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  1. In German 4th division, JLL played 90 as Chemie got a much needed 3 poins with a 1-0 victory over Viktoria Berlin. Video highlights in the link below: http://www.mdr.de/sport/video-145864_zc-a44cf87d_zs-2013e4cd.html Boakye got on the field for Cottbus in the 63 minute with the score already at the final 4-0 score as their leading striker Mamba returned from injury. Highlights are below but Boakye is not shown in any of then https://www.rbb24.de/sport/beitrag/2017/10/Energie-Cottbus-gewinnt-gegen-Babelsberg-Regionalliga-Nordost.html
  2. Derek Cornelius

    Highlights from yesterday's game against Cukaricki that ended 0-0. Cornelius is number 13
  3. I have lived through a lot of bad Canadian national team coaches but Yallop was by far the worst. The others even if they were incompetent at least managed to put more or less our best players on the pitch which gave us a chance. Yallop's B team friendlies were good and helped a few players but the problem was it seemed like we played every game with a B team including WCQ and there seemed to be a lot more going on in the selection process than an objective evaluation of who our best players were. This thread brings up bad memories.
  4. In addition to Massih Wassey mentioned above, Stanese played 90 as a left back in a 3 man back line as Aalen tied Zwickau 2-2 and Straith played 90 at CB as Lotte lost 3-1 to Chemnitz
  5. Cavalini started for Puebla and is still on the pitch. 1-1 in the 70th minute against Queretaro. Edit He played 90. Was not involved in either of the goals for Puebla. The two goals for Queretaro including an injury time tying goal were scored by none other than Whitecaps favourite Camilo.
  6. Impact 2017 Season.

    That is your evidence? Really? Yes he loses the ball as it gets caught up in his feet while he is being pushed by the Atlanta player but you can find a couple of incidents per game of that happening to every player on the pitch, he was just unlucky that this one led to a goal. And it leads to a goal because after he loses the ball Bernier makes a half hearted attempt to get it, then Boldor completely messes up an attempt to take the ball away and lets the player go right by him and Ciman freezes and doesn't try to pressure Villalba or cut down the room he has to move and shoot and finally Villalba lets go an amazing shot. If we judge things on this play alone we could think Bernier is a player who does not try very hard or commit himself to tackles which is unfortunately the case on this play but is not typical of Bernier usually (the Boldor play is unfortunately typical of his play so far). Nor was losing the ball like that typical of Piette's play so far. Indeed most of the time he is doing a much better job of covering up his teammates mistakes than his teammates did here. I never said he was perfect and never loses the ball, I said he played well in all the games he has played since he has been here including the ones we lost and most of the time was actually our best player (Piatti was the other one who was our best player but he is very inconsistent). He loses the ball here but he was strong during most of the game and Bernier and Boldor are both worse on this specific play than Piette was. I do agree with you that he hasn't been here that long so the sample size is small and it is possible he could be good for three months and disappoint next year like Mancosu did this year but so far he has been consistently good since he arrived in Montreal and our best DM this year by a fairly big margin.
  7. General Discussion on CMNT

    I am not against video review in principle if it is done correctly. The problem is we get the same terrible ref making the video review decision. In the amazing but true category, Toledo, makes even worse decisions from video than he does live on the pitch. If they are going to have worse decisions based on the video then better to just keep it like before. If they did it more like the NHL, impartial judges who can look at the video right away instead of the ref spending time to leave and re-enter the field it could work. I think the NHL does a pretty good job of getting the calls right, MLS video review has been every bit as bad as MLS reffing in general so far.
  8. Impact 2017 Season.

    Piette wowed everyone in every game he played in. It was inexplicable that Biello did not play him in a crucial game like that against NYCFC. Fisher on the other hand was better than expected since no one expected anything from him but was as mediocre as all of our other CBs. He may have some potential but he needs to be penciled in the lineup as a backup next year and the team needs to go out and get a proven defensive CB to play beside Ciman. I made the following changes to your list in bold (Camara moved up, all others moved down): Underperformed: Oduro, Mancuso, Bernadello, Romero (? wasn't nearly as good as before his injury but not sure what we expected after an absence of more than a year), Ciman, Cabrera, Donadel, Duvall, Balou (?) Met expectations: Bush, Bernier, Salazar, Oyongo, Lovitz, Camara, Dzemaili, Exceeded expectations: Jackson, Piette, Piatti, Fisher (Fisher only because expectations were very low) Donadel has been poor/mediocre all season. Overpaid and older player who is adequate but should be released. Duvall is average, not as good as Toia, slightly below average MLS starter level who could be upgraded if we have enough cap space after all the other needed changes are made. Balou is hard to say since he was a young guy coming in with hype who showed he could play in the league which he did at the beginning of the season, then he had his temper tantrum and after that played like he should still be in USL and lost his position to Salazar. Camara is overpaid for what he brings but was a good sometimes starter sometimes sub who moves the ball well but makes mistakes, if they can lower his salary next year we should keep him, he is still one of the more skilled players on the team but needs to be paid in line with a good MLS backup, sometimes starter. Dzemaila was good but not exceptional, he was a Serie A player brought in as a DP so he needs to be held to a high standard. He has a good low powerful shot so contributed to the goal scoring but is not a dominant or often even very influential player on the pitch during the game. Not every DP needs to be a standout so it may be enough if he is a solid good player but he was brought in to be a number 10 and is clearly not capable of performing that role (not good enough passing, vision or creativity nor does he dominate the pitch). If the Impact would sign a real number 10 for the first time in our MLS history we could move him back to his natural box to box midfield role he could be more effective, adding some offense from the role but not expected to be the motor of the offense.
  9. Impact 2017 Season.

    Nope if you are posting that you obviously did not watch many or any of our games. Piette made a huge improvement to our defence when he arrived and we went on a winning streak. Even when we have lost he is often the best player on the pitch for us just like he was in the Canada match against ES. The rest of the defence is still weak and he hasn't single handedly made it good nor solved all the other problems the team has but he has been a big improvement over everyone else we have played in that position this year. If the Impact management actually builds a decent team around him and the few other good players we have then he should be even better next year.
  10. General Discussion on CMNT

    Remember when some people here were calling for the CSA to hire Arena or Klinsmann? Both would have been a mistake in particular Klinsmann, who made one good move as Germany's manager, hiring a better and more experience coach, Joachim Low as his assistant.
  11. General Discussion on CMNT

    The video review may stop clearly wrong decisions such as this but for the most part I have been really disappointed by its use in MLS. Instead of improving the reffing in close to 50% of the cases I have watched the ref actually makes a worse decision than the original one on the field. I guess when you have incompetent refs on the field having the same incompetent ref make the decision on a video recall does not really improve things. One wonders if the situation would be any different with CONCACAF refs.
  12. General Discussion on CMNT

    The Impact are not in the position we are in because of our Canadian players. Our Canadian players have been our best players this year, AJH, Piette and even Bernier still at his age. LBG and Choiniere have been decent as subs and while Crepeau had one bad game (in a game where the team as a whole was absolutely horrible) I still think he is a promising keeper. If anything I think the Canadian players especially AJH should have gotten more playing time. I am not claiming the Impact has another 3 or 4 Canadians who could be MLS starters but the ones we have have been our best players all season. The Impact has been poor because of the poor play of our foreigners in particular our Italian, American and Argentine (with the obvious exception of Piatti) players. Obviously all of those countries have good players who are not playing for the Impact and one can build a good team of foreigners if you choose them right but you can't make the correlation that the Impact were bad because we were the MLS team that played Canadians the most this year when those same Canadians were our best players and were underplayed by an incompetent management team. I would argue if we had given AJH a far bigger chunk of the minutes Mancosu played and had Piette for the full season we would at least be battling for a playoff spot if not have one already locked up as opposed to being eliminated.
  13. General Discussion on CMNT

    I agree with Mat about increasing the quota though I think it would need to be more gradual than he is suggesting and I am not sure it is legal to mandate who a team starts. However, the US is doing precisely this in the MLS by having the quota high enough that teams have to start a certain number of American players and in fact even Canadian teams have to start a certain number of American players. The CSA lowered the quota to rock bottom because the teams were losing but they need to be slowly raising it to make sure the Canadian teams are doing everything they can to develop Canadian players and not just going for the cheaper option of American players. The goal has to be that eventually whatever rule the Americans have for Canadian players on their teams, we have for American players on our teams so if most Canadian players count as international in the US the American players should not be domestic here.
  14. General Discussion on CMNT

    Why fire Stalteri? The U17 results were not good but the U15 team did pretty good under him recently. I am not always a fan of hiring former players especially without a lot of coaching experience but Stalteri seems like a player who would probably make a good coach.
  15. Octavio Zambrano

    I actually wasted my time and went back and checked if 10 guys were complaining about November before ES scored and "turning on OZ". A few people complained about the decision without blaming OZ, close to an equal number defended the likely reasoning behind the decision and the only one who mentioned anything regarding this being Oz's decision and fans turning on him for it was drumroll please: YOU though to be fair you do seem to take the side of those defending the decision. Still you seem prone to making a lot of blanket statements about what other people are thinking when it is mostly what you are thinking. You did the same thing with the list of possible replacements for Floro in which you had your own list and I think a single article with a similar list and then posted continually about it and then claimed it was an established, generally accepted list even though almost no one on here liked or agreed with your list. And since someone well outside the type of coach represented on your list was picked you have been very skeptical of OZ since then. No one is going to turn on OZ because of us not having a November friendly even though most of use would prefer if we did. If there are another 3 or 4 uninspired performances like this one in a row then people will start to turn on him including myself. I suspect the next games will have a better squad and better performance and this will be forgotten as a one-off poor game but that all remains to be seen.