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  1. Just keep in mind.... you are talking to the kids father .... Ghengis. 

  2. Hi Jeffrey, 

    I was in Barcelona last week and had a real awakening to Spain.  I'd been there maybe 10 times before for work but hadn't been there in about five years.

    I was working with a couple dozen locals, mostly women and had just been out to dinner with a couple on the Ramblas above Catalunya (Ciudad Condal, Cachitos... amazing food) and was just sitting on a bench with them after when it all hit me like a truck at 100mph.  Just how beautiful this place is and these people are.  Not the architecture or design, just how real the people are and their great outlook on life.

    Back in the snow again but wishing I could have stayed.  Have to figure out a way to winter there.

    Cheers, hope life is being good to you.



    1. Unnamed Trialist

      Unnamed Trialist

      Hi Vic (your real name?), sorry, since this was on my profile I saw it then "lost" it, did not mean to ignore you.

      Also was thinking when I saw it you were going to berate me for being a bit of leer on one of my posts on the Women's U-20. That business of me being fond of Nahikari.

      If you are back pls be in touch, I have met a few Vs here over the years, a few I knew from the old Southside at Swangard, like mmaster, others from the board and nothing more. I live in Poble Sec below Montjüíc. Could I ask what you work in?

      As for Barcelona and beauty: I just wrote my monthly column for a mag here on the end of beauty in Barcelona, on it being in a post-beauty phase. I am sure few will agree with me, most of my columns are provocations anyways, the series is called Shibboleths, some are here: http://bcnmes.com/author/jeffrey-swartz/

      There's one there on Barça, I am a club member but not too happy about how the club is run.

      Take care



    2. Vic


      No worries at all, we're all drowning in the digital world.  I miss the good old days before the internet with a half dozen TV channels and writing letters.  Life was slow and simple.

      The bit about Nahikari made me laugh, it's okay for people to pay $20 to watch Alex Morgan or Genie Bouchard to have her "Genie Army" or Natalie Gulbis to fill the fairways at an LPGA event, but even mention you think a player is good looking and you're typecast.

      Garcia's Real Sociedad play Espanyol March 18th, but it's not up on the hill it's over at the Espanyol training grounds.  I spent a day there a while back and got to see their U16 and U18 boys play.  Also saw a roller hockey game in a neighbourhood around the corner which freaked me out.

      I work in technology (NFC or short-range communication - i.e. tap-and-go) and used to spend a lot of time near you at the FIRA.  This time I was up at Diagonal and the CCIB.  Thanks for the invite and will definitely let you know in advance when I'm heading back over.  First beers on me...


      Anarchy and culture sounds really interesting...


  3. Hey Toje, I really appreciate you posting on the futsal, I am thrilled we made it into the tournament.

    I too am bewildered by the lack of interest amongst fans, but it'll grow.

    You ever get back to Canada, I am in Van again this summer teaching, in case you are back West.

    Take care


  4. Congrats on your new name, Jeffrey. I like it.