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  1. We could all just sing safety dance because it's awesome. There doesn't have to be a reason for the things we do.
  2. All teams entering the USL have to sign a three year commitment, but there was some noise that Ottawa received a waiver in return for being sanctioned. What the actual case is? Who the hell knows.
  3. Colin Samuel?
  4. I wonder what's happening in the other timelines.
  5. I don't disagree but KW already has the money, they still are negotiating with further investors for CPL but the majority of it is already there.
  6. Radz possibly, but Diesel is a legend, no two ways about it!
  7. Because KW's owner has $$$$
  8. Chatham? First I get more rumours of Larin to Gladbach and now this. It's not my birthday, but thanks world!
  9. Pleeeeeeaaaaaaaaassssseeeeeeee!
  10. That looks to be a fan page
  11. Maybe we could see something similar to the Brazilian league structure. Every team plays in both their state and national leagues simultaneously.
  12. Yes, it does, but it ticks off every other box quite nicely. At least there are no jumping pits between the field and the stands and most of the seating is on the sides. Nobody will be miles from the pitch. If it comes down to playing at PEPS or not having a Quebec team I know what my choice would be.
  13. You know you want to see the entire supporters section in Hamilton doing the hammer dance in unison.
  14. Laval's stadium would be an excellent venue for the CPL. It just needs new turf, a relatively small investment compared to building a pop-up even.
  15. FC Hammer is too legit to quit.