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  1. I think OLL tore his knee up and couldn't come back. Just like Jason DeTullio who held Iniesta under wraps when we played Spain in the quarters of U20 WC in UAE.
  2. From CSA Twitter, all 3 goals scored after Pinzon came off. Seemed he and Nelson were quite dangerous (post, big save by CR keeper) while they were on though. Again, only gleaned from CSA Twitter. Good result. Nice to get a clean sheet from our maligned defence.
  3. Do you know the Costa Rica vs. T & T score? Is there a link to the tournament standings?
  4. Saw this one live and Delgado had strong effort. I thought it was one of his better games - at least - he was on his game. Haslar looked alright. I sit fairly close to the west touchline so had a good viewing of him in the first half. He still looks out of sync with his teammates as I noticed several puzzled glances back and forth between him and others (mostly Delgado), along with a few fairly disgusted looks from Giovinco.
  5. Thanks harrycoyster. You seem connected so I am curious why you think this is the best U15 team in years. Has Pinzon lived most of his life here or in Mexico?
  6. Osorio and Delgado are different players. Delgado, when he is on his game, does a good job gaining possession and quickly getting the ball to Vazquez, Giovinco, Bradley, etc. Osorio is more of the playmaker and has been more than replaced by Vazquez. The key to Delgado is "when he is on his game". Like Gianluca said, the last two games were terrible for him. Delgado had to be taken off last night and was eventually. The other thing that irritated me was how long Vanney kept 3 CBs on the field even after they went up a man and it was obvious that DC had no intention of advancing over the half way line.
  7. Ah, okay. Thanks jpg.
  8. The only player I have ever heard of, or watched highlights of, is Julian Accettola of TFC Academy. He has scored a lot for them (hence the highlight packages), plus I think he was MVP of one of the big Euro teams camps that was held in Toronto. Other than that, I guess we'll know more once they play the games in a week or so.
  9. I actually like this move and wish him all the best (except against TFC!). Higher level and get to watch him more. Just my opinion, but I was never impressed with Donadel or Bernardello. Bernier worried me a lot more. I hope Piette gives more angst in our derby matches!
  10. He looked okay. Has some speed, looked pretty comfortable. Had one poor touch that went directly out. Happy to see him on the pitch in his hometown.
  11. Actually 4-1 win. And he missed a penalty???
  12. ^ Interesting CPL reference as well.
  13. I always liked Delgado in that position. Could mean more minutes for Osorio.
  14. Cheyrou out 8 weeks with a calf tear.
  15. Not sure that question is completely fair though. When they are missing Bradley, it is usually for NT duty, which means they are also missing Altidore, and in this Gold Cup's case, Morrow. But I will answer your question as per my first thought. Who gives a fuck. It's like asking - What would the Habs record be without Carey Price. You know what? It doesn't fucking matter. He is on the team!