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  1. Ya that was a fun game to watch
  2. Kibby

    CPL General

    When they came out with this uni... it blew me away. So good.
  3. Kibby

    Ottawa Fury 2018 season

    Falvey?? Nice....dude was solid as fuck
  4. Kibby

    David Clanachan-Commish

    On first viewing seems like a good choice
  5. Kibby

    Zambrano out!

    I can't believe this...
  6. Kibby

    Ottawa Fury 2017 Season in USL

    Sito's goal was something else.
  7. wtf get up Borjan edit: it looked harmless.. but who knows
  8. Kibby

    CPL General

    Makes alot of sense.. have a hard time ever seeing 20 or more teams, until you consider this.
  9. Kibby

    What should our gold cup lineup be?

    Oh wow very interesting. SPL starter not a bad level.. playable atleast. Well if theres anything we need it's backs. What's his brother's position?
  10. Kibby

    What should our gold cup lineup be?

    I clearly missed something here... Wotherspoon and Gutierrez.. hadn't heard of them
  11. Move Ottawa to the MLS.. drop Montreal to the USL?
  12. North Stand is like 50 years old and shit. Yes it would look better on tv.. but the South stand is shiny, new, and with far better amenities. They should set the cameras up on the otherside not move the fans.