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  1. nolando

    Victoria CPL

    So great to see him kitted out again. Still such a pity.
  2. nolando

    Russia World Cup 2018

    Even with half my family being Japanese, I can't get behind your group H prediction. They shot themselves in the foot with a late manager change; rumour has it they are still tinkering with a possible new 3 CB formation mere days before the Mundial. Right out out of the Caps preseason strategy book. Love it if you were right though.
  3. nolando

    Russia World Cup 2018

    Agreed on all these points.
  4. nolando

    Russia World Cup 2018

    What do people make of Mourinho's picks? https://youtu.be/dwsbxUlbNXo
  5. Thought I'd get the World Cup discussion re-ignited again over here. https://www.nytimes.com/2018/06/05/sports/world-cup-morocco.html I found this article to be really illuminating; it was hard not to makes comparisons with or MNT at many points.
  6. nolando

    Vancouver Whitecaps 2018

    He looks most comfortable when he can cut in from the right. From his highlights before coming to the Caps it looked like he might have been playing off justvto the right of another striker, which isn't going to happen with us.
  7. nolando

    Doneil Henry

    I see Waston leaving sooner rather than later and it being Aja and someone, Henry perhaps, but only if his damaged body can miraculously handle MLS abuse and regular BC Place plastic.
  8. nolando

    Players you expect to see in the CPL

    The way things are shaping up a guy like Akindele or Nakajima would be a star in this league. Neither have anything other than extended family here but I wonder if this is the kind of Canadian international we can expect to see at the upper end of the scale to begin with in this league.
  9. nolando

    Victoria CPL

    August. I go every year at least once or twice. I've had family in the Okanagan continuously for many decades, from Penticton to Vernon and most places in between. There's a bit of a Florida/Arizona element to the city of Kelowna at the moment which worries me as a (anything but hockey) sports town, where there are certainly more young people and more professionals than ever before but it's still clearly a vacation and retirement community first, budding urban centre second. It looks on paper that they should support pro or semi pro sports, but my gut tells me otherwise.
  10. nolando

    Victoria CPL

    Much of pre-J-League soccer in Japan's old industrial leagues was exactly like this.
  11. nolando

    Impact 2018

    Knowing that the Caps are trending the same direction, whether by need or not, I wonder if this trend towards bigger and bigger loopholes for the big spending owners (the type of spending that some owners are balking at) could eventually drive Montreal and Vancouver towards the domestic league, assuming it starts off on the right foot.
  12. nolando

    Victoria CPL

    I have spent many a summer in Penticton and surrounding areas visiting family, too, and yeah, if this league is going to depend on a market like Penticton to make a go of first division pro soccer in Canada, then we are doomed from the start.
  13. nolando

    Ryan Telfer

    Concur, said I.
  14. nolando

    Coaches Speculation

    Could Bjorn Osieck be involved with the league at some point behind the scenes? He seems to have decent exec experience in at least three major Canadian markets.
  15. I understand football purist's use of the word united doesn't fit here but for me, the club will really have to sell the suburban side as one that unites the whole lower mainland, disgruntled Caps from the urban core included. The "port" theme is pure rubbish as far as I'm concerned.