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  1. Gold Cup Viewing Parties

    I know the plaza. Hopefully I can make it for the 3rd game.
  2. Gold Cup Viewing Parties

    Levi, is that the spot for all 3 games? I may be able to get to the 3rd game. Is the kickoff the former McGinnis?
  3. Loved seeing goals scored from open play. that has been a rarity for Canada. Concerned about Borjan but I think Crepeau will be decent if he starts. Think his issue tonight was coming in cold.
  4. Too bad BBVA isn't a retractable roof like Minute Maid Park. I was in Houston just after the May 24 weekend. Nice ballpark and the weather was tolerable.
  5. Final El Salvador and Honduras play to a 2-2 draw.
  6. Not in our group, but US down 2-nil to Guatemala.
  7. Very lucky to not concede a PK there. Larin has to do better with that touch at the other end, especially with support coming.
  8. Potential CPL logo concepts

    That waterloo logo you referenced is for the county not the city. The city colours are more black and gold. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Waterloo,_Ontario#/media/File:Waterloo,_Ontario_%28typing%29.svg
  9. The Cord Cutting thread

    Providers have not implemented full pick and pay yet. Their only requirement was to have the $25 skinny basic service as an option by March 1st. However, keep one thing in mind, content providers costs haven't changed so spreading that over 10k users instead of 150k users means costs per channel are not going to be the same.
  10. 1. Hutchinson 2. Larin 3. Borjan HM de Guzman
  11. 2015 Ottawa Fury FC NASL Season

    Is that the Philly Union reserve side?
  12. Luke Wileman just tweeted that the game will be shown on TSN.