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  1. Atiba Hutchinson

    His longevity is remarkable. To be playing some of the best football of his career less than two months away from turning 35 is impressive.
  2. CPL General

    This sums up why I feel a tad empty about TFC's title. The management, coach, players, narrative and even one of the journalists (American USMNT jock sniffer Larson) make this feel like an American team that just so happens to play in Toronto.
  3. CONCACAF Nations League (Update: Officially Announced)

    Good find! I like the top division being two groups of 4. Keeps it competitive and interesting.
  4. 2019 FIBA World Cup Qualifying

    It's partly an extension of the war for control of European club basketball that escalated into an international incident the past few years. FIBA desperately wants the power FIFA has and have started engaging in blackmail to get their way. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2015–17_FIBA–Euroleague_Basketball_controversy
  5. Cyle Larin

  6. FIBA radically changed their competition structure. Instead of holding qualifying tournaments at single sites during the summer they have copied soccer with home-and-away group stages during qualifying windows throughout the year. Very controversial because the top leagues are not releasing players. First qualifying window just started and Canada hosts the Bahamas in Halifax Friday before playing the Dominican Republic on Monday. https://www.thestar.com/sports/basketball/2017/11/23/air-of-mystery-shrouds-canadian-mens-world-cup-basketball-qualifying-launch.html http://www.fiba.basketball/basketballworldcup/2019/qualifiers
  7. CONCACAF Nations League (Update: Officially Announced)

    I'm wondering how a new WCQ format will fit into this. The first round of 2018 WCQ started in March of 2015 and our first game was in June 2015. Clearly 2022 WCQ would have to start much later if the Nations League is going to spend the fall of 2018 just figuring out seeding before starting the actual competition. Then how long does it last? Will it happen every year? or two? or four??? The lack of details is annoying.
  8. CONCACAF Nations League (Update: Officially Announced)

    Yup, that is pretty close to the rumoured 2020 tournament with the exception of the Gold Cup being reduced to a quadrennial event rather than being entirely scrapped.
  9. CONCACAF Nations League (Update: Officially Announced)

    @dsqpr @canta15 There are a billion reasons why a joint Copa will likely happen again but probably best to discuss over in the Copa 2020 thread
  10. CONCACAF Nations League (Update: Officially Announced)

    Wade added: “There will be a tournament in 2018 that will help to determine where you sit in the league initially. The tournament will be in the three [international] windows in September, October and November, and that will help to determine where you get placed in the league. “At one point we were discussing just using the Fifa rankings, but the technical team thought it would be better for teams to play for positions in the league in the initial set-up.” http://www.royalgazette.com/soccer/article/20171118/wade-nations-league-is-great-for-bermuda
  11. CONCACAF Nations League (Update: Officially Announced)

    This is taking place on FIFA dates. Summer tournaments are not an obstacle. The whole point of this is to fill up the unused FIFA dates with meaningful games instead of friendlies.
  12. CONCACAF Nations League (Update: Officially Announced)

    UEFA has to squeeze in Euro qualifying in addition to the Nations League. CONCACAF does not have that problem.
  13. CONCACAF Nations League (Update: Officially Announced)

    I'm in favour of the top division being only 8 teams even if that means we're not in it. It makes a counterbalance to the expanded 16 team gold cup.
  14. Peru-NZ WCQ Playoff

    The "tall guy" had a tight hamstring and could only play limited minutes in both games. Unfortunate because he was their only prayer of ever scoring a goal.
  15. CONCACAF Nations League (Update: Officially Announced)

    Interesting seeing the reactions. As for the Americans, if anyone had any hope that the results of last month may have resulted in some humility, their reaction to this clearly indicates that is not the case.