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  1. He's also on one of the top teams in the league who don't concede many chances. But yea, Borjan is definitely playing well at red Star.
  2. Ballou Tabla

    Also, I think it is a bit early to write off his chances with the Azzurri. They will definitely go through a squad renewal now, and Cristante is having a very good season at Atalanta. He also has some pedigree, having previously been on the books at Milan and having quite a few Italian youth caps. I wouldn't be surprised if he got another look.
  3. Milan Borjan

    Borjan has always been a great shot stopper. It's his distribution and crazy brain cramps that are the issues
  4. Jonathan Osorio

  5. Well then he probably means from July to November. No need to be snarky.
  6. Agreed about the quotas. Also TFC blows VWFC away in terms of Canadians. In addition to Osario and Edwards like you mentioned, they've played Henry, Morgan, Chapman, and Hamilton to varying degrees. And that's just off the top of my head!
  7. So who replaces Cristante on the list now?
  8. I'm from Vancouver and the reason I only casually follow the Whitecaps is because it is a team of journeymen players from around the world. If the 'Caps had more Canadians - or even more importantly - developed young Canadian players and gave them legitimate first team opportunities, I would be a fan. But it seems that final step is a bridge too far for this club. Corbin-Ong, Adekugbe, Haber, Edwini-Bonsu, and Froese, are all former 'Caps. Since leaving they have played in the 2.Bundesliga, SPL, Allsvenskan, League 1, etc. Bustos seems starved of opportunities. Davies to a lesser extent. Teibert is really the only success story I can think of, and he made 12 appearances this season....
  9. Sam Adekugbe

    I would have thought IFK Göteborg > Whitecaps? Or perhaps at least equal? But I guess that doesn't make sense since Adekugbe wasn't playing much for VWFC but does for IFK. (Although it's not like Diskerud is dominating or anything, and he's a US International!)
  10. Cyle Larin

    Having a big club on his resume can help give him chances in the future. Sort of like being a 1st round pick in the NHL.. just having that past pedigree has meaning. Go to the biggest club and if he can't hack it, head to the Championship or a smaller Euro league..
  11. Fraser Aird

    ^Yes his defensive game could use some work, but considering his great dribbling skills and wicked shot, I think he's best suited higher up the field. I even remember early on at Rangers he was a CAM.
  12. CONTEST: Has Canada surpassed USA yet?

    1 post? Please lock this troll thread lol.
  13. Lucas Cavallini

    I know we (myself included) are always thinking bigger and better, but if Cavallini ended up being a solid LigaMX striker, I'd be thrilled.
  14. The Cavallini signing seems to have been quite good for Puebla. I wonder what their record was before and after he signed!