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  1. ted

    Booth Ideas & Working Trade Shows

    As a guy who does these things with several groups I suggest you keep it simple: Generic business cards Bowl of candy small flyer (half-page max) with info on next event/game tablecloth with printed web address on front and side skirts
  2. ted

    Pacific FC Launch / 2019 off season thread

    I'm pretty sure it will be Riley O'Neil and am guardedly optimistic about it. If this team (and league) are serious about the development of players and coaches, putting their faith in a young local coach is putting their money where their mouth is.
  3. ted

    CPL General

    1. Does the European transfer widow apply to Canada and players leaving clubs? I understood it was a designated window for ADDING to the roster. So, I understood Euro clubs could only "buy" players during those windows but could "sell" outside of Europe any time. 2. Seems to me January/February is exactly when CanPL teams will be filling their rosters as pre-season won't even start until around then will it?
  4. ted

    Pacific FC Launch / 2019 off season thread

    You would say that.
  5. ted

    CPL General

    1. Canada has excellent training and medical facilities and staff. Athletes from around the world have come to receive treatment from some of the best in the wold, right here in Canada. I see no reason why the standard for these things would not be high given the need to develop and care for young players for our league and to "sell". 2. Level of play is a big leap of faith and will be determined by the players who make the leap. Sort of a "chicken vs egg" argument. If the best players come, we get a higher level of play. 3. The salary cap will also affect the above. I think they have to set it realistically vis a vis budget/business concerns. 4. See above 5. That makes no sense. Herdman wants this league and will be choosing players from this league who will have more chances to impress as he will scout this league far more than any other. 6. If you can work in the States now, why would a couple of years in the CanPL be any concern? 7. "Europe" doesn't give a toss where you play. You don't get one shot and you are done with all teams in Europe.
  6. ted

    Goderich CPL

    Love the video. Is that a prison featured at the beginning? 🤣
  7. ted

    Pacific FC Launch / 2019 off season thread

    Is that the same Nando who used to play for Vic United? That guy was a solid player.
  8. This is interesting in that it goes against the experience in the Victoria Market as I remember it. I don't disagree with trying to avoid competing with hockey for TV time but locally Saturday evening fixtures always seemed to be the best chance of good attendances. Making the game part of a great night out (especially when games were downtown at RAP) seemed to attract casuals needed to fill the seats. But that is probably a local thing based on an "outdoor" culture. Saturday afternoons in the summer is when people hike, kayak, bicycle, whatever. Saturday evening they want to be entertained. Other markets (in different times zones possibly with NHL teams) will likely have different results.
  9. ted

    CPL General

    Why? What benefits to the team or the league does this program bring? I get that it benefits girls, but how does it contribute to the bottom line in either a sporting or business sense for Valour FC?
  10. ted

    CPL General

    The verbal commitment from the owners of the team in Victoria was that the $50 would be applied to any tickets purchase and would provide access to member-only offers and events. I'm gonna trust them on that.
  11. It is an interesting idea. Not sure we can much more than suggest it to the CSA.
  12. ted

    St. John's CPL

    I think once we reach the point where pro/rel is viable, it will no longer matter so much if a team or five are in "secondary" markets.
  13. Right?!? This is Canada and telling our neighbours to f*** off politely is what we do.
  14. ted

    CPL General

    Huh?!?! You seem to be confusing some things. "Market exclusivity" or "franchise rights" or whatever you want to call them simply means no on else can own and operate a team in a given area. This is used to protect the customer base of a business. It is about spectators. Player movement is entirely different and you may be thinking of something like the MLS "homegrown" system and/or draft. CanPL currently has neither of those things and I hope they do not ever. Players can sign with whoever they want subject only to any existing agreements they may have. If you are playing for X and want to move to Y you have to either be "traded" or wait until your contract expires and you become what is known as a "free agent."
  15. ted

    General Discussion on CMNT

    Yes, but they do not come in until the second round along with the other teams who made the hex last time. From Wikipedia: The Nations League will begin with a one-off qualifying phase, to be played across four matchdays from September 2018 to March 2019, which will determine the composition of the leagues for the group phase of the tournament. Apart from the 6 teams which participated in the 2018 FIFA World Cup qualifying hexagonal, the other 34 teams entered qualifying.