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  1. Metro Vancouver CPL Club

    And the entire trend of marketing in general and especially soccer in North America. One single word , above all others, is key to marketing success in this era: AUTHENTICITY Without it, you are dead n the water in a business that depends on passionate bums in seats. They can have the best frigging soccer in the world, but if the stadiums are empty, or sparsely-filled and quiet, the whole thing is pointless.
  2. Uhm you do realize that neither of those countries are in North America? We are top three in North America (out of three).
  3. Metro Vancouver CPL Club

    So, you would have no problem with a team playing somewhere in Metro Toronto called "Canada FC"?
  4. CPL General

    Do you not see how a team playing in Surrey that calls itself "anythingbutSurrey" might be be perceived as giving Surrey the middle finger? The name, is the first and most important identifier of the team. It is what instantly and clearly connects the team to it's community. Soccer worldwide is built on these local connections and the teams that do the best in marketing in MLS, USL and NASL tend to build at least a perception of those connections. If nothing else, the name says, "we can move anywhere, anytime". Hardly a solid connection to the community.
  5. CPL General

    Then I guess they will be going home. Trying to "out-plastic" an established MLS club playing in BC Place with a new team playing out of a municipal stadium is ridiculous. First-impressions for the general public are crucial and even the most casual soccer fan will laugh at the thought of this new team being anything to compare with the Whitecaps. Exactly! Successful soccer marketing connects the team to the LOCAL community. You can stretch that definition of local pretty far, but no to encompass the whole Province.
  6. Potential CPL logo concepts

    Just wanted to say I agree! I may be complaining loudly about the concept of BCFC but everything about the kit, the colours, the crest design, the relation to the history of the region, is all really nicely done.
  7. CPL General

    Just because that BCFC nonsense put me in a foul mood I was going to object to the end where he says, "Looking forward" to 2018. But that's being a little harsh as at least some good news should come out over the course of 2018 even if they are not playing until 2019.
  8. CPL General

    Wow, way to totally fucking curse the club (and league) by totally missing the point. No kids in Victoria or Prince George will wear that foreign shit. The successful marketing of soccer revolves around the "buy LOCAL" ethos. There is no point marketing this team outside of a 90-minute travel range, no one is going to travel from Prince George to watch a game, unless a team from PG is playing. If this is really the way they are thinking at the league level this project is doomed from the start. I am not joking.
  9. How long would it take for CPL to surpass MLS in quality?

    LOL When did the CSA have ANY meaningful relationship with multiple leagues?
  10. CPL General

    ^ In other breaking news, water is wet, the sky is blue and Clint Dempsey is a wanker.
  11. CPL General

    Well if we are going that way then I guess the league was supposed to start playing the day after the Easton Report came out. LOL
  12. CPL General

    WTF are you talking about?!? 2017 was never on the table and right from day one they said 2018 or 2019.
  13. CPL General

    ^ kinda, "meh" for me. It sure looks like a placeholder.
  14. ted

  15. NASL Lawsuit vs USSF

    "Wrong", "dirty"? That's not how those words work. An upfront, honest offer to buy out a business competitor is neither of those things. It is an admission they should have bought the rights to the, "brand" when they had a chance.