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    He was working towrads that.
  2. 2017 Toronto FC season (aka the 2017 MLS Cup clinching thread)

    (I thought the trophy case was for V Cup, Supporters' Shield and MLS Cup)
  3. 2017 Toronto FC season (aka the 2017 MLS Cup clinching thread)

    ---quote--- As noted during the playoffs last season, the players’ lounge at TFC’s training facility has three trophy cases along one wall, with spots for the Voyageurs Cup, awarded to the winners of the Canadian Championship, the MLS Cup and the CONCACAF Champions League. The first one is occupied. The other two are not. Toronto are favorites to fill the second this season, but the third... well, that would make further tilt the scales in TFC's direction in conversations of the 'greatest ever teams' in MLS. “That would be one factor that fans and media would use to placate the narratives,” said Bezbatchenko. “We're motivated to get to the [FIFA] Club World Cup because no team has done it. It would be a testament to the talent and the creation of this team; to Greg [Vanney]'s work and the players work. “We would love to get [there], but it's so far down the road. We have to take it chronologically. Win the Supporters’ Shield and lock in first place, make a deep run and put ourselves into position to host the Cup again. If we get there, let's win the Cup. And then we can start focusing on the Champions League.” ---end quote--- https://www.mlssoccer.com/post/2017/09/20/toronto-fc-chase-history-tim-bezbatchenko-reflects-clubs-journey
  4. 2017 Toronto FC season (aka the 2017 MLS Cup clinching thread)

    As it turns out, this year the SS and other conference winners don't get spots, because the US is doing their rationalization next year, and so for 2018-2019 they have both the MLS 2017 and 2018 Cup Winners, and 2017 and 2018 Open winners. Of all years to have Canadian regular season champions, this is the best for USSF for CONCACAF reasons. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2018–19_in_CONCACAF_club_competitions#Teams
  5. Mine is the 8th. It is for Fleming.
  6. 2017 Toronto FC season (aka the 2017 MLS Cup clinching thread)

    D'oh. Yes of course. I mean the Beit replacement. Hasler has been excellent the last few games, I should probably stop thinking of him in those terms. It's an open competition now.
  7. 2017 Toronto FC season (aka the 2017 MLS Cup clinching thread)

    Camera lost track of the ball; Alseth was standing at touch a bit downfield and I don't think the camera knew whether he had the ball or if Vazquez did. Alseth did this a couple of times during the game to confuse Montreal as to who was taking the throw. Ref warned him back onto the pitch the next time he did it.
  8. Doneil Henry

    He needs a proper trainer/doctor. Clearly his body isn't robust enough, which suggests need for a different training regime. (TFC fans will remember Jozy Altidore's problems with his hammies; now look at him)
  9. Octavio Zambrano

    This is why the games are so much more entertaining to watch this tournament - playing through the midfield - and also why stretches of the Honduras game felt like old times - the hoofball. Thanks for spelling it out, it really does come down to the CBs finding the DM as a target - so no matter how good the midfield is, if the backs don't see them as valid targets, the team looks lost. I'm sure Hutch would enjoy this play so much more than what he suffered the last few years.
  10. Canada vs Honduras Post Game Thread

    I want to know, in a game that ends 4-0, with a rating scale of 1 through 10, how no one on the winning side got higher than an 8, and no one on the losing side got lower than a 4. That's not a 1-10 scale, that's a 4-8 scale. /ducks
  11. Raheem Edwards

    As a TFC fan, I'm happy to have him back so he can play while we are down Osorio and Ricketts (and Bradley, Altidore, and Cooper). He wasn't getting on in front of the guys who have played so far, so it's just as well for him.
  12. Alphonso Davies

    He did struggle to find his place last night. I think if he had played on the left in a previous game he'd have been faster to get up to speed. Coming in as a sub you have to be fully comfortable from the first minute, you don't get to play into the position. That said, I agree with taking Hoilett off instead of de Jong, and they wanted Davies to get into the game. So I get it. Just didn't work out for him last night.
  13. Gold Cup Viewing Parties

    "The" Ukraine?