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  1. Yes, getting a player who put up two of the best years by any player ever in MLS and turning around the the worst team in the league on every level was a real mistake.
  2. No. They are also in a playoff spot by PPG and had a good cup run this year. Maybe someone else has some thoughts.
  3. What was wrong with Daiglish? There's almost no discussion of this team anywhere online.
  4. Jordan Hamilton needs to be moved on after this season is over. He's not going to play over Giovinco and Altidore but his age, domestic status, cheap contract and good /90 numbers mean that someone else in the league would surely love to get him in their lineup. If I was him I would force the issue as much as possible.
  5. Toia as well. The Impact are like if this forum tried to run a club.
  6. The West is as weak as it has been in recent memory. I agree the 'caps have good depth and they should be shooting for a home playoff game in the first round.
  7. http://aftn.ca/episode-213-the-aftn-soccer-show/ Long discussion and interview with and about Straith and the 'caps.
  8. I don't know what a TFCIII contract is vs. a TFC 2 contract, but, he appears to be getting paid by Toronto to play soccer so that's a good sign.
  9. Dante Campbell signs professional contract July 26, 20171:12PM EDT Toronto FC Communications PREVIOUS NEXT Dante Campbell has signed a professional contract with Toronto FC III. This contract also makes the defender eligible to play for Toronto FC II. “We are excited to sign another Academy player to a professional contract. This will allow Dante to continue his growth and development in a professional environment,” said Toronto FC II Head Coach Jason Bent. “He has represented both the Toronto FC Academy and Canadian youth National team at multiple tournaments and we are excited to see if the player can make further strides over the next 18 months. Campbell, 18, has appeared in four matches, starting in two while logging 210 minutes this season for Toronto FC II as a call up from the Toronto FC Academy team. He made his professional debut for Toronto FC II as a substitute on July 31, 2016, against Bethlehem Steel FC. Campbell joined the TFC Academy at the age of 13. He has represented the Academy at numerous international tournaments including the 69th Viareggio Cup with Toronto FC III. He recently represented Canada at the 2017 CONCACAF Men's Under-20 Championship in San José, Costa Rica. Campbell also represented Canada at the 2015 CONCACAF Men’s Under-17 Championship in San Pedro Sula, Honduras.
  10. Made the USL '20 under 20' for the second year in the row, this time at #4: USL 20 Under 20 – No. 4: Shaan Hundal By USLSoccer.com Staff, 07/25/17, 3:29PM EDT Share CANADA U20 INTERNATIONAL CONTINUES TO IMPRESS IN SECOND USL SEASON Toronto FC II standout Shaan Hundal is the fourth player to retain his place on the USL 20 Under 20 this year, and the Canada U20 international forward has made a substantial move up from his No. 13 position a year ago. Having turned 18 years of age earlier this month, Hundal’s numbers have plateaued slightly since finishing tied for the team-high with six goals a year ago, but the upside he possesses is still evident every time he steps on the field. Given the upswing the player he finished tied with on goal for TFC II a season ago – recent Canada call-up Raheem Edwards – has been on, Hundal is looking to push himself for club and country and become Toronto’s next standout Homegrown product. “It gives me a lot of hope that if players I’ve played with are doing it, I’m not too far from doing it,” Hundal said earlier this year before the 2017 CONCACAF U20 Championship. “Every day when I go to practice I see what I can take off them and to learn off them and use the tips they give to me and put them to use.” With the opportunity to represent the Canada U20s again in two years, time is on Hundal’s side as he seeks that next level. NO. 4 – SHAAN HUNDAL, TORONTO FC II Photo courtesy Martin Bazyl / Toronto FC II - Six goals in 37 USL regular-season appearances - One goal, 90% passing accuracy at 2017 CONCACAF U20 Championship - No. 13 in 2016 USL 20 Under 20 - Eligible for Canada U20 National Team in 2019 TopDrawerSoccer.com Scouting Report Canada’s experience at the 2017 CONCACAF U20 Championship wasn’t the greatest collectively, but Shaan Hundal certainly upped his stock individually. Hundal's goal against Antigua & Barbuda helped the side earn its only win of the tournament as he put in a standout all-around display, cementing the sort of promise everyone in the Toronto FC front office no doubt expects from the Homegrown prospect. As a dropping forward, Hundal likes to rope in the midfield, and he has the feet to do it. The bonus with Hundal is how young he started. He’ll have plenty of pro experience by his 18th birthday, which will give him that much more professional confidence. FOLLOW THE USL
  11. That Sigma team could definitely give a game to some higher level teams in the V. Cup.
  12. One of the really neat things of these charts is that they also point out the top three players in xGChain, which, long story short, is a great measure of overall importance to chanc generation: here it was Hoiller, Davies and Bernier with the gold, silver and bronze stars.
  13. Colin Miller and Carl Robinson have really ridden those English accents and gaffer tropes to far-too-long careers.
  14. Bradley is probably the best non-striker in the league and a top-10 if not top-5 player overall. His usage rate is insane (regularly gets close to 100 touches a game), he is left on a defensive island in an attacking 4-4-2, he's a great passer, has a great workrate, and, as you mentioned, helped bring a winning mentality to the team that never existed before.
  15. MLS is famously kept alive by franchise fees and Mexican and US national team broadcast rights (in that order) via SUM in the states. Canadian SUM is being looked at it the same way, but there's no lucrative Mexico equivalent that will provide that same cash cow.