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  1. Jahinho Guerro

    Ballou Tabla

    Or he can end up like Hanson Boakye... The life of football is never certain.
  2. C'mon no personal attacks..... Just remember there's lots of people who view the board, but don't engage for whatever reasons. Some are new to supporting Canada, some have been doing it for decades - plenty perspectives and levels of understanding. We're in times where we don't need to give poential fans any excuses to be turned off. .... Regardless of how crazy its getting. Or irrational the questions may be. Or redundant. Or overzealous. Let's chat and be thankful.
  3. Jahinho Guerro

    NEW Mother of all Canucks Abroad (and domestic)

    because of the Ghost Mods Gods...
  4. Jahinho Guerro

    2026 WC Bid?

    Is this possible? Are there mods?...I mean like really mods?
  5. Jahinho Guerro

    Adonijah Reid

    It's my politically correct way of saying "Shut the fuck up, you don't know what your saying".😘
  6. Jahinho Guerro

    Adonijah Reid

    Sigh. ....let's just end these hypothetical comparisons and agree to worry about Canadas program before we worry about the other changing Concacaf nations. Because nothing stated is factual and are just hopeful hypothesis that ignore existing trends. ......Netherlands to Morocco, Algeria to France.....since when did the Voyageurs get so arrogant and borderline igonorant. We've literally accomplished nothing in Concacaf in nearly 20 years. Thank God for the coin toss we won.
  7. Jahinho Guerro

    Adonijah Reid

    Sigh...you can't talk about something so strongly that you are completely unaware of. Bailey hasn't played for Jamaica only because his adopted father/agent Craig Butler wants to have more of his Phoenix academy players called up. He wants a role that is essentially a TD which is completely controversial. That's one. Yes Jamaica doesn't have ideal stadiums, but Canada is no America. Infrastructure comparisons...the Red Stripe Premier League has been around for years, has atleast 8 teams that hAve CPL like stadia and has pumped out a lot of players who are now in the MLS/USL or around scandanavia... and based on what the plans are for CPL the quality may be on par to start. You name Tabla and Davies as if they are 26, 27, and they are a bunch of young elite players.....they're still young...meaning they are recent revelations to the Canadian program. Meaning we're not there yet. Jamaicas fence sitters issue was the same thing as ours. ..lack of money, etc But in terms of competiting they have a better continental argument. As far as I know Jamaica plays more frendlies than Canada. If Jamaica is an aging team, than Canada is too.....the internet is here for us to quickly google, before we make comments that we don't know. Look at their 2017 final squad and look at Canadas squad. All in all your making a lot of egregious statements, that you sound like an ignorant American. As for Reid....he'll go where the opportunity presents itself - right now its with Canada.
  8. Jahinho Guerro

    Alphonso Davies

    If this were to happen, it would have to be a low transfer fee with a massive sell on percentage.
  9. Jahinho Guerro

    Adonijah Reid

    Also to add, Reid isn't going anywhere. He has to be making a lot more noise than he is now or has to reach out to the JFF personally. A lot of Jamaicans say their league (RPSL) is on par or better than the USL... And even still there are tons of average to mediocre Jamaican strikers in the USL/MLS and lower leagues in the world. Reid isnt going anywhere.
  10. Jahinho Guerro

    Adonijah Reid

    Attraction before the World Cup hmm...Strongly disagree. I've had this convo before with a fellow Canadian/Jamaican. Jamaica has more potential than us currently based on the mere fact that they have maybe triple the amount of fence sitters that we have.....plus they are back to back Gold Cup finalists with two completely different teams... Which is not only a testament to their depth... But it also shows they have performed better when it counts regardless of our record against them. They add either of Leon Bailey, Rolando Aarons, Andre Gray, Liam Moore... Etc..and its more game changing then us adding 19yo Tabla for example. Gotta know the simple facts before you throw out egregious comments. Canada is just better organized, which is a crazy statement to make.
  11. Jahinho Guerro

    Herdman new head coach

    Was going to say ....take it easy buddy, no need to get at him.......but then I noticed this..... Lol
  12. Jahinho Guerro

    2026 WC Bid?

    Do they play on grass?
  13. Jahinho Guerro

    CONCACAF U-20 Championship (November 2018)

    We need our best players available. Plain and simple. Recognizing trends....we won't due to various factors.
  14. Jahinho Guerro

    HFX Wanderers launch/2019 offseason thread

    Why is it temporary? Thought there was a pop up/modular stadium that was going to be built?
  15. Jahinho Guerro

    U.S. Virgin Islands vs Canada Sunday September 9th

    Lol we've been doing the latter for years!!!....dating with these players since their youth only to be stood up at the alter consistently.... A little trickery to complete this marriages won't hurt