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  1. Canucks Abroad board

    Just in case you don't know, we already track youth players on http://www.thevoyageurs.org/mother-of-all-canadians-abroad-list/ under "Youth Abroad".
  2. Actually he got in touch with me and said they didn't come to terms in the end and the deal is off.
  3. Russia World Cup 2018 Tickets & Planning

    Out of curiosity, when was your credit card charged? I am still hoping to be, but I am losing hope. Once you are charged, you're fine. The confirmation always comes a couple of days later.
  4. Russia World Cup 2018 Tickets & Planning

    Today is the day that FIFA charges the credit cards of the ticket applicants. Been checking my pending transactions every 5 minutes. Nothing yet!
  5. Ottawa CPL Club

    There is also this:
  6. Ottawa Fury 2017 Season in USL

    I wanted to hug Bruce after that interview. Hit the nail on the head for every subject he was asked about.
  7. Ottawa Fury 2017 Season in USL

    Can't even agree with that.
  8. I've applied for all quarter final, semi-final and final match this time around. I'm going to go with my Dad again, and he wants to combine the world cup with a long train-journey through Russia, e.g. the Trans-Siberian Express. Anyone else planning on going to Russia?
  9. So how are people liking the format of the google document and the frequency of updates over the last two years?
  10. Good work man, must have taken a lot of work! Many players I haven't even heard of.
  11. CPL General

    There is now a #CanPL discord server. Because why not?
  12. Julian de Guzman

    Good luck finding that "someone else". For anyone paying attention this is no surprise whatsoever.
  13. Julian de Guzman

    Have you watched them over the last 1.5 years? Should be self-explanatory.
  14. Julian de Guzman

    Three coaches in 4 years (and possibly beyond that) isn't a big deal. Nobody wanted to keep PD... that's for sure.
  15. Yeah I saw that too. They are still waiting for some kind of paperwork.