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  1. rkomar

    Herdman new head coach

    I'll have to take your word for it because, although I'd spent years being taught by professors from Scotland, I could barely understand a word that Docherty was saying. Worst of all was seeing by his facial expressions that he was being funny, but entirely missing the joke. I so badly wanted to be in on the fun, but no such luck. Ah, such a time of regrets...
  2. rkomar

    Herdman new head coach

    For high-level athletes, confidence is essential for performance. He can't give anyone confidence (you have to earn it), but he can try to remove obstacles to it that have nothing to do with play. Defeatism, doubt, fear, lack of ambition, isolation... get in the way of training and playing. I'm sure his psychological "BS" is planned out to the same extent as the rest of his more traditional manager's tasks, and that's why he can sell it so well.
  3. rkomar

    2026 WC Bid?

    That's an excellent point, and I'm sure we'll see plenty of that when the time comes.
  4. The first half of the final has been very entertaining. Both teams have excellent playmakers in the middle of the park, something that we seemed to be missing this time around. I'm not sure why that is (poor coaching and/or selection, lack of high-end competition in league play, bad luck in that we didn't happen to have anyone gifted in that area right now?). I'm hoping that it's mostly the last. I think we were competitive in most other areas, and if this team had another Jessie Fleming, we would have looked a lot better in those last few games.
  5. To be fair, Mexico and Haiti have stepped up their games. They've both been competitive against the US, who seem to be as good as ever. So, it's not like we're falling below them, they are moving up. I think we'll have a better measure of things in the World Cup, where we'll play some other teams.
  6. Huitema looks better playing with the seniors than she does with her peers. She gets better service and has better support. She looks like she fits in with the seniors. So, I don't think it's a matter of hope; we have had some proof. She's just not the kind of forward who speeds by defenders or dekes them out of their shorts, so she can't impose herself in U17 games that way. She needs good service in the box (where she is fearless and tenacious), and she isn't getting it in this tournament. To be honest, the team doesn't seem to know what to do in the final third of the field.
  7. rkomar

    2026 WC Bid?

    I haven't been following this topic much, so I don't know if it has been discussed or not. There are countries whose citizens are pretty much banned from entering the USA. What happens if any of those countries qualify for the World Cup? I don't see FIFA being happy about the fans (and maybe the players) not being allowed to attend the matches. Perhaps Canada and Mexico are there to host games involving those countries, so that FIFA doesn't end up with egg on its face.
  8. I had to stop watching for about half an hour right after the end of regulation time. Doh! Too bad that Buchanan didn't play, but if she's learning stuff from Renard while she's there, then she's learning from the best.
  9. rkomar

    2018 NWSL Season

    Utah win their first game, and Matheson was part of both of their goals (brilliant second assist on the first, scored the second single-handed). I'm really impressed with how well she can still play, and how much impact she has. i wondered if she could come back from her last knee injury, and she's showing me yes. Thanks to Laura Harvey for sticking with her.
  10. The CBC has a sparse article reporting on the induction (article). She's still my all-time favourite back who played for the CWNT, mostly because of her smooth style of play. She wasn't the best on headers, but I'll let that pass :). I'm glad to see her honoured in this way for her career.
  11. rkomar

    CPL General

    Same here, then.
  12. rkomar

    2018 NWSL Season

    Thanks! I'm glad it's "just" an injury. I guess I'm getting getting a sour view of the Spirit organization and expecting the worst.
  13. rkomar

    2018 NWSL Season

    Anyone know what's going on with Rebecca Quinn in Washington? She sat on the bench the last game, and wasn't even on the roster for the two previous games. So far, she has only played 56 minutes of one game. I'm not liking how little experience she's gaining there so far.
  14. The CBC has an article on this: http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/calgary/top-female-soccer-player-barred-from-mens-league-1.4644837 It mentions that she will try to get on a European team during the mid-season transfer window. Fingers crossed... I'm hoping that training with men will have further improved her handling of high balls in the box. I thought it was her one glaring weakness earlier, although it looked like she got better at it towards the end of last year's NWSL season.
  15. rkomar

    General Discussion on CMNT

    I've heard passing reference from interviews with CWNT coaches and players to various diet and training regimes, as well as mental exercises (some performed on a computer). Of course, no one gives details, but it's clear that the women were given plenty to do between tournaments. It also sounded like they were told which parts of their fitness/skills/techniques they needed to improve to play for the team. All in all, there was a lot of communication between coaches and players. I'm sure the details are different for the men, but I'm assuming that Herdman will continue the overall philosophy of communicating with the players and assisting them to improve themselves.