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  1. This reminds of a party I was at years ago in the UK in London where I met a few Italians and they asked me where I was from...and I said near Toronto but probably pronounced it more like Toranna. And they asked me what it was like there...and I said it was very nice, clean, some cool bits, etc. And they kept saying they had heard very bad things about it...finally after a few minutes back and forth, I realized they thought I was talking about Tirana, Albania! I learned my lesson after that to always pronounced the final T in Toronto when I was in Europe. :-) Btw, been to Taranto...not a bad little town...the whole region of Puglia is probably my favourite part of Italy.
  2. 2017 Toronto FC season (aka the 2017 MLS Cup clinching thread)

    The NBA, NHL, and MLB seem to be able to run a 7 game series on very short notice...and I suspect are bigger media events than the MLS final...and have roughly at minimum the same amount of travelling team/staff as MLS. I find that hard to believe the MLS needs 11 days to sort out accommodation and other logistics.
  3. The Importance of Ricardo José Araújo Ferreira

    We would of made it in 94 if more than one side qualified from concacaf.
  4. I would add that they must not have refused a call up during the period where he has not appeared for the old national team. From the article, the purpose is to help teams like Cape Verde who may have a player say capped once or twice by Portugal but then never called again. I don't think the purpose is to have a player who has played for Cape Verde early in his career but then develops into a Portugal level national team player and then just decides to sit out 2 to 3 years from the Cape Verde national team in order to move to a higher level with Portugal. If that was the case, it could work against smaller nations.
  5. Any link to the match or a file to download?
  6. Victor Oppong

    Geez. Luis Rancagua. Whatever happened to him? Had over 1500 posts but just disappeared back in 2009
  7. That is the issue. It drives up the sticker price and therefore someone might not get sold as the buying club only wants to pay 90 and the selling club wants 100 and the difference of 10 is what would be owed to the youth club. If that wasn't there the selling club would be happy with 90 which is what it was getting all along.
  8. CPL General

    I like it but maybe a little to close to the Honduras strip which brings back to many bad memories
  9. Ballou Tabla

    After watching us in the Gold Cup, I think we are in a better place. We are playing an exciting brand of soccer with a young team and a new manager that I would suspect a player like tabla would enjoy playing with. We were also clearly the better side than Jamaica and as such could have easily been 3rd or 4th. That being said, it doesn't mean he will commit but is got to be more likely now than it was before the gold cup
  10. Throwback - 2007 Gold Cup Squad

    He kept on coming to training dressed like this....so very disruptive off the pitch.
  11. Toronto CPL

    If I remember correctly, the CPL has said that they would not accept reserve teams of the MLS sides or clearly branded sides affiated with them in order to not discredit the league as second tier. I thought they had left the door open for the ownership or part of the ownership of MLS side to be engaged in the CPL as an owner if it was a separate entity with at minimum Chinese walls between it and the MLS side. So the Argos is a possibility even if its owners form part of the MLSE group that owns TFC.
  12. CPL Stadium Thread

    I think cable TV is dead. It's like music. I have a good friend who worked at emi in a senior position and they never saw the end coming. Moving to digital like music on Spotify is the answer. We have seen the last of the big to contracts and the sports mega stars are at the peak of their earning powers. It's all downhill for them from here. Not saying the Lebron James won't do well but it will be the endorsements that count (and i say that knowing the NBA salary cap is going through the roof).
  13. CPL Stadium Thread

    On TV, I hope they develop a kick ass digital presence and charge people an annual fee for access including to all the matches, both live and on demand. I don't watch an MLS anymore as the idiots blocked my VPN this year and returned my annual fee when I complained. Its interesting that NHL and the NBA are still happy taking my money even though I don't live in North America. Hopefully, the CPL will follow suit and focus on that medium. I think traditional cable tv is somewhat over rated and will die out. Millennials are driving soccer growth and they are the frontline of the cord cutters so you need to appeal to them through their digital devices.
  14. Anyone have a link to the full match? I missed it and would love to watch it
  15. U-19 Men's Basketball

    An amazing story especially as they beat the US and probably had 6 or 7 players that would have played significant roles including probably 4 out of the 5 starters not playing in this tournament.