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  1. Michael Petrasso

    Agree Doug! When he wasn't getting in to the 1st team squad and stopped featuring for the U23's where he was doing quite well I figured something was in the works! I'm sure as it was posted that this is a mutually agreed contract termination, good for both parties, I think he'll do well in MLS if he can stay healthy!
  2. Michael Petrasso

    Was there a fee involved? Seems to me the club wanted to retain them but they moved with Marc Bircham to QPR! I hope he finds another team soon many at QPR think he will!
  3. Michael Petrasso

    He has the wrong passport though! I'm not sure how his relationship would be with the club after he bolted the TFC Academy for QPR!
  4. Michael Petrasso

    Maybe good for both parties as he wasn't in the QPR plans apparently, it's a shame injuries robbed himself of playing time when he was playing a position of need for the team! I thought something was up when he wasn't making the bench or featuring for the U 23's and he is not injure afaik, Bircham brought him to the club so I would hope this will be a good decision for both parties as QPR trim their wage bill and squad size!
  5. Zambrano out!

    This is the part of your post I have concerns about, I agree with what you think should be implemented though!
  6. Zambrano out!

    Maybe that is part of the problem and as BrennanFan says, what the hell does DeVos do? I would be quite happy with Herdman involved with revamping the whole program but not while he is the MNT coach, myself and many others have serious doubts whether he can do that job on it's own effectively!
  7. Zambrano out!

    I really don't understand why this is so important for the manager of the National Team, surely at this level all the players who may be worth a look for the team are identified? The coordination of the provincial associations and to a lesser extent youth teams should be left to the Technical Director who should not be the National Team coach IMHO, that's not to say the coach shouldn't have input but he should have enough on his plate without having to sort out under 12 rep teams!
  8. Zambrano out!

    Don't be so sure of that, they have their man in place who won't rock the boat, he'll be given all the time he wants, this could be a real dark era for the MNT!
  9. Zambrano out!

    It seems to me guys like Molinaro and Davidson in the mainstream media aren't telling all and don't really see this all as a disaster for so many reasons! I get that they probably really like Herdman from covering the WNT and have to not rock the boat too much, there doesn't seem to be much questioning of these moves, maybe myself and several others on here have it all wrong?
  10. Zambrano out!

    Yes! Maybe it is the same people doing the whispering?
  11. Zambrano out!

    Agree although if there are accusations of financial improprieties there could be a messy lawsuit coming, there may be just cause to terminate OZ, I don't know, if there was I think most of us would accept that, ruffling the feathers of the TD's to me isn't just cause! It still doesn't make the Herdman hiring right but the CSA does owe us some clarity IMHO!
  12. Zambrano out!

    I don't think BCM's comments were specifically aimed at our man Mathew but I'll let him answer that, agree there is a fine line sometimes as to what can be or should be reported! Not too long ago I was critisised for reporting "off the record" comments at a Barton Street Battalion meeting with members of the CSA and CPL, my response then was if the speakers did not want this reported they should say nothing because going "off the record" with a room full of people most of whom you don't know does not guarantee it will not be reported!
  13. Zambrano out!

    These players do not just crawl out from under a rock being un-scouted or unnoticed, there is a good file on all players who can potentially represent our MNT, Oz was doing a good job at giving the youth a chance, Davies and Petrasso come to mind!
  14. Zambrano out!

    Sorry, I can't give any credit to them for these decisions no matter what the time frame, there is so much wrong with this as has been thoroughly discussed!
  15. Zambrano out!

    Judging by what has come down and the way it happened I would say the CSA is broken and needs to be fixed, I hate to use the term but "drain the swamp"!