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  1. TFC2 2017 Discussion

    Result and details of the Saturday October 14, 2017 USL game between Toronto FC II and FC Cincinnati played at The Ontario Soccer Centre in Vaughan at 7:30pm. 9 min...TFC Tsubasa Endoh GOAL...TFC Luca Uccello runs on left to top left edge of FCC box and he crosses ball to center where charging TFC Ben Spencer heads 8 yarder up middle low towards right post with sprawling goalie Mitch Hildebrandt getting shins to it and deflecting it away. Endoh charges forward and shoots 10 yard roller while in line with right post into left corner of net. 30 min...TFC Tsubasa Endoh GOAL...TFC Luca Uccello on right taps ball to sideline for TFC Dante Campbell who takes high cross from 30 yards on right. TFC Ben Spencer on left side of box heads ball from 8 yard line across box to Endoh who blasts low 10 yard shot that hits sliding defender at 6 yards and deflects over him and sliding goalie and into right side of net. 40 min...FCC Danni Konnig GOAL...FCC Kenney Walker takes freekick chip from left edge of box near endline and leaping Konnig at 6 yards heads ball forward in crowd of players and over flying goalie Mark Pais's outstretched arms just under bar. 49 min...FCC Kenney Walker GOAL...Walker pass attempt from 30 yards in middle hits TFC player. FCC Tyler Polak recovers ball at 25 yards and taps to Walker who one-touches low shot forward around TFC Luca Uccello and into right side of net just between post and diving goalie. 53 min...TFC Shaan Hundal GOAL...TFC Mitch Taintor taps ball from 65 yards back to TFC Brandon Onkony who chips pass from 70 yards forward that finds Hundal behind two defenders on one bounce at 25 yards and he chips 22 yarder from just outside box on right over goalie who was just inside box and ball one-bounces into empty net. 66 min...FCC Djiby Fall GOAL...FCC goalie picks up ball after TFC Ben Spencer faceplants in box and rolls ball forward. An FCC player at FCC 20 yards sends low pass forward for charging FCC Jimmy McLaughlin near center line. He charges forward to edge of TFC box and runs to left endline with TFC Rocco Romeo keeping him outside of clear shot. McLaughlin slides to send cross near end line into middle of 6 yard box and charging FCC Djiby Fall steps in front of TFC Mitchell Taintor to tip in 5 yarder up middle into center of net with goalie frozen in middle. 85 min...FCC Justin Hoyte GOAL...Hoyte at 30 yard line on right sideline sends centering pass to FCC Kenney Walker closer to middle. He steps forward and chips ball into box where charging Hoyte gets behind TFC Mitchell Taintor who heads ball backwards as he doesn't jump high enough at 12 yards. The ball lands at 8 yards and Hoyte on bounce shoots 4 yarder while in line with right post into left corner of net. Final Score:...Toronto FC II...3...FC Cincinnati...4... Attendance was announced as 1,119. It had started to rain hard before game time and continued all night. I'll admit there were more fans than last the last game which was a surprise for such a miserable night but nowhere near those numbers actually turned up. There were more than thirty traveling fans—more than just parents and family of team members. They were chanting the whole game up against the pre-teen Little Ultras who had been absent the last two home games. There was even a fog that drifted in for the start of the game. I was in a tough spot as when I say 'notebook' that doesn't mean a computer but pen and paper. I couldn't get my umbrella to wedge between the fencing of the stands for protection so well before game time I asked to squeeze into what I call the treehouse/pressbox. Permission eventually granted but it was somewhat an obstructed view. My goal descriptions are embellished by rewatching them on YouTube. Interesting hearing the PA staff also skeptical about the number of fans and earlier reading through the stadium rules about forbidden behaviour and objects in the stands "...large bags and umbrellas..." and them mumble away from the microphone "except for tonight". Everyone had a raincoat or umbrella. There were some questions before the game which was the last weekend of the regular season of whether TFC II would use their young players or drop some TFC players down that wouldn't play in the MLS game tomorrow against Montreal. It might be important to keep them tuned up for the MLS playoffs. Would they give their MLS regulars a rest that were away at World Cup qualifying which meant Michael Bradley and Jozy Altidore for the USA and Armando Cooper for Panama. Nicolas Hasler was NOT away playing with Liechtenstein. In a mid-week game, because Tampa Bay beat Orlando City B, Cincinnati clinched a playoff spot without playing. Although tonight they could move up a spot or two I wasn't sure if they would rest players. Man of the Match (who is always a TFC II player) was Tsubasa Endoh who with the first two goals of the game was the obvious choice. Ashtone Morgan and Ben Spencer were the other MLS roster players starting tonight's game. Defender Morgan was injured earlier this year but has had a hard time finding playing time at the MLS or USL level. His playing tonight solved the push-pull between TFC Academy grad young Julian Dunn-Johnson and MLS high draft choice Brandon Aubrey for the starting spot. Neither player was even on the bench. Dunn-Johnson's positional doppelganger Nobel Okello was an unused sub. Neither of the goalies were spectacular in this game but weather conditions played a big factor I think. Mitch Hildebrandt had saved three of four spot kicks after extra time in a Round of 16 US Open Cup game against MLS Chicago Fire. Cincinnati were eventually knocked out in the semi-finals. He didn't look good at all being caught out on Hundal's goal. I was only surprised that Mark Pais started instead of Angelo Cavalluzzo because Pais allowed four goals last week against Bethlehem. Referee Fab Stasolla gave out four Yellow cards (three to TFC but two of them were after the 90 minute mark) in a game that's only danger was slide tackles. Roughest part of the game was when FCC Harrison Delbridge and the TFC goalie got into a pushing match after Delbridge bent over to grab the ball after their goal at 40 minutes to hurry up and get the game restarted. FCC almost didn't need the end of game heroics as one minute after that goal at 40 minutes FCC Djiby Fall jumped for a cross sent in from the left and his low shot from 18 yards hit the right post and FCC Danny Konig standing all alone at 8 yards was called offside. 47 minutes had FCC Corben Bone at 30 yards in the middle roll the ball forward and right for Konig who received it at 20 yards, turned, and fired between defenders at 18 yards and hit the bar. The ball deflected back and downward and hit the back of the flying goalie and deflected back and hit the bottom of the right post from 4 yards and then TFC Mitch Taintor cleared over his own end line. The next minute had Konig tapped a pass and blasted a low 15 yarder between players from the left side of the box and the goalie blocked but couldn't hold on and a defender cleared. I was surprised that TFC only made one sub in the game so no players were rewarded for participating. I'd expect it was because the game was undecided until almost the end. FCC dominated possession especially in the second half with TFC counterattacks their only chances. League stats post FCC leading 8 to 1 in cornerkicks. The TFC lineup again made me happy with six Canadian starters and six of seven players on the bench being Canadians. This was 'fan appreciation day' although I don't recall seeing the ice cream truck here tonight nor any burger tent set up. A popcorn wagon was brought to the game to give the fans free popcorn but I don't know how many takers would want popcorn coated with rainwater with their butter. Halftime had the finals of the KIA car. One finalist of the six chosen throughout the season was allowed to draw out a key which might start the car electronically from the 50 yards away. The third contestant succeeded which ended the building suspense. There was not much of a 'meet and greet' promised by the team before the game. The rain had fans just as anxious to leave as soon as they could. Players came over to the fence to chat with fans and the end gate was opened so fans could come out onto the field but there were few takers. Many of the players used that gate as an exit back to the locker room. Cincinnati's huge USL crowds of 20K have sent them up the list of potential MLS expansion teams. Thinking ahead I thought some potential expansion draft that TFC who lost oft injured defender Mark Bloom of home state Georgia to Atlanta United, would lose oft injured defender Nick Hagglund to his hometown Cincinnati. Cincinnati is one of the independent USL teams—not in any kind of arrangement with an MLS team. They have some former MLS players on their roster including TFC forward Andrew Wiedeman which the PA guy mispronounced which proves he's newer than 2014. Cincinnati ends the season at 12 wins, 10 losses, 10 ties for 46 points. Their plus/minus is -2. They climb to sixth place in the East (not knowing all the weekend results yet). Eight teams in each conference make the playoffs but finishing fifth to eighth is a handicapped since each round is only one game and hosted by the higher ranked team so Cincinnati is almost guaranteed to play all their games on the road. The result ends the season for Toronto FC II. Their record falls to 6 wins, 19 losses, and 7 ties for 25 points. They have a goals plus/minus of -27. 27 goals for, 54 against. They finish fifteenth (last) in the Eastern Conference. Last year (in a 30 game season) their record was 7 wins, 18 losses, 5 ties for 26 points. They were eleventh out of fourteen teams last season. The League 1 Ontario championship final was originally to be held here tonight when it was scheduled back in the spring but was bumped by TFC II having preference with the Ontario Soccer Centre according to L1O chair Dino Rossi. After some uncertainty they have rescheduled to play here on Friday the 20th . The rain was fitting destiny for L1O assuming the weather will be better. Ironic that this was the last game TFC II will play at this location as next season they will groundshare at BMO Field and Lamport Stadium in downtown Toronto. I think TFC II are glad to leave the OSC facility despite the polite thank you tweets. Fans won't miss the aluminum bench seating (particularly in cold weather or rainy weather like tonight) and the port a potties. The ownership will be glad to control concession revenue rather than lose it to indie-owned mobile food trucks. The new locations will allow liquor sales so will attract a more hard core support replacing the family entertainment atmosphere of games the last few years. Rocket Robin robing@eol.ca twitter @RocketRobin01
  2. League 1 Ontario--Week 24 (Final Regular Season)

    Yes you're right, thanks.
  3. League 1 Ontario--Week 24 (Final Regular Season)

    Result and details of the Sunday October 8, 2017 League 1 Ontario between Sanjaxx Lions and Toronto FC III played at Monarch Park in Toronto at 2:00pm. 54 min...TFC Zakaria Abdi GOAL...TFC Jordan Faria rushes down right and sends short centering pass to TFC Riley Ferrazzo at 22 yards. He rolls pass into crowd of players and Abdi rolls in 8 yarder from left side of goal is into left corner of net past goalie Nuno Goncalves. 79 min...TFC Luca Petrasso GOAL...TFC Armando Caracciolo low cross from left from 22 yards has Petrasso blast low one-touch from 18 yards on right into left side of net. 85 min...Sanjaxx sub...Tayjon Campbell replaces Nuno Goncalves in goal. No injury that I saw. These two have platooned all year so I expect it was a celebration/reward for the season. Final Score:...Sanjaxx Lions...0...Toronto FC III...2... Attendance was about 40 on this mild and sunny day—a real surprise this late in the year. Referee Adam Devenyi gave out one Yellow card to each team. I didn't see when they happened or hear an announcement. First thing I noticed in the hallway before the game is Devenyi was the referee and I said "You again?" because I had seen them last night in the same position at the Aurora vs Toronto Skillz game. "Isn't there a 24 hour rule?" I joked but he explained there was a rescheduling because today's referee was sick who was the fourth official position last night. On the line was Cyrus Eshafi who was also on the line for the Masters vs Durham game yesterday afternoon. I was surprised that Sanjaxx had another good effort two weeks in a row—this one even better. Last Sunday they took a Red card at the 2 minute mark and held off what turned out to the Western Conference winner, Oakville Blue Devils and held them to one goal for the first 70 minutes. I had notes about action today between 6 and 14 minutes where neither team were inside each other's 30 yard lines. Lions listed five subs available and made four during the game including the goalie. I don't know if he was scratched off this list at the last minute but they never brought in Israel Perrin who was the player Red carded last week. [the MLS had a fiasco between Orlando and Dallas within the last two weeks regarding an ineligible player]. Lions have only scored 18 goals this season which is second worst in the league. 'Goals against' they are fifth worst but I feel it's the lack of scoring that was their greatest limitation this season. Sanjaxx forwards were burned about four times in the first half on offsides. Most of the last minutes of the game were played in the Sanjaxx end and sometimes that is the best strategy for preserving a lead. Gianluca Catalano earned the shutout for TFC. I credited him with two key saves. At 63 minutes SJ Tomas Ondras took a 20 yard shot from the left that had the goalie dive to the left and get a piece of and the ball spun over him but wide left of the post. 70 minutes had SJ Julio Carvalho runs down the right and cross from 20 yards and Catalano caught the ball in the middle of the box at 3 yards to prevent a tap-in on the left post. At the time a slip up would have tied the game for Sanjaxx. I made sure after the game I congratulated TFC defender Noble Okello who was one of three TFC III players signed to the TFC II (USL) team last month. He made his debut as a substitute at the 70 minute mark on Friday night against Bethlehem Steel FC as a defender. Today he played the whole 90 minutes as captain on what I drew as defence on my initial lineup (which I sketch during the first ten minutes of every game) but I noticed he moved up and was all the way up to forward during part of the game. The other guys signed on September 15 were Rocco Romeo who played the whole 90 minutes today and Julian Dunn-Johnson who has ingrained himself as a starting defender on TFC II replacing high MLS draft choice Brandon Aubrey. Only potential problem I can see is Okello and Dunn-Johnson are both tall defenders and may be too similar—a criticism I've heard about TFC forwards Tosaint Ricketts and Jordan Hamilton rather than my joke about not playing two Canadian forwards at once. I asked a TFC official before the game what happened on Thursday night when they were dismantled by Sigma FC 5-0 with all goals scored in the first half. He said Sigma jumped on them fast and that this could do the team some good for overconfidence. Wednesday night had Oakville and Woodbridge play to a 'convenient' 0-0 [correction] tie thus insuring both teams would finish first in their conference. Sigma with two games to go could not make up the seven points. I think they took out their rage by thumping TFC then yesterday crushed Windsor TFC Stars 10-0 (well partially explained by Windsor bringing a roster of only 12 players to the GTA). All the time I've been coming to this stadium I assumed Monarch Park was named after the royal family but the man videoing the game for the league—long time neighbourhood friend of mine and Voyageur Dave Bailey said it may be because of the butterflies in the area. Sure enough what I thought were orange coloured leaves falling off the trees for the season were the Monarch butterflies. Also if you listen to the games here it's like every five minutes there's a train going past behind the stadium. Dave could name whether it was a GO or VIA train without turning around by the engine noise. This was the final game of the season for both games (22 league games). The field was taken over by women's teams as today was also the last game for the L1O Women. Sanjaxx and Aurora played to a 1-1 tie. Sanjaxx record falls to 4 wins, 15 losses, 3 ties for 15 points. They finish seventh place out of eight teams in the Western Conference. TFC III improves their record to 14 wins, 5 losses, 3 ties for 45 points. That was third in the West behind Oakville and Sigma. So that's the end of the regular season. I expected this was my last game of the season because of scheduling conflict for the league championship final but that game has now been moved to Friday October 20 at the Ontario Soccer Centre at 7:30pm. If I can make that it will make it 62 L1O games I've attended this season! Rocket Robin robing@eol.ca twitter @RocketRobin01
  4. League 1 Ontario--Week 24 (Final Regular Season)

    Result and details of the Saturday October 7, 2017 League 1 Ontario game between Aurora FC and Toronto Skillz played at St Maximillion Kolbe High School in Aurora at 7:00pm. 23 min...Skillz Hassani Kamara GOAL...Kamara survives bump with AFC goalie Stefano Spina at 12 yards and gets up first and shoots 7 yarder into empty net. 40 min...Skillz Jeremy Nand GOAL...TS Leslie Fitzpatrick taps over ball from 15 yards on right and trailing Nand blasts roller from 12 yards and ball deflects over sprawling goalie on right and pops into net. 60 min...AFC Basel Rashrash wins Penalty kick call from referee Adam Devenyl when jumping for header just inside box and receiving cross from the left and getting knocked over. 61 min...AFC Ruben Dos Santos GOAL...Dos Santos blasts Penalty kick low to right side as goalie Lucas Birnstingl dives left. 85 min...Skillz Anhr El-Eidani GOAL...El-Eidani takes low 8 yard shot up middle in crowd of players. (He answered me after the game he took the ball off the goalie). 94 min...Skillz Antonio Giummarra GOAL...TS Anhr El-Eidani long rush down right and crosses over to Giummarra on left post who jams ball between goalie and short post. Final Score:...Aurora FC.....1.....Toronto Skillz......4..... Attendance was about 40 on this mild night which never got colder than windbreaker weather. Referee Adam Devenyl gave out four Yellow cards (three to Skillz players) and the Penalty kick call in a game that had some tough tackles. Aurora started the game one point behind Skillz tonight in a battle for last place. Two minutes after the Skillz first goal TS Hassane Kamara again crashed with the goalie this time near the top left corner of the box but AFC were awarded a freekick. Skillz almost put the game out of reach at 44 minutes when TS Leslie Fitzpatrick took a corner kick from the right and TS Justin Alvarez skied a ball down the middle from 20 yards over the net I expected but the ball suddenly dropped into the 6 yard box and was popped around by about four headers and headed into the net but was called back as either offside or for pushing in the box. The Aurora goal put them right back in it until the last ten minutes. Aurora was called, I thought, at least six times offside in the second half. I don't think it was an elaborate trap play by Skillz but just excited Aurora players starting their runs too soon waiting for a through ball pass. It was the L1O debut of Antonio Giummarra. He came into the game at 93 minutes and scored the fourth goal for Skillz at 94. He also picked up a Yellow card (I can only think for excessive goal celebration). The game ended at 95 minutes with his goal one minute earlier being the last play of the game as the referee blew the whistle before the restart. One minute of playing time! If there was a goal vs game time ranking or Yellow cards per minute would his rating for the season be 90.00? There was some controversy on that fourth goal. AFC Morey Doner was down injured at the AFC 50 yard line and even the Skillz players nearby shouted for teammates to kick the ball out of bounds. (they did have a two goal lead). Anhr El-Eidani had already turned at the center line towards goal and maybe didn't hear them. I don't expect Giummarra heard them as he was even further upfield and the small group of Skillz fans (translation—parents!) were on the far side of the field shouting encouragement After the game Skillz Leslie 'Tiger' Fitzpatrick came over to shake my hand. I attended eight of their games this year so it can't be said I only watch the glamour GTA teams. I complemented him on how well the team had improved the last weeks. They started off by losing their first twelve games! When I was told that some players had left for university (Nippissing in North Bay, Ontario was one school mentioned) I thought the streak would go even longer but on August 13 they beat Windsor (OK one of the first times in the season the TFC Stars would bring ten men to the GTA) they would eventually also beat Ottawa South United Force at home, on the road against Pro Stars FC (a game that was rescheduled twice) and tonight. As impressive were later games against top teams that I saw North Toronto Nitros and Woodbridge Strikers. Both teams teams use the L1O alternate lineup sheets so instead of the 'year of birth' they just use U-23 Yes or No column. The entire Aurora team this late in the season except for forward Petros Vasilos are under age 23. This was the last game of the season for both teams (22 League games). Aurora finishes with a record of 2 wins, 17 losses, 2 ties for 8 points. That's eighth (last) place in the Eastern Division. OK that doesn't add up to 22 but their August 19 postponed road game against Ottawa South United Force was never rescheduled. Toronto Skillz win means they finish with a record of 4 wins, 18 losses, 0 ties for 12 points. They finish in seventh place in the East. Rocket Robin robing@eol.ca twitter @RocketRobin01
  5. League 1 Ontario--Week 24 (Final Regular Season)

    Result and details of the Saturday October 7th, 2107 League 1 Ontario game between Masters FA Saints and Durham United played at L'Amoreaux Park in Scarborough at 3:30pm. 56 min...MFA Paul Antoine GOAL...Antone intercepts DUFA player's clearance and fires 22 yard from left as he falls and sends ball into top right corner past goalie Peter Katsaras. 86 min...MFA Jose De Sousa GOAL...De Sousa is fed pass up the middle by MFA goalie Daniel Gosciniak for 40 yard breakaway and he runs up middle and rolls 20 yarder to right side of net with goalie sprawling in center. (while De Sousa and and about half his teammates go back to celebrate with their own goalie, DUFA players restart and MFA have to prevent something like an 8 v 3 rush). Final Score:....Masters FA Saints...2...Durham United FA...0... Attendance was about 50 on this warm sunny afternoon with a strong crossfield wind from the west. Referee Hassane Rifai gave out only one Yellow card all game and that was actually 'for language' not for a pushing match after Kevin Dhillon of Masters was upended on a sliding tackle with 'studs up' he said. He got up on used most of the words from the George Carlin routine 'Seven words you can't say on television' or Andy Kaufman and Jerry Lawler on David Letterman. Lots of freekicks but Rifai let the two teams play. In a pregame ceremony a man in a wheelchair was brought out to take part in the coin-toss. It was the father of Master's Patrick Beradi who is suffering from MS. After the game the players grouped together to walk to the stands to say goodbye to their fans for the season and made sure to thank the father. Durham had only brought three subs and one of them was a backup goalie whom club officials warned the fourth official was an unlikely option to come in as a field player. Another player came later too late to be on the roster (so he was ineligible to play) but was given special permission to sit on the bench in a pinnie rather than have to sit in the crowd. I thought the lack of choice might tire the players out later in the game on this hot day (for this time of year) and players on both teams ran to the sideline at 67 minutes when there was an injury on the field—just what DUFA feared after they'd made their two planned subs within three minutes Cameron Brooks was injured but he played on after the trainer came out to help. Daniel Gosciniak earned the shutout for Masters but he had a lot of help from his defence blocking shots or checking players off the ball and clearing. Best saves were at 14 minutes when DUFA Joseph Roccasalva sent in a cornerkick from the right that had DUFA Trevor Hill jump and deflect ball with his foot at 6 yards down the middle that Gosciniak dove to smother on the left post. 20 minutes had DUFA Tyrell Rayne run to the right end line and take a long cross that the goalie flew forward to punch away from a crowd of players. 29 minutes had Dylan Campbell take a 10 yard shot from the left that the goalie made a point blank save. 46 minutes had DUFA Joe Zupo take a 45 yard freekick down the middle that had Roccasalva flick a 10 yard header that the leaping goalie palmed over the net. DUFA really had no shots after 74 minutes. Master's could never really relax until that insurance goal at 86 minutes. They had so many chances to score but constantly blasted shots over the net in open play and freekicks. But given enough chances..... they eventually made some of them count. Master's started off with the only chances in the first 12 minutes then Durham had a good spell then chances evened out for both teams. In one spell at the start of the second half Masters Jose De Sousa was centered a low cross and he blasted an 18 yarder well over the net. The next minute Master's Joey Melo sent in a low cross from the left and De Sousa shot another 18 yarder over the net. Next minute had Masters Yasin Shahwan on a run down the right elude two defenders and shot a 15 yarder over the net. It's one thing to complain about the MFA poor shooting but the point is they were getting all these chances and that would eventually pay off. I was looking forward to seeing Masters one last time as I'd noticed on the L1O websites some familiar names in the last six weeks from years past. Their coach Rick Titus must have the largest Rolodex in the city. I watched a 'new' player to the roster score the winning goal on a road trip to Ottawa. Easy to see as he was almost a foot taller than most of the players. Yes it was defender Marc Jankovic who I had watched over the years in the CPSL playing for Toronto Croatia until the end of 2013 when I made the switch to the start of the new L1O league. I spoke to Jankovic before the game and he said he played for Scarborough of the CSL this year. They lost in the final to York Region Shooters after extra time in a shootout. I noticed on the calendar that the game was held a few hours before the TFC vs Red Bulls game at Lamport Stadium about three blocks away from BMO Field. Because of the length of the game it overlapped the start of the MLS game. Jankovic said he signed with Masters in August but still played in both leagues and only missed one game. Titus said that the CSL is an unsanctioned league so there isn't a problem. Some of 'his guys' were playing for the CSL at the start of this season before Titus was confirmed as the coach of Masters (making the move from North Mississauga who he coached last year). Of course there are plenty of L1O players who also play for their schools (and many who are NOT permitted by their schools from doubling up). Another player who played for the CSL (at least until a few weeks ago) was forward Milos Scepanovic who played for Serbian White Eagles this season. I'd have liked to see them play on the same team after years of Croatia vs SWE but Scepanovic wasn't here today. Those games were more the rivalry of the fans than the players in my opinion. Another player scratched from today's preliminary lineup was Shawn Brown who spent time with both SWE and Croatia (and other teams) over the years. This was the final game of the season for both teams. (22 league games) Master's record improves to 9 wins, 10 losses, 3 ties for 30 points. They finish fifth in the eight team Eastern Conference. After a poor start, the hiring of Titus early in the season and the bringing over of 'his guys' who were not playing with any L1O team brought a marked improvement to their results. Their 2016 record was 3-17-2 for 11 points and last in the East. Durham's record drops to 11 wins, 8 losses, 3 ties for 36 points. That record is identical to North Toronto Nitros who travelled to Ottawa—game started 30 minutes ahead of this one—and NTN won 2-1 to catch them. Durham had beaten NTN last weekend. Durham gets ranked third in the East ahead of NTN because their goals plus/minus record was +24 which was 4 better than NTN. Durham announced at their home game last week that they had never finished as high as third in prior seasons. Now I've just got enough time to get up to Aurora for their game against Toronto Skillz! Rocket Robin robing@eol.ca twitter @RocketRobin01
  6. TFC2 2017 Discussion

    Results and details of the Friday October 6, 2017 USL game between Toronto FC II and Bethlehem Steel FC played at Ontario Soccer Centre in Vaughan at 7:30pm. 18 min...BSFC Santi Moar GOAL...BSFC defender on left side sends long low pass forward from 75 yards that TFC Julian Dunn-Johnson slides to but misses at 45 yard line and Moar receives at 35 yards and runs down left with zig zags to cut towards middle. When near end line he takes 12 yard shot around TFC Mitch Taintor and ball hits foot of retreating TFC Lars Eckenrode and pops into top center of net with goalie Mark Pais kneeling on the left post. 21 min...BSFC Santi Moar GOAL...BSFC player passes forward in middle from 65 yards to BSFC Seku Conneh on center line who taps ball to BSFC Adam Najem who runs forward to TFC 28 yard line and rolls pass forward to Moar. Moar is a step ahead of retreating TFC Julian Dunn-Johnson and takes 15 yard tough angle shot from left into top right corner of net with goalie guarding left post. 52 min...BSFC Derrick Jones GOAL...Derrick Jones cross from 45 yards is over to right where BSFC player at TFC 35 yard line runs forward on right. He centers pass forward to BSFC Adam Najem just inside right side of box. Najem turns and rolls centering pass to Derrick Jones who was diagonally charging over from left with TFC Julian Dunn-Johnson behind him and from 8 yards even with right post fires shot forward low into center of net just over sliding goalie at 5 yards. 60 min...TFC Shaan Hundal GOAL...TFC Anthony Osorio long run on left and low cross from 22 yards is blocked by BSFC Aaron Jones. Osorio gets possession back and crosses into box from left edge and Hundal chests ball at 8 yards in line with left post and takes midair shot that hits BSFC Charles Reymann in the back. Hundal then rolls 7 yarder into right corner of net with goalie Jake McGuire guarding left post. 80 min...BSFC Seku Conneh GOAL...BSFC Aaron Jones takes cornerkick from right that's popped away by TFC player in crowd of players in box. BSFC Joshua Yaro at 22 yards on right pops header forward and BSFC Aaron Jones at 18 yards with back to goal flicks header forward and centered for charging Conneh to shoot 12 yarder low to left side of net freezing goalie in middle. 87 min...TFC Shaan Hundal GOAL...TFC Luca Uccello rolls pass forward on left from 50 yard line and TFC Ryan Telfer runs down left sideline with retreating BSFC Joshua Yaro in his way. Telfer at left end line rolls centering pass and Hundal at 8 yards with BSFC Auston Trusty having fallen shoots forward that sprawling goalie gets arm to but ball deflects into left side of net. Final Score:...Toronto FC II...2...Bethlehem Steel FC...4... Attendance was not announced but the USL website lists it as 647. The threat of rain possibly killed a lot of the walk up crowd. It started to rain right after the national anthems but stopped before the 10 minute mark and didn't rain again until overnight. Man of the Match (who is always at TFC II player) was announced as Shaan Hundal and with his two goals was an obvious choice. He was paired up with Daniel DaSilva who was playing only his second USL game and his first start and the pair were dangerous together. Referee David Barrie gave out no cards in this game and players weren't begging for Penalty kicks so just a few routine fouls. Noble Okello made his first appearance in USL subbing on at 70 minutes replacing Brian James (who now has dyed his hair blonde). Okello is the last of the three pro-contract signees (September 15) to make an appearance as Julian Dunn-Johnson is a starter on defence and Rocco Romeo gets some time. Dunn-Johnson I have praised in my reports before and tonight after the game as well in front of his family. Now high MLS draft choice Brandon Aubrey is not even on the bench. However watching the goals replayed and his part in them, I better hold back my applause at least for this week. Mark Pais was TFC's goalie and didn't look that great. Maybe it's because Angelo Cavalluzzo who must be considered #1 has makes such spectacular saves that are often hyped as 'Save of the Week' are commonplace, it had me wondering, 'Could Cavalluzzo have stopped that?'. BSFC almost turned this into a rout at 57 minutes when Santi Moar had what would have been his third goal called back for offside then Hundal scored three minutes later and the result was in doubt. Injury time had TFC with a few chances to close. 90 minutes had TFC Anthony Osorio (very common play this game) cross from 35 yards on the left that had TFC Luca Uccello leap and head a 10 yarder over the net. 91 minutes had Hundal intercept the goalie's clearance at 35 yards, give a short pass to TFC Matthew Srbely who shot a 22 yarder from the right wide left of the net. During warm-ups I saw TFC's Sergio Camargo and BSFC Chris Nanco talking at the center line. They were both students of Syracuse University. Both players seemed to be trying too hard this game. Nanco had a large cheering section as he is from Brampton. I checked with him after the game that I watched him with League 1 Ontario Sigma FC then he was drafted by MLS Philadelphia Union and they placed him in Bethlehem for playing time. He had 15 yard shot at 42 minutes sent wide and a 25 yarder a minute later that was also wide. 53 minutes had him shoot not just over the net but over the back fence. Camargo who has got in to games since recovering from a long injury had a few off target shots as well but was trusted with some of the cornerkicks. The MLS team didn't play in the Internatioal break this weekend but there were no TFC players dropped down and slumming it. Neither were there any player here who played for TFC III last night in L1O action that got hammered 5-0 in their game against Sigma FC. Six Canadian starters tonight and six of seven players on the bench were Canadian makes me happy! In TFC II's previous game, a 1-0 upset over first place Louisville FC, midfielder Liam Fraser made the USL 'Team of the Week' but because he picked up another Yellow card, he missed tonight's game. About that attendance, I certainly knew they didn't announce it at the game and estimated it was slightly smaller than their last home game against Louisville when the hottest weekend of the season (even though it was already Fall hit the GTA) and tonight the rain warning would dampen crowds, I wasn't sure I'd find it on the USL site so asked a TFC official. He said he was told not to announce it over the PA but gave me what he remembered (actually under by about 20). Ashamed of the attendance? Fine but I said wait until next year where they will play at BMO Field and Lamport Stadium and they can build off the MLS crowd and the attendance will look like it has improved exponentially. This was the only game in the USL tonight. The result drops the TFC II record to 6 wins, 18 losses, 7 ties for 25 points. They are in fifteenth (last) in the Eastern Conference. They are now four points behind Richmond Kickers with one game to go so that's where they will finish. Only team worse than them is Portland Timbers 2 who are last in the West. Their +/- in goals scored/allowed is Bethlehem's record improves to 12 wins, 11 losses, 7 ties for 43 points with two games left. They jump from tenth to a tie for sixth place in the East in one night! Eight teams in each Conference make the playoffs. Bethlehem owes some of their standings success to playing TFC as they have now won all three games this season. They played at BMO Field on May 13 and won 1-0 and in Bethlehem on August 13 and won 3-1. Their Jamaican international Cory Burke scored in both those games. He did not play tonight because of suspension but he was sitting in the section beside me. The team moves on to Rochester to play the Rhinos on Tuesday. MLS directly owned teams are not doing well at all in the USL. Seattle Sounders 2, LA Galaxy 2, Vancouver Whitecaps 2, and Portland Timbers 2 hold the bottom spots in the West in that order. In the East, Orlando City B is eighth and New York Red Bulls 2 are ninth (after being first last year and winning the playoffs). There's talk of moving the MLS B teams down to a new USL third division and letting the indie-owned teams stay in the USL top division. I don't know of the MLS associate teams like Bethlehem who have a looser agreement with Philadelphia Union. TFC II's final game of the season is next Saturday against FC Cincinnati at 7:30pm at the Ontario Soccer Centre. Cincinnati are the other team tied for sixth place right now so they will be looking desperately for the win. One thing is they be surprised by the size of the crowd as TFC II is only drawing 3% of the crowd size of Cincinnati home games. Rocket Robin robing@eol.ca twitter @RocketRobin01
  7. Players you expect to see in the CPL

    from my League 1 Ontario 2017 Week 24 thread: ie Quillan Roberts: I asked Roberts after the game about his tryouts in Nevada. He said he was trying out with USL 'Reno 1836'. It was after the transfer deadline so he is looking at being there for next season. I said he is always among the first in Can Prem fantasy drafts but for now he has to make a living and he agreed.
  8. Voyageurs' Cup 2017

    From my League 1 Ontario 2017 Week 24 thread: Rossi is Dino Rossi: Rossi also said the L1O winner WILL NOT be paired with the winner of the Quebec PLSQ--that is AS Blainville. I suspect that will mean those two teams will play NASL FC Edmonton and USL Ottawa Fury and the winners will play each other for the one semi-final spot against Toronto FC as the best of the three Canadian MLS teams.
  9. League1 Ontario 2017

    from my Week 24 L1O thread: last two lines is good news for fans: Hey I can say "I saw Oakville clinch the West and Woodbridge win the East in the same night!". I wasn't planning on being here but I expected this would be the last time I saw one of the finalists as the final is scheduled at the same day as the MLS Toronto FC vs Montreal Impact game (Sunday October 15) which will be the last TFC home game of the regular season and the presentation of the Shield for finishing first in the MLS regular season. L1O chairperson Dino Rossi told me they had scheduled the game for Saturday the 14 for Ontario Soccer Centre back in the spring but Toronto FC II bumped them as they have priority. That won't happen next year as TFC II will play their games at BMO Field and Lamport Stadium. [Late news less than 24 hours after tonight's game—the final has been moved to Friday October 20 at 7:30pm at the OSC].
  10. Result and details of the Wednesday October 4, 2017 League 1 Ontario game between Oakville Blue Devils and Woodbridge Strikers played at Bronte Athletic Park in Oakville at 8:00pm. No scoring Final Score:....Oakville Blue Devils...0...Woodbridge Strikers...0... Attendance was about 75 on this mild night. The game had been preceded by a heavy downpour during the warmups which may have killed the walk up crowd. This stadium is used for late season and night games as Sheridan College doesn't have lights. I realized I had been here before back around 2005 to see an OBD game. Over the years I've forgotten the 'Athletic' in the title and thought of what is actually the provincial park (from childhood picnics in the 1960s) and that the apartment buildings had taken over while watching L1O web feeds. Referee Braeden Krampert gave out only three Yellow cards (two to OBD) in a game more of quick passing then sliding tackles which may have been tempting on the wet field turf. This game was hard fought for the first 80 minutes. The shutouts were earned by Matt George for OBD and Quillan Roberts for Strikers. Both had to be sharp on a few saves but they were greatly aided by their defenders. Matt George was the Strikers goalie last season and I asked him a month ago why the change and his answer was he lived a lot closer to Oakville than Woodbridge. He made the move well before Quillan Roberts was signed. Oakville used a back line of Victor Gallo, Christian Young (then Khodi Ellis from halftime), Julian Connor McNamara, and Al James. Strikers played Stephen Almeida, Quante Abbott-Hill-Smith, Kyle Watson, and Michael Krzeminski in the back. Best chances were at 18 minutes when OBD Anthony Novak sent in a 28 yard cross from the left and a sliding OBD Filipe Vilela at 6 yards on the right post shoot well behind the net. Two minutes later OBD captain Taylor McNamara took a 40 yard freekick down the middle that dipped and hit the football upright just above and behind the soccer net. 25 minutes had WS Dylan Carreiro push a through ball pass to WS Christian Cavallini and his 12 yard low shot was saved by the sliding goalie and a defender cleared the rebound. 31 minutes had Carreiro take a 25 yard freekick had the goalie jump and two-fisted punch the ball away near the left post between a crowd of players. Two minutes later Taylor McNamara took a 40 yard freekick down the middle that had his brother Connor McNamara get control and hs 12 yard shot from the left was saved by the diving goalie. 41 minutes had OBD Mathew Santos had a low 18 yard blast saved by the sprawling goalie and the defender conceded a cornerkick to prevent a tap-in. Extra time had the OBD goalie clear the ball off WS Cavallini at 8 yards and the ball deflected just wide of the post. 66 minutes had the OBD goalie bat away a shot from 15 yards. OBD Hitesh Joshi has a catapult two arms for getting away long throw-ins up to the 25 yard line right into the center of the box. Best chances for that were two throw-ins from the right with Stephen Ademolu playing just right of goal and getting away headers where at 70 minutes Roberts had to catch under the bar and at 74 minutes when Roberts to dive to the left post. After 80 minutes something strange happened as both teams suddenly started playing 'keep away' in their own zones so as not to lose possession and the game. This was the final game of the regular season for both teams. Oakville led the West by six points over Sigma FC who have two games in hand. Woodbridge was tied with Vaughan Azzurri in the East who had finished their schedule on the weekend. A tie would give both teams the Conference championships! After six guys passing around behind their own 35 yard line with maybe one or two players challenging the ball was hoofed upfield and the other team would do the same. I could hear OBD head coach Duncan Wilde yell "...back to the halfway line". The fans attitude changed as well. Super Dad...(since I already used that name on a different father WS 'Mr Marshall' who was also here tonight waiting for his son Ronaldo or Isaiah Johnson whom he coached)...we'll call him 'Mr George' changed from earlier in the game taunting "He's got nothing" and "Where's the card?" from 80 minutes became "Keep the ball". They cheered loudly after the game ended. The players told the referee "We don't need any extra time". The ref stopped the game at exactly 90 minutes as he caught on to what was going on. I've seen 90 minute games this season to stop blowouts. There was a rumour a week or so ago that if this was a nothing game (ie both teams had clinched) the coaches were talking about using their U21 rosters). L1O officials seemed happy as they don't have to schedule any tie breakers to decide the final teams. Now these two teams meet in the Final. Only folks I can't see happy with this are the Sigma FC and Vaughan Azzurri staff and players who still had a faint hope of tieing one of the teams. Also some keyboard warriors on the message boards who never get out to games anyway. Hey I can say "I saw Oakville clinch the West and Woodbridge win the East in the same night!". I wasn't planning on being here but I expected this would be the last time I saw one of the finalists as the final is scheduled at the same day as the MLS Toronto FC vs Montreal Impact game (Sunday October 15) which will be the last TFC home game of the regular season and the presentation of the Shield for finishing first in the MLS regular season. L1O chairperson Dino Rossi told me they had scheduled the game for Saturday the 14 for Ontario Soccer Centre back in the spring but Toronto FC II bumped them as they have priority. That won't happen next year as TFC II will play their games at BMO Field and Lamport Stadium. [Late news less than 24 hours after tonight's game—the final has been moved to Friday October 20 at 7:30pm at the OSC]. This game was rescheduled from July 16 when it was rained out at half-time by a storm that lasted many hours. Strikers held a 1-0 lead on a goal by Emmanuel Issac. The game tonight was started from 0-0 and an entire 90 minutes was played (well OK 80 minutes of competition). The starting line ups that day were almost identical to today. I'd say that's one reason for the two teams success because they didn't have half their roster disappear for school. OBD has two of their strikers play for Southern Ontario colleges (not universities) and even played against each other a few weekends ago. Now the surprise that afternoon was I was at Vaughan Grove (Strikers home field) and was watching Ottawa SUF play Windsor TFC Stars (both teams were in the Toronto area that weekend to play GTA teams) ten hours apart so it was played here. This is only the second League 1 Ontario game I've seen this season that was scoreless (57 games). I saw July 30th Woodbridge host Toronto FC III as 0-0. I asked Roberts after the game about his tryouts in Nevada. He said he was trying out with USL 'Reno 1836'. It was after the transfer deadline so he is looking at being there for next season. I said he is always among the first in Can Prem fantasy drafts but for now he has to make a living and he agreed. Both these teams have personnel here tonight from the departed Toronto Lynx. Peter Pinnozzotto (Woodbridge coach) was the first coach of the A-League team from 1977 to 2003 and Duncan Wilde (Oakville coach) 2004 and 2005 to 2014 including their switch over to the PDL league. Midfielder in the A-League days Shawn Faria introduced himself. He is a coach for the Blue Devils youth teams. I had thought TFC III's Jordan Faria was somehow related to him but he was a student of his as Shawn is a school teacher. Former Lynx defender Marco Reda holds a similar position with Woodbridge. If Shawn has looked at his Wikipedia page he'd see that over half the links reference back to my webpage from my game reports or cut and paste news reports on my site. I also connected the dots and asked the OBD media guy Pierce Lang. From Oakville! Soccer follower! Piercing blue eyes! Related to a former national team player? Yes he said he's Kara's older brother. For me it was a 2+ hour drive through rush hour traffic. That pretty well seals it that I won't be getting season tickets for the Hamilton franchise of the Canadian Premier League as I'd have to add another hour to leave enough time to get there for weeknight games. Stevie Ademolu was a 58 minute sub for OBD and he has to drive five hours to get here as he lives in Windsor so don't feel sorry for me. He's age 34 and wants to go out a winner. Interesting that Strikers only sub was at 65 minutes when 15 year old Isaiah Johnston replaced Luca Baldassarre as a forward. Baldassarre wears a pair of 1950s style Clark Kent glasses off the field but on the field he plays in a sort of Clark Kent goggles. Rossi also said the L1O winner WILL NOT be paired with the winner of the Quebec PLSQ--that is AS Blainville. I suspect that will mean those two teams will play NASL FC Edmonton and USL Ottawa Fury and the winners will play each other for the one semi-final spot against Toronto FC as the best of the three Canadian MLS teams. This is the last game of the 22 game regular season for both teams. Oakville Blue Devils finish with a record of 18 wins, 2 losses, and 2 ties for 56 points. They win the Western Conference. Sigma FC has two games to go but can't catch them. Woodbridge Strikers finish with a record of 15 wins, 2 losses, and 5 ties for 50 points. They finish one point ahead of Vaughan Azzurri who have also finished their schedule. Strikers finish with a goals allowed of 18 which is the best in the league. Oakville has allowed 22 goals which is third best in the league for now although Sigma has allowed only 20 but has two games to play. In most goals scored, Vaughan leads the league with 75. Rocket Robin robing@eol.ca twitter @RocketRobin01
  11. League1 Ontario 2017

    Not so fast Zem! Sigma two games to play. 49 points + 6 for two wins and they also have 55 points like Oakville so OBD needs a result against Woodbridge in their last game on Wednesday. If teams are tied there will be a tiebreaker game on the same weekend as the championship would been played and the championship game will be pushed back to the weekend after that. (heard this answer from Cormac Rea L1O Communication Coordinator at that Sanjaxx game on Sunday). Otherwise the Championship game's on Sunday the 15th at Ontario Soccer Centre across the city from the TFC vs Montreal MLS game which will include the Shield presentation. 56 L1O games for me so far this season but I'll miss the big one!
  12. League 1 Ontario 2017--Week 23

    Result and details of the Sunday October 1, 2017 League 1 Ontario game between Sanjaxx Lions and Oakville Blue Devils played at Monarch Park in Toronto at 2:00pm. 2 min...Sanjaxx RED card...Israel Perrin earns a direct ejection from referee Hassane Rifai for bashing into OBD goalie Matt George on the edge of OBD box as George was jumping for ball. George needs trainer for injury. 25 min...OBD Braden Culver GOAL...OBD Al James takes long throw-in from near left cornerflag and a defender on the left post jumps and flicks header into center of box. An OBD player takes an 8 yard shot that's blocked and Culver shoots in 6 yard shot forward and low to right side of net. 68 min...OBD Hitesh Joshi wins Penalty kick when OBD Mikael Tyler McNamara keeps ball away from defender even with himself dragged down and taps ball to Joshi who was tripped up by another defender. 69 min...OBD Anthony Novak GOAL...Novak blasts Penalty kick to left side of net as goalie Nuno Goncalves crumples in middle of net. 73 min...OBD Stephen Ademolu GOAL...Ademolu receives centering pass and shoots 15 yarder into right corner of net beyond diving goalie. 84 min...OBD Filipe Vilela is tripped on the left side of the box. The referee was going to award a freekick but consulted with his assistant before ruling that Vilela was already in the box and changes it to a Penalty kick. 85 min...OBD Filipe Vilela slowly approaches to take Penalty kick before kicking ball and goalie was already diving left but on knees reached back and caught ball chipped down the middle for save. 89 min...OBD Filipe Vilela GOAL...OBD Christian Kusiewicz low cross from right has Vilela stop at 10 yards in middle and boots low shot into right side of net. Final Score:...Sanjaxx Lions...0...Oakville Blue Devils...4... Attendance was about 35 on this mild afternoon with a bright sun in the south of this east-west facing field. I expected Oakville would be a strong favourite because of the difference in the standings but had heard on Friday night of four players missing through suspensions or injuries and that may be an equalizer but going a man up at two minutes was obviously going to favour OBD. The problem with being up a man during the first half was that they were looking to make 'one more pass' to get a clear shot on net or some thunderous blast that was off target. Most of the OBD cornerkicks were short passes and run-ins rather than crosses into the box. Missing OBD players (at least two had made the trip to sit in the stands) were Connor McNamara and Victor Gallo and Matt Santos. All would be starters on any given week. Stefan Nikolic was the best player on Sanjaxx who was missing. Between OBD's second and third goal (only four minutes apart) they had two more chances with a 15 yard shot off the bar and the Sanjaxx goalie making a dive to the rght post to smother the ball on shots by Anthony Novak and Filipe Vilela. That third goal was set up by a change in call to a Penalty kick rather than a freekick by the referee's assistant. That same official had taken away goals at 62 minutes by Novak from a shot from 12 yards and 65 by Vilela on an 8 yard header both flagged for offside. Novak hit a post at 39 minutes. Referee Hassane Rifai gave out the Red and one Yellow to Sanjaxx and awarded OBD two Penalty kicks. This game had a lot of freekicks awarded and some injuries so wasn't exactly tame although no other cards were given. Matt George earned the shutout for Oakville. It wasn't a case of whether Sanjaxx would ever win the game but whether he could preserve a shutout. Even at 94 minutes SJ Fabio Vilaca took a 20 yard shot down the middle and George flew to push it wide left of the post. The resulting cornerkick (the last play of the game) had SJ Jamal Sanca pop up a header and George caught it. The biggest gamble was the fact that OBD didn't have a back up goalie today and George was flipped over at 2 minutes and if he hadn't been able to continue (Sanjaxx Red card or not) OBD players would not have been so confident of having a field player play goalie and maybe not send as many guys forward. Nuno Goncalves kept Sanjaxx in the game for the first hour with his goaltending although the daring defenders were able to clear a lot of potential shots with OBD overpassing for the perfect setup. The loss keeps Sanjaxx in seventh place in the eight team Western Conference. Their record is now 4 wins, 14 losses, 3 ties for 15 points. Oakville's record improves to 18 wins, 2 losses, 1 tie for 55 points with one game to play. They are in first place in the West by 6 points over Sigma FC who have two games to play. OBD finish their schedule in a cross division game against Woodbridge Strikers that was cancelled July 16 by a lightning storm with WS holding a 1-0 lead in the first half. Strikers are tied with Vaughan Azzurri in the East but Vaughan have completed their schedule (one more win, three less ties) and Strikers have this OBD game to play and need a tie or better. I'd heard that there was talk between the OBD and WS coach that if this game didn't matter, both coaches would use an all U-21 lineup. The reasoning was that both these teams would be playing the championship game against each other and it doesn't reveal all their cards with a different lineup. Looks like that won't be happening as they both need a result. I hadn't planned on going to that game but may now and treat it as 'my final' as it looks like I'll miss the L1O championship at Ontario Soccer Centre as the game will be on the same day as the MLS Toronto FC vs Montreal Impact match in downtown Toronto. Rocket Robin robing@eol.ca twitter @RocketRobin01
  13. Result of the Friday September 29, 2017 League 1 Ontario game between Durham United FA and North Toronto Nitros played at Pickering Soccer Centre in Pickering at 8:00pm. 14 min...Durham Cameron Brooks GOAL...DUFA Joseph Roccasalva cornerkick from left is headed on right and Brooks lifted his foot shoulder high to shoot 10 yarder from middle into top right corner of net past goalie Stefan Dusciuc. 26 min...Nitros Mirza Custovic GOAL...Custovic gets pass at 35 yards on slight left and flicks ball over defender DUFA Vince Sasso and shoots 15 yarder over sliding goalie Ben Cowman at 10 yards into top right side of net. 61 min...Durham Dylan Campbell GOAL...Campbell gets ball off defender's tip of 2 on 2 rush on long kick upfield. Campbell shoots 18 yard shot from left to low right corner of net. Final Score:...Durham United FA...2...North Toronto Nitros...1... Attendance was about 35 tonight on this game that was moved from Kinsmen Park a few kilometres away in an announcement this afternoon. It had rained twice already today and that would ruin the surface of the natural grass field. Pickering Soccer Centre is an indoor complex and was used for some of DUFA's early games this season. I suspect some fans didn't read the message about the change in venue and didn't feel like watching a game in the rain. During the first half I could hear the rain on the roof and the entire drive home was through drizzle. Referee Alexis Vaughan gave out no cards tonight. The game wasn't rough but there was a set of injuries that required the trainers. She had to call one drop ball as a clearance hit the ceiling. DUFA looked like they'd pick up the win in the second half but couldn't get an insurance goal to make things easier so right up until the end, Nitros were looking for a way to tie. Two minutes after the winning goal DUFA Tyrell Rayne rushed downfield and rolled a cross from the left through the 6 yard box unplayed. 76 minutes had DUFA Christian Moncrieffe pass the ball forward on the right for a charging DUFA Kashiff DeJonge who ran towards the end line and crossed along the 6 yard line and DUFA Shaud Claud Lawson put his head down and headed the ball over the bar. Head coach Sanford Carabin said he should have used his chest. 78 minutes had NTN Jayden Doyle take a cornerkick from the right and the goalie swatted the ball away while falling over a crowd of players as he jumped. 81 minutes and another NTN cornerkick from the left had the ball ping pong between NTN players Nikolay Saveliev and Niklas Bauer on the edge of the 6 yard box and the ball deflected wide left for a goalkick. 85 minutes had Saveliev rush down the middle and he rolled a pass to Doyle on the right who shot a low 20 yarder through the defenders and the goalie smothered on the right post. The win improves Durham's record to 11 wins, 7 losses, and 3 ties for 36 points. They move up to third place all alone in the eight team Eastern Conference with one more game in their season. Head coach Sanford Carabin was reminding his players that they've never finished as high as number three in previous seasons. The loss drops Nitros to 10 wins, 8 losses, 3 ties for 33 points with one game to go. They fall to fourth place in the East. They finished third place last year, one place ahead of Durham. Rocket Robin robing@eol.ca twitter @RocketRobin01
  14. TFC2 2017 Discussion

    Result and details of the Wednesday September 27, 2017 USL game between Toronto FC II and Louisville City FC played at the Ontario Soccer Centre in Vaughan at 7:30pm. 73 min...TFC Shaan Hundal GOAL...TFC Jordan McCrary receives a pass at the center line on the right and runs downfield and sends low pass forward from 35 yard line. Hundal outruns LC Paco Craig to get to ball at 15 yard line inside box on right side and carries forward to 7 yard line and rolls 12 yard shot into left corner of net past sliding goalie Gregory Ranjitsingh who came out to challenge. 89 min...Louisville RED card...Paco Craig earns his second Yellow card within four minutes from referee Yusri Rudolf for following through on a tackle of TFC Matthew Srbely bumping him over after Srbely had given a short pass at LC 50 yard line upfield to TFC Shaan Hundal. Final Score:...Toronto FC II.....1.....Louisville City.....0..... Attendance was announced as 726 on this cool night with the heatwave which drew the hottest temperatures of the year in the GTA finally dispersing and the weather getting back to being like a Fall night should be at the end of September. Some folks weren't dressed warm enough. Referee Yusri Rudolf gave out only three cards this game (two to Louisville) which didn't get rough. He didn't fall for Penalty kick calls by either team. He gave two Yellow card to LC Paco Craig within four minutes. The first one was for his challenge on TFC Matthew Srbely smashing him over at the LC 35 yard sideline and resulting in a lengthy delay for an injury. His second Yellow was much tamer but was also against Srbely. TFC goalie Angelo Cavalluzzo was injured at 79 minutes when he dived forward to break up a pass that found LC Mark-Anthony Kaye in at 8 yards. These two delays which both required the trainer were the major reason six minutes of added time was announced. Another injury, this time to TFC Aidan Daniels at 93 minutes extended time to 98 minutes. Louisville's frantic injury time action had LC Mark-Anthony Kaye have a 10 yard shot on the right blocked by a defender, an LC player's cross land on top of the net, and LC Paulo Delpiccolo take a cornerkick from the right that had LC Luke Spencer in a crowd of players at 10 yards head a ball over the bar. TFC Angelo Cavalluzzo earned the shutout. He had less to do then most games but the save on Brian Ownby's blast at 68 minutes where he flew to the right and palmed the ball just over the bar probably saved the game for TFC when the score was still 0-0. TFC Julian Dunn-Johnson looked really good in the first half with some spectacular defending. This included two headers at 26 minutes at 15 yards to clear a cross from the right then at 8 yards to clear a chipped shot. In the second half I didn't notice him as much as LC may have been avoiding him. Another defender, Lars Eckenrode made some key stops in the first half as well. I thought midfielder Matthew Srbely (first pro-player announced in League 1 Ontario as he had a contract that allowed him to play for TFC III (ie L1O) and TFC II) played his best game of the time I've seen him with TFC II. He had some good runs and passes. The best was at 12 minutes when he stole the ball off a defender and raced in on the right from the 45 yard line and cut to the middle but another defender caught him and the goalie fell on the ball at 12 yards without him getting a shot away. Midfielder Aidan Daniels was suddenly taking all the freekicks and cornerkicks tonight. With no Sebastian Endoh nor Brian James in the lineup, Daniels fit in quite well with some threating drives. The TFC forward line was Shaan Hundal (age 18) and Malik Johnson (age 19) which the team has never paired up at the start of a game before. Tonight's game page with the recent TFC III signings included, the TFC II lineup has bloated to 35 (that includes nine TFC dropdowns). That can be contrasted with the Louisville roster of only 20 (which is a bit low from other USL team game rosters I've seen). So many players make it difficult to keep a consistent roster week by week. TFC didn't use any players with MLS experience. They had no one with a number less than '35' although #20 Sergio Camargo was an unused sub but except for playing during the Canadian Championships he has not played an MLS game. One of the soccer dad's after the game agreed with me that TFC II played better without the dropdown players from the MSL team. "Yes", he said, "some of these kids have been playing together for five years!". I was at Saturday night's League 1 Ontario game and defender Rocco Romeo was a halftime sub in that game but at the USL level was an unused sub tonight. Another recently signed to a USL contract player, Dante Campbell, was back down to L1O and played the entire 90 minutes but was not on the bench tonight. Daniel DaSilva who came in as a sub at 60 minutes played the first 60 minutes in the L1O game too. The players didn't have much time to come to the fence and talk to fans as they had to disappear for a meet-and-greet inside to thank fans who'd donated used soccer equipment for a drive the team was holding. I was looking forward to seeing Louisville for two players. Goalie Gregory Ranjitsingh I used to watch in L1O in 2014 play for Sigma FC. Web bios skip this and only include his time at Mercer University in Georgia. He's not been capped by T & T because of his father's heritage but I still consider him a Toronto guy (OK Pickering like singer Shawn Mendes). Second is Mark Anthony Kaye who didn't get the start tonight but he came on at 59 minutes. I was surprised he came in as a forward and was double teamed most of the time. I used to watch him play on TFC Academy in 2014 and TFC II in 2015. He used to wear #44 and was used as a defender. I made sure to say hello to him by the fence before the game and gush about how I watched him play at BMO Field earlier this month with the Canadian Nats against Jamaica (used as a midfielder in that game). Louisville has only been operating since 2014. From what I'd heard Orlando City had a championship USL team and they were rewarded an MLS team. They moved their USL team out of state to Louisville. Orlando later decided they did want a USL team in their city and in 2016 started Orlando City B. Louisville kept the purple colour uniform scheme from their Orlando days. Just last week Louisville councillors and investors agreed to a promised new stadium and will move out of Slugger Field, a minor league baseball stadium. This was the third last game for TFC II at the Ontario Soccer Centre. Next year they will play at BMO Field (I'll assume after the MLS team games) and Lamport Stadium (I'll assume stand alone games). I'm warming up a little to that idea as today's drive to get here during the rush hour took over an hour. Weekend games and driving home at 9:30pm are a breeze and certainly beat downtown transit. Louisville City is the first place team and would have clinched the Eastern Conference with a win tonight said Mark-Anthony Kaye before the game. TFC has had good results against first place teams before getting results aganst Charleston and Charlotte in two games in a row in a tough part of their schedule yet other times lose to the fourteenth place Richmond which keep them in fifteenth. The result improves TFC II's record to 6 wins, 17 losses, 7 ties for 25 points. They remain in fifteenth place (last) in the Eastern Conference. The loss drops Louisville City's record to 16 wins, 6 losses, 7 ties for 55 points. They stay in first place but don't clinch the East. The difference in their records is contrasted in that this was TFC's sixth win and Louisville's sixth loss and TFC has a minus 24 goal difference and Louisville has a plus 24 goal difference. Rocket Robin robing@eol.ca twitter @RocketRobin01
  15. TFC2 2017 Discussion

    Jason Bent has been doing this for quite a few years. Here's a report from a CPSL Toronto FC Academy game (first league game) from 2008. http://www.rocketrobinsoccerintoronto.com/reports08/08csl008.htm note one of the defenders on the team was Ashtone Morgan and the manager was Nick Dasovic.