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  1. Bryan Cristante

    I'm happy for him. I'd rather him realize his dream and play for his country then to play for us just because he couldn't for Italy. I'm in the camp where ideally our national team is comprised of people born and raised in Canada who would kill to pull on the jersey.
  2. NCAA Canadians 2017

    Dayonn Harris has transferred from Penn St. to UCONN. I am not an expert on transfer rules but I believe he will have to sit out this year and will have two years of eligibilty remaining starting in 2018. He joins the previosuly mentioned Munir Saleh and Nicolas Apostol on the Huskies.
  3. He has predominantly played as LWB/LM I'd say about 95 percent. He's been used at RWB but has not been as effective although he has had one assist from the right
  4. Paris Gee goes 69 minutes at DM for the Roughnecks in their 3-1 win over WFC2
  5. If Panama consistenly calls in a defender from the Slovakian league I don't see a reason why we shouldn't. I think he should be seriously considered for call ups based on our lack of central defenders.
  6. This is most definitely not correct as he has been known to use the outside of his right instead of his left
  7. Tabla starting at AM for Montreal today and SIX Canadians on the bench Crepeau, Lefevre, LBG, Choiniere, Bernier, and AJH who is still not in the starting XI...
  8. I'm still a fan of Ouimette as our starting RB. He played there in our first two games of the fourth round and was a part of two clean sheets before Henry was played in his place. He's reliable defensively, not bad going forward, and is currently starting for his team at RB every week.
  9. The Canucks are scoring some dirty goals in MLS today! That's what I like to see
  10. Great work from Awuah on that goal
  11. Canada vs Scotland

    I truly think he's better as more of a second striker
  12. Canada vs Scotland

  13. 2017 Gold Cup

    In my head I keep coming up with a lineup like this as I feel it plays to many of our player's strengths. Hoilett and Davies are both very capable at running at players and taking them on. Larin can recieve service from out left with de Jong who is our best crosser of the ball imo and Larin is no longer isloated up top with Hoilett in behind him. Defence is honestly a crapshoot with injuries and a lack of depth.
  14. Ballou Tabla

    It might just be mobile but there's a pink circle around his profile pic and you click on that
  15. Ballou Tabla

    It's his instagram story currently