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  1. FC Edmonton 2017-18 off-season

    FCE’s senior first team will be taking a year off
  2. Ayo Akinola

    or we update the thread title to "the importance of ayo akinola" and let it ride for 5 years or so... : )
  3. Milan Borjan

    @Scorpion26 fck off
  4. Hanson Boakai

    Paper working (working visa now) still holding up Hanson http://glsa.ro/arad/276861-todea-nu-e-ingrijorat-de-absenta-lui-florea-si-saluta-revenirea-lui-grahovac.html "..on Canadian midfielder Hanson Boakai "It remains to be seen how resolve with the papers... He continues to train with us, but we do not know when he will be good at playing." "
  5. The Importance of Ricardo José Araújo Ferreira

    ......Jesus Christ x2
  6. Stephen Eustaquio

    http://regiaodecister.pt/noticias/futebol-stephen-eustaquio-na-selecao-nacional-sub-21 Jesus Christ.....
  7. PLSQ 2018 season

    I'd love to learn more about the league...keep the updates and discussion coming! Are all team great Montreal area based?
  8. CPL General

    2019 launch. FCE likely on hiatus until that time.
  9. Juan plays 90 in a 0-0 draw. Huachipato lose on penalties
  10. Juan starts in this massive game over Cristian Gutierrez. A spot in the final and Copa Libertadores on the line...1-1 aggregate. There will be free streams online tonight
  11. Hanson Boakai

    Perhaps Hanson is waiting International Transfer Clearance (ITC)...
  12. Toronto CPL

    I’m at a loss for why the GTHA CPL groups aren’t using the L1O final Friday as a vechile to push the supporters culture, their groups, and the CPL. A completely relevant stage!
  13. Mississauga CPL Supporters Group Thread

    @Sauga City Collective @CanPL2Sauga Great opportunity for Sauga City Supporters to meet at the L1O final this Friday. Can we expect to see y'all? Will drop by if so.
  14. Great goals. Cavallini is looking sharp in Liga MX.....kids about to get paid!
  15. Juan Cordova enters leg 1 of Copa Chile semi final at 45min, Huachipato down 1-0. Game tied 1-1 at 50 mins. Game ends 1-1. Good away result for Huachipato; many chances. Juan was solid as a wing back, impressed with his play today. Live stream: http://coolhector88mas.blogspot.ca/2017/10/s-wanderers-vs-huachipato-ver-en-vivo.html?m=1