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  1. Staying in Edm would have been better in hindsight .. probably have close to 70 professional appearances. A few more Canadian national team appearances. Maybe a loan to ottawa if things between him n miller got worst. The LW spot opened up after lance laing left. Michael Cox went through the same struggle and had to spent a season in the CIS before getting another chance in the USL. Getting getting games with Calgary Foothills PDL and season with Nait would have been could have been better option to stay match fit...
  2. almost a year since he played in a game in sweden. Still training. Must not be easy always moving. Needs to settle in one of these clubs as soon as possible
  3. new home for unattached fc ?!
  4. something in the water ...
  5. Jordan Hamilton needs to be moved on after this season is over. He's not going to play over Giovinco and Altidore but his age, domestic status, cheap contract and good /90 numbers mean that someone else in the league would surely love to get him in their lineup. If I was him I would force the issue as much as possible.
  6. why not rebrand n the thundercaps n move to CPL
  7. not cutting in poland .. which isnt the best league in europe .. says alot cheers to a second chance in scotland
  8. FC Edmonton Academy strikes again Signed with Bosnian 2nd tier club NK Podgrmeč. Been scouted by Bosnia U-17/U-19 http://bhraja.ca/ajdin-sarcevic-from-red-deer-alberta-called-up-to-bosnian-national-team-id-camp/
  9. is camilo still getting canadian citizenship?
  10. if he keeps playing how he's playing .. can def see him doing well in a higher league then nasl .. maybe not mls bc of their salary cap ...
  11. cap him ...
  12. was hoping unattahced fc would sign benito floro .. looked like that didnt happen
  13. did the whitecaps and Fced just do the first mls & nasl trade ?! Fced - sends Adam Straith to VWFC VWFC send Ben Mckendry to Fced
  14. cap him!!
  15. the kid is a baller ...