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  1. Doneil Henry

    well definitely wishing him all the best. If he got into form and stayed healthy he could make it back into the CMNT picture quickly
  2. Doneil Henry

    if he gets fit and comes back to mls it would be very interestiing. he'd be coming back to a completely different league than the one he left.
  3. Liam Millar

    As a guy who I imagine understands the Liverpool system far better than I ever would I have a question... How does this end? Does he get a sniff from the first team? Does he go on loan to a lower level team while they monitor him? Does he leave the system and go somewhere else completely? Just curious what your take is on this sort of prospect in the liverpool academy.
  4. CPL General

    I wasn't upset, just trying to joke around a bit. This thread is stale. Feel free not to read this post too.
  5. CPL General

    but if they can, and the big three then there's even more, and if you can make even smaller communities work, theres even more there. yay! but if you cant even make those work, there's less. BOO In conclusion, guessing about what can and can't work is dumb.
  6. Raheem Edwards

    I think we're quickly getting to a place where teams like TFC will field an entire starting line up of TAM and DP players. The idea of Morrow being a back up isn't that crazy when you consider 5.2 mill of TAM for a team as ambitious of Toronto FC. We are at the point now where the backups on great teams could be one of the best starters on good teams and the salary they make matters less and less. Side note: MLS as a developmental league is only going to get worse.
  7. Raheem Edwards

    If it was me probably Hagglund or Zavaleta. They're both the same sort of limited Skill set, athletic CB. But the other thing is the TAM infusion coming up too. On Extra Time Radio they said there will be 5.2 Million in TAM available to teams next year. There's a chance they sign someone better than Morrow who becomes a back up. It's a bummer but this is a far cry from the Mista signing.
  8. Raheem Edwards

    the good news is none of us have any clue where they want to play him.
  9. Raheem Edwards

    As a TFC fan this sucks. As a CMNT fan a chance to start for a coach famous for developing young players isn't exactly the worst fate in the world.
  10. Juan Guillermo Cordova

    he's due a call up again sometime soon.
  11. Raheem Edwards

    To that point i wouldn't be shocked if another team gave LAFC the TAM, GAM or whatever they wanted to get him. Seriously a left sided player of that calibre at that age and that low of a price is incredibly valuable in MLS.
  12. Alphonso Davies

    To this point I have a crazy personal theory that parity actually makes development harder and it's actually easier for the best teams in the league to play younger academy grads and such than the middle teams (which are roughyl 75% of the league) When a team like montreal or vancouver is fighting to make the playoffs you force managers into a situation of playing a solid vet over a kid who might be better in the long run but not as dependable in the moment. TFC for example, on the other hand can go into a game in the middle of the summer, on the road and throw a younger player or two into the game because they have such a strong and expensive core around them, and they're happy with a draw anyways. it sort of flips everything on its head from the way you see it in most leagues. This isn't something I'm willing to die on the sword for and I have zero stats to prove it, just a thought I've had for a while.
  13. Marco Bustos

    ...and Chivas
  14. Gloire Amanda

    Hope he lands somewhere he can continue to develop.
  15. Liam Millar

    This guy is my favorite thing about following this stupid, stupid program at the moment.