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  1. Milan is used to being brought in as a back up and fighting to win the starting job, I dont think that will be a factor for him. Borjan is more than good enough for any of these teams.
  2. BrennanFan

    Toulon Tournament (2018)

    Its fine, but we could have done better. Didnt catch this game, but based on the group stage, Herdman's "tactics" (and I use that term loosely) are thus far looking very ordinary.
  3. BrennanFan

    BMO Field Surface Poll

    I think given our winters, and having to play late into the fall and early in the year, hybrid will not have the results its had elsewhere. worth trying, since its not my money. but i'm skeptical that it would be any better than a natural surface + replacement natural surfaces when needed, as theyre doing currently.
  4. BrennanFan

    Will Johnson

    I think he is only interested in playing World Cup Qualifiers. Time will tell. Regardless I'm a big WJ fan and I hope he stays involved.
  5. BrennanFan

    Will Johnson

  6. BrennanFan

    Best XI

    Cavallini Davies Osorio Hoilett Arfield Hutchinson deJong Jakovic James Johnson Borjan Cavallini has had more regular games and more goals than Larin this year, so for me that decision was easy. The midfield picks itself. Issues arise when we need a goal and have to bring on Larin, who gets sacrificed? Probably Osorio or Hoilett. Here's hoping Liam Millar develops into a sub option on the wing, as right now there's not much in the way of subs who can provide a change of pace on the wings aside from Ricketts, and we've been there and done that. Akindele remains the forgotten man. As I see it, one of James or Henry have to play as their athleticism and goal threat off set pieces is crucial. I don't trust them let them play together though, not yet.
  7. BrennanFan

    Will Johnson

    I really think WJ could give a solid RB option. But he needs games with Canada, and it seems to me WJ is not interested in flying halfway across the world to play friendlies for Canada, nor is he a fan of the travel involved in the Gold Cup, and I don't blame him. WJ has kids that want his time when the league breaks, and he has already sacrificed his fair share for Canadian soccer. Herdman will have a tough decision to make.
  8. BrennanFan

    Toulon Tournament (2018)

    the goal we conceded was a joke. dreadful defending.
  9. BrennanFan

    Coaches Speculation

    Id like to see Zambrano get a shot.
  10. oh damn I thought this was about the game at the OSC.
  11. i assume there will be tickets available at the venue on gameday
  12. BrennanFan

    Toulon Tournament (2018)

    case for a penalty there on millar. we are doing well.
  13. BrennanFan

    Toulon Tournament (2018)

  14. BrennanFan

    Toulon Tournament (2018)

    I assume links will go up once the game starts at 130. I'll post if I find anything.
  15. BrennanFan

    General Discussion on CMNT

    I recall watching this game and wow that was a terrible team we fielded against Argentina, not nearly our best at the time. Where were Hutchinson and deGuzman, Occean? I think Edgar was still dicking us around in 2010. Friend, Stalteri, Hastings, Onstad and Klukowski were well past it by 2010, all of them lost their spots by WCQ in 2012. Peters and Ademolou vs Argentina, are you kidding me? LOL. Of course we would fare better today, but not by much, although we are more likely to score now.