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  1. MLS Player Development

    So, young Canadian talent who need to earn their minutes on MLS squads should also be gifted minutes on the national team? Does that make sense to anyone?
  2. Tomer Chencinski

    Chencinski will be returning to Shamrock Rovers in 2018.
  3. Aron Mkungilwa

    Mkungilwa is done with the Impact, he will not be returning to Ottawa.
  4. Impact offseason 2017-18

    I'll be the first to throw Ashtone Morgan's name out there, not that I think for a second he will end up in Montreal. Also, apparently the Impact are looking for a new #1 keeper in Europe. Guessing Bush is on his way out, and Crepeau won't be trusted with a heavier role next year.
  5. Kadin Chung

    I agree. That said, I think the level of play on the pitch for the non reserve teams did improve somewhat in 2017. I still thought the quality of play in NASL was far superior, though.
  6. Tristan Borges

    double post
  7. Tristan Borges

    Crazy thought, but what if we waited until Borges played an actual professional game before we start making calls to cap tie? Having said that, glad to hear Borges is having success with Heerenveen, but now he needs to make the move to the professional game.
  8. FC Edmonton 2017-18 off-season

    So I don't know if this is a typical offseason for FC Edmonton, but the club is not selling tickets right now for 2018 because of the instability in NASL and the lack of news on CPL. Given the lack of a clear path to where (or if) they are playing in 2018, they've begun to release players. Today the club released Dustin Corea, Daryl Fordyce, Tomi Ameobi and Sainey Nyassi. I really hope to see Fordyce and Ameobi in the CPL one day. https://the11.ca/with-the-clubs-path-unclear-fc-edmonton-begins-releasing-players/
  9. Drew Beckie

    Finnish top flight wouldn't be a bad spot for him, actually. It's somewhere around the NASL level of play. Maybe a little more stable as well.
  10. Australia Vs Honduras WCQ Play In

    .....ahem..... FUCK HONDURAS! .....that is all.....
  11. Kadin Chung

    Sounds like we have yet another promising Whitecaps academy prospect asking for his release to find a better opportunity elsewhere. The list is growing quickly, isn't it? Given many on here's concerns of the Whitecaps ability to develop academy players, this may not be a bad thing. Am I remembering correctly that during 2016 preseason, Robinson mentioned Chung (along with Davies) was likely to sign an MLS deal during 2016? Thought he would have been a slam dunk for an MLS contract this offseason in the backup RB role. I thought Chung looked damn good at RB in 2016 (arguably the best natural RB in the Canadian pool, not that it's a high bar to set), and that he was solid offensively although maybe regressed a bit defensively this year in a RB / RW role.
  12. Luca Gasparotto

    Gasparotto has signed an emergency loan deal with Greenock Morton, where he played on loan for the 2015-16 season, through the end of January. Hopefully he can regain the form he showed with Falkirk last year, and Morton the year before. Given that this is now his second loan spell with Greenock Morton, and the club were impressed by him in his first loan spell, I wonder if he would consider signing there in the offseason? I don't see him re-signing with Falkirk when his deal is done.
  13. MLS Player Development

    Not sure if this is the right place for this post, but given that this is the hot topic of discussion, Nathan Ingham of FC Edmonton weighing in on the "Canadians as domestic" status in MLS.
  14. CPL General

    Quote from Fury president John Pugh on the CPL: http://apt613.ca/key-players-returning-to-fury-fc-for-2018/ "“We try to follow it closely. There hasn’t been much publicly said about the league. In concept, we entirely support the idea of having a Canadian Premier League, and we look forward to hearing some more details about it. I don’t think we can make that determination [whether to join the CPL] because we don’t know what there is to join at this time. We’ll wait and see some of those details which will unfold I’m sure in the coming months.”
  15. Italy on the Brink -- Russia 2018 WCQ

    So if Italy didn't make it to the World Cup, what country will Canadians pretend they belong to when the games are on?