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  1. Now it appears that this name consists of the 9 municipalities in York Region

    Town of Aurora
    Town of East Gwillimbury
    Town of Georgina
    Township of King
    City of Markham
    Town of Newmarket
    Town of Richmond Hill
    City of Vaughan
    Town of Whitchurch–Stouffville

    1. GuillermoDelQuarto


      Super Busy right now but i'll put it on the list for a little later in the summer when my schedule clears up.  Anything else you can tell me? 

  2. Guillermo, do you think you could design one of your logos for the York Region CPL team. It appears that the name "York 9 FC" has now been flying around as a potential team name given that this team name is affiliated to Preben Ganzhorn, President of York Sports and Entertainment.

  3. Guillermo, can you please grab this logo and change the name from Bluenose Restaurant to Halifax Bluenose FC. Can you do it?


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    2. PJSweet


      Thanx!!! You bet I'm showing it to the whole world :)


    3. PJSweet


      Hey Guillermo, what happened to the Bluenose crest?

    4. GuillermoDelQuarto