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  1. We have invited Ecuador to a November friendly in Toronto

    Yup. Now we have Gavin Day saying that there will be no November games.
  2. http://www.eluniverso.com/deportes/2017/10/18/nota/6436846/seleccion-ecuador-maneja-tres-opciones-amistoso-noviembre http://www.diarioladiez.com/la-tri/tres-selecciones-quieren-jugar-amistoso-ante-ecuador They have received 3 invites for November's FIFA window: Venezuela in New York, Saudi Arabia in Portugal and us in Toronto. Thank god for all the leakers in the football federations of latin america! If it weren't for the Spanish language media, we wouldn't know that the CSA was actually working! EDIT: I don't think we're going to win this 3 way bid but it's still interesting...
  3. Andreas Vaikla

    No, he was called by Canada at youth level for sure (after he was already in the Estonia youth setup), I'm not sure he was called by the senior team though(Floro, OZ etc) . That's the key word for now!
  4. Patrice Bernier - more to give to club and country?

    ? I knew OZ was wanted Bernier to keep playing but I never heard anything that sounded like "force". I started this thread just under a year ago when Bernier had not yet signed for the 2017 season. He did. He played well (especially at the start of the season) and was a positive force for the #CanMNT and contributed to a very decent Gold Cup run. All in all I am both happy with what he managed to do in the past year and that he proved @shermanator wrong. Happy retirement Patrice!
  5. Andreas Vaikla

    At club level: -As expected, Mariehamn are not doing as well this year. They can still get a Europa League spot with three games left to play. -Despite having something to play for, Vaikla has been on the bench for the last three games. http://ca.soccerway.com/matches/2017/09/27/finland/veikkausliiga/helsingin-jalkapallokubi/idrottsforeningen-kamraterna-mariehamn/2398799/ http://ca.soccerway.com/matches/2017/10/01/finland/veikkausliiga/idrottsforeningen-kamraterna-mariehamn/seinajoen-jalkapallo-kerho/2398806/ http://ca.soccerway.com/matches/2017/10/12/finland/veikkausliiga/football-club-lahti/idrottsforeningen-kamraterna-mariehamn/2398811/ http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2017_Veikkausliiga At international level since our last update in March: He played for Estonia U21 (u23): In June for one game and was on the bench for the other: http://www.uefa.com/under21/season=2019/matches/round=2000803/match=2022302/lineups/index.html http://www.uefa.com/under21/season=2019/matches/round=2000803/match=2022317/lineups/index.html In September for one game and was on the bench for the other: http://www.uefa.com/under21/season=2019/matches/round=2000803/match=2022324/lineups/index.html http://www.uefa.com/under21/season=2019/matches/round=2000803/match=2022321/lineups/index.html In October he was left on the bench for their one and only game: http://www.uefa.com/under21/season=2019/matches/round=2000803/match=2022307/lineups/index.html Reminder: he's still not cap-tied to Estonia and can't be until September 2018.
  6. Sunny Dhaliwal

    Well, as expected, India was out in the group stage. It seems Sunny was the 3rd choice keeper. He did not play a single minute of India's 3 games. I'm sure it was still an unforgetable experience that will serve him well. I hope he had fun! http://www.fifa.com/u17worldcup/matches/round=275931/match=300394710/index.html#lineups http://www.fifa.com/u17worldcup/matches/round=275931/match=300394702/index.html#lineups http://www.fifa.com/u17worldcup/matches/round=275931/match=300394706/index.html#lineups Maybe he had to declare he was going to renounce his Canadian citizenship to the Indian consulate but since he was under 18 he may not be required to prove it. Might still be Canadian. This thread is to be revisited if he becomes a U-20/U-23/Senior team prospect.
  7. Site Update

    On the laptop the forum is slightly better - on mobile I find it slightly worse.
  8. Canada's Friendlies

    "... we probably won’t have another get-together his year..." - Coach OZ http://www.sportsnet.ca/soccer/octavio-zambrano-canada-international-friendly-el-salvador/ So likely no November game.
  9. Is the El Salvador game going to be streamed on YouTube?

    Sure thing! Only if Vitória scores of course, I'm sure you'll want to watch that again and again.
  10. Bryan Cristante

    Match info from FIFA: http://www.fifa.com/worldcup/matches/round=276483/match=300332086/index.html @DJT or @socceronly please lock this tread.
  11. Bryan Cristante

    He's on the bench for today's game.
  12. Canada vs El Salvador - Sun Oct 8th - Houston TX

    Scotland game was good for me ( and I was in Haiti!). @BuzzAndSting do you want to/can you stream this game at Gracies at 5pm Sunday? Fury game at TD place would be 2-4pm.
  13. Jimmy Shammar-Sanon

    Slightly sad. Looked good with the Fury, underestimated by us. He would have been in my Canada U23 squad for 2019 for Tokyo 2020 for sure.
  14. Is there a way to delete an account?

    Are you leaving us Matty? @socceronly could probably do it for you. But why?
  15. Maxime Crépeau

    Until they can no longer get to the playoffs, the Impact should always play their best. If the NY Red Bulls beat Vancouver on Saturday, the Impact are out. Then it would be wise for them to give the last two games to Crépeau.