noting that USASA operates as a national affiliate, which is “an amateur sports organization” according to USSF membership guidelines. NISA would likely need to work something out with USSF to have professional standing as an affiliate, but USSF would likely not mind having to directly regulate and govern over a sudden mass of 500–800 clubs. https://medium.com/@davidmconiglio/independent-soccers-future-in-america-align-out-of-nisassity-c84d7b9a1fcc
  11. NASL Lawsuit vs USSF

    Rocco Commisso Is Fighting to Unleash American Soccer and He Has Absolutely No Reason to Back Down. American soccer has problems. It’s not a secret. In October 2017, I was able to witness those problems firsthand. I sat as close I could to the action when NASL went head to head with U.S. Soccer in a Brooklyn courtroom. For some weird reason, MLS lawyers were there, too. In fact, they were the only ones sitting on the “US Soccer” side of the room. Well, there was one other reporter actually. But the NASL side was packed with soccer fans, journalists, team owners, and other members of the soccer community. It was easy to tell that NASL were the good guys. I was very lucky to meet Rocco for a brief moment. And you’ll hear me tell that story during the podcast. http://343coaching.com/podcast/soccer-by-3four3/rocco-commisso-fighting-unleash-american-soccer-absolutely-reason-back/
  12. NASL Lawsuit vs USSF

    NASL INTERIM COMMISSIONER RISHI SEHGAL RELEASES STATEMENT FOLLOWING APPEAL HEARING Today, we made our case for relief to the Second Circuit Court of Appeals, and we are thankful to have had our day in court. We are hopeful that we will obtain a ruling that will protect soccer for all and maintain the opportunities that the NASL provides to players, coaches, referees and fans across the country. http://www.nasl.com/news/2017/12/15/nasl-interim-commissioner-rishi-sehgal-releases-statement-following-appeal-hearing
  13. NASL Lawsuit vs USSF

    IT’S NOW OR NEVER: NASL will state its case for to rescind USSF’s decision on its D-2 status in appellate court Friday The NASL Friday will get one final chance to convince a court rescind the U.S. Soccer Federation’s decision to deny its Division Two status in the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit in New York. http://www.frontrowsoccer.com/2017/12/14/now-never-nasl-will-state-case-rescind-ussfs-decision-d-2-status-appellate-court-friday/
  14. CPL General

    I think he definitely wants to shape the league somewhat in what he believes in and won't commit until he's satisfied. Fath believes strongly in the independent club style of league owned by the clubs themselves and wants to see a version of that in what the CPL becomes. Doesn't mean he wants to dictate everything but if this turns out to be a Canadian version of Mls too much with single entity, league owned players etc then he won't be in. Fath will input his views and ideas at CPL meetings and wait and see how things materialize in the end for the final model of the league and that along with city support etc will let him decide if FC Edmonton re-appears at the pro level in CPL.
  15. There's obviously room in the US market for them. There's also two different models that prospective owners are looking at, the MLS/USL AAA model more like traditional US sports league's and the Independent club model more like the rest of the worlds soccer leagues that includes pro/rel. More variety for the fans with two different models/pyramids and makes things more interesting and competitive imho.