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  1. CPL TV Contract

    Ok, if the CPL does to decide to get a tv contract, where would you most likely find it to be? I could see as follows: TSN - Because the CSA already shows their games on the station. Telelatino- To have a multiultural broadcaster. Possibly CBC, but I dont know. I would prefer CPL games to be on CBC, (game of the week) but who knows, right?
  2. Winnipeg CPL Team

    Winnipeg Valour FC would be a solid name. But As for other potential names, How about Red River FC.
  3. CPL Season Schedule

    Hmmm. How long the schedule should be. Hmmm. Between late April and end of October is the "sweet spot." CFL does not start till June, Some Canadian NHL teams would be out. So Why not. I still can not wait Until the first Snow Bowl.
  4. 2015 NASL expansion

    I hope so too. I think a soccer team at IGF would be a good fit in attracting people to the stadium on Saturdays and Sundays during the summer.
  5. Gold Cup 2011: Media Coverage

    I will say this though, the newspaper coverage has been brutal here in Winnipeg. Thank goodness for The Internet and digital cable