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  1. Result and details of the Sunday May 21, 2017 League 1 Ontario game between North Toronto Nitros and Vaughan Azzurri played at Varsity Stadium in Toronto at 4:30pm. 57 min...NTN Mirza Custovic GOAL...NTN Jayden Doyle run on left and crosses from 22 yards has Custovic tip ball at 8 yards in middle into top right corner of net beyond goalie Daniel Gosciniak. 65 min...VA Tomasz Sklublak GOAL...VA Jason Mills gets through two defenders to 10 yard line on left and sends low pass along that 10 yard line through crowd of players for Sklublak who maneuvers around defender and rolls 10 yarder down middle into right corner of net beyond goalie Mark Rogal. 76 min...VA RED card...Jason Mills earns his second Yellow card of the game for what looked like arguing with referee Lukasz Kowalewski about him whistling down a VA rush and giving NTN a freekick at the NTN 40 yard line. 83 min...NTN Nikolay Saveliev GOAL...NTN Thomas Mickoski at 15 yards along end line sends low cross and Saveliev receives it between players and shoots 7 yarder into right side of net. Final Score:..North Toronto Nitros....2...Vaughan Azzurri....1... Attendance was about 50 on this rainy afternoon. We'd been warned as it had been raining for hours before the game, then it looked like it stopped at the ten minute mark then was raining again during the entire second half harder than anytime during the day. This had an effect on both teams with through ball passes rolling right over the end line before they could be played and crosses bounding out of bounds off the turf. Referee Lukasz Kowalewski gave out three Yellow cards (two to Vaughan) plus the Red card and he also ejected Azzurri coach Carmen Isacco after the NTN second goal for complaining from the bench. Actually Jason Mills picked up his first Yellow card at 35 minutes for what looked like complaining about NTN being awarded a freekick at the VA 35 yard line. The game had a bunch of 'what if' moments for a different story-line for both teams. Just before halftime a Vaughan player stole the ball off a defender at the top of the NTN box and he quickly rolled a pass over to a teammate who took a quick shot up the middle from 10 yards and NTN goalie Mark Rogal made a point blank sprawling save at 5 yards but a rebound rolled back out and VA Joseph Di Chiara skied a 10 yard shot over the net with the goalie down. 73 minutes had an NTN player make a run up the middle and fell when he took a shot which goalie Andrew D'Souza stopped but a big rebound had another NTN player following up blasted a low shot with the goalie out of position but he hit his fallen teammate at 7 yards and play was immediately called offside. Nitros have an affiliation with the University of Toronto besides using their stadium when the school isn't using it. (that will mean starting in August, they will play home games at Downsview Park). They had four players today on the U or T 2016 soccer roster. Vaughan is known for its links to York University. Today they had only one player of their eighteen who was on York U's 2016 men's soccer roster. Each goalie in today's game played on their university roster in 2016. The schools also supply players to other teams. Yesterday afternoon I saw U of T's defender Matt Stakic play for L1O Toronto FC III. Now York U can top that by saying Ryan Telfer recently signed for USL Toronto FC II. So nyah nyah! Nitro's Lael Daniel was an unused sub today. The last two years he played for Sanjaxx Lions. I hadn't been to the 'New' Varsity Stadium for a few years. It has field turf with football lines and a wide (eight lane) track around the field. It's listed as having 5000 seats, all on one big stand on the east side. There were about ten fans watching from the end zone under a concrete awning and ten more on the sunken corridor the length of the stadium although the view is more like from a bunker. I certainly chose the right game of four all being held around the same time in the GTA area. The plans for me were to see another of the sixteen teams in the Men's L1O (Nitros make it fourteen teams so far) after only the fourth week of the season. I got admission into the press box which ran almost the entire length of the stands and could have been separated into suites. So much easier in the dry then juggling a pen, notebook, umbrella, camera and binoculars. Both teams in this game are from the Eastern Conference. The results leave both teams in a three way tie for third place with identical 2 wins, 1 loss, 1 tie for 7 points. Durham United are the other team with that record after their win on Friday night against Ottawa South United. Second place is the OSU team with 9 points at 3 wins, 1 loss. First place are Woodbridge who had a half hour head start on this game and beat Toronto Skillz to go a perfect 4 wins in four games for 12 points. Rocket Robin twitter @RocketRobin01
  2. Result and details of the Saturday May 20, 2017 League 1 Ontario game between Toronto FC III and North Mississauga Panthers held at KIA Training Centre in Downsview at 1:00pm. 2 min...TFC Ethan Beckford GOAL...TFC Aidan Daniels on rush on left and at 20 yards he feeds short cross to center for Beckford to shoot low and past sliding goalie Anthony Whyte at 15 yards into left corner of net. 15 min...TFC Marko Mandekic GOAL...TFC Aidan Daniels sends low pass from 30 yards on left over to Mandekic on right and he shoots low 20 yarder to left corner of net. 74 min...N Miss Bradley Fenton GOAL...N Miss Anton Buretic sends in throw-in that goes untouched over to Fenton who shoots in 10 yarder past goalie Gianluca Catalano to top right corner of net. Final Score:...Toronto FC III....2....North Mississauga Panthers.....1... Attendance was about 40 on this mild but very windy day. Again something about this location has the wind blow what seems like triple the speed of the parking lot up the hill. This had an effect on crosses and freekicks being flown or bounced out of play by both teams. The wind was from the east so it did not give either team an advantage with the field's north-south alignment. When I saw TFC III rip open a 2-0 lead I thought the scoreline could get ugly but those were the only goals they could muster. They had more chances but couldn't put them away and Panthers got back into the game for a very even contest and on the last kick of the game Mathew Monteiro with a freekick from 35 yards had his shot fly just over the bar. TFC almost put the game away at 63 minutes when Aidan Daniels took a 22 yard shot up the middle that hit the bar. The rebound fell to a TFC player who put in the rebound but who was at least five yards offside. Referee Tim Wong gave out two Yellow cards to each team. One of them was to TFC Kota Sakurai at 85 minutes for a sliding tackle at their 35 yard line. This brought one of the loudest reactions from the N Miss bench as they wanted an advantage played as they had a player get away on the right wing. The card could come later. Interesting that it was Sakurai who was injured and had to be subbed off before the freekick could be taken. Ethan Beckford scored his fifth goal of the season in only four games. He didn't look too pleased though being the first TFC player subbed out today at 50 minutes. Five goals gives him most in the league but the weekend's not over yet. North Mississauga Panthers joined the league in 2016 but this year I could also say they are an expansion team. Before the game I was talking to head coach Sam Medeiros. He's replaced Rick Titus this year. He said he replaced the entire team from last year with 1998s and 1999s. I double checked after I got home with the last time I saw the Panthers...October 2 last year and that game was right here against TFC Academy and the only player that was on that roster who is still here is today's goalscorer Bradley Fenton. The game sheet checks all the starting eleven as U 23s. (of course with the mandate of TFC III, theirs is the same). The team was 1 win, 2 losses coming into today's game. I said I remembered Medeiros from the North York Astros. He was a defender for them in 1999, assistant coach, head coach for them and other CNSL/CPSL/CSL over the years and even in League 1 Ontario he was an assistant coach for Woodbridge Strikers in 2014. TFC III's record climbs to 2 wins, 2 losses this season with their next league game Sunday the 28th away in Monarch Park against Sanjaxx Lions. That field was windy last week too. Before that they play near here at the Downsview Dome right beside here on Wednesday night against Sigma FC in a L1O Cup match at 8:00pm. Reason for that? The KIA facility (well the one that artificial turf that their Academy teams play on) has no stadium lights! Their deep roster should get them through next week. Rocket Robin twitter @RocketRobin01
  3. Ok so enough of comics.... picture time! Yep Tim Horton's, yellow and black, these really did exist! Toronto Lynx of PDL in 2007. goalie wore orange. I picked these up at their season end auction. With CAW union sponsorship on the sleeve.
  4. That would be "Superman never made any money saving the world from Solomon Grundy" He was a villain in Batman and Superman comics. I was never deep enough into those comics to even hear of him. Now the teacher Miss Grundy from the Archie comics....I can still read when waiting to check out of the grocery store. ....and Crash Test Dummies are from Winnipeg.
  5. I also stirred the pot in the Hamilton CPL forum with a team name for them: Hamilton Grundy! Their surveys most loved/most hated include both City and United making both surveys with 12% most hated and 12% most loved. Mrs Grundy is a figurative name for an extremely conventional or priggish person,[1] a personification of the tyranny of conventional propriety. A tendency to be overly fearful of what the respectable might think is also referred to as Grundyism Now come on if a big corporate sponsor like Red Bull put money into a team, I'm sure the name is for sale with the capital to get the league started. The Timbits? although I'm sure Tim Horton's doesn't want to limit their national appeal.
  6. survey results? United love 11.5% hate 12% City love 11.5% hate 11% so some may not support a team in Hamilton if it has the wrong name? not much difference from other team forums where people love/hate FC, City, United and hate natural disasters and animal names/mascots. time for 'Hamilton Grundy' which most people won't understand. Goes along with my other team names--other forums Winnipeg Guess Who for the rock band from that city Toronto Splunge from the Monty Python sketch. Mrs Grundy is a figurative name for an extremely conventional or priggish person,[1] a personification of the tyranny of conventional propriety. A tendency to be overly fearful of what the respectable might think is also referred to as Grundyism.
  7. All these pages to decide on a team name. Some don't want City, United, FC etc and others don't want some natural disaster or animal mascot name. Like you won't support the league if the team is named wrong. So how about.......Toronto Splunge...... Splunge? Did he say Splunge? It means it's a good idea but possibly not and I'm not being indecisive! I like it! What do you think? Splunge for me too! (part of an old Monty Python sketch) Rocket Robin (in the Winnipeg forum suggested 'Winnipeg Guess Who' as the team name in honour of the band from that city).
  8. Result and details of the Friday May 19, 2017 USL game between Toronto FC II and Tampa Bay Rowdies played at the Ontario Soccer Centre in Vaughan at 5:00pm. 9 min...TFC Luca Uccello GOAL...TFC Sergio Camargo sends high chipped pass from 60 yards down middle which finds Uccello all alone at 30 yards and he dribbles forward and shoots low 18 yarder to left corner of net with goalie Matt Pickens sprawling at 14 yards. 67 min...Rowdies Joe Cole GOAL...Rowdies Darwin Jones eludes TFC Ryan Telfer to get away low cross from 22 yards along right end line through two defenders and one Rowdies forward in the 6 yard box and Cole shoot 6 yarder up middle into center of net under diving goalie Angelo Cavalluzzo who'd been guarding right post. 79 min...Rowdies Martin Paterson GOAL...Rowdies Michael Nanchoff takes 33 yard freekick down middle which has Rowdies Neill Collins head ball at 12 yards on right across box for Paterson at 6 yards in middle to head ball into right side of net. 81 min...Rowdies Darwin Jones GOAL...Rowdies Joe Cole recovers TFC Brandon Aubrey's high popped up header at 25 yards in middle and he one-touch rolls pass to right for Jones who steps forward on right and blasts 20 yarder into top right corner beyond flying goalie. The ball tipped off TFC Liam Fraser stepping forward at 17 yards. Final Score:.....Toronto FC II......1......Tampa Bay Rowdies......3.... Attendance was announced as 551 which probably started at barely 100 when the game started. I thought when I saw the schedule at the beginning of the season that the starting time was a glitch but it took me until last week to realize it was to let the fans get home to see the MLS team play New York Red Bulls in New Jersey at 7:30pm. It did take less time to get home than here as the rush hour was over but the TFC game had already started. Giveaway at the gate tonight was a TFC II fridge magnet but they were probably left over because of the small crowd in their season opener against Rochester. Referee Carol Ann Chenard led an all female officiating crew. She only gave out six Yellow cards that I counted (three to each team) and waved off at least one Penalty kick call to each team when TFC Luca Uccello at 35 minutes and Rowdies Georgi Hristov at 41 minutes fell over too easily in the box. She also called each team for an offensive handball in the other team's box. TFC's early goal stopped their scoreless drought at 519 minutes. It was only their third goal of the season in nine games. Scoring has obviously been the team's major problem. Defensively they've been respectable with only nine goals allowed until today. Four of those were against Tampa Bay in the second game of the season when TFC was also shut out. TFC had six Canadian starters in their lineup—Angelo Cavalluzzo in goal, Sergio Camargo, Ashtone Morgan, Luca Uccello, Liam Fraser in the midfield, and Shaan Hundal up front. Ryan Telfer came on at 60 minutes to replace Ashtone Morgan. TFC made the same switch last weekend at their game at BMO Field but that was Telfer for Morgan at halftime. Morgan has been recovering from injury stretching back into last year. If he does come back it will be likely as a winger. His years with TFC Academy and time in the MLS were as a defender. Last weekend I said there were three Canadian starters but it was four. I keep looking for forward Jordan Hamilton to make an appearance as he hasn't seen a minute of MLS action so far this season but he's not with TFC II. [Oops. Just saw him get into the TFC game at the very end]. T&T defender Jelani Peters was transferred to TFC II earlier today. He had been on loan from W-Connection until now. He played the second half and made one key clearance while they still held the lead. Rowdies head coach Stuart Campbell looked like a genius as he brought in Martin Paterson during the stoppage in play on the 79 minute freekick. Paterson took his place then scored right after the kick was taken. TFC II remains in fifteenth (last place) in the East with a record of 1 win, 5 losses, 3 ties for 6 points. The win moves the Rowdies into first place in the East for now as it's the first game of the weekend. This is a team that is putting a big effort into getting one of the expansion franchises the MLS is offering over the next few years. The Tampa Bay local government has just approved a completely privately funded soccer specific stadium which is a huge favourable point for the MLS expansion committee. Tampa's roster right now is a mix of MLS vets and international pick ups. I could see them putting an effort into going far in the US Open Cup to gather more publicity. Captain Joe Cole is their most famous player playing much of his career in England including many internationals until 2010 and at the club level until 2016 most recently with Coventry. Goalie Matt Pickens played for MLS Colorado Rapids from 2009 to 2014. TFC II's next home game starts at Noon on Wednesday May 24 against Richmond Kickers with what I expect will be a crowd of school kids. Rocket Robin twitter @RocketRobin01
  9. Result and details of the League 1 Ontario game of Sunday May 14, 2017 between Sanjaxx Lions and Windsor TFC Stars played at Monarch Park Stadium in Toronto at 2:00pm. 28 min...Sanjaxx Hiliard Serrao GOAL...SJ Andrew Gordon races down left wing and sends low cross from 25 yards near end line that has SJ Antonio Downey dummy a shot at 10 yards on left post and Serrao at 7 yards even with right post kicks ball over sprawling goalie Kyle Vizirakis. 31 min...Sanjaxx Antonio Downey GOAL...Downey is fed through ball by SJ Kemar Rowe and runs up middle from 45 yards and rolls ball past goalie sliding at 15 yards into right side of net. 33 min...WS Martin Nyul is tripped up on right side of box and referee Alexis Vaughan calls for a Penalty kick. 34 min...Stars Celso Carapau GOAL...Carapau rolls Penalty kick to right corner of net as goalie Nuno Goncalves crumples in middle. 49 min...Stars Celso Carapau GOAL...WS Martin Nyal sends low cross from 18 yards on right that has Carapau between crowd of players roof 7 yard shot from middle over sprawling goalie. Final Score:...Sanjaxx Lions........2......Windsor TFC Stars.....2... Attendance was about 25 on this cool day with the cover altering between sunny and cloudy about four six during the game. The promotion of 'Mothers Get In Free' (Mother's Day is today) didn't have much effect. Windsor scrambled at the end looking for a winning goal but couldn't win a Penalty kick call in injury time. Referee Alexis Vaughan (who was the fourth official at the USL game at BMO yesterday) gave out three Yellow cards today, all to Sanjaxx players. The game never got rough. The only constant was a continuous gusty wind from the west which effected the team with the wind at their back. Sanjaxx had that advantage in the first half. Goalie punts were sailing from the goalie standing in the west to his opposite number. Freekicks and passes flew or bounced over the east end line regularly. The wind today rivaled KIA Training Centre where Toronto FC III play their home games where I was the last two Sunday afternoons. Only thing is the weather was a lot warmer today. I put down my highlight marker on a bench in the stands and it rolled ten feet on its own before I turned back around. Concrete stands, long wooden planks for each row attached to them to sit on. Capacity of 5000 with stands in the south. Any stands in the north would back right into the high school that Olympic Champion swimmer Penny Oleksiak attends. Sanjaxx looked much improved over last year with a record of two ties and one loss in their three games. Today they found a successful strategy of sending the ball down the middle at least in the first half which might have been aided with the wind in their favour. Lions are again wearing yellow shirts with white numbers which I can't distinguish without binoculars (even worse for night games). Thankfully there's distinctive coloured shoes and hairstyles. Stefan Nikolic equals late 1960s era singer Art Garfunkel with his 'fro'. Captain Hiliard Serrao equals shaved head etc. Windsor signed a partnership agreement with Toronto FC less than a year ago and have been re-branded as Windsor TFC. They now wear a modified TFC badge like TFC II with the numerals bent into a 'W'. At least for this road game they wore a white and red kit. I thought I recognized the names of about half the players from last year. I don't expect the changes brought in by TFC to install an academy system will show much change in this first year. Some press announcements listing names of attendees of players to attend TFC's KIA Training Centre are probably a few years younger than this L1O team. Yikes, Stephen Ademolu is now 34 and I watched him play for Windsor back in 2011 when they were in the CSL. Stars record improves to one win, one loss, and one tie. A large stretch of the east-west subway was closed yesterday but not today which got me to come as I hadn't seen either of these team this season. Sanjaxx is once again playing all of its home games this season at Monarch Park in the east end of the old City of Toronto. Most of the housing in the neighbourhood must be nearing the 100 year mark. The area is near trendy The Beaches on Lake Ontario and at least for the day the wind crossed over into this area. The Lions don't have much time to rest as they are scheduled for L1O Cup action on Tuesday night against Woodbridge Strikers who happen to be playing at the same time today as this game against North Toronto Nitros. That makes eight games attended, so far for me--twelve teams out of sixteen seen and the league's only finished its third week. Rocket Robin twitter @RocketRobin01
  10. Result and details of the Saturday May 13, 2017 USL game between Toronto FC II and Bethlehem Steel FC played at BMO Field in Toronto at 6:00pm. 7 min...BS Cory Burke turns and rolls pass forward from 50 yard line up right to BS Marcus Epps who receives it at 25 yards and cuts into top of the box on right. He slows down at 15 yards when facing TFC Brandon Aubrey and TFC Mitch Taintor comes up behind him and trips him up. Referee Pierre-Luc Lauzier awards BS a Penalty kick. 8 min...BS Cory Burke GOAL...Burke rolls Penalty kick to right side of net as goalie Angelo Cavalluzzo dives to left. Final Score:....Toronto FC II......0......Bethlehem Steel FC.....1... TFC was marketing a shutout streak that had lasted a full three games until their last game in Pittsburgh where they lost 1-0. Their goalie Angelo Cavalluzzo had won Save of the Week and Goalie of the Month during that time. The other way of looking at it was during the last five games TFC has not scored! Since losing 3-1 in Orlando (against Orlando City 'B') on April 4, they played 0-0 against Rochester (TFC's only home game), Ottawa, and Louisville, before the Pittsburgh game. Today was not a clash of powerhouses. TFC had a record of 1 win, 3 losses, 3 ties for fifteenth (last) place in the East and Bethlehem were until today 2 wins, 4 losses, 0 ties for da-da....fourteenth place! They are the affiliate of Philadelphia Union who are mired in last place in the MLS league so if their team can't stock move on the big team who are looking for improvements, the pickings must be pretty slim. On the visitor's side I was cheering for Chris Nanco who I watched as recently as last year playing for League 1 Ontario side Sigma FC. He had a good game which was running up the wing and getting crosses into the box but also getting a few shots in. He also earned the only Yellow card of the game. I didn't realize until I was home but Josh Heard is a Welsh born Canadian who played for PDL Victoria Highlanders a few years ago and was subbed on today at 77 minutes. Nanco wasn't even Sigma's best USL player today as Richie Laryea scored for Orlando City B in their road win in front of 19301 in Cincinnati. TFC II had been reinforced by MLS contract players, defender Ashtone Morgan, goalie Mark Pais, and forward Ben Spencer. It wasn't a surprise to followers as they've all been on the TFC II roster earlier this season. Morgan played only the first half but he's been recovering from an injury for what seems like a year. He was playing today as a winger. Ryan Telfer took his place for the second half and played almost as a forward. Pais filled in for the MLS team when Clint Irwin was injured but didn't see any action and he won't get to play with the Canadian Cavalluzzo playing so well this last month. Tsubasa Endoh played almost all the freekicks and cornerkicks. With the MLS team being so deep, he may not get back on the main roster. Ben Spencer was just given an MLS contract within the last two weeks but hasn't seen any action. There's a group of Ben Spencer critics on-line. They are not going to be pleased that he won and expresso machine as Man of the Match (always a TFC II player). Laughable plays included at 53 minutes when he was given a through ball and rushed up the middle on the slight left and rolled a 22 yard shot directly to the goalie. 75 minutes had him take a low 20 yard shot from the right that was into the outside webbing of the net. 84 minutes had Spencer knock down a chipped pass at 20 yards but had a defender check him off the ball without getting away a shot. TFC had three Canadian starters and three on the bench getting two of them into the game. TFC head coach Greg Vanney was watching the game for the West stands with one of his younger kids. Bethlehem goalie Jake McGuire earned the shutout. He had to make some key saves. He was sharp except on one play at 85 minutes, Shaan Hundal blasted a shot from 15 yards that he couldn't hang on to and a defender had to boot the rebound behind the end line. Injury time had Hundal get to a cross and pop a header from 15 yards on the right that bounced and the goalie was able to catch it wide left of the post. Hundal only came in at 59 minutes and he'd have been my 'Man of the Match'. Last year he was the teams leading scorer and now it's hard for the Canadian to find playing time. Angelo Cavalluzzo played goal for TFC II. He didn't have much to do which is good as having to make the 'save of the week' means the defence is letting you down! Of course partly it's on the visitors as #14 in the league tables until today. Attendance was announced as 3033 which was certainly a season best for this team although it's only their second home game of the year and is likely not to be repeated as the team usually plays at the Ontario Soccer Centre in Vaughan just outside the city limits of Toronto. They were piggybacking off the MLS game that had finished an hour earlier in which Toronto FC beat Minnesota United 3-2 in front of 27,249. Another quarter of the fans who stayed for beginning of the USL game left by halftime. The fans were corralled into the East stands except the supporter groups who were allowed to stay in the South—probably for the best as they don't mingle well with the families watching in the East. I wasn't taking anything for granted as I brought my TFC II ticket today too in case I ended up out in the parking lot. We had to wait 'upstairs' at the 200 level while the lower section was cleaned. TFC alumi Dwayne De Rosario was signing autographs and a DJ was playing songs. I didn't know that area was accessable from the lower deck from inside. This extra level in proportion looks like it has more washrooms than ours. At about 5:30pm we were allowed back down—general admission although my row hadn't been cleaned at all. The same beer sellers who had called last call at 65 minutes of the first game were back again selling until the end of the first half. MLSE had really hit promoting this match hard. I heard about it through e-mail, team websites and twitter, and announcements today at the beginning, halftime, and end of the MSL game. Production values were high with the same announcer as the MLS game, highlights on the video board after the first half of the game we were watching instead of another replay of the MLS game. No excuses of people saying they didn't know about it. It will be interesting to see how the team uses these figures. They could say retaining just over 11% of the fans proves they should move the team to another city filling a roster of some CanPL team once that gets going. They cover the salaries of their players but don't have to cover stadium rental and staffing. Even today's total (if it were true) is triple last year's crowd in Vaughan for even 'good' weather days. This game had the first 20 minutes played in a light rain but fans were sheltered by the roof. TFC II's next game is Friday May 19 at Ontario Soccer Centre with a 5:00pm kickoff. This game might start off with very low as most people are just getting off work at that time. The Rowdies are second in the East as of last week's standings and are aiming big trying to get an MLS franchise and just had their city agree to a stadium proposal. Rocket Robin twitter @RocketRobin01
  11. Result and details of the League 1 Ontario game of Friday May 12, 2017 between Durham United FA and Aurora FC at The Pickering Soccer Centre in Pickering at 7:30pm. 12 min...DUFA Christian Moncrieffe GOAL...DUFA Cameron Brooks sends pass from 25 yards and Moncrieffe shoots 10 yard shot on left past sliding goalie into left side of net. 14 min...DUFA Kashiff De Jonge GOAL...AFC goalie Adam Scanlon blasts clearance from 6 yards on left post that hits player at 10 yards and falls to DUFA Jonathan Parolini who touches ball to De Jonge who quickly takes 12 yarder from left into open net. 30 min...AFC Matthew Caguana GOAL...AFC Dylan Rennie on pass/deflection from 18 yards on left reaches Caguana who shoots low 12 yarder down middle into right side of net. 32 min...DUFA Tim Flynn GOAL...DUFA Edward Lay cornerkick from right is headed across box and AFC defender misses bicycle kick clearance at 12 yards. Flynn standing beside him recovers ball on left and takes low shot into right side of net. 58 min...DUFA Christian Moncrieffe GOAL...DUFA Cameron Brooks takes low 30 yard freekick from right that's into box and players on both teams miss connecting on edge of 6 yard box. Moncrieffe charging in on left side of box connects on 10 yarder blasting ball into right side of net. 74 min...AFC Jackson Tooke draws Penalty kick from referee John Vlahos on run to just inside right side of box. 75 min...AFC Christopher Jacovou blasts Penalty kick low to left post and diving goalie Ben Cowman gets hand to stop it and defender clears. Final Score:...Durham United FA........4......Aurora FC........1...... Attendance picked up to about 75 by the time the game ended. The game was held at Pickering's indoor dome facility. The team scheduled their first two home games at this facility as Kinsmen Park is usually still drying out from the rains at this time of year. Next Friday they will play Ottawa South United Force. After two weekends of attending outdoor games in the unseasonably cold and wet, this place was a nice break although 'outside' tonight would have been quite bearable. This was the home opener for DUFA. It was an important win for any championship hopes as they've started the season with a tie and a loss to fellow Eastern Conference powerhouses Vaughan (score 0-0) and Woodbridge (0-1). The team in past years usually starts out fast then fizzles out when many of the players return to NCAA schools (although not quite as exaggerated as Sigma FC). This year a team official assured me they have quite a few players who have finished school and will stay the entire season. I can see some of these players showcasing their skills to show off this season and next for an invite/draft to the new CanPL league that starts in the fall of 2018. Aurora's record falls to 1 tie and 2 losses in the first three weeks of the season. The two early goals coming so quickly in succession looked like it rattled the team and certainly boosted the confidence of DUFA. The DUFA quick response to score after AFC got their only goal cooled any chances of the momentum shifting although three AFC chances in the last five minutes of the first half with a missed shot, a defender clearing, and a stop by goalie Ben Cowman stopped any comeback. Referee Jon Vlahos gave out no cards in this game. AFC Dylan Rennie was subbed off at 56 minutes after being injured just inside the AFC box and needed help limping off. Otherwise there were no major injuries. The DUFA bench kept advising their players "No foul, no foul" to remind them not to be carded as even if an AFC player got by a defender, there would always be another to close the play down. DUFA almost put the game out of reach in the first half with Christian Moncrieffe hitting the post from 15 yards at 43 minutes. That would have turned his night into a hat-trick. Some quirks of this facility were a call for a 'drop' ball when a clearance hit the ceiling of the bubble. It is much easier for this to happen near the sidelines. Another (but probably just because it was the first game this season) was the timekeeper couldn't get the scoreboard to run 'up' in the second half and after a few resets let the clock count 'down' like the other kind of football. I'm sure they'll program it right for next week. Rocket Robin twitter @RocketRobin01
  12. Result and details of the Sunday May 7, 2018 League 1 Ontario game between Toronto FC III and Sigma FC played at KIA Training Centre in Downsview at 1:00pm. 13 min...Sigma Duran Lee GOAL...Sigma Justin Stoddart cornerkick from right is high and Lee leaps above defenders and heads 5 yarder forward into top left corner of net. 31 min...Sigma Johnny Grant GOAL...Sigma player racing in on left cutting in and passes to Sigma Mansoor Allazy who gives pass in clear and Grant shoots 15 yarder down middle over sliding goalie Brogan Engbers. 36 min...TFC Malik Johnson GOAL...TFC Steven Furlano cross from 22 yards on far right has Johnson in crowd of players shoot in low 10 yarder over diving goalie Triston Henry. 49 min...Sigma Jordan Kalonji GOAL...Kalonji is given short low pass upfield by Sigma Mansoor Allazy and his low 15 yard shot from right is into low left corner of net. 83 min...Sigma Johnny Grant sends low cross from 15 yards near right end line has Sigma Dominic Samuel upended by fallen goalie in box at 5 yards while rushing forward for ball. Referee Timothy Wong calls a Penalty kick and gives TFC goalie Brogen Engbers a Yellow card. 84 min...Sigma Johnny Grant blasts low Penalty kick has diving goalie save on right post by pushing ball wide. The referee's assistant put his flag up as the goalie had taken a step forward before the shot was taken. 85 min...Sigma Johnny Grant GOAL...Grant blasts retaken Penalty kick low to right side of net with goalie diving left. 93 min...TFC Red card...Dante Campbell is given a straight Red on a delayed call for flattening a Sigma player in the center circle as play moved upfield. When the advantage ended after Sigma Arlick Nibana rolled a 20 yard shot through a crowd of players that the goalie picked up, a multi player dust-up broke out in the TFC box. 95 ends. Final Score:......Toronto FC III.......1.........Sigma FC......4...... Attendance was about 30. It was parka weather again but the sun came out in the second half for the first time in about five days. We're not used to this weather dragging on into May. The wind is exaggerated at this location, the remnants of the old military Downsview Airport now down to one runway which is still being used for commercial freight flights. I wonder if the Avro Arrow reached Mach 1.9 at the end of the 1950s because of the wind? Whichever team was playing in the south end found it very hard to cross the center line. That was TFC in the first and Sigma for the second half. There was no rain and the grounds crew did set up a canopy for the scorers table and sound system. I think this was partially for show as they were committed to Livestream the game for internet watchers. Sigma's goal at 49 minutes proved to be crucial as it was one of the few times they were able to get out of their own end in the second half. The injury time brawl was partially to do with the 'advantage' playing on. I suspect that Sigma players thought that Aidan Daniels was going to get away with the knockdown upfield. I saw a Sigma player down in the center circle but at the time I moved my eyes away to see the Sigma rush. I looked at the Livestream recording of that moment after I got home and the commentator mentioned there was a man down at the time but the camera had already moved downfield to follow the action. Referee Timothy Wong gave out six Yellow cards (two to Sigma) plus the Red. Between 53 and 58 minutes he gave out four Yellow cards on four separate plays (two to each team) and that mostly curbed the rough stuff until the end of the game. Ethan Beckford (three goals last game vs FC London) and Nicholas Osorio (two goals last game) were kept off the score-sheet this week. Both Triston Henry for Sigma and Brogan Engbers for TFC played well in goal. I've been marking my notes for decades 'dive for save' or 'flew for save' when the goalie leaves his feet depending on where on net the shot is going. Today the word was 'flew for save' as there were a lot of top corner shots by each team. This was the time of year over the last few seasons of this league when Sigma is at their best. Last season Sigma blasted off with a 9 win, 0 loss start by the end of June. They ended up fizzling out later in the season when many of their players returned to NCAA schools before the middle of summer. By the end of the season they are playing with their high-schoolers. This is what I worry about with the League 1 Ontario champions next year getting an entry into the Voyageurs Cup. Other L1O teams have the same problem but not so heavily as Sigma. What time of year would their qualifier be? Late Spring vs Fall will make a huge difference in the caliber of competition the L1O teams can put out. I'd still say Toronto FC III has a better chance of finishing the season higher up the table based on past seasons when they grow in experience and have other teams lose players to schools. Also this year the squad is considered U19 or U20 rather than U17 and they won't burn out players on the TFC PDL team which their organization folded the end of last year. Johnny Grant is the veteran of Sigma. He played four years with them in his development then went to play in Europe and with MLS Montreal Impact. It's not unusual for a player to return to Sigma for a brief stay. I saw Emery Welshman after his Toronto FC days come back to stay sharp then move on to USL Real Monarchs and this season NASL Puerto Rico. Leaford Allen had the Grant role last year although he told me he didn't come through the Sigma system. I received a tweet that Sigma grad and MLS 2017 SuperDraft first round selection Kwame Awuah played his first game for MLS New York City FC today. Details reveal he was an injury time sub but it's a 'start' to his MLS career. Awuah also went to U of Connecticut as did Sigma's most famous player, Cyle Larin! Anthony Totera was here as a game production director for the league to make sure things ran smoothly. I got to congratulate him on the CanPL league launch announcement as he's been taking a lot of grief over the last two years as the story moved from rumours to reality. I did much the same last night when I saw Duane Rollins as game director at the Masters vs OSUF game. Rocket Robin twitter @RocketRobin01
  13. did they sweep their schedule of all those World championships of poker and darts? Maybe they combined those two games. I've got three Kings...and DUCK!
  14. Winnipeg Guess Who What? No, Who. An old comedy routine better than Abbott and Costello's 'Who's On First' was of a rock festival with the three acts 1... The Who.....2....The Guess Who......3.....Yes...... So who is on first? The Who. Ahh you young people! There was a band with Burton Cummings and Randy Bachman and they came from Winnipeg.
  15. ooh nice cut and paste format for that last story. Let's hope I can remember tomorrow how I did that when I will try to post Sunday afternoon's TFC III vs Sigma FC game.