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  1. Well, I was not expecting to see the words "mall cops" come up in this thread.
  2. Nice save on Ricketts by Crepeau in the Voyageurs Cup.
  3. Hell of a strike from Tabla to put Impact ahead. And then he does the Drogba celly, which I didn't like. Fisher with a terrible "tackle" on Beitashour. IIRC some Impact supporters here think he is another example of a mediocre American player getting undeserved minutes. IMO that tackle really supports that case.
  4. New article from John Molinaro on the opportunity ahead of Morgan in the coming weeks. With Morrow and Edwards both called up for Gold Cup, now is Morgan's time to shine.
  5. Poaching this comment from Reddit: "Bernier is like a decade older than anyone else lol his new nickname should be Death From Above 1979"
  6. Remember that Larin is still in rehab, it just happens to be local rehab in Orlando. Canada is not playing in Orlando.
  7. When watching Arfield / Piette play together in central midfield against Scotland, I was impressed. Piette can play the destroyer role he does so well, and Arfield can be the central mid to get forward. Small sample size, but I'm interested in seeing more.
  8. Well, we're talking about a 5th string keeper here. The depth chart at that point isn't exactly ripe with talent. I don't know much of Chencinski outside of Canada not calling him ever with the exception of a friendly between the Hart and Floro eras. Maybe the writing is just on the wall with him for me. After Chencinksi, who else is playing even semi-regularly at a pro level at that point? Melvin, Monsalve, Viscosi, Ingham, Gomes and Fillion are the only ones on the MOACA list getting regular action. Then we get into youth keepers.
  9. That would be a great spot for him, IMO.
  10. Being a casual Fury observer, I am intrigued by this.
  11. Pretty much, assuming he plays regularly of course. If Froese plays in the Regionalliga he's behind a lot of players in an advanced midfield or winger role; off the top of my head Arfield, Hoilett, Johnson, Osorio, Ricketts, Akindele and Aird. If he were to play regularly in the 2. Liga, well that's a higher level than most of these players are at right now.
  12. I think the conversation on who would be called in that scenario starts and ends with Callum Irving. He's in good form with the Fury this year.
  13. I'm not a Kaye fan, but he was quite impressive in his few minutes against Curacao. You cannot use the faults of the previous manager to judge the current one.
  14. To be fair, Froese was nowhere near the final Gold Cup squad unless a lot of injuries occurred.
  15. Yes, cap every player who's played a pro game at any level! If Ingham can hold onto the starting spot in Edmonton for the rest of the year, then he belongs in the conversation with the likes of Crepeau and Irving for camp poutines or if any of Borjan, Thomas or Leutwiler are not called. But he's played 4 games at the NASL level FFS.