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  1. Outside of the box rules worked so well for MLS 1.0
  2. So I can't discuss pro rel in the pro rel thread. Great. Thanks for letting me know.
  3. I think we are in a much better position than the USA to institute pro/rel. They have so many large markets that wouldn't accept D2 status that they would need a 50 team first division to keep everyone happy. We only have so many large markets. If they are allowed to use their (presumed) financial might, they shouldn't go down much or at all. The mid sized markets will be bouncing up and down, and the small markets will be licking their chops trying to make a promotion run. I don't think Moncton fans would be too upset about being in the second division if they take a good crack at promotion every year.
  4. A soft cap solves both of those problems. It would let bigger clubs spend more to stay up and pay into a revenue sharing pool for the small clubs.
  5. MLS generally does not pay transfer fees except for significant signings. CPL clubs are not going to volunteer their best talent to MLS for no return. It is exciting though how many new paths will be opening up for Canadian players. Before 2007 it was "go to Europe and hope for the best".
  6. It's curious to see how high a percentage of a clubs overall budget player salaries are expected to be in USL 3. Will they be run as professional off the field as they are on?
  7. The manufacturing sector fled south and the city was left a shell of itself. The city is broke.
  8. If that it's a real quote Paul Daglish is an idiot.
  9. I've only been here for 3 years, it's a bit of a shock for me. Its definitely Trump's Canada.
  10. So I won't get a team in Chatham?
  11. Sometimes I think Paul is trolling it's for his own amusement. I can't even blame him, it looks fun.
  12. You could have it so every team has to play a playoff to be promoted. 3rd worst team from CPL plays 3rd best team from D2, so on etc. Make it a triple header made for tv event. Hell, stretch it out over two legs and really milk it. It would be a terrific spectacle.
  13. They'll get more than the current deal, but thinking that it will quadrupole is optimistic to say the least. The tv numbers have been stagnant for years
  14. Because "Div" status in America is silly and meaningless. Would NPSL be stuck in Div 4 if they had 400 million a year to spend?
  15. I wonder how much of an expansion fee Manchester United had to pay to become worth $3.7 billion