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  1. Good work man, must have taken a lot of work! Many players I haven't even heard of.
  2. There is now a #CanPL discord server. Because why not?
  3. Good luck finding that "someone else". For anyone paying attention this is no surprise whatsoever.
  4. Have you watched them over the last 1.5 years? Should be self-explanatory.
  5. Three coaches in 4 years (and possibly beyond that) isn't a big deal. Nobody wanted to keep PD... that's for sure.
  6. Yeah I saw that too. They are still waiting for some kind of paperwork.
  7. I believe this was Adam Straith's transfer to Sportfreunde Lotte. The agent spilled the beans a little too early and deleted the tweet.
  8. Came here to say this.
  9. One of our twitter followers, who saw the game live, had this to say: https://twitter.com/RStSebastian/status/892871312158457856 I'm not sure why my post won't embed the link.
  10. Horrible debut. 5:0 loss to Energie Cottbus. I don't think the goals were his fault, except for one, where a rebound from his save went straight to an opposing player, who crossed it in, and that lead to a goal.
  11. I send you a PM with an email you can contact.
  12. This
  13. I don't trust that source one bit.
  14. To that argument, I say, have a look at www.canucks-abroad.ca and you will see we'll have no trouble finding those players.
  15. In The bild article there is a picture of him arriving with his Lok bag, lol