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  1. Unnamed Trialist

    2018 Voyageurs Cup

    I also thought it was a reasonable statement, and reiterated our role in getting the Cup going and defending its integrity. Which could also be done in different ways, which we do not properly defend (we should be giving the Cup directly to every winner, participants should be properly rotated from Voyageur contingents each year, and we should, IMHO, be giving it to the team captain, never to the frigging club owner).
  2. Unnamed Trialist

    Victoria CPL

    I am, I think, only partially missing the point. If the City of Victoria had political will, they could simply add a soccer team to the deal at Royal Athletic Park. We know this because they did it before, when the PDL team played there. No agreement for use of a public facility is written in stone. Apart from that, I think I have a post from early May where I analyse the Harbourcats schedule, and determine how many times the configuration of that venue would have to be altered in a season. First, consider the CPL season starts before the 3-month baseball season, and goes well after, there are dates allowing for more home games in those periods. Further, since a team does not play home every weekend, and the baseball team does not either, and since schedules can be adjusted so that two independently owned teams can share a venue (Whitecaps, BC Lions), it was by no means an unsurrmountable problem. And would have allowed the municipality to maximise use of a public facility. And of course, if the municipality of Vic had gotten in on this, and RAP had been the venue, then we all agree that the options for calling the team "Victoria" something would have been way higher. I imagine that now, with Westhills as the venue for launch, and the investment they will put into it, the CPL team will sign a mid-to-long term deal for the use of the venue, and that no stadium, and as a consequence name change would occur in the immediate future.
  3. Unnamed Trialist

    Victoria CPL

    You are obviously right, Shamrock. Villareal, too, draws on the base of a larger nearby city whose team used to be in top flight, Castellon, as well as people with beach apartments in the region. And using Victoria would be best, the ideal marketing. As I say, I am not dumb. But people are very stubbornly ignoring that Victoria, as a municipality, could not give a damn, and won't give a cent. Putting that name on the team, in those conditions, with such a poor political attitude on the part of that municipality, would be a slight to those who really do care. Namely a politician and his base in Langford. The same guy who incredibly shrewdly got the name of his town alongside Dubai, Sydney and Paris.
  4. Unnamed Trialist

    CPL General

    As I said, if they do that, I think it would be illegal. You cannot restrict freedom of movement or give monopoly rights to hiring in Canada when it comes to a Canadian citizen. It could only apply as a condition of immigration, or other employment factors (rehabing individuals, former cons, previous union members, etc). If the CPL wants to make lists, fine. If I am coach of Edmonton or Halifax, I am going for the best bunch of guys I can, within my budget. On what terms is the league going to stop me?
  5. Unnamed Trialist

    CPL General

    I am not even sure that pooling like that is legal. They have no rights to any player, no player has any obligation to belong to a pool, and no contract could be bound to a pooling system like that, as if you had 5 draft categories. The only remotely reasonable pool I would say is a draft of Canadians from NCAA and USports. I mean, you have freedom of movement in Canada. If I am playing PDL for Thunder Bay, and live in northern Ontario, why the hell couldn't I contact Victoria or Halifax and get a tryout? How could the league force me to be restricted to a region, or allow a team to get first option on me just because of where I happened to be living at a certain moment? The last thing we should be doing is copying the ridiculous and convoluted system in MLS, which appears to have tainted our CPL brains. Just be as natural as you can, sign players like in any other league. I can assure you nobody getting offered a decent salary to play pro is going to worry about they are 400 km from their parents or their high school friends, or 4000. Now people will post that York 9 as an unfair advantage since they have a greater pool of quality players to draw from nearby. They'll pick the best and leave the dregs to the rest. I'd like to see it in action, as if that factor were really going to skew the balance of the league.
  6. Unnamed Trialist

    2018 Voyageurs Cup

    I would fire Robinson for that performance, especially 2nd half. First half was at least acceptable. Disgraceful attitude on the pitch, positioning, defensive coverage, and some pure indolence and laziness from his players that he seems fine with. Shea was horrible, and just walked around, Ghazal is a very weak player who does not seem to have the level to be at this level. Blondell showed that there was no way he should have been signed, he was off all night, I prefer Hurtado to that. But overall: if you are going to show so little, you might as well play Canadians who might actually believe in the Cup and make some sacrifice on the pitch. But I've been saying this for years now: Carl Robinson is a very low level coach, for me he would have trouble getting anything out of a team in League Two, frankly, the level of managing and tactical nous is again and again, deserving of an F.
  7. Unnamed Trialist

    Victoria CPL

    Pretty silly, I guess... https://www.worldrugby.org/sevens-series/stage/1812/about It is only a question of perception and tired old ideas that die hard. Langford is not smaller than Hoffenheim and a bit less populated than Villareal, and it's bigger than the neighbourhood Hellas Verona represents. All with top flight legacies in major world leagues. That said, sure, you could call it Victoria, I am not dumb. Only that the widespread denial that Victoria has done NOTHING to want or deserve this team is glaring.
  8. Unnamed Trialist

    Ballou Tabla

    Ballou started training with Barça B yesterday. Right now they just have 20 guys on the roster, we'll see if they call up u-19 players if they are lacking numbers. I think in third tier Spain, which is still competitive but a long way from 2nd tier, he is going to tear things up. And I frankly will enjoy watching him more at that level. BTW, up to 7 of the B team will go to the USA tour, but I don't think Ballou will be one of them.
  9. Unnamed Trialist

    Victoria CPL

    I am surprised that so many people here are insisting on Victoria, when the team will not play in Victoria. This is by no means a minor point. Harping on it suggests you are simply not thinking the question through. The city of Victoria has, as far as we can see, not put a single cent into this, nor did they show the interest when they had the chance. They could have thought about maximising the use of Royal Athletic Park, but they didn't. Victoria has not shown any interest in having a pro soccer club. Langford has. Why gift the publicity, in terms of marketing and brand projection, to a town that has done nothing to deserve it? If I were the mayor of Langford, I'd be asking: here I am saving a CPL franchise, floundering in the Fraser Valley, by offering a stadium we have built in my municipality. A stadium we are working hard to get us out of, with Canada rugby having a base there. We have it done with our political will, with our residents' tax effort and the administrative work of public and private sectors-- and the team is going to be labelled "Victoria"? This is not the case of a team starting in a city, then moving to the suburbs, retaining its metropolitan area branding. Like the Whitecaps did when they moved across a street into Burnaby, where Swangard is, after their first iteration at Empire Stadium. It is not like some NFL team moving miles out of the original city. It is a new team, and it is going to Langford. Which if they are smart will develop an improved training centre out there for the team--they are probably working on this now in fact. Pacific is fine, not as poetical as Island, rather ambigous in terms of meaning. Soft, even, if you like. The irony: Langford only has a tiny bit of coast, an inlet at the extreme north end, the rest, nearer Victoria, is fully landlocked.
  10. Unnamed Trialist

    HFX Wanderers launch/2019 offseason thread

    It did not look like they had one from the pictures, but too bad. No one would ask you about an obscure team or club name, but with that CPL explanation on the sleeve, you have a talking point. Sorry they were not onto this and that the CPL did not insist on it. This is sort of like buying postage stamps you knew were going to be defective, the merchandise will be worth millions to collectors.
  11. Unnamed Trialist

    CPL General

    You are aware that the US is currently being run in the name of billionaire oligarchs, including from other countries, who are putting up quotas like never before?
  12. Unnamed Trialist

    Alphonso Davies

    His coach at the Whitecaps, who I shall not name, regularly sees him draw a yellow on an outside back covering him, then promptly has him change side of attack. Because, you know, you would not want to condition a defender of Davies that way. You would not want to continue to attack against guy with a yellow, that is not sporting. It is much better to let the rival take turns at the yellows, and keep carving up the kid.
  13. Unnamed Trialist

    CPL General

    A minimum number on the field at all times does not do anything unusual. I think we should have a minimum 6 on the field at all times, and let the coach figure it out. Otherwise we are implying they are not intelligent enough to adapt to a simple and widely used rule. The criteria has been used, in similar ways, in various leagues and competitions over the years. Many leagues restrict foreigners, or have, including Russia, China, Spain. Others say early round Cup matches should include minimums from the academy of the team, or nationals, or restrict foreigners in lower divisions, meant to be development leagues. Such restrictions are inconvenient, but put in place to encourage a proper balance between nationals and foreigners. MLS blatantly discriminates Canadians by not offering our players full reciprocity for playing on American teams, they are not given domestic status. And we've pretty well passively accepted such a slight, with Americans given full status in Canada. The CPL is a direct response to the disrespect MLS shows Canadian professional footballers. The USL and the PDL do not do this, meaning the MLS is baseless in doing so. I would only say that if, for example, a team were to have two Canadian keepers and one was injured, you would have a provision in place in case you needed to make a keeper change. And you need a provision for when you have a lot of injuries on a roster and that affects mostly Canadians, which could happen. That is about it.
  14. Unnamed Trialist

    Alphonso Davies

    !!! When I voted it was like 48% to 29% in favour of Asad. So keep pushing!!
  15. Unnamed Trialist

    York 9 2019 launch/offseason thread

    A price for members of soccer clubs, that is fine. A stand for them, bad idea, in fact very poor idea. Whole sections of kids watching in their uniforms, well that is a very soft sort of support. I can honestly say: even at pro clubs in Spain, where I live, those sections of academy players and the like are the softest support nodes in the stands. In any case, why shouldn't a kid who really likes the sport go with his dad? And if his dad wants exec? Or if the kids, teens, want to go to the GA? Just discount academy kids and maybe coaches, all affiliated, across the board in all sections. And if you feel you want to designate an area for clubs, even if they rotate the tickets between members, fine, you can do it. It will rarely mean over 50 per club, and only at the start or on special days. The kids simply do not get into it en masse. Many won't come, there will be empty seats. So that section is never going to fill that many seats, not on your life. At least not after the first 2 or three games. If you designate 500-800 seats per game or so, 10-15% of capacity, for the club teams, that will be enough. And the rest go to general admission. To summarise: the formula is fine, and they may think it is going to work. But it won't work in the mid to long term, and not with any consistency. This is a classic case of a product selling not to the user, but to a representative of a user, here being the board of a youth soccer club. And by getting those guys to say yes to tickets, they think they have met the interest of the kids and their families, they think they have a real yes in terms of numbers. This is erroneous thinking in marketing terms, and poor work in terms of meeting the user directly, unmediated. As all the other clubs in the CPL are doing with way more success than York9. Edit: I have to edit as I am thinking about this. I understand that the soccer club model might ensure success the first season, as clubs commit to a minimum number of seats. So you sell blocks, not individual seats, and do so efficiently, by contactingi say 20-30 clubs (all appearing in their first public iterations). So it seems like a good idea, and no club anywhere would renounce such a source of income. I am just saying that it is an unstable model, favours a short-term interest, and does not do what all the other CPL clubs are doing: market to individuals, who are committing in the hundreds. 800 random individuals in Winnipeg or Hamilton or Calgary, that represents a deep and loaded cross-section of soccer fan across each given city, and it establishes each club firmly. Contacting 20 presidents of youth clubs does not do this, by any means, and leaves you weaker in the mid to long term.