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  1. Blackdude

    Vancouver Whitecaps 2018

    Who covers the Whitecaps now?
  2. Blackdude

    Impact 2018

    Looks like Jimmy Briand is joining the Impact. Guingamp confirmed the move. The big question is how they'll make the move that will allow them to play Briand. Since the Impact don't have an international slot. I think Cabrera, Vargas and Mancosu are the most likely to make way.
  3. Blackdude

    Cristián Gutiérrez

    I mean Jonathan de Guzman was Canadian in FIFA 09 even though he was Dutch. I wouldn't make a lot of this.
  4. Blackdude

    CPL General

    It will be interesting what they'll do now. I think they will have more concrete announcements for the league I think in the next couple of weeks.
  5. Blackdude

    Herdman new head coach

    I don't buy this study. I mean Spain just had a bad tournament. If you took this from 2008-2012, studies would tell you otherwise. Also, Spain's national anthem doesn't have lyrics, so how do you evaluate passion when you can't really sing it? It's like hey Spain had a bad tournament, they don't sign their national anthem that has no lyrics, so that is probably why they failed.
  6. Blackdude

    Ballou Tabla

    I wouldn't say wanted. Someone wrote an article about players to look for and they mentioned the 2 players in the article. It's also said at the end. Will they make the national team? Only their performances and their state of mind will say if it will happen.
  7. Blackdude

    Alphonso Davies

    Whitecaps would get most of it. Sure the local clubs in Edmonton would also be paid, but MLS would be getting none of it.
  8. Blackdude

    What should we do with the Voyageurs forum?

    There was a french section. Personne n'écrivait. Et, puis les quelques-un qui écrivaient ici se sont tannés. I don't think we're going to win Quebec fans on a Canadian Soccer board also. It's easier to interact on Impact-related forums with other people in French than go here since there are actually people who post in French there.
  9. Blackdude

    Alphonso Davies

    Wait, the person that just started tweeting one day before. Seems legit.
  10. Blackdude

    Andrew Olivieri named U17 MNT head coach

    He arrived at a dumpster fire IIRC. The PLSQ club had a new structure and there were a lot of departures. They went from being run by a club to being run by the Regional Soccer Association. He was also the techincal director of the Regional Soccer Association in Lanaudière. He quit to focus on that. This year they brought Mike Vitulano to replace him, but he left to work for Soccer Québec. So, they brought in a new coach Joey Cortese. I don't think he did a bad job at Lanaudière because they were really good early on because Moojen scored a lot of goals for them and I think Sebrango also played a year.
  11. Ok. Did you see that I mentioned, that there is no way that you'd get that many L1O/PLSQ team able to host matches? That's the main reason why it can't happen. Go ask PLSQ and L1O clubs if they think they could host a V's Cup game and most will say that they couldn't if they didn't have help from their provincial assocation provding the pitch.
  12. I have MLS teams entering the QF stage. It just proves you don't understand what I said.
  13. Because they have been there. While the other teams haven't been. That's what I was saying. However, you can't undesrtand that. So I won't say more because there is no way you would understand it or you won't accept it and deny it.
  14. I think you have to reward teams from their previous year and most CPL teams played 0 matches this year. Why should they be rewarded?
  15. Any talks of CPL teams getting "bye" ahead of MLS is weak.