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  1. Yea 24 is a bit high, but it was just to illustrate a point. Like you said, Iran are no slouches having just qualified for their 6th World Cup, and are 3-time champions of Asia.
  2. More than half of Iran's team play in their domestic league. Iran is ranked #24 in the world. Just sayin'...
  3. ^Tesho, is that you?
  4. Doneil Henry is injury prone? Hold my beer. -Sam
  5. To say he was oozing confidence would actually be a bit of an understatement lol. Worth the price of admission alone!
  6. Interview with Milan where he talks about the great potential Canada has moving forward and why Crsitante and other should join up! (I assume)
  7. 2-0 in the 63rd now! Fingers crossed..
  8. Should be a fun group to follow, with some great games! Monaco and Porto I'd assume are the favourites...
  9. 30 games against top-50 teams in 10 years is more than enough. That's an average of 3 a year! I am definitely in the "we need to play more games against regional opponents" camp. Canada needs to get used to - and expect to - get results in Central America if qualifying for a World Cup out of this "joke" region (as you say) is ever going to happen! We should be playing more home/away matches against the likes of Panama, Costa Rica, Honduras, Guatemala, TnT, Jamaica, El Salvador, Haiti, Cuba, etc. Throw in USA and Mexico matches if you want a "sexy" opponent...
  10. I wonder if Puebla was scouting the Gold Cup? It's certainly close enough.
  11. I'm just happy he's back, whether for a game or longer, Hutch is the man!
  12. Ends 3-2. Not the worst result for an away leg. Need to win at home though.
  13. Lars
  14. Exactly. Plus, revenge (sorta).