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  1. Bolded is funny. I hate when Petrescu refs TFC games. I find him to be terrible and biased against us.
  2. He definitely looked gassed at the end. But, you know how to make a 90 minute player? Keep playing him 90 minutes!
  3. Heard a radio interview with Popp yesterday on the Fan. When McCown said they were talking to Popp on the Argos, I changed back to TSN 1050, but it was a commercial, so I changed it back. Surprised to hear Popp and McCown talk about his son at TFC Academy for quite a while. Said his son was second in scoring in the USSDA last year and many NCAA schools area after him. Said when he heard his dad was going to Toronto, he was ecstatic. Real keen to play for TFC and MLS. Jim said he arranged a tryout for his son with the Impact while they were in Montreal, but the Impact weren't interested.
  4. Has been invited to Youth National Team camps, but didn't make our U20s or U17s this time around. Could be too young for U20s, and too old for U17s however.
  5. Funny. From everything the Caps fans are saying in the MLS section about Tchani, Atiba is exactly what they need.
  6. Although I have never seen him play (other than a few highlights), I have high hopes for this guy. Certainly heard his name alot. Good size (6'3"). We need to produce a couple stud CBs.
  7. Although tough to admit, it would be hard to argue against that starting 11 last night. Osorio and Edwards have been fairly regular starters. Hamilton is 4th choice (Ricketts at #3 still out). Delgado has been a little up and down lately, but played well last night. Osorio has been inconsistent this year. Did he touch the ball after he came on last night? As an aside, it would be nice if the CSA finds a way to get Kofi Opare into Canada colours. I thought he looked beastly out there. Definately one of DC's best.
  8. I would agree. He has been much more influential on the left. However, a couple of his better crosses that resulted in goals have come from the right.
  9. I really liked Piette's game. Slowly evolving into the destroyer we need in the middle of the park.
  10. Hasn't RTP flamed out? Haven't heard anything on him lately.
  11. Looks like Bernier has been working on him. Have to think that would help.
  12. Good point.
  13. Agreed, and I don't want to jump the gun. I appreciate his dream, but if that was the case, why did he accept all the U17 callups and play for us in U17 WC qualifying (rhetorical question Moldy) if he considers himself African?
  14. Dixon did not impress me vs. TFC (including live in Toronto) so no surprise there. Also, no surprise to me that Bekker, Tissot, Ouimette and Attakora weren't called, although of those 4, I prefer Tissot. I still don't understand Fresenga's inclusion.
  15. I actually thought Elva was one of the better players in that Aspire Tournament and thought he might get a look.