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  1. Luis, are you still alive?
  2. ...Charmaine Hooper. She has more balls than any of us put together!
  3. Yes, the bottom of the Bundesliga and the middle of the Turkish Superleague are clearly on the equivalent of the bottom of the Spanish 3rd division or top of the Spanish 4th division. Let's not get too excited about one of the Canadian goalkeepers playing in the ex-Yugoslavia.
  4. Funny real world soccer things

    Nothing compares to Gary Lineker ( otherwise spotless in his illustrious careers until he shook hands last week with the Hitler of the 21st century and forever stained himself) pooping himself during the 1990 World Cup match with Ireland, Rep. of:
  5. Okay guys, stop...... oops, forgot, not a moderator anymore, cannot threaten. sheeesh
  6. Arfield stays on bench as Burnley beat Bournemouth 2-1. Burnley now at 6th, ahead of my sorry-ass Spurs.
  7. beachesl

  8. 2026 WC Bid?

    This is the big obstacle to the US/Canada/Mexico World Cup bid at present: https://www.reuters.com/article/us-soccer-fifa-worldcup/fifa-demands-visa-work-permit-and-tax-exemptions-for-2026-world-cup-idUSKBN1D72SR FIFA have just confirmed the demands of the countries (and other public authorities) guaranteeing their demand of no tax on FIFA business, no work permits required and no visas. This may work in football-mad, super-corrupt and non-rule-of law countries like South Africa (where they really started to order governments around) , Brazil, Russia and Qatar, but there is no way the citizens of the US and Canada (and maybe Mexico ) would agree to this nonsense. FIFA would radically have to end these demands. It could happen (FIFA could cave in because they may need to accept the bid for other commercial advantages), but so far FIFA have been stubborn about this immunity. Morrocco might be chosen for this reason, as they would do anything to get the tournament. I cannot see Morocco being able to handle a 40 team WC, if they keep to expansion plans. I believe FIFA would rather change the rule about switching Confederations, and even give China the 2026, before they would abandon this immunity.
  9. "When we were quite low in this world, I asked Frank Yallop, where will we we be? Will we make semis? Will we make hex? Here's what he said to me: 'Que sera, sera, whatever will be , will be, We're going to Germany, que sera sera. what will be will be'." Remember those hopeful days? Crashed with the misdiagnosis of a defensemen and a forward who was convinced to fake an injury by the current coach of wales, amongst a 1,001 other factors. Sad day at Commonwealth stadium as our hopes flashed befor our eyes! Gawwwd, we were naive little buggers back then!
  10. hah hah USA Eliminated from WC

    ..take the smirks off the face of those odious yank sports commentators
  11. Canada vs El Salvador - Sun Oct 8th - Houston TX

    What makes the world go round?
  12. Tomasz Radzinski

    Yes, while the problem is structural: Having a board with local representatives of each province and terrtiory is great for recreational soccer, but terrible for the business of dealing with the hardass jerks in MLS, CONCACRAP or FIFIA, or the challenges of competitive international soccer. That requires a very experienced and knowledgeable set of professionals. This problem was clearly identified in the article a few years back by Craig Forrest. Lookat what Australia did, they completely tore apart the system that was not even as bad as the CSA, and they are light years ahea dof us. We really need a two-tiered association or different association for that, or having a subcommittee for the local stuff
  13. Canada vs Jamaica Match Thread

    Well, Zam went for a hunch, he made a mistake, but what manager does not go for a hunch.
  14. Canada vs Jamaica Match Thread

    De Jong was a beast, cmon. Larin was put into a difficult position. Some of the comments here are way ridiculous. Let's be positive. I have been following the Canada Nats since the Olympic qualifiers in 1967, which I went to in Edmonton, and this is one of the brightest moments.
  15. Canada vs Jamaica Match Thread

    Well, I think we played well, except for poor defence. hAVE TO SAY WE SHOWED quallity not see since ealry 2000's. Zambrano for the WCQ QUALIFIERS STARTING IN 2019!