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  1. Not yet - They have three matches remaining - two at home - and need one more win to guarantee a spot in the knock outs. Although a draw against Porto or Leipzig should do it. Hutch was also had the arm band for the match
  2. Canada Fails for Same Reason as USA Did

    Great post. I just want to pick up on your subsidization point. I am not sure how directly cubs are subsidized in Europe. In my very limited knowledge of Dutch amateur soccer, much of the teams survive on sponsor dollars. That said, they pay significantly less in facility costs and therefore their overall costs are lower. Facilities would be an indirect subsidy and this is where Canadian vs. European sports culture differ. Canadian municipalities choose to build hockey arena's, European's are more likely to invest in soccer pitches. How a 12-year old playing AA hockey only pays $2000 a year is beyond me. One would thing the facility costs of arenas, including maintaining ice, running the facility for long hours 7-days/week, zambonis, energy costs for maintaining cool temperatures (even when it is in the double digits outside) would make hockey prohibitively expensive. Yet you are likely to pay twice as much to put a 12-year old in swimming or gymnastics. Neither of those sports require the same amount of equipment or travel costs as hockey does. Even the cost of maintaining a swimming pool can't be more than running a hockey arena (you only have to maintain a 50m pool at 22C - you don't have to worry about keeping a surface frozen and the air temperature cool). With soccer, there tends to be far fewer quality pitches then ice arenas. Team's either pay more (and drive further) to get those few pitches - many of which are privately run, and/or they rent the crappy grass/dirt fields from the school boards or municipalities. Municipalities have chosen where to put their sports and recreation budget, and that is to maintain ice arenas. It is nice that the Feds are building a outdoor skating rink on Parliament Hill, but does Ottawa really need another skating rink? Obviously, I disagree with many municipalities willingness to eat the cost of ice arenas at the expense of other sports. However, I have to give it to communities who maintain outdoor ice surfaces in winter. Many parents are willing to volunteer to help maintain outdoor skating rinks throughout the winter. This means kids can go down to their local park anytime they want to shoot a puck around. At least in Ottawa, we do not see that type of commitment to soccer fields. Even if your local park has soccer nets, no parent volunteers to make sure that the pitch is playable, there is no summer equivalent of heated trailers for putting on cleats, or even any one trying to organize pickup games.
  3. Canada Fails for Same Reason as USA Did

    Even before the U.S.'s somewhat unexpectedly dropping their last game, Simon Kuper (of Soccernomics fame) wrote on the issue of U.S. soccer needing a reboot. He places a lot of weight on the idea that soccer winners all come from countries that neighbour one another. There is a sort of density of soccer culture that leads to increased creativity, player development, etc, and thereby ensuring that the list of best soccer nations remains unchanged. It is an interesting consideration from a CMNT point of view. Perhaps we should be cheering on the successes of the U.S. (not going to happen), as their success will raise the bar from our program. I don't agree with everything that he says as he seems to discount one of the premises of Soccernomics - that sheer size matters, to argue that regionalism is more important. I would say that part of the issue, and one we are familiar with in Canada, is that a soccer culture takes time to develop. While a Man City or a PSG can buy the best players and quickly join the elite, a soccer nation takes time. Having a great national team, requires having strong participation, and strong athletic and coaching infrastructure. Any country can develop a one-off great player, but you also need a really good supporting cast, and that does not happen over-night - no matter how much investment you throw into it. We are not building a club to compete with other top clubs - we are building a national program from the ground up. That means having the right infrastructure in place at every stage of development.
  4. Liam Millar

    Great goal. It was like watching a 1960's George Best highlight reel (only in colour); speed and dribbling ability was all he needed.
  5. Zorhan Bassong

    Sarcasm Lost.......
  6. Zorhan Bassong

    Serious? I am all for crushing the aspirations of youth. Besides, what is the point of having a CSA office blocks from Parliament if they are not going to throw their weight around? Soccer is the most played sport in Canada. Time to get Parliament to acknowledge that fact. The Government should transfer the entire defence budget to Canadian soccer. Soldiers can be transitioned into soccer players for the CPL. It is a brilliant idea that solves all of soccer's problems. But - if you really have to ask, you already know the answer.
  7. Zorhan Bassong

    I think the answer is rather obvious. The CSA HQ is downtown Ottawa. As soon as they got word that Bassong was leaving they should have just sent someone over to speak with the Minister responsible for passports and tell him that Bassong is leaving Canada for nefarious reasons (i.e. desire to play soccer under a different flag). Surely there are measures in place to revoke someone's passport for that reason! If not, then the CSA should be walking straight down Metcalfe to Parliament and demand that the Canadian Passport Order be amendment to prevent budding soccer players from travelling on Canadian passports. This is a clear case where the CSA has not done enough to prevent the development of young players and hamper their career choices.
  8. Fully agree with everything you say, but I do like his tenacity in searching for opportunities. He bounces around and always lands on his feet somewhere. It cannot be easy for him mentally - especially after playing for Unattached FC for a significant period a few years back. This is a guy that is doing exactly what many of our young players need to do - taking chances and finding those opportunities. Can't help but look that some players on MLS and NASL benches and feel that they need more of the initiative and tenacity that Cebara has shown in order to advance their careers. That said, I am a bureaucrat, so what do I know about career risks!
  9. Kevin McKenna

    U19 coach at Koln: https://fc.de/fc-info/mannschaften/nachwuchs/u19/
  10. Corbin-Ong is starting for Go Ahead Eagles. Currently up 2-1 at half against Almere City. Game finishes 2-1 with Corbin-Ong going 90. Straith played 90 as Lotte downed Hallescher 2-1.
  11. I suspect that CMNT will show restraint in their TFC, Impact and VWFC selections. WIth MLS playoffs on the horizon, teams will want to ensure their players are rested (and not opening up additional opportunities for injuries), or in Montreal's case, have all guns blazing for that play-off push. I doubt that Ricketts, Piette and AJH will get the nod due to their recent good form for club. Tougher call on de Jong and Osario who have recently got off the bench. This leaves the door open to players like Crepeau, Edwards, Teibert and Chapman getting the call.
  12. Well I would hope he has recovered. Only someone with as big of balls as Simeone would start an injured player! Also - Wassey starting for Paderborn vs. Hansa. Score is 1-1 and Wassey was substituted in the 60th.
  13. Al Shaibani was in net for Le Puy F.43 Auvergne in a 1-2 victory over Villefranche. He was also in net last week for 1-1 draw to Montceau. Looks like after an uneven start, Al Shaibani has claimed the starting spot. Le Puy were 1-0-3 with Chazotte, last season's starter in net, and have a win and a draw since switching to Al Shaibani. Hopefully this form continues and Le Puy can challenge for promotion like they did last year. Pacheco's Santa Clara defeated Gil Vicente 1-2. Santa Clara remain in top spot in Segunda.
  14. Jérémy Gagnon-Laparé

    Except MB has a Conservative government. I guess Manitoba can't have it all.
  15. I voted Borjan due to his importance to the national team, and he is the established starter for a good team in a decent league and he is playing in Europa. IMHO, Straith had the most impressive move. From a lengthy period at Unattached FC to Division 2 Norway to a layover in Edmonton, and now being a regular in the third division Germany with a small team that is midtable. This could be the sort of move that really boost his ratings if the team continues to punch above their weight. For that matter, Wassey's move is also showing a lot of promise early on. The difference between these moves and Piette's is that Straith and Wassey appear to be playing at or above their potential. I had always hoped more for Piette, and I cannot shake the feeling that Impacts, like any Canadian MLS team, will use him and spit him out within a year.