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  1. Result and details of the Sunday June 25, 2017 League 1 Ontario game between Woodbridge Strikers and FC London played at Vaughan Grove in Vaughan at 7:00pm. 24 min...FCL Elvir Gigolaj GOAL...FCL Sandro Rajkovic receives short forward pass at center line and runs down the middle but is caught by two retreating defenders and pushes pass to right for charging Gigolaj who continues run from 30 yard line and shoots 20 yarder from right into short right side of net past diving goalie Quillan Roberts. 52 min...FCL goalie Aaron McMurray slides at 10 yards near left end line that trips up a WS player. Referee Lukasz Kowalewski calls for a Penalty kick. 53 min...WS Dylan Carreiro GOAL...Carreiro shoots Penalty kick low to left corner of net under diving goalie. Final Score:.....Woodbridge Strikers.....1....FC London.....1.... Attendance was about 200 on this warm and sunny evening. It still wasn't dark by the time the game ended. I'd been at the Vaughan vs Windsor in the afternoon and fans went through a rain storm and hailstorm besides overcast and sun all within two hours so it was nice to have the weather stay consistent for two hours. A lot of action after the tying goal although it could have been part of anywhere in the game. Woodbridge overall had more chances for the ninety minutes. 55 minutes had WS Milan Beader make a long run up the middle on a 2 on 1 rush and his low 22 yard shot was stopped point blank by the sprawling goalie at 15 yards. At 58 minutes FCL switched goalies with Anthony Sokalski replacing starter Aaron McMurray. It didn't look like there was any injury for the swap. McMurray was more aggressive with him coming out up to 40 yards to make a clearance. 63 minutes had WS Christian Cavallini recover a ball on a defender tripping on his own and he passed to the right and WS Emmanuel Issac get an 18 yard shot that was stopped by the sprawling goalie at 6 yards in WS's fourth chance in the five minutes since the switch. 76 minutes had FCL Elvir Gigolaj get a breakaway on the left from 35 yards but goalie Quillan Roberts slid at 15 yards and Gigolaj pushed the ball past him and ran to the end line to recover but by then a defender cut over to block his angle. 86 minutes had WS Dylan Carreiro take a 25 yard freekick down the middle that hit the underside of the cross bar and the goalie flew back and swatted it away. Injury time had WS Luca Baldassarre take a low 15 yarder up the middle that the goalie dove to save. Two minutes later Baldassarre jumped to pop a 12 yard header from the left over the bar. Nope..gonna be a tie tonight. FC London brought a mid-size charter bus tonight. They not only had a full bench but it looked like they had about two or three extra guys watching from the stands. After watching the Windsor TFC Stars team get to the GTA today in what must have been the car pool from hell—an empty bench until just before game time, and almost two hours further away south west than the three hour plus drive from London, a bus is the better way to travel for long distance drives. Referee Lukasz Kowalewski gave out two Yellow cards to each team plus awarding Shooters a Penalty kick. He also ejected manager John Scarlato from the Woodbridge bench right after giving a Yellow card to WS Dylan Carreiro at 35 minutes within a few yards of their bench so it must have been for some kind of dissent. A large L1O sized crowd tonight was nice. There were a strange collection of hecklers. A group of player-age guys wearing Croatia garb. The checker patterns of the national team, club teams, and there could have even been Toronto Croatia gear were singing and laughing out for referee's assistant Braeden Krampert but lucky for him he was on the far side of the field so wouldn't be able to hear them well. Also a family group were heckling WS cornerback Quante Abbott-Hill-Smith on almost every play. It started to make sense later when they answered me they were here to cheer on Kyler Smalling who the father said was an 'oh-one'--hmm that would make him age 15 or 16 and waiting to make his L1O debut. He was an unused sub. **Late addition: I found some of my old reports and Braeden Krampert played for both Toronto Croatia and Hamilton Croatia in the 2009 and 2010 season so that may explain the 'fans'. It turns out that this game was a rematch from Wednesday night where these two teams playing here with Woodbridge winning a second round L1O Cup match by a 3-0 score. That would have been a strange evening as at the Ontario Soccer Centre which is only about four football fields away, Vaughan Azzurri (who usually play at McNaughton Turf about 25 km away) were beating Master's FA Saints 6-1 with exactly the same starting time. Woodbridge and Vaughan met in last year's L1O Cup final. We are now down to the semi-finals so it could happen again. It can't be for the league championship because both teams are in the 'Eastern Conference' although both are west of Yonge Street but they were divvied out this way when the league was organized to ensure two strong conferences. Woodbridge's record improves to 7 wins, 1 loss and now 1 tie for 22 points. That's still good enough to hang on to first place in the East but they lose ground to Vaughan who closes to 19 points to a tie for second place (after beating Windsor) with North Toronto Nitros who lost earlier today. FC London improve to 3 wins, 2 losses, 3 ties for 12 points for fourth place in the West but they have exactly half the points of first place Oakville Blue Devils at almost the halfway point of the season. Only playoffs are the first place teams in the East and West in a one game final for the championship. Rocket Robin twitter RocketRobin01
  2. Results of the Sunday June 25, 2017 League 1 Ontario game between Vaughan Azzurri and Windsor TFC Stars played at McNaughton Turf in Maple at 2:00pm. 18 min...WTS Damon Johnson-Holder pulls down VA Jahsua Mills after long run down left side and into box. Referee Fabrizio Stasolla gives Johnson-Holder a Yellow card and awards VA a Penalty kick. 19 min...VA Jarek Whiteman GOAL...Whiteman rolls Penalty kick to left side of net as goalie Kyle Vizirakis dives right. 51 min...VA Jarek Whiteman GOAL...Whiteman recovers a poor goal kick and shoots 15 yarder from sharp right into right corner of net over sliding goalie. Final Score:....Vaughan Azzurri......2.....Windsor TFC Stars.....0... Attendance was about 30 on this warm day that was mostly overcast with rain before the game, then again at 41 minutes which turned into a hail storm with thunder and lightning. I measured a 38 minute halftime because of the 30 minute rule from the last strike of lightning. Fourth official Jason Thomas ordered the WTS players back to the dressing room just before the hail started. It did make sense as they wouldn't have all fit under the player's bench canopy. Photographer Martin Bazyl and I were cowering under the fourth official's canopy. He was taking pictures and making movies to upload to twitter. During the second half the sun even came out! The hail had melted before the second half started. The stones were about as big as chick peas. Windsor was stalling the game officials during the warmups delaying handing in their lineups. No wonder as they had only eleven guys. By the time of the national anthems they had two guys to spare and finished with four extra players on the bench. Their starters were flipped around with the two extra guys to use more of the players they wanted. Captain Stephen Ademolu was still tying his shoes during the national anthem. Sure they ended up having enough guys and a moderate bench but the uncertainty must have left them rattled. Ademolu told me at halftime that they were caught in traffic then he was almost hit by a car crossing the street (as the players dressing rooms are on the other side of McNaughton Road at the Maple Community Centre. This would be a five hour drive on a good day...measure Detroit to Toronto in your atlas you out of province readers. Must have been some car pool. Windsor are direct descendants of the league I followed before and they had trouble getting enough guys out for GTA games back then too. Referee Fabrizio Stasolla gave out two Yellow cards to each team. He got hit with the ball twice that I saw. He also called a break at 50 minutes on what he expected was a head injury as two players crashed together just on the edge of the Windsor box. When he checked on their condition and found nothing was wrong he ordered a drop ball. Whiteman deliberately rolled the ball over the end line to give Windsor a goalkick. Ok sounds fair. Goalie Kyle Vizirakis then places the ball for a goalkick and goes short so WTS could work the ball out but what it looked like he kicked it straight to Whiteman who quickly stopped the ball and scored on a sharp angle shot. Whiteman had a few more chances to get a hattrick. Colin Vance earned the shutout for Vaughan. He had a few key saves to make. WTS most threatening player was Noah Pio. Azzurri have only allowed six goals in eight league games which is best in the league. The thirty fans disappeared over halftime with the storm but a little more than half returned. I noticed a guy wearing a K-W United windbreaker. I started talking about them and asked who he was. It was Jared Brown! He was not on the PDL champions team but he said he is on this year's team! I was thrown because I am following them on twitter and read they were on a road trip in Ohio this week but he said he'd just got back. He was on the 2016 team that came to Toronto with only 11 guys for the first game of the year and beat the Toronto FC Academy 7-0 in TFC's last year in PDL. I had forgotten until I looked up his bio that he is the goalie. The win improves Vaughan's record to 8 wins, 1 loss, 1 tie for 19 points and were third place in the East at the start of the day. Windsor's record falls to 2 wins, 3 losses, and 4 ties for 10 points and would stay in fifth place in the West and may even drop a place depending on other results. Now for me it's off to Woodbridge to see them play FC London. Rocket Robin twitter RocketRobin01
  3. Result and details of the Saturday June 24, 2017 League 1 Ontario game between Aurora FC and North Mississauga Panthers played at Highland Park in Aurora at 9:00pm. 34 min...Panthers Andi Motina GOAL...NMP Sundin Esperance takes a long throw-in from the left and Motina recovers the ball at about 20 yards near the center. He has a first shot blocked but recovers a few steps to the right and shoots a low 18 yarder to the left corner of the net beyond sprawling goalie Nicholas Luciani. Final Score:......Aurora FC.......0.......North Mississauga Panthers......1... Attendance was about 30 for this late night game with thousands of mosquitoes. It was moved from Aurora's regular venue at St Maximillion Kolbe HS because the school had booked an event before the schedule first came out a team official answered me. The Aurora women's team was still playing Vaughan when I arrived. Vaughan won that game 2-1 to make it a miserable day for both Aurora L1O teams. I didn't expect to be here but the Master's vs Sanjaxx game was postponed for a week and a half I suppose by request because Master's had played a midweek Cup game on Wednesday. I hadn't been to Highland Park since 2002--I believe watching York Region Shooters. This facility isn't too far from their regular venue. It has natural grass, no scoreboard, and limiting parking. A clubhouse facility makes it hard to determine how many people were watching. Also the field looked like it sloped downhill to the west. I saw the last twenty minutes of the ladies game and it was played in the west end but that may have been because Aurora was pressing for a tying goal. It didn't seem to be a factor in the men's game. Referee Kuizan Weekes gave out three Yellow cards (two to Aurora). Both coaches would have liked more cards--to their opponents of course! I know the officials consulted about the lights and now I realize that must have played a factor to how they managed the game. The game ended at 10:59pm at three minutes of added time and exactly one minute later the stadium lights went off! Must have been some city bylaw for an 11:00pm curfew. Some fans in the parking lot turned on their car headlights to help the players get off the field. Roberto Custodio Caranzza earned the shutout for North Mississauga. He made a few key stops but was greatly aided by this defenders of Daniel Whyte, Mathew Monteiro, Tom Wrobel, and Sundin Esperance clearing a lot of balls into the box or blocking shots. Black numbers on red uniforms were especially difficult to see with the just adequate brightness of the stadium lights. (Thanks again to Andi Motina for stitching his goal together for my recap). Panthers looked the more likely team to score to increase their lead in the second half. 51 minutes had AFC Frederic Ameyaw take a freekick from 28 yards after a teammate dummied and the goalie pushed the shot wide left of the post. 62 minutes had NMP Sundin Esperance take a cornerkick from the left that had NMP Andi Motina head an 8 yarder just over the bar. 80 minutes had NMP Lee-Victor Massunda cross from 25 yards on the left and Motina headed a 10 yarder wide right. 90 minutes had NMP Mathew Monteiro recover a clearance and blast a 28 yarder from the left that the goalie palmed over the bar. North Mississauga improves their record to 3 wins, 6 losses, 0 ties for 9 points and sixth place in the West. While there's no playoffs except a one-off East-West championship game and there's not much chance of getting to that game nearing the halfway mark of the season, Panthers won their second round L1O Cup match over Toronto FC III ten days ago to advance to the semi-finals of that competition. The North Miss women's team won the inaugural L1O Cup for women in 2015. Aurora's record falls to 1 win, 7 losses, 1 tie for 4 points and seventh place out of eight in the East. Rocket Robin twitter @RocketRobin01
  4. USL Sets Record Weekly Per-Game-Attendance Mark By Staff, 06/19/17, 4:02PM EDT USL Teams averaged more than 8,300 per game for first time in Week 13 TAMPA, Fla. – The United Soccer League’s outstanding attendance figures in the 2017 Regular Season broke a new barrier over the past week as the USL recorded the four highest attendances outside Major League Soccer. Led by the league’s independent clubs, which averaged a record crowd of 8,331 across eight games, the USL averaged more than 6,000 fans per game for the week for the first time in the league’s history. More than 70,000 fans saw the 12 league contests in Week 13 of the season, surpassing the previous record average of 5,918 in Week 5 earlier this year. The USL has now posted 18 sellout crowds this season, matching its total from the same point a season ago, and has seen its average attendance rise by 27 percent through 13 weeks. FC Cincinnati continued to feature prominently with a crowd of 21,074 for its thrilling 2-2 draw against the Charleston Battery on Saturday night. The crowd added to a stellar week for FCC, which also welcomed more than 30,000 fans for its Lamar Hunt U.S. Open Cup victory against Columbus Crew SC on Wednesday night. Additionally, Sacramento Republic FC recorded a sellout crowd of 11,569 fans in a 2-1 victory against Vancouver Whitecaps FC 2, while both Louisville City FC and Rio Grande Valley FC posted attendances of more than 8,500 fans. The Toros’ attendance of 8,656 was their highest regular-season attendance to date at the newly-opened H-E-B Park, surpassed only by their sellout crowd in the venue’s inaugural game against Liga MX’s Monterrey in March. The Charlotte Independence also welcomed a sellout crowd to the Sportsplex at Matthews on Saturday night as the club opened its new home with a 2-0 victory against the Harrisburg City Islanders. The USL also saw another pair of goals garner national attention, with both San Antonio FC’s Kris Tyrpak (Saturday) and FC Cincinnati’s Andrew Wiedeman (Sunday) earn a place on the ESPN SportsCenter Top 10 for their excellent finishes in Saturday’s action. USL players have now earned a place in the Top 10 on six different occasions this year, by far the most in the league’s history, as the league’s profile in the North American sporting landscape continues to rise. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx and the Toronto FC II game must have been counted if they said there were twelve games last week. That means the Wednesday afternoon school day crowd of 1295 (twelve HUNDRED ninety-five would be included to drag down the average. 1295 was one of TFC II's larger crowds. Attendance: another reason USL wants to spilt off the MLS II and B teams.
  5. Result and details of the Sunday June 18, 2017 League 1 Ontario game between Oakville Blue Devils and Ottawa South United Force played at Sheridan College Trafalgar Campus in Oakville at 4:00pm. 3 min...OSUF Gabriel Bitar GOAL...Bitar intercepts defender at 20 yard line on left and dribbles towards end line and chips 18 yard sharp angle shot over goalie David Monk at 7 yards guarding left post and ball bounces into right corner of net. 23 min...OBD Anthony Novak blasts a recovered blocked shot at 25 yards which hits a defender's arm just inside box. Referee Hassane Rifai calls for a Penalty kick. 23 min...OBD Filipe Vilela GOAL...Vilela stutter steps then blasts Penalty kick low to center of goal as goalie Nick Jeffs dives left. 27 min...OBD Mathew Santos GOAL...OBD Khody Ellis beats defender at 25 yards on right side by letting ball run by both of them and rescues ball on right end line and rolls short centering pass back to Santos who drags trailing foot at 8 yards on left and flicks it over sprawling goalie to center of net. 58 min...OBD Anthony Novak GOAL...OBD Khody Ellis cuts in from right along 25 yard line and rolls ball up middle too far for teammate at 15 yards but charging Novak gets to ball ahead of teammate and defender to ball at 8 yards and one touches ball into left corner of net. 59 min...OSUF George Anthony El-Asmar GOAL...OBD defenders clear ball on edge of box wth OSUF Cornwall tripped up and El-Asmar recovers partial clearance and blasts low 25 yarder forward between defenders and into left side of net just inside left post beyond diving goalie. 85 min...OBD Mikeal Taylor McNamara GOAL...Taylor McNamara takes short cornerkick from left and is immediately passed back ball. He runs out to just outside top left corner of box and blasts 25 yarder that banks off inside of right post. Final Score:...Oakville Blue Devils...4...Ottawa South United Force...2... Attendance was about 125 on this hot but mostly overcast afternoon. It started to rain at 24 minutes and varied between hard rain and stopping a few more times during the game. It certainly made it tougher for goalies to make catches. OSUF had a long drive from Ottawa to get here as Oakville is 40 kms south west of Toronto slightly closer to Hamilton. From the original schedule at the beginning of the year, this game was moved from 1PM to 4PM to accommodate the 5+ hour drive it would take to get here. OSUF only brought four subs and their choices were limited when at the 11 minute mark starter Walker Smith was injured and couldn't continue. Referee Hassane Rifai gave out five Yellow cards (three to OSUF and the Oakville ones were after the 87 minute mark) and awarded the Penalty kick. He was popular calling water breaks at 24 and 68 minutes. Actually from 24 minutes the players could have ran with their tongues stuck out as it rained for most of the rest of the game. OBD Taylor McNamara's goal was the final insurance needed to ensure the win at 85 minutes. I counted this as the sixth cornerkick he took from the left corner in the second half! He tried high crosses, short workouts and passbacks before crossing, and low crosses. This final one was a jaw dropper OBD's regular goalie Matt George was serving a suspension but was watching from the stands. He served a few when I watched him over the years playing for Woodbridge. Since this was Father's Day that was the theme through today's events. The lineup for the national anthem had goalkeeping coach Glenn McNamara stand beside his sons Connor, captain Taylor and a third son, and Judah Hernandez carried out his baby daughter. After the game there was a group picture of the ballboys from OBD and their fathers. A locksmith had to be called in to pry a way into the broadcast booth so announcements could be made and music played besides the league laptops. This game was broadcast live on Livestream so the technology was important to work. I had a choice of one out of three games to see this afternoon as they overlapped. See a team win for the first time this season? That would be Sanjaxx vs Toronto Skillz in the eighth week of the season. A game not so competitive? Toronto FC III vs Aurora; yep that one was 7-0 for TFC...or this game involving a contending team each from the East and West. This was probably the best. Also I didn't want to be standing out in the rain as Sheridan College has a covered stands although the way the gusty wind direction blew the rain was falling over the first 12 rows and I ended up cowering back in the last 7 rows. The Toronto area games probably ended before the rain started. Yeah this one was the best played with lots of end to end action. Oakville Blue Devils win and improve their record to 7 wins and 1 loss, 0 ties for first place in the Western Conference. They actually pass Sigma FC who held first for a day who had played and won yesterday. OSUF lose and drop to 3 wins, 5 losses and 0 ties for fifth place in the eight team Eastern Conference. I saw them the first two weeks of the season come to the GTA and beat Aurora FC then Master's Futbol (in the pre Rick Titus era) and thought they would do very well but they have certainly fizzled after that great early start. About all that's left for them is to keep advancing in the League Cup where they have a second round match (final eight teams) against Durham United. It was just posted to the L1O website within the last day or so that the game is on Wednesday June 18 at 7:00pm and the venue is George Nelms Park which is the OSUF home so I'd rate them as favourites as Durham have to travel to Ottawa for a midweek game. We'll see what the DUFA bench strength will be. Rocket Robin twitter @RocketRobin01
  6. Eventually the last three came in. Edwards 75th, Hamilton 78th, Osorio 84th. 85th and Hamilton scores. Team will probably use the excuse that they were resting the Canadians for the Cdn Champship on Tuesday in Montreal.
  7. Redcoats? And what would be the team colours? How would they be different than TFC? Hey are those fans dressed in red our fans or our (at least Voyageurs Cup) rivals?
  8. Result and details of the Wednesday June 14, 2017 USL game between Toronto FC II and Orlando City B played at Ontario Soccer Centre at 12:00pm. 8 min...TFC Jordan Hamilton GOAL...TFC Liam Fraser sends low pass from right near center line over to TFC Tsubasa Endoh at 35 yards in middle and he rolls ball forward and left for charging TFC Ryan Telfer who crosses from 22 yards on left edge of box. The ball is over the head of jumping OCB Conor Donovan in middle of box and Hamilton chests it down at 6 yards even with right post and gets shot between Donovan and retreating OCB Scott Thomsen and under sliding goalie Jake Fenlason. Final Score:.....Toronto FC II......1......Orlando City B......0..... Attendance was announced as 1295 for this school day matinee. That was more than their previous school day game by more than 200. These are by far their biggest crowds of the season for any game held HERE as opposed to coasting off the TFC MLS fans who haven't already headed for the exits at BMO Field and would watch a USL game. Referee Pierre-Luc Lauzere called only one Yellow card that I heard announced and that was to an OCB player at 55 minutes. It also looked like he called a water break at 31 minutes but otherwise had not much to do. Angelo Cavalluzzo earned the shutout for TFC II. Last week he was named to the USL Team of the Week as a bench player for a game in which he let in one game but where he practically had to stand on his head to tie Pittsburgh. Today he had not much to do and so will probably not win but I'm sure team officials like it this way as it shows that the defence of captain Mitchell Taintor, Brandon Aubrey, and Robert Boskovic kept most of the OCB shots when there were any at a comfortable distance. Man of the Match (who is always a TFC II player) was named as Liam Fraser). He was in the midfield and started some rushes. I don't remember him winning the espresso machine as the prize so far this year. Only fringe TFC MLS players in the lineup were Jordan Hamilton and Tsubasa Endoh. I will expect they will get a call up soon as TFC has weekend games and two midweek games for the finals of the Canadian Championships against Montreal this month. Hamilton will be extremely important to make up the required Canadian content for those CC games. Sergio Camargo got a start today and he looked good especially at the beginning of his 67 minute game. At 11 minutes he rushed in from the left and had the goalie dive and grab the ball off his feet at 12 yards. 22 minutes and he had a 7 yard shot blocked but won a cornerkick on the deflection. A similar play at 56 minutes but this time it was from 15 yards. OCB really only looked good in the first 20 minutes of the second half. I was expecting more for a team on the margins of the playoffs. Their game started off badly as defender Seb Hines was injured at the 20 second mark when he appeared to do the splits getting his foot caught in the turf as he was trying to change direction and needed to be subbed off. Assuming their 'low uniform number' guy players are on their MLS roster this will be a big blow for both rosters if this is serious. It's also possible that Conor Donovan coming in cold at 2 minutes wasn't warmed up for his first calling on that goal at 8 minutes. OCB has on their roster Canadians Richie Laryea (not here today), Micheal Cox a big forward who had a few chances (similar to big, bashing OC MLS teammate Cyle Larin) and Zachary Ellis-Hayden who was a winger and sent in some crosses to varying success. Cox had a three minute burst starting at 50 minutes when a cornerkick came in from the right and he headed a shot that Cavalluso punched away but straight to an OCB player who took a shot but it was saved by a diving header by defender Brandon Aubrey. Next minute Cox was on a run down the left but he pushed the ball over the end line as he was trying to round a defender. Next minute he got a low shot from 25 yards down the middle between the defenders and the goalie dove to the right side of the net to catch. After the game, players came over to sign autographs. I got Jordan Hamilton to fill me in on who passed him the ball on his goal. Signing with a red marker on some kid's red baseball cap didn't show up too well and even on some kids arm who hadn't brought anything to sign. Down the line Tsubasa Endoh was signing autographs and some adult asked him to sign right on his TFC jersey—well he had a black marker. Too good to resist as the fan's back was turned I said 'sign in Japanese' which made the fan flinch. Even some Orlando players were signing. From my notes I'd marked that Zachary Ellis-Hayden was a Canadian but I blacked out on what city. 'Kitchener' he said—then it came back to me that he'd played for K-W United when they used to come to town and beat the TFC PDL team when they had one until this year. So he played with Sergio Camargo? Yep he remembered that time well. When I got home someone had tweeted a photo of five K-W United guys from those days in a group shot today. Ellis-Hayden, Camargo, TFC II assistant coach Chris Pozniak (then on the KW coaching staff), and non-Canadians Oyvind Alseth of TFC and Ben Polk of OCB. That team won the PDL championship. They didn't give the school kids Thundersticks to clap today but they were more annoying to me. About the same age as the last game, grades 5 and 6. I always sit in the back row of the aluminum stands so I can stand up and take pictures but today there were about two rows of kids staring my way for most of the game so they could look at the ice cream truck. The only time they turned around is when they were cued to scream for a t-shirt toss. The teacher finally bought them something but then with coke in hand the boys kept staring to beg for a hot dog. OK by 70 minutes they were gone as their class left for the school bus. When they get older they will make fine fans for Section 108 at BMO Field (my section) as that's about the time when the rows around me start heading for the exits. The win moves TFC II's record in 14 games to 2 wins, 7 losses, 5 ties for 11 points and moves them off last (15th) place into thirteenth of the time although they've played more games than the other teams. TFC ends a 12 game winless streak dating back to March 24 when they won their opening game on the road at Phoenix (before Drogba joined the team). They scored only their fifth goal of the season today--that's obviously what's been their problem. After the win the audio guy got to play the Depeche Mode song "Just Can't Get Enough" (just like their MLS counterparts) for just the first time this season. Their last 'home' win was their home season finale last year on September 11 against—Orlando City B. OCB actually drop a position from eighth to ninth with the loss. Their record now in 13 games is 4 wins, 5 losses, 4 ties for 16 points which is technically a five way tie for sixth however with the tie breaker as wins, number of games played, and plus/minus goal differential, they drop out of the final playoff spot to Cincinnati with an equal record but OCB now has a '-1' goals against to Cincinnati's '0'. TFC II now goes on the road to play first place Charleston Battery on Saturday June 24 and the next Saturday July 1, play at home at 5:00pm against Harrisburg City Islanders who TFC II pushed down to fourteenth. Hmm, they could win that! Rocket Robin
  9. post game press conference (all 14 minutes) audio with Herdman, Huitema, and Beckie plus hall interviews with Buchanan, Fleming, Lawrence, Beckie, Rose, and Sinclair at my site at
  10. Result and details of the Saturday June 10, 2017 USL game between Toronto FC II and Pittsburgh Riverhounds played at Ontario Soccer Centre in Vaughan at 7:30pm. 58 min...TFC Tsubasa Endoh GOAL...TFC Oyvind Alseth rushes down right and sends low cross and has Endoh on right while even with right post shoots 10 yarder to top right corner of net beyond reach of goalie Trey Mitchell. 86 min...PR Romeo Parkes GOAL...PR Kenroy Howell approaching freekick at 22 yards in middle from right steps over ball. PR Corey Hertzog approaching from left steps over ball. Parkes down middle bends low freekick around the left side of TFC player wall and goalie Angelo Cavalluzzo dives to left post and gets hand to but only pushes it higher into net. Final Score:.....Toronto FC II........1.......Pittsburgh Riverhounds.....1.... Attendance was announced as 761 on this hot evening with the sun still out in the west and a wind from the west. MLSE worked hard to sell this game. The theme was 'Young Reds Day'. For an hour before game time MLS goalie Alex Bono was signing autographs (he started last year for TFC II). Kids got a TFC wristband which the boys in my row started hitting each other with. After the game kids age 14 and under (had to sign a waiver first) got a chance to take Penalty kicks on a TFC II goalie. I could see it wasn't Angelo Cavalluzzo nor Mark Pais and third stringer Brogan Engbers was away with TFC III as the backup goalie in a League 1 Ontario game against Windsor TFC. Man of the Match (who is always a TFC II player) was announced as goalie Angelo Cavalluzzo who was the obvious choice for all the spectacular saves he made through the game. With TFC outfield players only scoring four goals all season so far, he should be stockpiling the espresso machines they give to the MOTM winner and can re-gift them at Christmas time. Referee Alexis Vaughan gave out five cards that I counted (three to TFC) in a game that was more wide open than rough. She didn't award PR Corey Hertzog a Penalty kick at 90 minutes when he was rolled a ball up the middle by Romeo Parkes but had a sliding TFC defender poke the ball away in the box. Two minutes later when she was calling in the trainer to help a seriously injured PR Stephen Okai injured way back in the PR end, when Hertzog kept yapping about it she gave him a Yellow card so he'd back off. Mike Green had to sub in for Okai. With their MLS team with the week off, this was a game that TFC II would have the best chance of winning for only the second time all season. Their roster was stocked with their fringe players from the big club. Ashtone Morgan, Tsubasa Endoh, Jay Chapman, Ben Spencer, with Jordan Hamilton coming off the bench at 59 minutes. Their timing just seemed to be off along with a good Riverhounds defence mostly clearing the dangers into the box. This team was strength-wise not that much weaker than the Canadian Championship first leg game in Ottawa which the Fury won 2-1. Hmm Fury will be here in less than a month to play TFC II in USL action! TFC II season can be summarized with the last play of injury time chance where Tsubasa Endoh took a 35 yard freekick down the middle over to Brandon Aubrey at 15 yards on the right and he headed the ball across the box and Jay Chapman headed an 8 yarder down the middle that went off the bar and the defenders cleared. Well a tie was a fair result. Biggest surprise of the night was seeing Romeo Parkes in the Riverhounds lineup. Last year he scored a goal in their match against TFC II but within a matter of weeks he had his contract terminated by the league and the team owner when he kicked (at the time) New York Red Bulls II Canadian international Karl Ouimette in the back after receiving a Red card and it made headlines around the world. I thought Parkes would return to Jamaica and we'd never hear from him again or eventually play but never in Pittsburgh but he was tonight back at being their star. Both TFC II asssistant coach Chris Pozniak and play by play commentator Terry Dunfield said they had heard of the situation before I mentioned it. "Sometimes soccer can be very forgiving" is what Pozniak said to me. Rivershounds before tonight were in a five way tie for fifth place so although now they are 4 wins, 5 losses, 4 ties for 16 points, not knowing how the other results went earlier in the day, they may have lost ground. TFC II improve their record to 1 win, 7 losses, 5 ties for 8 points and are fifteenth (last) in the Eastern Conference. The site has the MLS Toronto FC with a 98.5% chance of making the playoffs. Their USL calculations have TFC II with a less than 1% chance of finishing in the top eight in the East for playoff qualification. TFC II's next game is this Wednesday at 12:00pm (Noon) in another school day game. The opponents will be Orlando City 'B'. Rocket Robin twitter @RocketRobin01
  11. Friday June 9, 2017 Durham United FA 1 Master's FA Saints 1 my take on the game at:
  12. Result and details of the Sunday June 4, 2017 League 1 Ontario game between Toronto FC III and Pro Stars FC played at KIA Training Centre in Downsview at 1:00pm. 24 min...TFC Ethan Beckford wins Penalty kick when dragged down by defender after long run down the right to just inside the PS box. 25 min...TFC Dante Campbell GOAL...Campbell blasts his Penalty kick low to left side of goal as goalie Justin Barrett crumples to right. 53 min...TFC Dante Barrett wins Penalty kick on clip from behind at 10 yards in crowd of players in box. 54 min...TFC Ethan Beckford GOAL...Beckford blasts Penalty kick over goalie to left side of net. 76 min...TFC Daniel DaSilva GOAL...TFC Ethan Beckford intercepts ball after a block and on a 2 on 1 break rolls pass to DaSilva who shoots low tap-in from 8 yards into right side of net. Finals Score:....Toronto FC III.......3.......Pro Stars FC......0.... Attendance was about 50 on this warm and mostly overcast day. For once the wind wasn't a dominating factor. Pro Stars didn't play like a last place team. The action was actually too fast for me to write everything down. Pro Stars drew a Yellow card after 1 minute and TFC at 7 minutes but after that referee Alexis Vaughan gave out only one more Yellow to TFC and two to Pro Stars the rest of the game. Most important call was at 31 minutes when she called out the trainer when PS Kibwe Dyer was injured in a clash of heads jumping for a header. Brogan Engbers earned the shutout for TFC. He only had a few shots to catch but the defenders mostly kept PS players at a distance or made clearances from their box that Engbers wasn't troubled. The MLS TFC team struggles to score on Penalties but no problem today for their L1O team. Beckford was brought down in the box and Campbell took the kick for the first goal. Second half had Campbell brought down and he tossed the ball to Beckford with a smile who also converted from the spot. The win improves TFC III's record to 4 wins, 2 losses, 0 ties. That's good for third place in the Western Conference (now that the late weekend scores are in). Pro Stars FC's (home stadium is in Brampton) record falls to 0 wins, 5 losses, 1 tie and are in eighth (last place) in the West. They were eighth last year too. From a roster from last September I saw that except for goalies Justin Barrett and Jonathan Albanese and outfield players Marco Polancec-Marin and David Bain, the rest of their eighteen players listed today were not in that line up last year. Head coach Josef Komlodi is back for this third year (off and on) as head coach of their L1O team (third year in the league). Before I watched him as head coach of North York Astros and Mississauga/Erin Mills Eagles so I know why I got a big 'hello' from him yesterday. Ding Ding! Watching Pro Stars today means that I have now seen all sixteen of the League 1 Ontario Men's teams in the first six weeks of the season!—14 games in total—not that easy with me attending TFC and TFC II games as well. Now what? Well around I go again! Rocket Robin twitter @RocketRobin01
  13. Result and details of the Saturday June 3, 2017 League 1 Ontario game between Master's FA Saints and Toronto Skillz FC played at L'Amoreaux Park at 9:00pm. 65 min...MFA Maleik DeFreitas GOAL...MFA Jose De Sousa 28 yard freekick from right has MFA Isaiah Page charge and flick header forward. DeFreitas charges forward and taps in 3 yarder to left corner of net. 74 min...TS RED card...Paulo Oliva Da Silva earns it for upending MFA Parker Danfi on run into right side of TS box as he was the last man back. Referee John Vlahos also awards MFA a Penalty kick. 75 min...MFA Joey Melo blasts Penalty kick low to left and diving goalie Spiro Koskinas stops shot near post and crawls to smother rebound. 83 min...MFA Jose De Sousa GOAL...MFA Paul Antoine low cross from 28 yards on far right has De Sousa shoot from 12 yards on left to mid-high right side of net. 87 min...TS Anhr El-Eidani GOAL...El-Eidani on rush from 25 yards after getting around defender and he rolls pass to a TS player near the right post and a defender stops but El-Eidani gets to rebound and shoots in from 10 yards past goalie Gregory Cha. 98 ends. Final Score:...Masters FA Saints......2.......Toronto Skillz......1.... 99 min...TS RED card...Ayoub Saoucha earns his second Yellow card for complaining to referee after the game when the officials were gathering to leave the field. He had been subbed out at 65 minutes and earned his first Yellow at 77 minutes on the bench for mouthing off to the referee across the field which the fourth official heard. Attendance was about 40 on this mild, overcast evening—such a contrast from the brutal cold and then cold and rain in the first two weeks of the season. Too bad that hasn't improved from the early season games. Spiro Koskinas had to be sharp to keep the game from not getting out of hand with many point blank saves and overhead catches. More accurate shooting by Masters players could have easily doubled the shots. I wanted to see Master's since they made the chances to the roster after officially bringing Rick Titus onboard as the head coach after that second game. With him he's brought 'his guys'. These include seven players I watched play for North Mississauga Panthers last season when he coached that team. Last night that included Shawn Brown, Antoine Paul, David Alva, Jose De Sousa, Jordan Montaya, and Joey Melo, with Kevin Dhillon a late scratch. NMP finished fourth of eight teams in the Western Conference last season in their first year in the league. Master's also have players that have played the last four games or less including goalie Gregory Cha, Randy Durand Miyenga, Claude Dufour-Peters, Dylan Micallef, Eddy Dabire (Pro Stars in 2016), and Parker Danfi. Late scratches Tristan Watson (Woodbridge 2016) and Kristofer Michael (ANB Futbol in 2014 and 2015). It will be interesting to see how this team can make a move in the standings—two wins in the last three games although Aurora FC and Toronto Skillz are not league powerhouses. They dominated possession tonight. I've watched Shawn Brown since the beginning of this decade playing with teams Toronto Croatia, Serbian White Eagles, and SC Waterloo before League 1 Ontario began operating. He immediately becomes one of the oldest players turning 30 sometime this year. Parker Danfi came on at 70 minutes and drew the Penalty kick within four minutes and almost an identical play one minute before their second goal. He's actually born the year before Brown. I was sitting with L1O chair Dino Rossi last Sunday in Oakville talking about the future successful players in the CanPL league. I picked Vaughan's Jarrek Whiteman and Rossi picked Joey Melo as the sure bets to make the jump and become stars. It could be said for these two Scarborough teams that this was the 'Battle of Birchmount Road' as L'Amoreaux Park is at about #3000 and Birchmount Stadium (for Skillz home games) at about #100 on that street. Last month I mentioned the PA was cued up to play Bob Marley's 'Three Little Birds' ("don't worry bout a thing, everything's gonna be alright") when the opponents score. Tonight I realized when Masters scores they play 'Jump' by Kris Kross. I was thankfully too old by 1992 when that hit came out to wear my pants backwards (kids--ask your father). Masters record improves to 2 wins, 4 losses, 0 ties for sixth place in the Eastern Conference. Toronto Skillz record falls to 0 wins , 6 losses, 0 ties for eighth place in the East. The two games I've seen them in they are better than their record indicates—only losing in the last 12 minutes to 2016 league champs Vaughan Azzurri. They have to improve in both goals scored—5 and allowed—20 to gain a win soon. Rocket Robin twitter RocketRobin01
  14. CP reporter wrote that attendance was 15175. 90 minutes for me to get there by subway and streetcar. Start of the game had four people in my row that holds 36. my take on the game at:
  15. I'm at the far end and couldn't hear much with some women talking about their salads and the Motown music playing too loud. I only stayed an hour than continued on to the swimming pool but did come down to your end to ask who was the billionaire who stood up and said "I'm financing the team!"--didn't happen. . And I was marking out recognizing David Barrie as the referee in the Montreal v Vancouver game.