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  1. Hanson Boakai

    time to call up to U-23 camps .. back on the radar
  2. Stephen Eustaquio

    Cap him !!! Cap Mauro too if it helps cap Stephen!!!
  3. David Doe

    he better get a run of games to close the season .. him and abe duk
  4. Players you expect to see in the CPL

    teal bunbury anyone? can be a star in the cpl vs mls journeyman
  5. Andres Fresenga

    always assumed he sucked .. got cut mid season by th fury in their first season maybe he's improved since then
  6. Hanson Boakai

    16/17 year old with a first team contract .. major potential & highly skilled As a 20 year old that has trialed with over 10 plus clubs in Europe since he was 16 .. He's average at best. Probably the NCAA/CIS would be a good level for him.
  7. Ndzemdzela Langwa

    I would also think South Africa or Afrikaans ...
  8. FC Edmonton 2017 season

    fced needs a full season of friday night home games .. no sundays afternoons. then the city can judge
  9. Ndzemdzela Langwa

    sounds like a potential defector ... got to watch him
  10. if they short on media/funds why not let a player take over the instagram/twitter ...
  11. Ndzemdzela Langwa

    whats his parents background.
  12. Zorhan Bassong

    snakes in the grass ... i tell u
  13. FC Edmonton 2017 season

    Season is pretty much over. Time to give David Doe and Abraham Dukely and Marko Aleskic a run of games.
  14. Zorhan Bassong

    he ll be coming back to Canada. Belgium is too deep. No worries here. Good on his family for doing whatever it takes
  15. Abraham Dukuly

    cap him .... let's not take any risks here