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  1. Doneil Henry

    Europe vs. MLS, lower-Portugal, Netherlands, Denmark... If only the Voyageurs could act as his agent.
  2. Mother of All Defective Albertans Abroad List

    Any word on what happened to him? He seems to have only made three appearances with Lillestrom and then disappeared. Seems as if he left the team for year's end.
  3. It will depend on the next national team manager. Conte was willing to call up Pelle when he was with Southampton. If Cristante breaks into ManU's line-up, one would guess there are more call-ups in his future. In terms of the rumoured purchase price of 30m, that only equates to about 8m in pre-2017 transfer window money. Based on last summer, 30m would be the rate for an avg. midfielder in the EPL.
  4. La'vere Corbin-Ong

    Go Ahead just fired their trainer Vlemmings and it seems that the players were taken by surprise: https://www.fcupdate.nl/voetbalnieuws/325330/ontslag-vlemmings-verrast-spelers-van-go-ahead-eagles/ [Google translate]Go Ahead Eagles, which relegated from the Eredivisie, has so far had a very disappointing season in the Jupiler League. Kowet is in 14th place after sixteen matches. "It's not right that Leon is only to blame, at the moment you could fire the whole team, it's that bad, I feel guilty about the trainer, I just sent him a message and thank you for the pleasant and instructive cooperation. " This suggests there is dysfunction at all levels, particularly in the management. If players were not happy, but not necessarily unhappy with the manager, this could have influenced Corbin-Ong's willingness to jump at a new opportunity elsewhere.
  5. Doneil Henry

    Fully agree. I am hoping that he signs on a free for a team league team on the continent - such as Netherlands, Belgium, or back to Denmark. Not sure his career trajectory will take him back to the EPL, but what he needs now is a chance to play at a competitive level where he can also be nurtured. After a season playing regularly, he can re-evaluate his next steps.
  6. Cyle Larin

    What I want to see is a team/league that will set Larin up for future success. He still has room to develop. As much as I would love to see him in Eredivisie (I would cheer everyone of his goals), that league has not been good at developing strikers lately (see Altidore and Janssen at AZ and their disappointing next steps). West Brom under Pardew may not be terrible as Pardew is decent about giving players chances (one could say he rotates too much). But let's face it, Pardew is not likely to be a long term appointment. On paper Besiktas and Celtic look like a good level. Anyone know how those teams are at improving strikers?
  7. La'vere Corbin-Ong

    Agree on the WTF. Odd career move - I am assuming that Go Ahead needed the money and Corbin-Ong saw some personal and professional benefits. Here is a local article that states that Corbin-Ong will continue to play for Go Ahead (including in today's game against Fortuna Sittard) until he joins up with JDT for January 1st: https://deventerrtv.nl/artikel/87421752/go-ahead-eagles-bereikt-overeenstemming-transfer-corbin-ong-naar-maleisie
  8. 0-3-3 does not suggest improvement. Falkirk did not do well in August when Gasparotto was seeing minutes, but there has not been much improvement since then either. He has not been on the pitch since Hartley took over. If the trend continues (i.e. Gasparotto gets minutes on loan and Falkirk continue to stumble), you gotta think he will be brought back into the fold. That said, Falkirk is 13 points out of the play-off with 12 games played. Might be better if he can extend his loan for the rest of the season.
  9. Tristan Borges

    Why is that bad? While CMNT needs a great AM, the best players coming out of the Eredivisie in recent years are defenders. Most Eredivisie teams focus on forward thinking defenders who excel at the side pass - which means they can slot into most modern coaches' systems. Learning a flexible position in a league that develops quality defenders may not be so bad for Borges or CMNT.
  10. Ayo Akinola

    The fact you are on this forum says otherwise.
  11. Ballou Tabla

    Just like Canucks!
  12. Ballou Tabla

    I doubt that would have swayed Ventura. Ventura booted Pelle and Giovinco because they left Europe and in his opinion this meant they did not want to play at the highest level. If Cristante went to him and said, hey I am thinking of joining a national team that is unlikely to qualify for the WC, Ventura would take this as a sign he is not committed to Italy in the first place. That said, it will be interesting to see how Cristante fits into future Italian teams. Ventura kept to a 3-5-2 at the end of his reign, which is similar to what Atalanta plays. That is likely why Cristante got the call - he is an effective club player that should have easily fit into the national team set up. The next manager will likely employ a different style, which may not fit Cristante as well. On the other hand, there are no longer any guaranteed starters in Italy's midfield which could open the door for Cristante.
  13. He may be the forgotten man here since he has not dressed for CMNT in two years, but Pacheco also played in that game. He did his usual 90 for Santa Clara. SC are tied for second - with Porto II who cannot be promoted. They are 4 points up on Leixoes who have a game in hand. I know people here get excited about young whippersnappers who may even represent Canada one day, but when reporting on games we should not forget those who have actually donned the maple leaf.
  14. Adam Straith

    Nuts - Straith seemed to have his confidence. Hopefully he will earn the new coach's trust. Is this normal for Lotte? My impression was that they are a small team hitting where they would be expected to hit (mid to lower half of division). Also, there was a marked improvement between August and September, and then a recent dip. Seems strange to can the guy now unless there were other factors involved.
  15. Small correction: Straith played the full 90 for Lotte in a 0-2 loss to Sonnenhof Grossaspach. Stanese was not in the 18 for Aalen (who won 1-0 againt Werder Bremen II). Also, Wassey subbed off in the 80th in their 3-1 loss.