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  1. Support the Victoria Highlanders playing at UVic's Centennial Stadium in the PDL. Twitter: @LakeSideBuoys
  2. Bays United

    Bays United FC is a non-profit community soccer association based in Victoria, BC. As one of Victoria’s largest clubs, Bays endorses ‘soccer for life’, bringing the sport to approximately 1,500 individuals ages 5 to 60 and beyond. The club promotes excellence in soccer by providing a challenging and development-focused environment from novice to premier levels. We value teamwork and sportsmanship both on and off the field. We believe that sport builds healthy bodies and minds, and positive player development helps our youth to achieve greater success in life. We also value our community by bringing together people from different neighbourhoods to play soccer, volunteer in community sports events, and simply to socialize as they enjoy this beautiful game.