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  1. BuzzAndSting

    Doneil Henry

  2. BuzzAndSting

    Doneil Henry

    You’re right, we should not call him for the foreseeable future. We have good depth at the position and many CBs playing regularly so we can afford to lose DH. /s.
  3. BuzzAndSting

    General - CONCACAF Nations League

    3 wins and a greater than +10 GD.
  4. BuzzAndSting

    Jonathan Osorio

    Well spoken when talking to Vic. Kudos. On a related note, Vic is brutal now. Referred to the CPL as the “Canadian Soccer League” when talking to Steven Reed.
  5. BuzzAndSting

    Tommy Robinson imprisonment

    “General Off-Topic Discussion”
  6. BuzzAndSting

    Tommy Robinson imprisonment

    Had to look up who he was, banned for 3 years from attending football matches because of hooliganism.
  7. Well prepare to be surprised.
  8. BuzzAndSting

    Jonathan David

    I remember that but we don’t have any young RBs who have been playing regularly for more than a few months and we have important games coming up.
  9. BuzzAndSting

    Jonathan David

    I agree but I’d rather EE who’s playing regularly at a decent level than guys playing out of position or guys who are barely playing.
  10. BuzzAndSting

    Jonathan David

    Why does no one even consider Eddie Edwards at RB?
  11. BuzzAndSting

    CPL General

    So Business in Vancouver article states the 8th team will be announced “later this month.”
  12. BuzzAndSting

    Jonathan David

    Not really. If the same algorithm is applied to all players their value as posted may not be accurate in relation to real dollars but they would be relative to other players. In theory at least.
  13. BuzzAndSting

    Jonathan David

    I don’t think those values are updated in real time. I think it will change Aug 15.
  14. BuzzAndSting

    Alphonso Davies

    Here’s where we could use some of those moderators we’ve been talking about.
  15. BuzzAndSting

    TFC 2018

    Remember when they smoked our own keeper in a WCQ?
  16. BuzzAndSting

    CPL General

    The president of the Ottawa Fury is John Pugh. He is also a partner in OSEF and is on the CSA board.
  17. BuzzAndSting

    HFX Wanderers launch/2019 offseason thread

    Atlantic Selects come from behind twice to tie at 2-2 and then win on PKs.
  18. BuzzAndSting

    Calgary launch/2019 offseason thread

    I would prefer the lower green portion to have an angled top edge pointed towards the collar.
  19. BuzzAndSting

    TFC 2018

    I haven’t watched much of him other than a couple games with the US and TFCII but would I put Reid ahead of Akinola at this point.
  20. BuzzAndSting

    NEW Mother of all Canadians Abroad

    Some kid named Davies just signed a transfer to Bayern in Germany.
  21. BuzzAndSting

    Canadians abroad: July 20-26, 2018

    Jonathan David, born in 2000 Canadian power plant. He just took 45 minutes intothe Gent-Strasbourg match. My first impressions were very positive: mobile, fast, good control of the environment, constant stopper and midfield players pass option and made the winners generally positive.
  22. BuzzAndSting

    Ballou Tabla

    Hot take.
  23. BuzzAndSting

    CPL General

    I don’t think BBTB was questioning whether OFFC were in, just stating that when it will be official is still a big question mark.
  24. BuzzAndSting

    Herdman new head coach

    Herdman never called out any player, he mentioned that some players aren’t passionate about wearing the jersey. When thinking about this sentiment, one of the first things that comes to mind is Kevin McKenna saying at halftime “We have to stop the bleeding.” Not exactly passionate words from your captain. Maybe there’s been an apathy in the program that no one has cared about until now.