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  1. BradMack

    Jonathan David

    I say we call him up and start him in all the Nations League Qualifiers... If he can match this kind of production for Canada, he'll be 2nd in all time goals by end of day November 18th😂
  2. BradMack

    Tommy Robinson imprisonment

    He brings up topics that are taboo and not politically correct. I don't think it is wrong to bring things up if they are facts, although you've got to do it in a way that doesn't make you look like a dick... Sam Harris is a good example of someone who talks about similar topics but comes out of it looking better than others who may be more brash or less well spoken. I believe in the truth, I'm just saying when you put yourself out there you need to be careful, or they will throw the book at you, its just the way it is. I've not looked into his videos or writings so I can't comment on claims he's a racist. But others who are in trouble in the UK who talk about other issues seem to confirm that it doesn't matter if your are or aren't you have to keep your mouth shut about certain things. It is just part of living in a country without freedom of speech and a country that is trying to cover up large failures on behalf of past governments.
  3. Solid cap-tie situation.... Plus what is the harm vs USVI. I think David should be there are well, although the way he's putting them in you could argue he'd be there on merit.
  4. BradMack

    Tommy Robinson imprisonment

    Not super familiar with Tommy tbh, but, he did technically break the law, and as a person who knows and constantly lets people know the UK police/government are trying to get him, he should have been extra careful not to break the law, even ones that arent typically enforced. That may be a raw deal, but unfortunately it is what you sign up for when you decide you want to do the kind of things Tommy does. I do agree that the UK has a major identity issue, and is no longer a place of true freedom and especially freedom of speech, that being said, neither is Canada or almost any country on earth. It is a scary place we are going to with Identity politics distracting everyone from actual problems in society and actual corrupt people (and sometimes just well meaning dumb people) fanning the flames.
  5. BradMack

    Jonathan David

    Its going to be an exciting one for us.. If all the players are healthy and depending on the draw I think it would be reasonable to set semi-finals as the expectation. Then whatever happens from there happens.
  6. BradMack

    Doneil Henry

    A lot of people forget that Kapor is 27 years old. Its probably because he has like 60 pro games played and most of them are at USL level. It says more about our CB depth that he was ever in the picture then it does about his ability unfortunately...
  7. BradMack

    Tristan Borges

    That would be quite a signing, if we're getting guys like this it would be really exciting. He's a legit prospect.
  8. BradMack

    Doneil Henry

    I'd say any minute in the 90' is the most important minute of a game considering goals aren't worth more or less depending on the time of the game... I'd also say the 2nd leg is probably a more important game. These words do make it seem like you're making a more serious point though. But in reality I just don't see the stats that back up DH being super mistake prone this year. We're all conditioned to think that because we watched him on a bad TFC side as a 20 year old so I understand where people are coming from... But i'd urge people to look at the stats and the actual facts. He's played a lot more, and a lot better than any of our other CB's this year. I'll take the chance he might score an own goal once every 13 games over us getting scorched by Concacaf forwards because Jako and Vitoria are slower than Pele is now, as a 77 year old. In a perfect world I'd have Sam Umtiti and Raphael Varane as our starting CB's, but the reality is our options are limited... Again I'll ask, if not Doneil, then who?
  9. BradMack

    Jonathan Osorio

    I really hope that when the CPL comes our soccer media can collectively take their jewels out of MLS' purse... Kurt Larson reported like last month that Bundesliga teams were seriously looking at Osorio, yet two weeks in a row we're fed a TFC positive spin on the whole contract negotiation during the broadcast. Why not mention the Bundesliga interest? Why try so hard to make it seem like TFC is his first choice and the best choice and what everyone is trying to get done.... Why not mention the fact that its going to take a lot of money to sign him, or how much he is underpayed compared to MLS players who produce significantly less? The obvious answer is that if they talk about any of those things they no longer get to be in bed with the team and the league, its sickening. Hope that when the CPL comes around Journalists will have more options and can be honest about MLS and if MLS says "screw you" they can say "well then okay, we wont cover your league, we've got more soccer here we can cover..." edit: I'm a TFC fan btw, I just don't like how MLS treats our players and how nobody in the media talks about it because theyre in bed together
  10. BradMack

    Doneil Henry

    I think we're all jumping to a lot of conclusions here... Doneils played what, 13 games this year? He's made 2 really obvious mistakes in those 13 games (tonights own goal and a handball earlier this season)... I'll take that risk when the rest of the time he's playing extremely well and is often (outside of Davies) the best Whitecap on the field. Kendall Waston gives away PKs, has scored own goals in important games and is constantly carded and sent off pretty often... But that is part of being a CB, you don't get away with your mistakes very often. You take Waston because even though he makes those mistakes, te rest of the time he's a great defender. I think Doneil's been better than Waston this year defensively on the whole, and if you don't believe me, his Whoscored rating also says that.
  11. BradMack

    Doneil Henry

    Are you pretending you said "In the future" in your post? Because you didn't... I don't really care if tonights game didn't help his case if we are talking about your claim that he is stuck on the bench and given the Subban treatment by Herdman. Which is a pretty strange claim to make considering Herdman has only been in charge for one game and Doneil was unavaliable for that game. Perhaps you mis-spoke, but c'mon, atleast admit it man. I'm not really into arguing and I like your positive attitude posts on here all the time, so lets get back on topic... If you doubt that Henry deserves to be in the 11 for Canada, who are your starting CBs? An Aging Jako and Vitoria who imo got exposed vs speedy CONCACAF forwards in the Jamaica quarter final? Perhaps an aging David Edgar who has played what like 2 USL games this year? I don't think I would throw Cornelius, Didic or Sadiki to the wolves just yet as they all currently play at a low level or just don't play for their clubs, and don't have any senior international experience either so we basically haven't seen them play against men. James is the only option you could make a case for being above Henry on the depth chart id say, and even he plays as a midfielder on a D2 side in Norway.
  12. BradMack

    Doneil Henry

    I don't know where you're pulling this information from...Considering Canada hasn't played since March and Henry wasn't avaliable through injury. Pretty bold claim when you consider Herdman hasn't even had a shot to call him up yet. Doneil will be a starter for this team if the starting 11 is based on any sort of merit.
  13. BradMack

    Calgary launch/2019 offseason thread

    Ottawa, Calgary and to a lesser extent FC Edmonton are very well poised to be the best teams in the league next year. Unfortunate FC Edmonton couldn't have played in the PDL this season but their academy should still be a big advantage. There has to be atleast 6 guys on the Foothills roster who will compete for starting spots with Cavalry FC, and will be very familiar with each other. Other teams are going to have to splash the cash or hope for some sort of breakout star to save them in season one.
  14. BradMack

    Scott Kennedy

    Any opinions, yours or his, on CPL? Is it something that interests him, or is it more of a European adventure at this moment? If he has a good year in his current league, have to think he is not far from a call up, especially if he promotes again. Given our depth at CB, and the age of our current backline, theres always a shot the call up comes earlier than expected.