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  1. Impact 2017 Season.

    Yes. He had a hamstring injury. Think it happened playing for the national team form what I've heard because he hasn't train since coming back.
  2. General Discussion on CMNT

    Maybe not, but Staal was a much bigger omission than Crosby. He was the leading scorer of the NHL at the time.
  3. General Discussion on CMNT

    The best player in the world in 2006 who wasn't called was actually 22 (Eric Staal) . Crosby was okay, but not as good as Staal at the time.
  4. CPL Stadium Thread

    If I were to guess, a potential Lions buyer.
  5. CPL General

    Who/What is Futballer?
  6. General Discussion on CMNT

    Get a sponsorship from Crestfield Waxpapers.
  7. Canadians playing in France

    No he's not. He only lived in Canada for 4 years. And why would he be eligible since 2015?
  8. Canadians playing in France

    Jocqueviel got Canadian permanent residency during his last year in Montreal. I saw his wikipedia page and it said that he had citizenship and when I read the article quoted, it said that he got permanent residency.
  9. Blackdude

  10. Voyageurs' Cup 2017

    From AS Blainville's Facebook: they said that they'll face Ottawa or Edmonton in the first round in the spring for the ultimate goal in facing an MLS team.
  11. Scott Arfield

    Hum, the captain doesn't have more of a right to deal with refs then another player. The only time the captain is useful is for the coin toss.
  12. I'm pretty sure that Vaikla said he wanted to play for Estonia. I just think he said no.
  13. Jimmy Shammar-Sanon

    He'S been called for the Hatian senior team according to the Impact.
  14. Bryan Cristante

    Nah Begovic was different actually. He was already captied when he filed his one-time switch before he played for Bosnia, because he played for us at the U-20 level. Cristante would actually need to play an official match (that isn't a friendly) for him to be captied.
  15. I highly doubt it. I didn't know how we calculate the last year, but we would be at 154 points, not counting the last year because I would need to find all results, and I can only find the Jamaica result that is worth 364.65 but I can't find any other result. But since the match that is coming off the books is a loss, I was able to find the average that we had. We would need to beat a CONMEBOL or UEFA team in the top 55 and if it's for any other confederation, it's in the top 31. And that is if we beat El Salvador. I didn't count for multiple matches, but two teams in the 80 range from CONMEBOL or UEFA or in the top 60 in other confederations.