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  1. By comparison, the Whitecaps were thoroughly dominated in both legs by Tigres in my view.
  3. Any move where Henry can actually stay healthy for 6 weeks and get regular minutes is one he needs to consider.
  4. Looks like Mannella may have signed in Spain?
  5. In Scotland, Haber starts for Dundee, Gasparotto starts for Falkirk and Trafford starts for Inverness. Zanatta, Aird and Gomes are on the bench for their clubs. In England, Hoilett starts for Cardiff. Leutwiler and Jackson are on the bench for their clubs.
  6. Considering 2 of Hamilton's 3 goals last year were scored while he and Giovinco started up top together, I think you could argue that they can in fact start together. Also I agree that Spencer is the natural replacement for Altidore, if you subtract the finishing ability, passing, hold up play and general technique.
  7. Honestly, I think Hamilton's gotten an okay share of minutes at the MLS level in his career given the players in front of him, and he's done a decent job with those minutes. Nothing to write home about, but not a "Shamit Shome" level of disappointing in my books. 1425 minutes and 7 goals with the first team. 2491 minutes and 11 goals in USL and a bit of time in the Segunda Liga. Compared to the rest of our player pool, that's an abundance of opportunity for a 21 year old academy product. As for the future, I don't know if there's an opportunity for Hamilton to show what he has in MLS if he leaves TFC. He's not the "22 year old big strong oaf with no technical skills or finishing" type of centre forward that MLS teams seem to love coming out of college. He's not overly quick. He floats around up top at times. His finishing is by far his biggest asset, but I don't know if that generates enough interest among other club. Also, I don't know if the fact that he is a domestic league wide really helps his case much. Maybe that's just me being cynical. I would say he should move to Whitecaps as they are thin up front, but with Hurtado around, I doubt they would give much opportunity to him (even if he's the anti-Hurtado). For me, the best spot for Hamilton right now would be FC Edmonton. Their forwards get a fair share of chances, but their finishing is atrocious, and it's costing them points big time. Hamilton's finishing is sublime, and he plays a similar enough game to Ameobi where it could work out well. NASL is likely a level where he could get big time minutes and get lots of goals.
  8. I can see why he didn't play last night as they were already up 3-0 by half time and wanted to give some of the kids some minutes, but I would have expected him to play against Philly. It's very disappointing to see the best scoring forward on the bench in favour of an out of form Mancosu.
  9. So Boakai didn't actually sign at Caronnese? It's crazy to think that he's actually worse off than he would have been if he stayed in Edmonton, but that's 2 years of development at a critical time completely gone.
  10. Thought Choiniere looked pretty good in his sub appearance tonight. He impressed me in the Voyageurs Cup earlier in the year as well. Sutton was saying the impact are quite high on the kid.
  11. While I was disappointed to see AJH left on the bench, it was nice to see Choiniere and Beland-Goyette out there.
  12. This was mentioned in the 2017 TFC season thread, but I figured it warrants it's own discussion. Not sure if this is an ongoing thing they will do, but I like the idea.
  14. Calgary as a host city for the 2026 WC? Hahaha, good one!
  15. So, you've never watched Shome play, and are basing your opinion solely on an MLS beat writer stating that MLS scouts (who also have never watched him play in NASL, forming their opinion from a short combine where he was playing through a broken foot and out of position) saying he doesn't have the ability to play MLS? Alright then. If you haven't watch him directly, perhaps the opinions of Shome's coaches in NASL or the youth national team should also be included in your research? Or those os us who actually watched him play in NASL? There's a reason why he went from CIS / FC Edmonton academy prosepct to every game NASL starter in 8 months, and is so highly rated. Personally, I thought the move to MLS was a big time risk for Shome from the development point of view, especially consdering he had room to grow in NASL with another year as a starter under his belt. So far my thoughts are proving to be correct. That said, to say at age 19 that he's not a national team player based on what some MLS scouts are saying is completely premature.