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  1. CDNFootballer

    CPL Stadiums Thread

    Langford CPL team a one touch pass away from being a done deal "Young noted the team would start the 2019 season with temporary seating on the City-owned right of way on one side of the pole. The other side would be an open area for fans. For the inaugural season, he said they agreed they could increase seating to 5,500 seats and when the pole is moved increase seating to 8,000 or 9,000 seats." https://www.goldstreamgazette.com/sports/langford-cpl-team-a-one-touch-pass-away-from-being-a-done-deal/ It will be a challenge to fit an extra 3800 seats at Langford without using both sides of the pole areas. Edmonton's Big Blue seating Fath added at Clarke Stadium has 1700 seats running the full sideline. Rugby Canada had added seats in the past for games up to just over 3000 capacity with seats on one side of pole only :
  2. CDNFootballer

    CPL General

    More info from Paul Beirne on the Canadian Premier League's Model : Q: Will the league manage all salaries or is that something of which each individual franchise will have control? PB: The group of owners will establish a set of rules and standards and the league will enforce those. But it won’t be the league, for example, that signs a player to play in Winnipeg, it will be Winnipeg who signs the player.
  3. CDNFootballer

    Victoria CPL

    While I usually enjoy your posts, this kind of over the top racial bs your bringing into this discussion is unfounded, distasteful, and ridiculous IMHO.
  4. CDNFootballer

    CPL Stadiums Thread

    Your correct on the renderings, FCE submitted renderings of a four phase plan for a stadium to the city. The city came up with the proposed 3 phase plan I linked to above, first 2 phases up to 10K at Clarke and a new stadium for phase III of the city's plan at a new location with seating up to 20K. Here's an article on FC Edmonton's 4 phase plan from 2013 : http://www.cbc.ca/edmontonam/2013/02/11/a-soccer-stadium-in-stages/ Final Phase IV of FCE's plans :
  5. CDNFootballer

    CPL Stadiums Thread

    Yes, it was Clarke. The city has a 3 phase plan whereby FCE was required to basically sell out for 3 years and then the Stadium would be expanded to the next phase, phase 2 being up to 10K at Clarke from its current listed capacity of 5K(seating and standing room) : Edmonton : Medium Sized Stadium Strategy https://www.edmonton.ca/projects_plans/parks_recreation/medium-sized-stadium-strategy.aspx
  6. CDNFootballer

    Grid iron football lines and oversized stadiums? What will CPL do?

    Placement of the TV cameras is an important piece for CPL and if done right will show a positive image. Cameras must show the main crowd in a Stadium like Hamilton's, Winnipeg's, and Ottawa's where they will likely use one side of the stands. Point to the crowd and the image will be positive, point to the empty seats and it gives a poor visual, makes the league look bush league in respects. Ottawa is a good example, they usually show the mostly empty side of the stadium and broadcasts look poor because of it. They have had the cameras on the other side aiming at the main crowd which looked great. NASL and its national broadcaster One World Sports insisted on showing the main crowd for its broadcasts in Ottawa the last year they had the odd OWS broadcasted game there.
  7. CDNFootballer

    Any legit way to stream games in Canada?

    You can stream off of TSN's website.
  8. CDNFootballer

    York 9 2019 launch/offseason thread

    I've been thinking about this as well, bringing in a higher profile marque player like that brings more publicity for the league and brings in more of the casual fans and these players can help in the development of Canadians as well with their experience and skill. For all the talk of retirement league from some as well of MLS they still continue to bring in the likes of Zlatan Ibrahimovic which brings in more casual fans/positive publicity. A sprinkling of a few of these marque players with the majority of Canadian players will have a positive effect on the league IMHO, just keep the majority of players Canadian.
  9. CDNFootballer

    CPL Stadiums Thread

    They have the area in front of the old stands where some like to stand and watch a match. The stadium has been listed as a 5K capacity one which would be with standing room, and the Eddies have had attendances more than the roughly 4186 seats that are there so they have sold standing room in the past it appears.
  10. CDNFootballer

    CPL new teams speculation

  11. CDNFootballer

    CPL General

    MLS owner operators don't own the ip, the league does. The term Franchise by no means equates to CPL being closer to MLS. Various leagues refer to their teams as franchises but they are vastly different than single entity modeled MLS in that franchises, players, ip, are actually owned by the owner, not the league.
  12. CDNFootballer

    CPL Stadiums Thread

    FC Edmonton's Clarke Stadium, seating capacity roughly 4200 : Stadium Layout (note : supporters section was moved behind the sw net for 2017 :
  13. CDNFootballer

    CPL General

    ? I'd say its pretty unlike MLS. MLS owners own a share in the league and have the right to operate a team. MLS operates under a single-entity structure in which teams, IP's, and player contracts are centrally owned by the league. MLS owners are basically owner operators of a business unit in their market, comparable to McDonalds outlets some would and have said. CPL it seems is following a more traditional model where the franchises/clubs are independent clubs, a model that is basically completely different from the single entity MLS.
  14. CDNFootballer

    Victoria CPL

    The vast majority of USL players are not even on yearly contracts, on 7-8 month single year deals mostly, so Canadian players in that league will be readily available for the CPL.
  15. CDNFootballer

    CPL General

    English translation : Bergeron : If you ever want to do some research to validate all that. It would be great to learn more and a major news for the Quebec City region Duarte : I do not know where this news comes from. I am the technical director of the regional association and we have never contacted our clubs to advise them that there would be a professional team in Quebec City in 2019