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  1. Looks like keeping Osorio out of the lineup for the last 10 days was more precautionary than anything. He could play tomorrow, although perhaps they'll give him a few more days off?
  2. That would be me. Kamdem confirmed that he was eligible for Canada via DM. He's looked good so far with Rochester. Would have to think he could be a good player in CPL. I never really noticed him when he played with Foothills outside of him chatting up the supporters before a game one time.
  3. Luca Uccello has TFC II's first goal in 520 minutes.
  4. Fathazada is now playing for KW United in PDL as well as Toronto Skillz FC in League1 Ontario
  5. Dundee United score twice in the second half and defeat Falkirk 2-1. Falkirk will remain in the Championship next year.
  6. Falkirk are up 1-0 right now in the 40th minute.
  7. I've followed the NBL Canada very loosely, since it's founding in 2011, and I think lessons can be learned from that league, and the successes and struggles it has gone through along the way. NBL Canada found some consistent support in markets (London, Charlottetown, Halifax as examples), and some markets that were terrible (Brampton, Mississauga, Ottawa, Montreal). Like it or lump it, the CPL will go through similar struggles with the perception of being "minor league". Getting past that perception will not be easy. In the NBL Canada's case, after rumours that the league would folding after their 4th season, it looks like they are finding some stability, and are expanding to some decent markets, while showing stability in the existing markets. In fact, the league has it's eye on moving into Western Canada in the long term.
  8. Technically, he plays in NASL. Well, even more technically, he doesn't actually play...
  9. Realistically, how much influence can a backup keeper have in the game?
  10. Is this the same Chaim Roserie that signed with the Armada as a 16 year old in 2015? IIRC, Roserie has stated in an interview a few years ago that he wanted nothing to do with the Canadian national team. It's in one of the Plastic Pitch magazines: Also, he was born in Brooklyn.
  11. As someone who lives in a relatively inner city Calgary neighborhood, with most of my friends living in the suburbs, I don't think this is necessarily the case. Anecdotally of course, my friends in the suburbs generally don't like to travel downtown, and I generally don't like to travel to the suburbs. And the dislike of the long travel times is exponential if rush hour is involved. It depends on the event really. What is the event? Where is the event? When is it? These are all factors in determining whether the casual fan is going to travel large distances to see a game.
  12. Couldn't agree more. As someone who's been trying to build the supporters group for Foothills, I know this all too well.
  13. BOOM! Sources seconds ago confirm to me that Hamilton's first CPL manager will be none other than Hamilton Steelers and Hamilton Academical legend, COLIN MILLER! Miller was excited to make the move "I thought I might as well go for the Hamilton trifecta as a player, player-manager and now manager of Hamilton". It is also expected that Miller will sign Brazillian 5th division sensation Paulinho. When asked about Paulinho, Miller stated "Based on his YouTube videos, I'm absolutely certain this kid will be a start in the league."
  14. Calgary Foothills is holding a watch party at the Ship and Anchor for their game against TSS this Friday. I hope it's better than their PDL final "watch party", which was essentially just the game on TV with nowhere reserved for any of the supporters, and the club hocking their merch in a table tucked away. I will say that I was rather impressed by the stream quality of TSS' game against Lane United. Wish I could be seeing the game live, but away game trips don't seem to be doable at this stage for the supporters group.