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  1. Cyle Larin

    Sigma also works as Cyle's agent, so they'll make money from that aspect as well.
  2. Cyle Larin

    They have. Several FIFA tribunal decisions make it clear unilateral contract options are not enforceable. Option years are very rare in the footballing world outside of MLS. Bottom line is Larin's current MLS contract is totally disproportional to his current value on the world market, so MLS is in a very difficult position.
  3. Cyle Larin

    This is probably just a negotiations tactic. Hope Orlando and MLS get screwed.
  4. Great Issey Article from 4-4-2

    I hope the CPL picks him up. Always a fan favourite, he's a good interview, need vets like that in the league. Hume too.
  5. Zambrano out!

    I think their roles are whatever Herdman and DeVos want them to be. They've been handed the keys to the kingdom. Regardless, to combine the role of CMNT coach with any national Director role is an error of epic proportions. An obvious and ridiculous error as the two roles require different skills and approaches. Herdman's attitude, nice guy approach and ability to politick will serve him well as Director. I think these same qualities will destroy him in the coaching role. Bottom line, we know what would make a good CMNT hire: established and successful experience at the club or international level, preferably within concacaf. Paul James said this about Stephen Hart when he was hired, and in retrospect its eerily clear that PJ was bang on. Switch Gold Cup to CWNT in this quote and this applies perfectly to Herdman: "The Gold Cup performances have been positive and his ability to create harmony amongst an awkward group has been admirable. However, the test is really having the ability to get your players to "fight" at the right time, and in this area the questions should be asked about whether Hart can get the job done. The gulf between Gold Cup games and World Cup qualifiers in terms of pressure, intensity and maturity is a big one. A nice-guy approach with tactical smarts will serve him well until the point when the money is on the line. Without an edgy approach that comes from an edgy personality it is difficult to fathom how a well-liked nice guy like Stephen Hart will get blood out of a stone from the group of players he selects to get the job done."
  6. Zambrano out!

    I believe Holger Osieck was the first to be given the role of Technical Director within the CSA. He resigned from both positions in 2003 as we know. Englishman Richard Bate was the next CSA TD, hired in 2005. He stayed for a year before running for the hills. Stephen Hart was Technical Director from 2006 - 2009, when he vacated the position to focus on coaching the CMNT. The role was vacant(!) for 3 years until Tony Fonseca took over in 2012. Fonseca was still the CSA's TD in 2013 when Floro got hired. Floro's only role was head coach, however the CSA's release on Floro's hiring noted: "We are confident he will provide a strong leadership in the development of Canada’s Men’s game, as well as complement and elevate the work that our technical department, lead by Tony Fonseca, is already doing.” Zambrano's role was to "oversee an integrated program from the Men's National Team through to all men's national youth teams from the U-14 age level and up." Fonseca was hired as the York Region Soccer Assoc. Tech Director in May 2017, and is no longer on the CSA website, so I guess he's out as Tech Director. The TD position no longer seems to exist. Herdman's title in addition to CMNT coach is Men's National EXCEL Director, I believe the EXCEL program starts at U15. DeVos conversely is Director of Development, which is focused on grassroots development.
  7. Zambrano out!

    If that's what the head coach does, What does the Technical Director do? What does deVos do?
  8. Herdman new head coach

    Can anyone confirm that Herdman does not have a UEFA A coaching license? CSA site says he has a diploma equivalency? What the hell is that?
  9. Zambrano out!

    Hart was woefully unqualified when he got the interim job in 07. Probably the most unqualified and amateurish coach we have ever had. Mens league and U17 experience, cringe worthy stuff. However he had a lot of talent at his disposal and unlike Floro had a striker who could score. Hart learned a lot on the job but was always the wrong guy and was exposed for what he really was that hot day in Honduras in 2012. The hex w TnT was the result of an easy group and he rightly got fired shortly thereafter. Hes not had a job since as far as I know.
  10. Zambrano out!

    Right now Id take Floro back. Osiek easily.
  11. Herdman new head coach

    Men's player development issues are so much greater than the women its not even worth comparing the two. Herdman's development pipeline was needed and worked to identify players for the CWNT because, at least compared to what exists now for the men, there is no developed academy structure in place for the women. Identified players could be brought in to the CWNT to make an impact as youths and college players because the standard of the women's international game is not that far removed those levels. Whereas for the men, there is a vast ocean between what is going on at our youth clubs and what it takes to win in Concacaf. All of Herdman's development pipeline experience is going to do JACK SQUAT for the men. What we need is a league and pyramid and academies, not John Herdman's individual genius. Herdman has built a brand around himself as a motivator. That worked for the women but I highly doubt it will hold much sway for the men who have experience playing for quality coaches in europe. They will want to see a coach who brings as much or more to the table than Floro and OZ, not hot air feel good about yourself bullshit. Herdman has not been as successful with the women as he should have been. I hope he does well, but he's really put himself behind the 8 ball the way all of this went down.
  12. Zambrano out!

    Sid Seixeiro 1/9/2017: "So they want to keep John Herdman. Out goes Octavio Zambrano after 10 months... And it is disgraceful, the smear campaign, the lazy smear campaign that the Canadian Soccer Asociation has started on Zambrano in order to pass this as something they had to do And I'm hearing stories about how players didn't like his methods, I'm hearing stories about how he went over peoples heads, technical directors... I want a guy to come into this country and tell the accountant that's running Soccer Canada he doesn't know what he's doing I want guys coming into this program teaching them what the hell to do because we don't know what we're doing, but that's making people uncomfortable apparently, that's not what we want, we want the guy who went to Simon Fraser hiring all of his buddies... Octavio Zambrano was a good soccer man, and that team played for him, and I wish John Herdman all the best in the world, but the fact that this happened, and it's being described as 'well we didn't like his style', Soccer Canada I've got news for you, you don't have style You don't know what the hell you're doing, you havent known what the hell you're doing since 1986... And Jason deVos, Paul Stalteri, and all the guys in there right now, a military coup has to happen this second in Soccer Canada That's a disgrace for that guy to walk out the door after 10 months and smear him on the way out. He knew what he was doing, and he was going to help us... They don't have any balls at Soccer Canada, Soccer Canada are littered with cowards. This move is example a, b and c." Note: CSA President Steve Reed is the Accountant / Simon Fraser grad Sid personally called out. Love it.
  13. Zambrano out!

    I see guys like Hutchinson, Arfield and Hoilett passing on caps until Herdman proves himself. The mens pool is not as easily replaced by teens and NCAA players as is the womens side.
  14. Zambrano out!

    He said he spoke to one player who had an issue w training sessions and then went on to state clearly that the real issue behind the change was not with Zambrano but with Herdman forcing the move by threatening to walk away. Wow. CSA. Total amateurs.
  15. Zambrano out!

    Prediction: Herdman will go with a very young team, as those are the only players that will respect him. He will also hand out many new first caps for the same reason. He will say hes building a team for the future, and will use their youth to insulate himself from poor results.