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  1. yothat

    Ben Fisk

    this guy is a player
  2. yothat

    Best XI

    Cavallini hasn't missed a million point blank chances in an canadian jersey just rejects call ups.
  3. yothat

    Jonathan Osorio

    hopefully he goes to europe. can always come back to tfc ?
  4. yothat

    Best XI

    why is larin in these list. He's great professional soccer futboler terrible canadian soccer player.
  5. yothat

    Keven Aleman - Thank you

    call ghim up
  6. yothat

    Jems Geffrard

    is Roberts getting mins this year?
  7. yothat

    David Edgar

  8. yothat

    Ottawa Fury 2018 season

    just 19 ....
  9. yothat

    Carl Haworth

    first post in 2 years
  10. yothat

    Dalin Saheb

    Cap CAp CAP
  11. yothat

    Ottawa Fury 2018 season

    terrible back pass. Taking about the exact same play.
  12. yothat

    Ottawa Fury 2018 season

    did eddy edwards lose a step? dont rmbr him eevr getting burnt in the nasl n bringing a player down. could always recover
  13. yothat

    Ryan Telfer

    Agreed. Also should have CPL draft drafting the top first year CIS/usport players or 19 years olds ?! Waiting till senior year like the mls is too late
  14. yothat

    John Smits

    Anyone know where he is?! Rated him higher than both Farango & David Monsalves when he was with FCED & they are both playing professionally(Ireland & Fury)
  15. yothat

    Kianz Froese

    Rajan Rondo in the nba says he never watchs basketball outside of whens he is playing. non interested. He won a championship at the highest level.