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  1. Alphonso Davies

    Sure, he may have saved a few lives, but he has 0 goals and 1 assist and a fuck load of giveaways in MLS this year, so he's not that good of a player, amirite? /s
  2. hah hah USA Eliminated from WC

    Michael Bradley, Arjen Robben, Alexis Sanchez and Gareth Bale walk into a bar. They all sit down and watch the World Cup on TV.
  3. Canada vs El Salvador - Sun Oct 8th - Houston TX

    Perhaps my thoughts are skewed by what I saw in the Gold Cup and against Jamaica. I look at our results against El Salvador in the last qualifying cycle and saw a massive gap in quality between our side and theirs. Yes, many of our best players were not on the pitch yesterday, but I believe that we have enough quality in the side to defeat a league built primarily from their domestic league. Unfortunately, I think that many of our players did not show the same skillful play in yesterday's game that they show with their club teams, Osorio and Edwards in particular.
  4. Canada vs El Salvador - Sun Oct 8th - Houston TX

    Here's my "this review will go over well on this board because it's mostly negative" thoughts on today's game. To be blunt, a loss to an El Salvador B team is an atrocious result, regardless of the quality of players we put on the pitch or the support in the stands for the opponents. This is a team we should be beating with ease. A very frustrating result after what looked to be some promise with a solid Gold Cup and good showing against Jamaica. And for some thoughts on the players: Thomas - Made a decent save early in the second half. Not much he could do on the goal. Distribution was decent. I think he's a decent fit as a #2 keeper right now. Petrasso - Thought he and Aird were good at getting up the wing with the other staying back on the defensive side of things. Don't recall him being called upon much on the defensive side of things. After Aird was subbed I thought Petrasso was pretty invisible when up the pitch. We could have worse RB's right now that's for sure. In midfield, I think he's been pretty anonymous. Jakovic and Vitoria - Typical game from them. Both were big and slow centre backs with some poor decisions made by both. Poor marking on the goal. Kaye - Inconsistent game from him. Thought he was poor in possession but played well defensively in the first half, and in the second half I thought he was good in possession but played poorly defensively. Poor marking on the goal. Realistically he should be nowhere near the LB spot with de Jong and Adekugbe holding down the top two spots on the depth chart. I think he showed much better as an attacking mid in the centre of the pitch against Curacao and Jamaica. Piette and Arfield - Best players on the pitch by a big margin. Piette played his usual aggressive self and only failed to stop the attack once or twice. Arfield was good in attack, and it was clear he has another level of quality than everyone else who saw the pitch. Thought both players played well off each other moving from defense to attack. I really like this duo and hope they are together on the pitch for a long time. Osorio - His head must be back in Toronto because he was his usual inconsistent self on the pitch. Lots of giveaways. Aird - In addition to the comments already given, I thought he crossing was solid as well. That said, there is something about him that just screams "stupid player" when I see him play. Biggest example was when Larin made a great run behind the El Salvador back line but Aird cut in, then played in Larin when he was clearly offside. Maybe I've been reading the Pie and Bovril forums too much. Edwards - Worst player in a Canadian shirt by a long shot on the day. Did he even complete a pass in the first half? How many times was he dispossessed by the opponent? How many times did he run the ball into defenders? I would argue he's not even at a camp poutine level of play with the national team right now, and that's after watching him in multiple games against poor opposition. Frustrating to see because he plays so much better with Toronto. Hope that changes. Larin - This game adds more fuel to the belief that he should not be starting with the national team. Sure, he did not see any service, but he just plays a lazy game up front. The offseason can't come soon enough for him. Jackson-Hamel - Not much to say as he didn't get any quality looks on goal. Aleman - Remember how highly this guy was hyped up after a solid U17 cycle in 2011? I didn't think he looked great. I guess when you aren't playing Cordova and Twardek - They played.
  5. Canada vs El Salvador - Sun Oct 8th - Houston TX

    Here's a great interview with Zambrano by John Molinaro. In the interview Zambrano goes into how this is the last camp of the year, why they are playing the game in Houston, why certain players are called to certain camps and not others (specifically talking about Arfield and Cavallini), and his relationship with pro clubs http://www.sportsnet.ca/soccer/octavio-zambrano-canada-international-friendly-el-salvador/
  6. Canada vs El Salvador - Sun Oct 8th - Houston TX

    In 2011, I tried to find the Maple Leaf Pub to watch game 7 of the Stanley Cup finals while in Houston for work to no avail. I've heard good things about that place, though.
  7. Hanson Boakai

    The problem with the comparison to Adu is that even though he failed to live up to the massive hype, he actually managed to accomplish something in the professional and international game. Whereas Boakai has just been a flash in the pan. He had one season where he looked solid on the pitch (2014), one season where he looked disinterested (2015), and then two seasons where he has barely at all. As someone who was one of his biggest backers in Edmonton, I have to say that Boakai has become a nobody now; he's simply another anonymous Canadian trying (and failing) to make a go of it in the lower divisions of Europe. It's astounding that his European experience could make the decision to stay in Edmonton with the dinosaur that is Colin Miller look smart in comparison, but here we are. He's done.
  8. CPL General

    For those who didn't watch the event....
  9. Voyageurs' Cup 2017

    I look forward to FC Edmonton losing in the 97th minute to an amateur team in 2018.
  10. Scott Arfield

  11. Canada vs El Salvador - Sun Oct 8th - Houston TX

    wrong thread
  12. FC Edmonton 2017 season

    FC Edmonton hasn't lived up to their end of the bargain regarding a new stadium. Even with their attendance growth this year, they still aren't selling out games. So, no new stadium. From the article:
  13. Actually, I think Elva's lack of Canadian citizenship did not hamper the signing, but rather it prevented him from playing in Germany. This is why he was loaned to Strasbourg's reserve team for the first season he was in Germany. Elva received his citizenship in July 2015, but had signed in Stuttgart in July 2014 on his 18th birthday.
  14. CPL General

    To build on your comment, just because nothing has been made public, doesn't mean that things aren't happening. Myself, I've heard things that have kept my excitement level high despite the lack of official news. Of course, the last time I attempted to spread some excitement with no details it was blown out of proportion by people here.
  15. Simon Thomas

    Little update on Thomas' club situation. Bodo/Glimt have clinched promotion back to the top flight with 4 games remaining in the season. Conveniently, Thomas has started the last 2 games and will likely get some action in the remaining 4. I think he has one year left on his deal, so perhaps fighting for a starting spot in the top flight next year is in the cards? Not sure what other options would be out there until CPL starts up. Also, looks like he just got engaged. Congrats!