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  1. Daniel Haber

    He's been playing in North America for the past 2 years...One of them in Canada with the Caps 2 As far as who he compares to, he's nowhere near as big and strong as Larin and not as pacey as Ricketts, he has always seemed kind of average to me but he's good enough to score a few goals and keep getting jobs. Is for sure a player who would do well in the CPL and could very well end up there.
  2. CPL new teams speculation

    Ottawa is going to be a key market for the league to be in, Moncton maybe not so much, but it sould be noted that interest from the city is there, it was there early and there are articles about it.
  3. Zachary Brault-Guillard

    Lot of connections here with OL and the Impact... Could be cheap backup at RB with potential to break through...
  4. Jonathan Osorio

    In an effort to clear things up I've done some research and found some links that should help clarify what we should and should not be getting angry about, when it comes to our players wearing cold weather gear at specific temperatures. http://tinamuir.com/winter-running-what-to-wear-at-every-temperature/ Also, here are some links about the advantages of wearing gloves in other fields that could also explain why Oso likes them so much. https://www.livestrong.com/article/17819-benefits-wearing-weight-lifting-gloves/ https://medlineplus.gov/ency/patientinstructions/000452.htm I really hope this clears things up a bit.
  5. Cyle Larin

    I think MLS is going to end up looking bad again on this one if they don't just let him go. Camilo has already done this so there is a standard already set regarding these team option years. Fifa doesn't consider them valid, correct?
  6. Impact 2017 Season.

    Seems like they've learned from Atlanta...
  7. Players you expect to see in the CPL

    That's interesting, perhaps Culver will be recieving a MNT call, did he single out any other players?
  8. Lucas Cavallini

    I'd like to see a two strike formation used with Cav and one of the other two, I think that Cav and AJH would be a more dynamic partnership because of their on the ball skills, hold up play and willingness to drop into midfield and create for others, but I also think that Cav and Larin would be physically too much to handle for most Concacaf defenders.
  9. Sure theyre going to get a look at the national team, but I wouldn't say automatically lock them in as a "key player" for us, which is what we were originally talking about. I still think they need to earn their spot though. I don't think our depth is that bad that we have to call up anyone just based on the league they play in unless its a big league. I don't think a player playing for one of the bottom teams in the dutch top flight or turkish league is any more impressive than a guy breaking into the midfield at TFC with Bradley and Vazquez. They'd have to win the spot over a current Panama international, and future USMNT player in Delgado, a current MNTer in Osorio, and be a better option than an aging but still very good Cheyrou. Even in the case at hand with Corbin-Ong, does him playing in the dutch league automatically mean he's better than Adekugbe, de Jong, Edwards, or even Ashtone Morgan, Tyler Pasher or Brett Levis? I think it means that he should get a call up and we'll see what he can do over the course of a few games.
  10. Really depends on how he plays for us more than anything. The lower half of the dutch league isn't all that great. I'd say the only time we should take a league into consideration when deciding if a guy is a key player for us is when that league is a top 5 league in the world, or if it's liga mx because of the concacaf side of things. After that its kind of down to the player. Hutch is a key player for us, but would someone playing for a freshly promoted turkish team really be a lock on our squad just because he's surviving relegation in the turkish league? Now if its one of the big teams in certain leagues like Ajax, PSV, Besiktas, or even a team like Anderlecht, those are big spots for Canadians to be and I'd say that would tell us that player should get more than a few chances to prove he's a key player for Canada.
  11. Abraham Dukuly

    got on in the 71st against jacksonville last night, had a super chance to get all three points in the 92' but missed the net on a 3 on 1. I originally thought he was selfish to take the chance himself instead of set a teamate up for a tap in, but watching the highlights the other forwards somehow give him no real options and he makes the right choice to try and score. The play starts at 4mins 5seconds of this video. The forward wide right does the right thing driving to the far post, but the forward in the middle (Jake Keegan i think?) does a terrible job of making himself avaliable, he needs to slow his run and force the defender to go to Dukuly or give Dukuly more space. Instead he just runs basically with the defender and allows him to take two options away. If Keegan (I think) just slows up his run a bit he would be wide open for the tap in. I think this is important because sometimes we can't tell how good a player is because he is surrounded by players who aren't good enough. Dukuly ends up looking bad on this play because the level of players around him doesn't seem very high, atleast in this crucial moment. I have not watched a lot of FCE this year, is it fair to say the striker in the middle is not very good? Daryll Fordyce on the other hand seems like he's good at this level.
  12. CPL Stadium Thread

    If you guys haven't seen "The class of 92: Out of Their League" yet, I highly recommend checking it out on netflix... But for the unaware, it follows Salford City FC as their new owners, Man U's class of 92 try to bring them into the football league. They have basically created a brand new stadium in less than a year and it is beautiful and although perhaps a bit small for the CPL as it is only 5000 capacity and we'll hope to allow clubs some growing room from the needed 5000 fans, it is perfect in almost every other way and I would be delighted if Halifax eventually had something similar. http://www.mirror.co.uk/sport/football/news/salford-city-stadium-progressing-rapid-9791889
  13. Ayo Akinola

    It's kind of weird, I've been watching Akinola this tourny thinking of him as a Canadian player, like I watch Canadians playing for their clubs... Its the kind of thing that sets a fan up for heartbreak. Although you can tell he's below Weah for sure, he has been a big part of the US team and not a guy with an outside shot as a lot of people here seem to say he is. Although I do understand he has a lot of slightly older players ahead of him, most notably Pulisic, he seems like a prime candidate to get a Teal Bunbury type Cap for the US at the very least at this point.
  14. CPL General

    We should try to avoid personal conflicts happening in this thread, we're all big boys here. To maybe keep this conversation going in a more positive manner, what do you guys think should/will happen with the reserve teams? I'm assuming the CanPL teams will have some sort of reserve team set up eventually linked with a sort of earlier MLS style academy. This probably wont happen in te first few years, but once a U15-U19 sort of Academy is set up I would hope to see reserve players and academy players making teams to play in L10, PLSQ and hopefully a Prarie, Maritime and BC equivilent. This would be good for player development and also add stable teams to those leagues.
  15. CPL General

    It makes a lot of sense for the league to start in 2019. Full season will make it more legit and easier to sign players, potentially more then six teams, and more time to try and get Ottawa on board as well.