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  1. Whitecaps Off Season 2017-2018

    If that is the reason, and he understands it is in his best interests, it makes sense. If he is opposed and thinks he deserves a chance, then we could see him moving when he hits 18, out of frustration or spite even. He really should be taking every game day as the chance to trial for future prospects, and mature as a player that way. I suppose he is a semester behind in his schooling, understandable.
  2. 2017 Toronto FC season (aka the 2017 MLS Cup clinching thread)

    And a clear dig at Zambrano for what he felt was a lack of justified playing time at the Gold Cup. Odd he would bring that up so openly.
  3. Voyageurs #CanMNT Player of the Year for 2017

    Mods, could you stick this thread until voting ends, it deserves it.
  4. Metro Vancouver CPL Club

    It's the only example you can really use to prove your argument, the only authentic "local" in North American sports with broad success. Maybe along with a bit of Junior Hockey in Canada. Anyways, Ted, noone on this board knows better than you the times optimistic ventures for a Canadian league have been stymied by mediocrity, so I get your concern this time round. I for one, deep down, feel there is about a 70% chance the CPL will not come to fruition because the mediocrity permeates everything we know so far about it, from top to bottom.
  5. Liam Millar

    Brewster who plays by his side has been called into the Reserve squad (as posted here), but not permanently. The golden boot for the winners at the u17 WC, btw, and clearly not considered by Liverpool a superior player to Liam. Brewster and Liam are a deadly combination, Brewster more target, Liam a second striker playing off him. I think we have to trust that with Gerrard as the coach, they can guide them up properly. Most likely you have to let him finish the UEFA Youth League, where by winning their group they are into the final 16, draw early Feb, knockout match later that month. Then you work him into reserve games and see how he does, like with other top u-17s. Another thing you do is occasionaly have him train with the first team, like if internationals are away and you need extra bodies, to get him used to it. But all this is only if you think he has promise and you want to keep him, if you are going to cut him after this year you dont bother with all that. The problem is that only rarely can an 18 year old help a top flight team in a major league, it's been done (Milner started early, Bojan Krkcic very early, way back when Kluivert won a Champions League scoring a winner as a teen) but it is the exception.
  6. Metro Vancouver CPL Club

    Ted, you are still speaking abstractly not on the basis of facts, at least how I see it. I appreciate the principle, but think it does not hold. First, no pro team in Canada or the US can ever be local as they are franchises and have rights over a territory. They get exclusivity, and cannot be infringed upon. There is no pro-releg and another team that is your neighbour can never appear to eat away at your fan base. You are using an incorrect notion, and what is more, you have not given us any examples, so you are arguing irrefutably with no grounding. There is nothing in marketing that says local is more authentic than cosmopolitan or multicultural or international. You are simply identifying a minor trend, as proven by the fact that 100 mile diets are trendy but people still eat 80% or more outside of their immediate food radius. Local food fads do not annul international markets. Same with craft beer, where it is most prevalent in Canada, in BC, it is like 25% of the market at most. DIY is more a frill of consumption than a nucleus. You can't take the principal of local and expect to have success with it, because you are arguing it is dominant when it is totally minority. In a franchise system you will never have the density of teams which forces some to be very much from neighbourhoods, as happens in London, or with Chievo Verona, or Rayo Vallecano, or QPR. So no team can reasonably conceive itself as local and local means nothing in a franchise system. Franchises control swaths of territory and have to appeal to that entire territory. In any case, I would like you to name one sports team associated with a neighbourhood in North America. And BTW, Brooklyn is as big as Montreal. South Chicago too (White Sox). It will get you nowhere. On top of that, we do not have dense neighbourhoods in most Canadian cities able to sustain a pro team based on it, not like in most of the rest of the world where every neighbourhood has a few soccer teams and fields and some manage to push up from lower tiers. We only have what you are talking about in the case of high school sports. In the US they can take it into NCAA, in fact the whole pull of local works in amateur collegiate sport in North America, where folks will come out to watch Alabama vs. Auburn, a true local rivalry in the terms you are speaking of. Even if they have never set foot into a university themselves.
  7. Metro Vancouver CPL Club

    Sorry, just had to insist, with a few more pro team names in NA: New Jersey Devils, and the former Nets New England Patriots, New England Revolution Minnesota Vikings Teams named after Florida, Carolina, Arizona, Utah Saskatchewan Roughriders, BC Lions (shucks it even has a precedent)
  8. Metro Vancouver CPL Club

    Ted, your point that authenticity is important is right. But I think you are totally off thinking that BC is not authentic, there is no basis for your argument. It is as authentic as anything out there. BC is totally authentic. And no one single city has the corner on it, so any can legitimately take it. The mistake is to not understand that only in a metropolitan area do people not literally living in the main city say they are from there. Someone from Saanich can happily support a team from Victoria without estrangement. Surrey-ites can support a Vancouver team. But the reverse is not so, so you have to alter the philosophy. No one from Langley feels they are from Surrey, it is an impediment. So you have to solve it to ensure a wider fan base. Anyways, as perfectly well argued on this thread, there are many states in the US with a pro team named after the state, and another after a city in the state. Why do you just ignore that, I don't understand how it can benefit your argument to deny it. There is nothing incompatible with a BCFC and a Victoria United in a CPL.
  9. Alphonso Davies

    Caps wish list: 1-quality football with a playing identity 2-winning mentality and results 3-pride in academy translates in former academy players populating the first team 4-more respect for fans (end zones still pay more, outrageous cynicism) 5-less passivity and more character from the ownership and less BS from the FO If you had any of #5 you'd start to see the other 4 improve.
  10. Impact offseason 2017-18

    To be fair, as Bison44 says, it is part of the deal. It is raw, not fair, but everyone knows it is the system in North America. I personally hate it because I think it flies in the face of what a contract is and is a labour practice no one in any other sector of the economy is subject to. And fair to him, I see his wife is tweeting very elegantly and graciously. I still think he is potentially one of the top defenders in MLS, he just needs to be on the right team, because, let's face it: he is the highest level player from MLS in the World Cup based on national team ranking.
  11. Metro Vancouver CPL Club

    Why have to deal with the problem of having a team in one city that neighbours do not relate to, which would be the case with Surrey. Surrey has a historical stigma, which has decreased and is mostly residual, but it is still there. Now sure, a city hall would like a team named after their town, as it is another step towards reducing this negative image (along with having a university campus, a good museum, improved transit, and dealing with drug crime). So I think it is eventually going to happen, Surrey as a brand for a sports team, and not just talking about box lacrosse. But for now, you do the reverse operation: you act like a big city by naming your team after the region, taking on the role of hosting it. Looked at in a certain way, that is a prestige move as well. "Surrey is the proud host of BCFC". Or maybe name the stadium so that the city name features, Surrey Stadium. "BC wins big at Surrey Stadium". Is there anyone anywhere in BC who is not proud of being from BC? I honestly do not think so, it probably has a better overall image and rating amongst residents than any of the larger cities.
  12. Metro Vancouver CPL Club

    I fail to see how BC is not authentic. It is as authentic as the name of any city, seems to me. There are, also, a few sports teams in the US named after States, and it is not a bad formula. A state, or a province in our terms, at least is something common people identify with. BCFC is IMO a smart name. If another team comes along in the province, let them figure out what to call themselves. I mean, you have Florida Panthers and Tampa Bay Lightning, in the same division. Texas Rangers and Houston Astros. What is the big deal?
  13. Atiba Hutchinson

    I've been trying to imagine ways that Besiktas might get past them. One could be that the German clubs have a winter break, but Champions used to start up earlier; by this point, late Feb, they will be back on form. The have way more experience in knock-outs and can handle the two legs more skillfully. They would be very unlikely to fail at home first leg. Even the best in Germany have problems keeping things close vs. Bayern in Munich. Basically a draw with goals would be the best situation reasonably imaginable. So for me it is all against Besiktas. Only thinking that they will be better rested not playing midweek, the squad should be fresh. And we may expect a few winter signings, if they are really thinking it is worth it to go for the league again and get past Bayern.
  14. Voyageurs #CanMNT Player of the Year for 2017

    1. Arfield (our best player at the GC and having a great club season) 2. Hoillet (close to the above on a lower rung) 3. Hutchinson (even without CMNT appearances, still stellar, deserves the vote)
  15. Spain Manny did not get off the bench as Izarra fell to regional rival Tudelano, 1-2, in division 2B. In Tercera, most divisions rested, but in Murcia Miki Cantave played a rare 90 for Lorca B as they beat El Palmar 1-0. They are in a playoff promotion spot.