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  1. Bradley is probably the best non-striker in the league and a top-10 if not top-5 player overall. His usage rate is insane (regularly gets close to 100 touches a game), he is left on a defensive island in an attacking 4-4-2, he's a great passer, has a great workrate, and, as you mentioned, helped bring a winning mentality to the team that never existed before.
  2. MLS is famously kept alive by franchise fees and Mexican and US national team broadcast rights (in that order) via SUM in the states. Canadian SUM is being looked at it the same way, but there's no lucrative Mexico equivalent that will provide that same cash cow.
  3. You can find posts of mine from 2014/2015 saying that Bekker's ultimate destiny was as a creative midfielder in NASL. He's like a poor man's Bolanos whom, if he's given time on the ball and freedom in the formation, can do some interesting things but he can't translate those skills well enough at MLS level to have any squad ever give him that opportunity. He's in his peak years now and I'm glad he's found some success but I wouldn't want, say, the 'caps signing him or anything.
  4. He had decent scoring rates in USSDA (leading the whole league), USL and over in Germany when he was younger. I didn't realise he was dealing with injuries, which may explain some things.
  5. It's by far the biggest city in the country?
  6. There are great, nearly unimpeachable stats for two big things in soccer: international rankings (ELO) and 'we did/didn't finish our chances' (expected goals). Post those, argument ended, move on.
  7. WCQ and Gold Cup are really too small a sample size to judge anything, especially when Canada often brings half-assed rosters to the latter. I'm looking forward to the nations cup, we'll actual get a better idea of the team's talent level and it will allow for a lot more practice and game time for the group, which has generally been the biggest issue.
  8. They'd be better off spending incremental money on a better manager, an analytics guy and a Bezbachenko-style general manager. They spend competitive levels on player salaries and youth development, if they could allocate the money they have better they would be a consistent winner in the west. If they are a playoff team this year it will the fourth spot at best and they could easily finish out of the race.
  9. Carl Robinson has been great at selling the narrative of his struggle against ownership, referees and etc.. and etc.. In reality the club spends quite a bit relative to the rest of the league (almost nobody else has a fully funded residency along with three DPs) and his results continue to be relentlessly mediocre. Hopefully this year will be the last of this tedious experiment. At least he's not giving kickbacks to his brother anymore for mediocre and overpaid South Americans.
  10. Is the sample size too small on Robinson for you? He's been here over three years now and has a worse record than Martin Rennie while acting as both GM and coach.
  11. BMO Field has expanded to 30,000 seats from 19,000 seats over the time frame I assume you are referring to.
  12. Yes, sometimes the ex-player thrown in to the fire works well (Vanney, Marsch), but often it doesn't, and too many MLS teams don't want to pay out coaches contracts after firing them so the team languishes in mediocrity and sometimes just make the playoffs at random (e.g. Colorado last year) which is enough to justify continuing on with the same setup. In addition, the teams often heap on the GM/TD role on top of this already-overwhelmed person, making it two jobs they are unable to do correctly. You then end up with situations like Mo Johnston in Toronto and Carl Robinson just using friendly agents (Robinson's brother!) to feed them players regardless of their quality or financial fit. You are spot on about Robinson last night, not only did he wait far too late to make the formation change but he only had one striker in the team against a club that was more than likely to bunker all night and hadn't scored in a month!
  13. I found this game depressing, DCU is not a good team and not well coached and dragged down the level of the game. Add to that the bad penalty, the usual Robinson inability to get the attack working when down at home and it was a frustrating game to watch. MLS just has too many bad coaches right now. It's dragging down the level of play. The refereeing will get fixed by the cameras next year but more clubs need to get better at the coaching and scouting, which, after all, isn't controlled by a cap and should be a big advantage.
  14. One article in the Toronto Sun and a half-time feature on one game, I can barely breathe with all this hype over Spencer. Reminds me of how Hanson Boakai's career was ruined by too much media pressure (TM - Steve Sandor).
  15. Having great /90 numbers and good sub appearances are a great and necessary start but it is the step up to be effective as as starter against fresh legs and teams who have game-planned against you.