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  1. shermanator

    2018 Voyageurs Cup

    Looking forward to the protest about sanctions from Inebriatti next game....
  2. shermanator

    Calgary launch/2019 offseason thread

    I did an interview with the CPL about the Foot Soldiers, and supporting Cavalry FC.
  3. shermanator

    CPL Stadiums Thread

    Having just spent the last 4 hours watching Croatia / Russia at Spruce Meadows, I think they will have a fantastic match day experience for Cavalry games. Lots of food and drink options already there, and given that there was a big equestrian event on at the same time, I saw how organized Spruce Meadows were and how they could get thousands of cars parked without issue. Already have a vision of pregame supporters mingling followed by a march through the plaza and into the stadium. Founders Plaza, which is maybe 200 m from the stadium could have a beer gardens where home and away supporters mingle (because this is Canada and I don't hate away supporters)... Then home supporters march through the plaza below to the North side of the stadium... And into the stadium where they will end up on the South side under the giant Spruce Meadows sign.
  4. shermanator

    Saskatoon CanPL

    I really want Saskatoon to happen, mostly because it would give me an excuse to have beers with you in a new city!
  5. shermanator

    Calgary launch/2019 offseason thread

    If a plastic Barcelona supporter doesn't approve of the name or the people behind the Cavalry, then I'm doubling down on my support for it. Might as well donate the shirt, the club doesn't need people like you "supporting" it. On further thought, it makes sense why you're a Whitecaps supporter. The front office spouts bullshit, you eat it up, and regurgitate that crap on this board. If they were to give you an enema you would fit inside a matchbox.
  6. shermanator

    Ballou Tabla

    Every time I want to start posting more on these forums again, I just see a new set of trolls here. Cripes.
  7. shermanator

    General Discussion on Canadian Youth Teams

    While it's not a surprising move my TFC, I think this is a disappointing move. It's a cop out, in my mind; TFC are bailing on the Canadian development system under the guise that US talent at that age is far superior. There is something about Canadian culture where people feel Canadian product is inferior to American product (outside of perhaps beer and hockey), and soccer is no exception. I believe that Canadian soccer needs to fully detach itself from the US pyramid. While this isn't realistic for MLS clubs, nor is it a great idea, I would prefer to not see a single Canadian club in an American league outside of MLS. We need to get over the mindset that the US is this great bastion of talent that we need to prove ourselves against. This move, combined with a recent article on Northern Starting XI about how KW United dissolved due to their belief that PDL is a far superior product to League1 Ontario (among other reasons) falls right into that mindset. There is a lot of good talent in this country, that is just now getting the exposure. Using PDL as an example, having watched the league heavily over the last 4 years, I do not believe it is as great a development league as is touted given the short season, highly condensed schedule, and the fact that many American clubs don't actually bring some of their best players to Canada given the fact that they can't enter the country.
  8. shermanator

    Victoria CPL

    Seems rather divisive to demand that both groups work together and then promptly say you will not support one of the groups, no?
  9. shermanator

    CPL General

    Membership update for Cavalry.
  10. shermanator

    Calgary launch/2019 offseason thread

    A little membership count update:
  11. shermanator

    Calgary launch/2019 offseason thread

    The National is on this weekend at Spruce Meadows, and they are aggressively marketing Cavalry FC. I also chatted with Tommy Wheeldon for half an hour on Friday, and his plans on marketing the team during the upcoming World Cup are extensive.
  12. shermanator

    CPL General

    If the new badge does not have a rabbit you need to riot.
  13. shermanator

    CPL General

    Al Classico is about to get mental. Congrats to everyone in the YEG4CPL movement. I'm not going to bother with banter, you should enjoy your moment.