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  1. Raheem Edwards

  2. Michael Petrasso

    in the RM/RWB....no, we actually don't. Edit: Assumed you were talking about MP.....scrolled up realized it was Kaye.
  3. Maxime Crépeau

    He asked for a trade - which insinuates to the club that he doesn't want to be there. The club signed 3 GK with the reality that he does t want to be there. Now he either has to hope he gets released, or another team needs to trade for him. Where inevitably he'll end up and backup again.
  4. Zambrano out!

    You know....you're right, but before Terry Dunfield...I hate Kristian "onlyplayedsocceratmiddleschool" Jack. We're in an era where in order to be an analyst you have to be a an existing coach or player or former.
  5. Zambrano out!

    This stood out to me early: Mark Dos Santos of all people should have gotten this opportunity.
  6. Zambrano out!

    If the CSA or for journo's to include that in their articles without questioning the truth is the shame that this organization is. Which MLS club? Colorado Rapids? San Jose? Their recent hires have more decorated coaching experience than John so no way it was a case of he was given an offer. Maybe an interview...
  7. Zambrano out!

    Hopefully we've won the Gold Cup, or have moved into the top 5 of CONCACAF, something please.....or hopefully God comes back.
  8. Zambrano out!

    I'm literally tired of the Canadian mens football program....it always seems like when we take 2 steps forward, we take 10 back. Kudos to the olderhead fans who have been around supporting this shit for 25+ years . 13 coaches in 15 years....I'm tired of complacency, I'm tired of mediocracy, I'm tired of the constant smells of boy club moves, I'm tired of the attitude that has been developed. LoN is coming up, I might just start passively supporting my heritage countries. Even small nations with less resources than us seem to be making massive strides. I hope Herdman proves the doubters wrong...matter fact I'm praying.
  9. Zambrano out!

    You would have to admit you are naive if you think the CWN team situation was the same as the CMNT. There's no other way to put it.
  10. Zambrano out!

    who did he bring in that was young and wasn't deserving other than Kaye who was a surprise revelation? Cause I do recall him bringing in a 35+ yo back into the fold.
  11. Zambrano out!

    Don't disregard perspective. The reality Canada's football has had for ages has been getting respectable coaches. Whether it was De Guzman complaining about training methods, or from fans questioning the experience. The reality is this is backwards.
  12. Zambrano out!

    Wow I'm shocked that this is an actual sentiment to say "He didn't do much".....there's so many basic stats that show upward trends. We scored goals in the Gold Cup, first time in what 2-3 tournaments? We qualified to the quarterfinals, first time in what 4-5 tournaments? You can't talk about who were drawn into our group when we've been having "easy opponents" draw into our group all the time. It's not to act as if OZ was the messiah, but its to not be complacent with the reality that John Herdman isn't an adequate or experienced enough to be the CMNT coach. This is a joke, and now were back to the UK style ball. Haber will get called back in.
  13. Zambrano out!

    Whats sad is the fact that the CSA bought it from John. Who care's if England WNT was calling...let him go. I'm sorry but its going to be extremely hard for him to earn his respect. Irregardless of him taking Canada Womens from 12-4 (which is not much - Zambrano took us from 120- 100) it's a drastically completely different cookie then the mens situation. A 5'2 Womens coach who's never played the game and never coached men is the leader of how future.
  14. Zambrano out!

    Why would they, he was calling it as it was. The system was shit, coaches are shit, and we needed a complete overhaul from youth to adult. With LoN coming up soon, I'm scared....really scared we might either end up in the lower division or continually struggle against the tier one teams. Herdman isn't the answer