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  1. Chatham? First I get more rumours of Larin to Gladbach and now this. It's not my birthday, but thanks world!
  2. Pleeeeeeaaaaaaaaassssseeeeeeee!
  3. That looks to be a fan page
  4. Maybe we could see something similar to the Brazilian league structure. Every team plays in both their state and national leagues simultaneously.
  5. Yes, it does, but it ticks off every other box quite nicely. At least there are no jumping pits between the field and the stands and most of the seating is on the sides. Nobody will be miles from the pitch. If it comes down to playing at PEPS or not having a Quebec team I know what my choice would be.
  6. You know you want to see the entire supporters section in Hamilton doing the hammer dance in unison.
  7. Laval's stadium would be an excellent venue for the CPL. It just needs new turf, a relatively small investment compared to building a pop-up even.
  8. FC Hammer is too legit to quit.
  9. @Xavier, I would add a little definition to the bird but keep it sharper than the original. The concept as a whole is a knockout.
  10. After attending the Detroit City FC home opener this past weekend my eyes have really been opened up to what is possible. While they don't face MLS competition in the same city, they do play at a much lower level than the CPL is aiming for, and the fans don't care! They have completely embraced their club because they feel a real connection, it's run for supporters by supporters. It's unlikely that that type of club would pass CSA scrutineering for the premier league, if they had a majority owner and still let the supporters genuinely affect club management I believe a Toronto CPL club could find its niche and thrive. TFC would be positioned as the glamour club, TCPL would be the pesky underdog. Hamburg v St. Pauli.
  11. I just checked it out. I Will be adding it to my rotation of CanSoc news sites
  12. The difference between a CFL field and an "acceptable" soccer pitch is only 5 yards. What usually causes issues for width are running tracks with jumping pits located inside of the track. You may be getting confused with American football fields which are 15 yards narrower. That said, I would love to see small soccer stadiums with lush grass pop up across the country. Mr. Beirne did say that's one of the challenges they are working on, building new stadia, so I have hope.
  13. For the romanticism of it, it would be lovely to see the Highlanders move to the CPL. But if someone else with money decides they want to plunk a pro team in Victoria could you really say no?
  14. 2018 as a launch would be great because I think they can do some terrific marketing off of the world cup. I am also very impatient. That said if it has to be 2019 for the good of the league then I begrudgingly accept it.
  15. I've always thought a simple way to connect with fans would be to give every season ticket holder a club membership. The membership then votes in a president and the president gets to sit on the board of directors. The "club president" would have no real power but would still give the fans a voice on the inside.