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  1. lazlo_80

    Saskatoon CanPL

    is it for sure going to be Saskatoon or is Regina still in the mix as well?
  2. lazlo_80

    Will the CSA increase MLS Canadian content rules

    No. But I do think you'll see the MLS loosening the rules so all Canadians are considered domestics.
  3. lazlo_80

    York 9 2019 launch/offseason thread

    Very well put. Thank you.
  4. lazlo_80

    York 9 2019 launch/offseason thread

    Do you think the branding of York 9 was Ill conceived? To your point if they don’t play in Newmarket will someone from Newmarket have any bond to the team or does the idea of York 9 fall flat to them?
  5. lazlo_80

    York 9 2019 launch/offseason thread

    Hey everyone, honest question here for York 9 fans and people from the York region. Do you consider yourself a proud York resident or a part of the GTA? Growing up in Hamilton we definitely felt seperate from the GTA and our own thing but I found people from some regions/cities felt closer to the GTA. Does that feeling apply to the average citizen of york or do you consider yourselves a distinct population? Asking this honestly and curious to see your thoughts.
  6. lazlo_80

    Alphonso Davies

    So you're saying Davies probably isn't going to Besiktas....
  7. lazlo_80

    Players you expect to see in the CPL

    If you are so low quality you can be traded for like for like you shouldn't be in the league. The fact you think these players either will be or should be in the league is a little scary to me. This isn't a charity they're running. Let me give you an example of how this player market works... Right now there's 64 Canadian players who have seen time in USL alone. assuming an 8 team league, in the USL alone you could potentially have 8 players come from that league and join the CPL. (8 x 8 = 64) BUT if you made the Canadian requirement 8 per team, every Canadian player and their agent knows you need to sign them hence a SELLERS MARKET. They can raise the price demands of the player. So instead the CanPL in an effort to reduce costs could make the Canadian requirement 4 per team. Suddenly agents and players know the CanPL doesn't need to sign them and can negotiate in a more even market, finding players that work from a talent level but also a budgetary level. This is why the Canadian quota will be set to ensure the league and it's teams doesn't need to sign overpriced Canadian players...or even worse "like-for-like" players who shouldn't even be in the league in the first place.
  8. lazlo_80

    Players you expect to see in the CPL

    Incorrect. That in fact would raise what agents could get as the demand outpaces supply. It's what's called a "sellers market"
  9. lazlo_80

    CPL General

    Correct. If it functions like SUM and Traffic do, they sell the rights to broadcasters...and you'll get more aggressive bids from broadcasters if Canada is in the world cup and games will be on at prime time slots.
  10. lazlo_80

    CPL General

    It's my understanding (and I could be wrong) C-Sum will now handle all media rights for National team events. The rights of a world cup in Canada with the national team in the big tourney versus a world cup in morocco in a weird time zone without the Canadian team is a major difference.
  11. lazlo_80

    CPL General

    One thing that just hit me now. The windfall for ownership of the CPL on the world cup coming is absolutely massive. With all the owners in the CPL also being owners in C-SUM they were all literally just handed tens of millions of dollars today with the World Cup going to the United bid. That in and of itself should goose up interest from potential owners in this league. It was a big, big, big deal for this league that they won this thing.
  12. lazlo_80

    CPL General

    I can't speak to how big it'll be, but you're always going to attract bigger deals from more established companies if you package your league all together rather than ask companies to chase down single team agreements.
  13. lazlo_80

    CPL General

    With an entity like this starting out of the gates you likely attract a bigger deal if it's a league wide deal. If I had to guess I imagine they're doing this at a number of levels. I hate to be anti-small business guy but I think this is a bigger deal than some people on here may think. If it's a small supplier—no matter how great the kits they make are—alot of people in the general public are going to see this league as suddenly less-than. If it's a supplier like Nike that brings a serious level of credibility to the league and becomes a bigger PR story for people who still think this could be a not-so-pro league.
  14. lazlo_80

    2026 WC Bid?

    So amazing!
  15. lazlo_80

    Players you expect to see in the CPL

    I think for the first year they may keep the CanCon requirement low as to not accidentally create a market where Canadians are unnecessarily overvalued. They'll likely want to ensure they have every bargaining chip with these players available to them. If agents know each team NEEDS 8 Canadian players or something like that suddenly it gives the agents and players too much leverage.