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  1. New kit deal with Adidas

    Ohhhhhhh okay, now I get it, you're completely naive and out of the loop. So they're not going to actually have just two teams in the league. There's already ownership groups announced in three other provinces and another in Ontario. The Faths have been attending meetings and the Fury have talked positively of the league. They have a head office in Toronto and have begun to hire employees. I'm not sure what you expect at this point but you have no reason to doubt anything. Feel free to check the CPL General thread and read the dozens of articles about the league and it's teams posted there. Also be sure to check out the numerous interviews different owners, league officials and insiders have done.
  2. New kit deal with Adidas

    You know they have actually put a league together right? I want to mark this comment so I can come back to it in a few months.
  3. RIP Gord Downie

    Although we knew this was coming it's still very difficult. The Hip shaped my generation and Gord impacted us with his charisma, passion and talent. I'll never forget the shows at Another Roadside Attraction, Woodstock 99, Bluesfest and all the hockey rinks. Rest in peace Gord.
  4. CPL General

    PB has always said they want to be a "coast to coast" league so I think this is what we're seeing.
  5. Hanson Boakai

    FC UTA Arad currently sit 16th of 20 in Liga II, the Romanian second division. Historically a strong club that began a decline in the 1980s that culminated with it's dissolution in 2014. A fan initiative revived the club and they had risen from Liga IV to finish 3rd in Liga II last season. They currently play in a 2000 seat stadium while their main 8000 seat stadium is being renovated. The entirety of the organization's first team, second team and technical staff is made up of Romanians except for 1 Bosnian and 2 Macedonians with the first team, and of course Boakai. Very interesting move, let's hope his career gets back on track.
  6. CPL General

    Not sure what your point is and it doesn't seem like you've actually watched the video so I don't know why you're speculating on the meaning of it's content. "How much CPL info is out there but you can't really report on it? Quite a bit. You have the side conversations, you meet with people. I think there's a lot more happening than has been reported but the problem is, the reason it's not being reported is because some things aren't, you know, 100% set in stone you know. I think they want to have 10 teams lined up across the country. The question is, the problem in reporting that is, and really releasing that kind of information or even the league coming out with that information is that nothing is signed, sealed and delivered. So I think there's a lot of things, a lot exciting things, going on behind the scenes, the more I hear about it the more excited I am, the stadiums in Halifax, the stadiums in Saskatoon or Regina, and other regions that are more, have big soccer fan bases but are under represented right now via Major League Soccer. There's a lot of stuff that's going to come out, it's just a matter of when..."
  7. CPL General

    "There's a lot stuff that's going to come out, it's just a matter of when. Do you report it during MLS playoffs? Probably not. Do you wait till after the new year? That would be my thinking because then you're going to have the news cycle all to yourself but, Mike, I think there's a lot of stuff out there that's going to come out sooner, it's going to surprise and make a lot of fans in the Toronto area, the Vancouver are, and other cities pretty happy." Take from that what you will. I take it that there's a major announcement coming soon and that he believes it will happen in the new year.
  8. CPL General

    I was speaking of a much larger scope than just financial losses. It seems that there's only 4 options; 1. Stick with the NASL for next year and potentially beyond. All indications are that this isn't happening but who knows. 2. Move to the USL for next season or longer. This flies in the face of what Sandor has reported regarding the Fath's view of the USL and his own personal opinion as a very well informed insider. 3. Take a season off and wait for the CPL. As mentioned, the losses I was speaking of would be much broader than just financial. Assuming you want to maintain your key front office personnel and your key players this requires running the business in some form or another without generating revenue. It also means you'd take a major step back in sponsorship and ticket sales. This seems a very unlikely scenario. 4. Join the CPL for a launch in 2018. Seemingly now this is unlikely. I think the 2018 launch may still be on. Larson said as late as last week that he thinks there will be a major announcement just after the new year, that would be very early for a 2019 launch but almost perfect for a 2018 launch. In terms of Edmonton it has to be one of 2 or 4 in my opinion, they're the only two that make sense.
  9. CPL General

    There's no way they take a year off, that would incur so many losses from players, staff, ticket sales, sponsorships... The only alternative is USL but as Sandor has said a few times the Faths are very much against the business model and there's no way he sees them ending up there.
  10. CPL General

    The only thing that doesn't fit with the 2019 narrative is that there's no way Edmonton would take a year off. And they won't go to the USL.
  11. CPL General

    At first I read that as both SF and Edmonton both wanting to join the CPL!
  12. CPL General

    So interesting takeaways; - "A lot more happening" behind the scenes, "a lot of exciting things" but can't be reported on because it's not "sign, sealed and delivered." - Believes that there will be announcements after the new year when the CPL would "have the news cycle to themselves." - "There's a lot of stuff out there that's going to come out sooner, I think it's going to surprise and make a lot fans in the Toronto area, the Vancouver area and other cities pretty happy." And we know Rheo's real name!
  13. CPL General

    So with more little tidbits dropping from BC and Halifax, isn't this the kind of info the doubters have said should be leaking if the CPL is legit?!
  14. Canada's Friendlies

    Didn't we draw well at BMO for Peru and Ecuador? Would Chile be much worse than those two countries?