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  1. CPL General

    If FC Edmonton is the only team to leave for another league this year, they likely have to pay that NASL exit fee we heard so much about last year with Ottawa. So, either they pay the exit fee and the costs for running the club without a league for a year (or more) or they sign the LoI with NASL and must share in the litigation costs and keeping a club running for a season that may or may not happen. Doesn't sound like a lot of good choices for the Faths.
  2. CPL General

    When does Edmonton have to tell the NASL when they are playing by? As mentioned by others, NISA is just a pipe dream at this point.
  3. CPL General

    Well, and basically taken as reality on this thread for a while now.
  4. CPL General

    AFTN reported on the latest podcast that the CPL have essentially given up on the 2018 start and are planning for 2019.
  5. CPL General

    OK, here's the actual source, Nipun Chopra, as expected: Nipun Chopra, PhD‏ @NipunChopra7 4h4 hours ago More Replying to @NipunChopra7 @sfdeltas When the league submitted its D2 applicatn to USSF, it did not count Deltas or Edmonton; who informed league of interest to join CPL.
  6. CPL General

    Canucks Abroad‏ @Canucks_Abroad 1h1 hour ago More Reports circling that @FCEdmontonNow have informed @naslofficial of their intent to leave & join @CPLsoccer #CanPL
  7. Whitecaps2 2017

    Michael McColl vs. Steve Sandor is like a Ford Mustang vs. a rusted shopping cart with a missing wheel. Some important parts from the AFTN article: [...] For those non MLS players that sign with Fresno, they will be on Whitecaps USL contracts, allowing the players to be called up for Canadian Championship games and the Champions League (whenever we qualify again). It should also be noted that the ‘Caps can only have rights on three of their USL players, whether they’re playing for a team in Vancouver or anywhere else. This was the case with WFC2. The rest have the freedom to sign with anyone unless the ‘Caps put them on their discovery list, which with the limited number of players able to be put on that isn’t going to be wasted on development team players. [...] Although there are no restrictions to Canadian players on the Fresno team, there will also not be any guarantee of minutes for them. Gone will be the “you have to start six Canadians” rule mandated by the CSA. I was never a fan of this to begin with. Players should be played because they deserve it, not because of their passport and in my opinion that held WFC2 back in the environment they were playing in. What this means for the ‘Caps Canadians is that they now have to be just that – good enough. Gone will be their soft surroundings, home comforts and the knowledge that if they didn’t start this week, they would the next. They now have to fight for their place. They have to earn it. They have to be the best they can be and that can only be a good thing for both the Whitecaps and the players. [...] Fresno will be useful for the 'caps first team, maybe not too much less than the dedicated team. Paying a lot of money for the 'caps second tier prospects to lose every week wasn't doing much more for the first team than the old Charleston affiliation did and they now have the games on Youtube along with Rich Fagan involved in coaching the team. I don't think this move is that detrimental in the end. The CSA poisoned the well on these second teams from the start with those dumb quotas and it's pretty clear that the CSA doesn't mind USL and PDL teams folding, clearing the market for the CPL to come in.
  8. Can't keep this guy down. Fresno will be the Whitecaps affiliate in 2018.
  9. Yallop Appointed General Manager in Fresno By USLSoccer.com Staff, 06/07/17, 7:12PM EDT Share PROSPECTIVE USL EXPANSION CLUB ADDS EXPERIENCED LEADER TO STAFF FRESNO, Calif. – Ray Beshoff, the lead investor for a new professional soccer club in Fresno, Calif. which has applied for membership in the USL, announced on Tuesday the hiring of Frank Yallop as the club’s General Manager. “I am delighted to introduce Frank Yallop as the General Manager of Fresno’s new professional soccer team,” said Beshoff. “I have known Frank for many years and have always been impressed with his outstanding work ethic, commendable character and unquestionable athletic and coaching abilities. He will be a tremendous asset to our team and his wealth of experience and knowledge will bring Fresno the greatest opportunity for professional soccer success.” Yallop has enjoyed an outstanding career as a player and coach at the highest levels of global professional soccer. He featured in the English Premier and Championship leagues at Ipswich Town, and prior to coming to the United States, made 52 appearances for the Canadian National Team. Since coming to the U.S., Yallop has had an exemplary coaching career in Major League Soccer (MLS), leading the San Jose Earthquakes to two MLS Cups and a Supporters Shield. Yallop was named the MLS Coach of the Year twice, and managed the Canadian National Team during FIFA World Cup qualifying. “This is an exciting time for professional soccer in Fresno,” said Yallop. “We have a very strong and knowledgeable soccer community here, and our goal is to build a USL club of which they will all be proud. I’d like to thank Ray for the opportunity, and look forward to a successful future for the club.” Yallop also brings experience in the USL, having most recently been President of Soccer Operations and Head Coach for Phoenix Rising FC prior to his return to Northern California. “If I had to choose one person to develop soccer at the pro level, I couldn’t have asked for a better General Manager than Frank Yallop,” said Beshoff. “This is a very exciting moment for soccer fans in Fresno and throughout the greater Central Valley.”
  10. CPL General

    Yes! This pro team stuff is nearly impossible to keep hidden given the needed civic involvement. This type of news should have started leaking two years ago if a 2018 launch was ever realistic.
  11. 2017 Toronto FC season (aka the 2017 MLS Cup clinching thread)

    Reyna will miss the Conference finals for Vancouver if they get that far and he gets called by Peru again.
  12. General Discussion on CMNT

    Yes, thank you @Keegan. Every year MLS, the USSF and CSA do more to improve internal development but there aren't buckets of money being thrown at any domestic soccer initiative like Germany has. Every MLS team has free academies, they've moved USSDA down to U14, added futsal, the French federation coaching exchange program and etc...; here in Canada we have L10, PLSQ and maybe the CPL. Of course things can get a lot better but there's been lots of incremental progress in an environment where there aren't huge revenue streams to pave the way to easy change. Variance happens, teams get old, sometimes you don't qualify even when you have lots of quality. Panama, Honduras, Costa Rica and even Mexico have a lot of MLS players and they're all moving on.
  13. hah hah USA Eliminated from WC

    It will be nice to not have to hear about the whole Trump-Russia stuff for the entirety of next summer. They clearly rode their old horses too long. As for being overrated they finished first in the last WCQ cycle and won the last Gold Cup so I don't know who has done a lot better in CONCACAF recently.
  14. General Discussion on CMNT

    I think a quota number of zero, increasing to zero, works. Every club team in this country, except for TFC, is having problems with attendance, and the solution here is to decrease the quality of the teams? The CSA put rigorous quotas on the USL 2 teams and that played a big part in making them useless financial drains to the parent clubs and leading to their eventual demise. Someone can explain to me how the non-existence of FC Montreal and Whitecaps 2 is helping Canadian players. Reasonably high-level club soccer in this country is a good in itself and, I would argue, the most important one for soccer in this country. We have L1O, PLSQ, VMSL and the CPL (maybe) that play hundreds of Canadian players already; people are already more than free to go support those leagues and teams in a majority of the country. The MLS clubs are by far the most important elements for producing quality Canadian players and their biggest problem is getting a competitive, attractive product on the field that people are willing to spend money on. Being forced to play Russell Teibert or Jay Chapman more hurts, rather than helps, Canadian soccer. If a Canadian player can't beat out a Hernan Bernadello, Jordan Harvey or Evan Bush they aren't good enough to make a difference at the international level in any case.
  15. General Discussion on CMNT

    We literally just had two USL teams fold in two years in no small part to the CSA's ridiculous quota system and now we want expand it as it applies to the MLS teams? No need to argue about China, we saw what a flop it is here already.