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  1. No Carducci.. if we’re going young and with two keepers it’s Busti and Crepeau. One to cynically cap tie and the other because he’s earned it.
  2. Keegan

    Jacob Shaffelburg

    How good is this kid? If he’s just going to play u19 I think it would be better to stay on the North American route. Having a GA deal and being a top pick is almost guaranteed to get him playing time at a good level even if I’m not the biggest MLS fan.. of course the question becomes what happens if you’re good enough to leave. Then again if he does go to Germany what are the chances he gets a summer loan to Halifax? Now that would be amazing.. also nice that he apparently caught the eye of Düsseldorf.
  3. Keegan

    Jonathan David

    Be honest, who here has actually seen him play with Gent? I love the insight but have to admit I haven’t seen anything outside of highlights. At 5”9 and as a clinical finisher he definitely seems to be something different than what we have..
  4. Keegan

    Federico Rafael Pena

    From the article I posted his background is futsal and Gent was trying to convert him to the field.. hopefully he can be the next Osorio. Wonder what the story behind the move was if he was a “project”? Who bailed on who? Standard Liège is a big club so it may have been him..
  5. Well that’s not surprising nothing changed whatsoever for the fans. Hamilton/York v Toronto would be a whole different ball game.. and maybe it will get old but at the same time don’t we want a derby at least once a year?
  6. Would love to see this just so MLS loses their minds.
  7. Keegan

    Jonathan David

    Also Trinidad and Tobago.. I found him from David’s Instagram but his profile now says Standard Liège (and has trini, Portuguese and Canadian flag). Can’t find anything on him being at standard but his profile pic looks to be him playing a match.
  8. Keegan

    Jonathan David

    “I have special players in my team who are eligible. Jonathan David is one of them. He is Canadian international (U18), trains now but will soon be returning to Canada to finish his studies. He is eligible to play from January, but he also gives a very strong impression. Then we have another Canadian, Federico Mendes-Peña. He has a very technical profile and played a lot of futsal in Canada, so we are trying to transform him into a field player. But on offensive level he has a huge action in the feet. There are of course still work points but the will to learn is there. " Anyone know who Mendes-Pena is? This is from last years match program.
  9. Keegan

    Jonathan David

    The coach is trying to keep him grounded but at this point you have to unleash him or it’ll be even worse. Any other player from 20 to 45 would be starting if they put up those numbers so you’re sending a poor message continually protecting him. Let him start.. wait for him to go cold and then bring him back down.
  10. Keegan

    General - CONCACAF Nations League

    After watching our U23B team run over Guyana and Grenada it’ll be interesting to see how the full squad does here. They always seem to underwhelm aside from that one match in st Lucia.
  11. Keegan

    Jonathan David

    Does he? I mean I’m sure he’ll play for us but I’ve read he feels Haitian.. no joke. https://translate.googleusercontent.com/translate_c?depth=1&nv=1&rurl=translate.google.com&sl=auto&sp=nmt4&tl=en&u=https://m.sportowefakty.wp.pl/pilka-nozna/771668/el-le-jonathan-david-fenomenalny-nastolatek-podbil-serca-kibicow-kaa-gent&xid=17259,15700021,15700124,15700126,15700149,15700168,15700186,15700190,15700201&usg=ALkJrhhhz4_ZYVpuyDb06iqZRKtjvuQ4TA
  12. I’m pretty confident in saying that 5 goals in your first 90 minutes as a teenager in top flight football is a record somehow someway..
  13. We definitely need to expand this tournament ASAP.. you know it's bad when even die hards are starting to get bored. The previous 2 seasons featured some crazy finishes and 2015 was the Whitecaps breakthrough but this year really showed that the tournament needs to grow. The early rounds are the best part! Early on it would be great to have teams qualify by region similar to the USA so that we can have Hamilton, York 9 and TFC play some L1O teams and then each other. Similarly have Halifax, Ottawa and Montreal play some local champs... Winnipeg, Edmonton, Calgary and Victoria, Vancouver. When you do it this way over time it will probably become cheap but for now at least it's a good way to get things rolling. Cheap costs for smaller clubs and the inevitable path that leads to derbies between CPL clubs and their local MLS team. So you either get a major upset or a CPL/MLS derby.
  14. Free Kick you’re wrong mate sorry to tell you. Jaime Peters played for the men in 2004 and played for the u20s up until 2007. Will Johnson was capped for the MNT in 2005 and played u20 until 2007. Cyle Larin, Jordan Hamilton, Doneil Henry, Samuel Piette as well.. I know there are more but I’m too lazy to look right now.
  15. I would be fine with the u20s going as prep for their qualifying BUT for the fact we haven’t played any matches.. we can’t screw out main guys any further than they already have been. The young guys had camp in January, June and will hopefully have another before their November qualifying. Lets see what bullshit the CSA pulls. Bottom line is people are getting screwed, we just don’t know who yet. How brilliant would it be to call 40 players half u20 and half above and then have them battle to play the qualifier + send guys you want cap tied and then come back and have an intra squad friendly (since we’re too cheap to get a real one). We need a solution here.. and yet the media is silent.