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  1. cap him !!
  2. building a team around Corea .... All flash no sizzle ...
  3. seems like a CPL candidate
  4. good point .. hopefully some players on loan come thru .. wouldn't mind Mids - shamit and Marco bustos Forward - Jordan hamilton Maybe - di biase can go the other way
  5. Cpl or nasl or usl level talent at this stage
  6. What about Jeff Paulus changing roles for half season ... change the voice in the lockeroom and maybe tactics?
  7. cap tie
  8. wow ... can u sell him to a CPL club
  9. as shot stopper Ingham reminds me of Smits... can rely on him for a big save .. Starting goalie going forward
  10. how did he play vs the delta?
  11. miller must go
  12. locker room issues ... always here stories .. hanson, sadi, new signings, mallan was mad about losing his starting, zebie n the team had issues with him losing his starting spot last year Must be Fordyce and Watson
  13. http://www.richmond.com/sports/richmond-kickers/mallan-roberts-finds-home-in-kickers-back-four/article_c8fb364b-2e32-5620-af82-d76b792eddba.html