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  1. Symp_Res

    Kianz Froese

    And I get that. I am just asking if you know where I can find information on how Froese is doing. I have searched, and I laid out the information that I have found. I haven't found any information on his injury, or how he is progressing. I follow the Bundesliga and want to see how Canadians are doing in the league. Fortuna isn't exactly a sexy club. Their official website is in German and Japanese...neither of which I can understand, and any translation into English has no news on current injuries. So my question is: "Do you know of any links or websites that I can follow to keep track of how he is doing or progressing?" because I am having trouble figuring out where to get his information.
  2. Symp_Res

    Kianz Froese

    Right now, Froese is listed in the first team 23 in the 1. Bundesliga club, and ended last season in the 1st club in the 2. liga. I'm not finding a lot of info on Fortuna, let alone Kianz. Any info or links to what's happening with him?
  3. Symp_Res

    Alphonso Davies

    Fair enough. I did not want to get into this, but here goes. Davies' story is fantastic! I am not a Bayern fan, but I will be following them come January to see how Alphonso does in place of Ribery or Robben (or Coman, etc.). It's very exciting for Canadian Soccer. I hope that Alphonso inspires kids in Canada and the United States (mostly Canada to be honest) to follow their dreams. However the fact is, Davies was part of the Free Footie program in Edmonton. A program that allows families to put their children into soccer without requiring thousands of dollars to join a high performance program. Without that program, Davies may not be where he is in his career. THAT should be the norm in gassroots soccer, and all sports for that matter. NOT pay to play. That should be the conversation. How can we give kids the opportunity to develop their skills and passion for the game, regardless of their economic realities. Davies beat all the odds. IT'S NOT ABOUT RACE! That was never my intention, and I'm sorry if it came across like that. I am not looking for a political debate. I obviously did not get my point across in my post, and do not want to get into politics. Here is the last statement I will make on this issue: 1. ALL kids should find inspiration from Alphonso Davies; 2. The CSA, provincial associations, and local associations should work together to use programs like Free Footie as a model of how to engage kids and youth, and use that to advance Canadian Soccer. Unfortunately from my experience, that is far from reality; and 3. This is a question of economic realities. Again, I'm sorry it came to this and it was never my intention. I just don't understand how this is a racial issue, and how a player - Jozy Altidore - who is making a living in Canada playing soccer can bring race into the conversation. Alphonso Davies is a reason to celebrate, and a reason to hope that kids will look up to him and want to follow in his footsteps. But that takes everyone involved in Canadian Soccer and has NOTHING TO DO WITH RACE!
  4. Symp_Res

    Alphonso Davies

  5. There was no push back after the US goal. The Yanks pushed the ball around and there was no urgency from the Canadians to get it back and attack. Anyways, on to the next one!
  6. Veey poor defending off the corner leads to a US goal
  7. Half time 0-0. Much better after the water break. The Canadians came into the game. Huitema is very dangerous on the counter and any time she gets the ball at her feet and has a chance to run at defenders. Americans looking a little rattled through that stretch of play trying to draw fouls. Very sloppy play from the ladies in the last 5 minutes of the half.
  8. Water break, first half. Lots of high press from the US. Its causing Canada all sorts of trouble. Some nice saves from the keeper to keep it 0-0. Canada trying to play it out of trouble, but making poor decisions through the middle of the pitch. Not taking the easy pass to the outside to break the pressure.
  9. Symp_Res

    Winnipeg CPL Team

    Great job people of Winnipeg!!! Might have to adopt them until Sask gets their shiite together...I can handle a 7 hour road trip a couple of times a year.
  10. Symp_Res

    CPL General

    I seem to remember an article referring to it as a Right-of-Way. That would indicate to me that the power company has not only overhead lines but lines buried along that stretch of land as well. A quick Google Map search shows that there is a transformer sitting in that area too. Typically, a permanent structure cannot be built in a Right-of-Way and the owner has the right to go in and dig up any of the burried lines required to make repairs or upgrades as needed. The asphalt parking lot would not be considered a permanent structure, but I would suspect that any kind of bleachers would fall into the 'permanent' category. They may be looking at moving all of their underground lines to accomodate the bleachers which would of course justify the rmoured price tag. Of course this is just speculation on my part and I have no personal knowledge of the area, so please take the above with a grain of salt.
  11. Good game from the ladies. They hung on a bit at the end, but they controlled a lot of the game. Some very nice movement off the ball in the attacking third as well. It's nice to see all of our national teams start to play some technical soccer for a change. Now go beat the Americans!
  12. Symp_Res

    CPL General

    To risk the scorn and ridicule of my compatriots for quoting myself...I do believe this is relevant to the following comment: Props to the Lobby in Regina. It was absolutely packed for the Champions League final yesterday. There is a real passion and love for soccer in this city and province... GET 'ER DONE!!
  13. Symp_Res

    CPL General

    I find myself so excited to see this league come together. I'm excited for the Cities that are getting a team, and I am really looking forward to what the league will mean for Canadian players and the National team. However, I can't help but be disappointed that living in Saskatchewan, I won't have a local team to cheer for. A team to get behind. In one sense it's like any other North American sports league where you cheer for a team that represents a city where you can't be there in person. You may have a connection to a team for one reason or another, but you can never really "support" them. Please City of Regina and City of Saskatoon...get your shit together and join the movement!
  14. Symp_Res

    CPL General

    This has to happen! And he looked down from Calvary and said "Let it be so"
  15. Symp_Res

    CPL General

    Damn straight, that term should be reserved for the ONLY club that the deserves that moniker...Der Effzeh - FC Koln! I do like "The Eddies" though.