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  1. I think you would have to ask McLeod if she wanted to return to NWSL before giving her a slot. This is just a guess, but I suspect that a team would need to take both McLeod and Masar together. Perhaps it's a good fit right where they are right now.

    So what did every other Canuck do to earn their moolah in the last 14 seasons? It's a team game; no one or two people can make or break an entire season, unless they are incredibly bad. I think it's a mistake to blame only the best paid players for not winning a cup. I also think it's a mistake to say it's money wasted paying someone if they don't win a cup. If the team makes a profit for the owner, the money was well spent.

    People love the Sedins. They are good players and good people who have given a lot back to the community. You don't just kick them out whenever you're feeling cynical without suffering a backlash. Paying the Sedins is money well spent. It let people still believe that the team could be taken seriously, even when they offloaded everyone else that played with them during the good years. I'm a Leafs fan, and I still writhe over the treatment Sundin got from them at the end. One of the most important Leafs players ever, and they boot him as if they were possessed by Ballard. Sundin will always be a Leafs legend, but where will the GM who tossed him be ranked?
  4. Jessie Fleming

    Watching Marta in the NWSL this year, it looks like she has matured into a more considerate person. Less posturing and flopping, more giving others a hand up off the turf. Until Jith12 pointed it out, I forgot that she's not even from a CONCACAF country. Maybe this best XI side is all about where you play rather than where you're from. Strange, if so.
  5. Jessie Fleming

    I guess you're right. Like the FIFA best player of the year, it's probably more about local optics than anything else. Playing In Europe, Lawrence doesn't get the optics. Fleming got a lot of attention in the NCAA this year.
  6. Jessie Fleming

    I'm surprised that Lawrence didn't make it. I can't think of anyone better in her position.
  7. Jessie Fleming

    I didn't see the game, but I have to say that UCLA losing 3-2 to Stanford for the cup is a damn good season. Fleming and the team did really well, especially considering how many frosh and sophomores were on the team. I didn't think their defense was good enough to get that far, but it was. I'm going to be disappointed if they don't get back to the cup final again over the next couple of years.
  8. Jessie Fleming

    Awesome! I missed the last game, so thanks very much!
  9. I've been watching some Women's NCAA games this year, and it seems like half of the coaches are yelling to every player who they should pass it to. We can chuckle at Herdman's screaming out tactical advice, but at least he leaves the plays to the players.
  10. Jessie Fleming

    I agree with your comments, but maybe I'm more pleasantly surprised than you. I was expecting the game to be closer, but it wasn't really. Once UCLA scored twice early on, they seemed to shift it down a few gears and they let Princeton back into the game. I see that as a sin of youth. More experienced players probably wouldn't let them get the feel of the ball and settle into a more comfortable rhythm because they thought the game was already decided. I'm also curious about Winter not playing recently. She did have to come out due to injury late in the season, and I wonder if it's still bothering her. Anyway, I was impressed with Villacorto tonight, especially with her calmness on the ball. Maybe some of that was down to Princeton not pressuring her enough, but I think it bodes well for the future when Winter will have graduated.
  11. Jessie Fleming

    I rewatched the Stanford/UCLA game last night on youtube, and saw again how close the game actually was. I watched some of Stanford's domination of the very good Penn State team today, and that made UCLA's performance against Stanford even more impressive. Sullivan was dominant in today's game, but she and Fleming more-or-less neutralized each other last game they faced each other. UCLA will have to beat Princeton and Duke to get there, but I think a Stanford/UCLA rematch for the Cup would be a great game.
  12. A pile of Canadians leave the tournament as WVU loses to Penn State 1-3. Too bad, but the WVU attack just wasn't dangerous enough. It didn't help that Abam played in the back line in place of the injured Pierre-Louis. Penn State were the better team, and that's that.
  13. 2017 NWSL Season

    Well, that sucks. FCKC have been a very successful team over time, yet they're in danger of collapsing. Maybe it _is_ time to find more appreciative fans.
  14. Jessie Fleming

    I understand. They didn't play Claire Winter all game, and Fleming seems to play it safe when Winter's not behind her. I wonder if they were saving Winter for Sunday because Northwestern wasn't expected to be much of an offensive challenge, so no need for a defensive specialist? If Winter plays on Sunday, I think we'll see more offense from Fleming.
  15. Jessie Fleming

    Forgedias, are you still alive? It's not like you to not comment on a game for this long. From my perspective, UCLA looked pretty good in the last game. They were just lacking that finishing touch for most of the game (which is what undid WVU last year, so it's no laughing matter). I had a feeling Rodriguez would score the winner, and sure enough it happened. At the start of the season, I thought she was a bit too selfish and unaware of others, but since then she has become much more of a team player. Ironically, it has lead to better scoring chances for herself. UCLA is a much better team with Rodriguez playing the way she is now. I hope that Sanchez learns the same lesson about when it's time to spearhead the attack yourself and when it's time to look for a teammate. Fleming can be a good teacher in that regard.