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    Roberto Stillo

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    Roberto Stillo

    Perugia -Paganese
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    Roberto Stillo

    L'Aquila-Perugia: L'Aquila-Perugia Intervista :
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    Roberto Stillo

    Exclusive Interview with Robert Stillo - http://catenacciona.blogspot.ca/2014/03/catenaccio-special-feature-interview.html http://www.italianfootballdaily.com/exclusive-interview-with-robert-stillo/#.Uy2d_6LpySq
  5. yes another juve fan hehe. no need for remorse here. everyone got what was coming to them, some more than others. i see more achievement than the middle table, behind milan? not the way things are going for milan now. roberto has much of his family here as he is from the GTA. i keep in contact with him from week to week to see how he and the team is doing. he has great potential in italy much of which of course he could not acquire here in canada. many teams in italy were happy to take a look at his skills while here in canada he was snubbed. i dont think he knows anyone personally that is playing there, hes had to make it on his own starting a life abroad. the team had their first game of the season 2 weeks ago and won 1-0, against who? i dont know. but they play juve this sun in torino. very proud cousin, Luca
  6. BigBird, that young talented goalkeeper (Robert Stillo) just so happens to be my cousin, who is currently playing with the genoa alievi