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  1. Nice try matty. But we all know that the recent uptick in performances is largely due to Hoilett and Arfield joining Canada. And one of them is Scottish! CPL is still a concept although of course we have high hopes. As for the hiring of a very decent foreign coach...
  2. Yes, and it was obviously a success as the next one will also apparently have 16 teams! It is "meant" to provide more competitive matches for CONCACAF teams. There is no reason it could not be the CONCACAF championship, in the event the Gold Cup were discontinued. I'm sure you are not alone in wanting to continue the Gold Cup. I just think a Pan American tournament with qualifying would be bigger and better and unfortunately I don't see room for both. Not to worry though, politics and narrow minded self interest will ensure it never happens! But lets be real about the Gold Cup for a moment. It is really nothing more than a CONCACAF fundraiser. Its billing as the CONCACAF Championship is a bit of a joke, given that the same team gets home advantage every time, not to mention the erratic occurrences and the weakened teams during the business end of WCQ.
  3. Good article, thanks. I don't see any mention of qualifying though. Reading between the lines, CONCACAF would be second citizens in that all CONMEBOL teams are automatically in but only the top 6 from CONCACAF.
  4. It would be 16 teams. The Copa America in its current form is sometimes 16 teams. So the quality would not be diluted. It would not be played in the US every time. Countries would bid to host it, just like the Euros. Personally, I am a bit of a fan of co-hosting. I'll save the reasons for another day. Edit: The downside is that there would not be any official CONCACAF championship. But that is where the CONCACAF Nations League comes in!!
  5. I was envisioning a quadrennial pan american tournament that would parallel the Euros, as I mentioned above. It would have a qualifying tournament so that nobody would be guaranteed a place (except the host(s)). All CONCACAF and CONMEBOL teams would be invited to play in the qualifying event. The Gold Plate Cup would be scrapped. Is that pretty close to the rumoured 2020 tournament? If so, I am impressed!
  6. No. But that is up to FIFA, who want teams from all across the globe represented at the World Cup. A policy which I agree with. But this is no reason that the two American confederations could not have an American tournament once every 4 years. I think all fans of all teams would enjoy it.
  7. Labbe is a decent keeper. I prefer my keepers to be a bit taller and her handling of the ball and decision making can be a bit suspect. But she is a good shot stopper and that is an important attribute. And, as others have mentioned, we do not have anyone else who is clearly better. I think it is a fair point for discussion though. If we are hoping to be world #1 then this is certainly one of our weaker positions at the moment.
  8. Or the recently completed WCQ. I think anybody can draw up a rough ranking that all will accept. e.g. Mexico > Canada. Canada > Bermuda. Then three international windows (6 matches per team) will be more than enough to sort out the boundary cases. Excellent decision to sort it out this way rather than using the bogus FUFA rankings.
  9. In addition to this Nations League, I'd really like to see CONCACAF just ditch the Gold Plate Cup and instead join with South America to have a true Copa America (vs. Copa South America) once every 4 years, to parallel the Euros. 16 teams in the finals, following the format of early World Cups. With a major qualifying tournament, just like the Euros. Would be beneficial for everybody.
  10. As I mentioned above though, UEFA has Euro qualifying every 4 years, so CONCACAF has more dates available (10 every 4 years = 5 per 2 years). A 10 game round robin every 2 years amounts to an extra 5 matches per year. Without looking at a calendar that seems very do-able. Edit: So the UEFA version has 6 match days per 2 year cycle and another 5 match days average for Euro qualifiers. That gives us 11 match days to work with.
  11. Here is another possibility -- that would cater to Mexico: 41 teams = 6 groups of 6 teams and 1 group of 5 teams. Each cycle is a round robin between all teams in the same group. D1: One group of 6. Bottom team is relegated. 5th place team enters promotion/relegation play-off. D2: Two groups of 6. Group winners play-off and winner is promoted. Loser plays-off against D1 5th place: winner plays in D1, loser in D2. Bottom team in each group is relegated. 5th place in each group enters promotion/relegation play-off. D3: Three groups of 6 and one group of 5. Four group winners are paired and play-off. The two winners are promoted. Two losers are paired with D2 5th place teams and play-off. Winners play in D2, losers in D3.
  12. Fair points. My concern is that we don't have the tail wagging the dog by designing this whole thing just so that it is best for Mexico. That is how we got here in the first place.
  13. My expectation is that those games will be used to determine the borderline cases between D1, D2, and D3. And now that I have actually read the announcement: 41 teams = 6 groups of 6 teams and 1 group of 5 teams. Each cycle is a round robin between all teams in the same group. D1: 2 groups of 6. Two group winners play off for championship (maybe 1 vs 2 cross-over semis first). Bottom team in each group is relegated (maybe 5th vs 6th cross-over relegation matches). D2. 2 groups of 6. Top team in each group is promoted (or maybe a 2 vs. 1 cross over play-off to determine 2 promoted teams). Bottom team in each group relegated; 5th place teams play-off and loser relegated. D3. 2 groups of 6, 1 group of 5. Top team in each group promoted. Alternative D2/D3 Promotion/Relegation: D3: Three 2nd place teams and best 3rd place team are paired and play-off. The 2 winners play-off against the two D2 5th place teams and the two winners play in D2 next cycle.
  14. I guess even a blind squirrel occasionally gets a nut! Can obviously take a while but here we are!
  15. From the link posted earlier which, shamefully, I only just noticed: To seed teams into their respective leagues, the League of Nations will begin with a preliminary series of matches played across four different dates beginning in September 2018. So the bogus FUFA rankings will not determine the top group, thankfully. We are definitely better than 10th! (Sorry, got a bit off topic there. Please return to discussing U23, U21, and MLS.)