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  1. Leeds and Bielsa have been so wierd lately, it's like a perfect fit. Bielsa has been a brilliant coach, but is pathologically toxic to any players with ego. Argentina in 2002 was perhaps one of the best teams ever assembled in terms of individual talent, but with the craziness and stubboorness of some of the most brilliant players like Veron and Riquelme, it was an absolute disaster. His disciple Sampaoli is now having the same problem with Argentina, except his player pool is pretty low. Absolute madness to replace Arguero with Higuain, and to not change tactics against Iceland.
  2. beachesl

    Canadian Nationalization Countdown

    Okay, thanks for the update RS. I needed some good news.
  3. beachesl

    Canadian Nationalization Countdown

    Having been in exile in Argentina for the past decade, can someone please confirm that they stil have not changed the MLS regulations penalizing Canadian players as foreigners, even for the Canadian clubs? There has been talk about changing this outrage, but I am too afraid to do update past research. There is only so much my old ticker can take.
  4. Agree with your sentiment. As an active follower of football in Canada since the mid-60's, what I see is non-progression, even with great moments like U20 success in 1997-2007, Gold Cup 2000, general Woman's success and 1986 WC qualification . What is amazing is that the first two occured during the total administrative chaos of Kevan Pipe's reign. I have always put our success and failuire vis a vis concacaf and other competition down to our relative postion of our competitor nations. Not to take anything away from our 1986 WC qualifying (and their great defence especially), but we were able to qualify for 1986 because the latin countries in concacaf were in such chaos. The problem is that we have more or less fossilized since our greatest WC match success (the October 13, 1968 thrashing of the US, which was immediately followed by the inevitable downward spiral due to CSA arrogance). The CSA has seldom taken things seriously, and refuses to take good advice. Our development on the ground is not getting worse, it gets better in spurts, only to be eaten by administrative incompetence. At the same time, our competitors like Panama improve with less resources because they still are hungry enough to organize better than us. It is interesting to see parallels with Argentina, strangely enough. Even though they have a huge pool of great players, they waste them because of AFA administrative arrogance here. Their successes in 1978 and 1986 were not just down to the greatness of indivdual players, but because they were in lucky relative positions of strength against their competitors (and a little bit of corruption and cheating) even given their administrative chaos. In the 1990's through today, the Argentine national teams have actually been better in terms of player skill, but their competition has been better organized. After 10 years of frustration, Messi said enough in 2016 during his mini-resignation, due to total frustration with AFA maladministration with the simplest to the mosre complex things, only to be dragged back, perhaps against his better judgement. The AFA has still not learned, and their biggest enemy in the coming WC is themselves, not the competition who they should roll over if they were properly organized. Because of the arrogance and incompetence of the Argentines, who see themselves as superior to their latin-american brothers in every way, they fail to do more with less like Uruguay, Peru, Colombia and Panama appear to be doing.
  5. beachesl

    Russia World Cup 2018

    Great read from an on-the-ground Moscow expat rag: https://themoscowtimes.com/articles/those-guys-with-whips-theyre-cossacks-meant-to-keep-you-safe-at-russias-world-cup-61599 . Have to say as an expat in Argentina, we expats get away with saying or writing things the locals would never dare to, but we still better be careful. 😄 Rah rah rash Putin....
  6. beachesl

    U.S. Virgin Islands vs Canada Sunday September 9th

    Whoa, we really are pissing in the wind here...let's just wait to see what jury-is-still-out Herdman does before we argue about call-ups to cap-tie here. Then, we can have a proper debate byes.
  7. beachesl

    Liverpool FC

    Get a goalkeeper and a few defenders first there scousers!
  8. Feel free to put any #sshole feriner who even had a whiff of maple syrup here. Alberta be not responsible for the wh5re or #ssmear! To start...I think Ched Evans father-in-law took him on a perverted bachelor party to Vancouver and Toronto once.
  9. beachesl

    Russia World Cup 2018

    I agree with his progressing picks for each group, except I hope that Russia gets eliminated by either Saudi or Egypt (they should, unless there is some dirty officiating), Peru or Denmark not Australia, and Colombia not Senegal. You have to say Brazil is the favorite to take it all, with the other favorites being Spain, Germany and France.
  10. beachesl

    2026 WC Bid?

    Gawd, dumb and dumber be FIFA. Morocco's ridiculous Ptomikin villages could actually win the vote in 2 weeks! Not that the United bid is all that great. " "enforceable government guarantees".... oh alright then, sorry to quesiton you on that.
  11. beachesl

    Milan Borjan

    Brethers8, the Donald has a job opening up for someone with your talent for comments....
  12. beachesl

    World Cup Bracket Challenge

    It works now.
  13. beachesl

    World Cup Bracket Challenge

    Do you not have to give us a code to join the V's challenge?
  14. beachesl

    2026 WC Bid?

    Money will always trump massively bad taste. The "US" bid can survive even Trump.
  15. beachesl

    No posts? Not even an Italy joke?

    Okay, why is it so easy to condemn little Leeds United going to little Myanmar, when big Russia commits or is complicit in much worse genocidal crimes on a much huger scale? Oh ....yeah..... it's more "complicated." Stupid me. https://www.bbc.com/sport/football/43921044