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  1. CPL General

    Richard, you're not the only one. I've already admitted myself to Alcoholics Anonymous due to this particular situation. I've been drinking every day waiting for the announcement that will probably come by the time I hit 80. Drug abuse was just around the corner for me. I can't take this pain anymore. They're going to put me in a straitjacket soon.
  2. CPL new teams speculation

    What are the possibilities that Totera meant to say 10 + 2 (Winnipeg & Hamilton)? This is where Totera comes out with the number 12. I think what he meant to say to me was 10 brand new investors, including Winnipeg and Hamilton that have already been approved by the league. I THINK! Please, I'm begging you to prove me wrong. There's a strong possibility that the number 10 means to say 10 brand new investors, not including Winnipeg & Hamilton.
  3. CPL new teams speculation

    For the record Kent, I spoke directly with Anthony Totera about this particular issue a few weeks ago. He has informed me that there were in fact 12 ownership groups at the meeting in Toronto last month. Not 10. For this reason, I've been making the following assumptions that the markets that were at this meeting are as followed: (1) Winnipeg, (2) Hamilton, (3) Halifax, (4) Saskatoon, (5) Edmonton, (6) Calgary, (7) Surrey, (8) Kitchener-Waterloo, (9) Victoria, (10) Quebec-City, (11) Toronto area, and (12) Montreal area. Hey!!! I could be wrong, but this is what my gut is telling me. I'm also basing the magic number of 12 teams based on my conversation with Totera. Now, I'm willing to further expand that number to 14 teams in the condition that Regina and Moncton (or probably London, Ontario) decide to join the league by 2020.
  4. Breaking news from Halifax

    New soccer stadium and professional team touted for downtown Halifax http://globalnews.ca/news/3542009/new-soccer-stadium-team-halifax/
  5. Breaking news from Halifax

    With these numbers that your flashing out here, how many teams will be in the inaugural season of the league?
  6. It appears that Maxim Tissot has signed with the SF Deltas of the NASL after his release from DC United. I will love to see this guy in the CPL next years.
  7. Do you think Aird, together with Maxim Tissot, will flourish more by playing in the CPL?
  8. Once again, another guy has tweeted that Fraser Aird may be on trial with the Whitecaps? I forward the guy a response as to who is his source, and once again I don't get a response.
  9. RUMOR: Any truth to a CPL team at Swangard?

    Thanx for clearing the air on this one...Now it begs the following question: Why would someone post such a rumor on Twitter without having any specific facts backing it up unless he has inside info that we're not aware of? Case in point, he may know that an investor with deep pockets is willing to convert a PDL team into a professional unit for the CPL.
  10. Can someone here please look into this rumor that Swangard PDL team TSS Rovers may be looking into the potentials of setting up a CPL team to play at Swangard. The rumor was posted today on Social Media. I will love to see this materialize, but let's cautiously looking into this before we start celebrating with joy. It's only a rumor right now.
  11. Possible commissioner for the CPL?

    Today, Duane Rollins has mentioned former Canadian international Alex Bunbury as potential commissioner.
  12. Possible commissioner for the CPL?

    Who do you think will do as an excellent commissioner for the league? One name that has been throwing around recently is Ralph Krueger.
  13. Canadian Premier League

    It appears that Anthony Totera will be coming out with some news on the CPL starting tomorrow. I hope so. What I'm really hoping is that he comes out with specifics such as how many teams are expected to participate, names of investors, scheduling, sponsorships, TV deals, etc...Totera Please give us news that we don't know.
  14. Canadian Premier League

    Calgary Flames are NOT bluffing. They may leave town if their new stadium deal does not get approved. I decided to post this because the Calgary CPL team may also be in jeopardy if the Flames go ahead with this. The Calgary Flames have been the biggest proponents of the CPL since two years ago. There's a lot at stake not only for hockey but for soccer as well. http://www.calgarysun.com/2017/04/29/flames-arent-bluffing-its-just-a-basic-business-decision
  15. Canadian Premier League

    A boom source down the street from where I live has informed me that former Canadian international Alex Bunbury will be appointed as the first CPL commissioner. That's right you heard it on my show.