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  1. Dear Jahinho, Please in the name of God I need a huge favor from you. Can you please translate this logo into the French version with the following name in French: Première ligue canadienne


    Lay it down like this: 

    Première ligue



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    2. Jahinho Guerro

      Jahinho Guerro

      Here you go Pat






      Jahel Gushway 

    3. Jahinho Guerro

      Jahinho Guerro

      Don't mind me asking, but do you got something special that your trying to bring together ....reason why you requested this?

    4. Pat Carrasco

      Pat Carrasco

      Thank you Jahinho for this accomplishment. The reason why I'm requesting for this important task is because I'm trying to promote the CPL, with symbols, in French Canada which entails Quebec, Acadia, and Franco-Ottawa.