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  1. ted

    York 9 2019 launch/offseason thread

    Wow, the league hasn't even got a full list of teams, have barely begun their marketing efforts, and play will not begin for what eight or nine months, and it is already a failure?!?! If they have not improved significantly by the end of the Christmas season then I'd start to worry. Until then, enjoy the footie on TV.
  2. ted

    Victoria CPL

    Well you could have been at Felicita's for the comedy show that was Argentina v Croatia. Yep we have a Highlands and what's wrong with Tartan?!? I guarantee you that no matter what the name is for the CanPL team, there will be kilts and bagpipes in the stands.
  3. ted

    Victoria CPL

    I would "buy them out" in order to eliminate competition, bring useful people into the new team and to have a ready-made reserve/development team under whatever name. The general public is easily confused. I heard a young man with his friends in the pub ysterday at lunch while watching Spain v Iran basically talk about how Victoria was building a new stadium to host World Cup games. I have heard from several people who were very excited to "hear" that the Highlanders were going to be in a new pro league. I don't understand the desire, "to start fresh". But then I'm a dinosaur who still thinks we should be Victoria United. I hate that I have to "change" teams every decade or so. I'd like to follow one team for the rest of my life like a "normal" fan.
  4. ted

    Victoria CPL

    Buying out the current owners couldn't be that much especially if they were to become minority owners, retaining a stake in the team. We cannot be talking huge numbers here. A colony founded by a man named Douglas, built by men with names like Tolmie, Rithet, Finlayson were all important to the building of Victoria. Our local army regiment is the Canadian Scottish (Princess Mary's). Our annual highland games have been going on for 150+ years. ( see more: http://www.timescolonist.com/our-history-the-scots-who-helped-build-b-c-1.1065061) It may be six degrees of separation to Kevin Bacon, but in Victoria it's one degree to someone of Scots heritage. Could not agree more with everything you said here. RAP would be better, the PDL is too small, UVic's Centennial has the warm, homey charm of a high school cafeteria.
  5. ted

    2026 WC Bid?

    Fine, if we are gonna keep this outdated thread going... @Tg11 , dude, did you read anything at all about the Vancouver situation? AT NO TIME EVER did Vancouver or the Province of British Columbia say they did NOT want to be part of the bid. What they did was refuse to sign anything until they got an answer to a simple question: how much will this cost us? Not an unreasonable question.
  6. ted

    Victoria CPL

    Rob and Josh are the reason we are so excited about this project. The way they spoke of the future of the club in Victoria gave me chills of excitement. They will, I am sure, (re)connect with the local community in the long run. I think we might want to take it down, but only because it seems to have got the job done. We have heard from both groups and we feel that they have heard our concerns. We are hopeful that more dialogue is still possible.
  7. ted

    2026 WC Bid?

    Lock this thread! Lock this thread! Lock her up! Whoops, forgot which chant I was doing there.
  8. ted

    2026 WC Bid?

    This whole discussion is moot. The bid is over, done and won. Time to lock this thread and start something like: 2026 World Cup Preparations :)
  9. ted

    Victoria CPL

    We have born all that in mind are trying to make sure that YYJ4CanPL succeeds. I think that we can be in the league for 2019 and that if the Highlanders could have secured the required investment they should have done so. What we have instead was a last-minute change for the Lower Mainland group and good on them for switching to Victoria where I think they will have a better chance of success. That said, the tight timelines present challenges and building the connections to the local soccer community quickly will be crucial to that success. We support both groups. What we don't support is league staff who know nothing of the local market substituting their judgement for those with local knowledge. We are on board. All we want is the same kind of cooperation that Edmonton and Calgary got. In the former the established team joined the league, in the latter the established team remains in the PDL. We assume that that is more likely what will happen here and we are fine with that. It is not about them talking to us. It is about getting them to talk to each other openly, and with the best interests of soccer in this city.
  10. ted

    Victoria CPL

    How else were we supposed to get the attention of those who can make a change? How else are we supposed to get the attention of media and the casual supporters? Re: Josh we love him and looking forward to his return from Zurich to his hometown this summer after 15 years away.
  11. ted

    Victoria CPL

    And BTW I am totally stoked to see Josh, Rob and Dean at the helm of this club. They seem like the perfect majority owners for a CanPL team.
  12. ted

    Victoria CPL

    This is in no way a campaign AGAINST the YYJ4CANPL group. It is a campaign to get them to do the smart business move and work with the local club that already exists and knows the local busniess community. The Highlanders told the CanPL that they were not ready to move for 2019. They were consolidating a new ownership group and trying to rebuild the club after a couple of years of turmoil. The league (the "outsiders" in this conversation), then turned around and either encouraged or approved the group that was looking at the Lower Mainland to shift to Victoria. The ideal solution would have been for the this new YYJ4CanPL group to come in with the money they wanted to invest, and sit down with the Highlanders for some meetings. For some reason, as yet unspoken to us directly that did not happen. We think it should.
  13. As a Shaw subscriber I get the TSN online content for free.
  14. ted

    HFX Wanderers launch/2019 offseason thread

    OMG, now you are picking nits to the point of absurdity. The point is that fans chanting and singing etc was integral to the re-birth/salvation of the league that we now call MLS 2.0. Not necessarily about supporter groups that came to MLS or developed within MLS but about people making noise and creating an exciting atmosphere at games. An atmosphere that MLS still uses in it's markeint campaigns BTW. What the actual fuck? When did this become about me personally? This is not about me nor my personal contribution nor in fact about you and yours. I was talking about supporters in other cities. I have never been to BMO or Stade Saputo and have never been in the Southside for a Whitecaps game. If you think any of the three Canadian teams would be in MLS today without loud and boisterous supporters I think you are fooling yourself. Middle-aged men (like me) sitting quietly in the stands watching soccer never has and never will make professional soccer in North America sustainable. Doesn't mean I can't do that or it's not contributing, it just means that for more than my lifetime it has failed to sustain a pro league.
  15. ted

    HFX Wanderers launch/2019 offseason thread

    Not in North America in 2018 it doesn't. There is a direct line between loud and energetic supporters and the success of MLS 2.0. Without groups like the Southsiders, Red Patch Boys, etc in the stands in Montreal, Toronto and Vancouver there would have been no atmosphere. Bland sterility would have reigned that likely would have put the survival those teams at risk or even prevented investment in them. Are "utras" still crucial? Maybe not, but that is not the fucking point. Cushy seats for those who want to sit are a good idea. They are however way down on the priority list for 2019 and not expected by most of the target audience. (That said, you could probably build a marketing campaign around decent seating for casuals on the fence.) BTW if you identify as a "prawn-sandwich eater" then we have a problem, or at least a failure to agree definitions. When I use that term, I am referring to is casual fans who come to the game to eat fancy food, socialise with their friends, be seen at a match, anything other than actually watching the football. This is not an either-or situation: besides them and "ultras" I would identify regulars and casuals as general categories of people in the stands.