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  1. Bertuzzi44

    Alphonso Davies

    Follow a similar path as Hirving Lozano: domestic league --> Good 'tier 2' European league team --> top 4 European league team.
  2. In addition to dominating domestically, Borjan played the likes of Arsenal, FC Koln, CSKA and Krasnodar. I think he should be good enough to start in the English 2nd tier...
  3. Bertuzzi44

    Ballou Tabla

    4 hours ago, passionate CMNT supporter Tg11 made this sobering statement: But wait! This was quickly countered by this statement from hardcore CMNT fan Tg11: The heated discussion continues.....
  4. Bertuzzi44

    CONCACAF Nations League

    Obviously new members is a great thing and I don't even really mind the early spam phase, but for the love of god does every post have to include several meaningless or tangent-inducing questions? I'm beginning to wonder if we're being trolled lol
  5. Bertuzzi44

    The Importance of Ricardo José Araújo Ferreira

    The first half of your statement makes the second half redundant.
  6. Bertuzzi44

    The Importance of Jr. Hoilett

    So you answered your own question
  7. Bertuzzi44

    The Importance of Ricardo José Araújo Ferreira

    But do you think a guy who is only 25, plays for Braga and has his sights on the Portugese National team would come to the CPL anytime soon? Realistically?
  8. Bertuzzi44

    The Importance of Jr. Hoilett

    Who knows? Griz was just speculating based on the available information.
  9. Bertuzzi44

    Canada-USA-Mexico 2026

    No, up next, "WC2026 weather predictions"
  10. Bertuzzi44

    Herdman new head coach

    If he fails to qualify for 2022 he should be sacked.
  11. Bertuzzi44

    Manjrekar James

    Leave Denmark? He hasn't even arrived yet... You realize he's coming from a tiny, relegated Hungarian club whose stadium looked like this:
  12. Bertuzzi44

    The Importance of Jr. Hoilett

    What? Why?
  13. Qualify for 2022 first!! 😄
  14. Bertuzzi44

    Manjrekar James

    It's an opportunity. Let's hope he makes the best of it.
  15. Bertuzzi44

    Alphonso Davies

    David Suazo