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  1. Jackson-Hamel just took a massive dump on Chester, PA. Apparently it blended in well with the area. Discuss.
  2. I don't think so, given that Zebie is in his third year as a pro and had his minutes drastically reduced last year. curious as to why you think he may be though?
  3. Looks like someone doesn't like the reality check that I gave, one which many posters happen to agree with, by the way. The first tournament I followed as a Voyageur was the 2011 Gold Cup. I remember being embarrassed that Canada didn't make the quarterfinals. Little did I know, embarrassment at the results was the standard that I needed to get accustomed to. Perhaps you're not fully used to that yet. Yes, Canada has more players in lower leagues than years past. However, until this country can consistently produce players that can make the top levels, it's not going to reflect in the results. At the same time the game in this country is making baby steps in the right direction, so are the countries we are competing against. And CONCACAF is focused on helping the Caribbean nations which are well behind Canada close the gap. IMO, at the rate things are progressing, Canada will soon be the minnow in CONCACAF, if we aren't already.
  4. I think this same lesson can be seen with the Fury as we speak. Moving to USL and cutting their academy to save money, it doesn't seem to me like ownership is fully committed to the cause.
  5. Aleman was not in the 18 for Saprissa as they lost 5-1 to Limon today. Riggi has scored for Phoenix Rising. They are up 3-0 on Swope Park. No Drogba anywhere. Pasher, Didic and Gonzalez are starting for Swope Park.
  6. Laryea scored both goals for Orlando City B as they defeated Bethlehem Steel 2-0. Nanco was out of the 18 for Bethlehem as he has a groin strain.
  7. Pretty sure AFC Medicine Hat Mad Hatters FC is leading the charge as they are owned by the namesake of the league. Hosers FC's form fits that town's way of life; poor.
  8. Thomas is back in the starting lineup, and got the clean sheet in a 1-0 win over Frederikstad. 4 games in, and they are in a tie for first place with 10 points from 4 games.
  9. That's a very impressive crowd given that the Oilers were playing game 6 at the same time.
  10. Fair enough. Okay, so the U-23 team hasn't qualified for the Olympics 32 years going on 36. I would argue the point still stands that optimism for our national teams is incredibly naive at this point.
  11. Looks like you caught me before my ninja edit. I didn't even see the slap the first time, thought it was for a push!
  12. Here's the red card. Just incredibly dumb.
  13. Jackson-Hamel has a strike rate of 7.30 goals per 90 minutes in 2017. Just saying.
  14. People always say there is reason for optimism. And it's proving to be increasingly naive. The fact is that this is a national team that doesn't get results at any age level. Consider the following results: - Haven't qualified for the World Cup in 32 years (going on 36) - Haven't made the Hex in 20 years (going on 24) - Haven't made the Gold Cup knockout round in 8 years. - Haven't qualified for the Olympics ever, and have only qualified for the Pan Am games automatically. - Haven't qualified for the U-20 World Cup in 10 years (going on 12), where they qualified automatically and finished in last place. - Haven't qualified for the U-17 World Cup 4 years. We are still very thin in every position. We have 2 players (one developed by another country) in top flight England, one of which never sees the pitch for that club, and 2 players in the second tier. We have no players in the top 2 tiers of Germany, Spain, France or Italy, and one player in the second tier in Portugal. No one in top flight Netherlands, Denmark, Belgium, etc. Really, we have a handful of players to get excited about, but not much more. Larin is one. Davies, if he continues to progress, is another. Tabla (if he decides to play for Canada and continutes to progress) is another. Outside of that, where are these top level talents? I don't see them.
  15. Tabla and Jackson-Hamel have entered the game in the second half. Jackson-Hamel has scored his second goal in as many games as well. Making a solid case that he's worth more minutes in MLS.