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  1. hah hah USA Eliminated from WC

    I still do not understand how the US is ranked #28. I know the rankings are sort of bogus, but come on. I do not hate the Yanks, but I DO feel they are way over rated. Big question: Is Costa Rica the bona fide #2 power in CONCACAF? I mean, could one make the argument that they have been #2 in the region for at least the last two or three years? And as much as I detest Honduras, I still want them to beat the Aussies, if only because it reflects best for our region. Makes one wonder if we'd have seen a significantly different result for the US had Arena been the boss from the outset. Still, a loss at home to Costa Rica and a loss to T&T when a tie would have sufficed, all fell during Bruce's tenure. Still. Maybe the US needs its own domestic league. (And what does any of this mean for the rest of the gringos in this region. No USA, Canada, Jamaica going to Russian. I blame the language. We do not need the CPL--we need Spanish-language teachers.)
  2. Jonathan Osorio

    Totally agree that the gap between Delgado and Osorio is not very large. And I acknowledge that with creativity comes risk, so one must applaud Osorio for taking some chances. But at the moment I'd take Delgado over Osorio, if only because he is tidy AND moves the ball much more quickly. Yup, we cannot be complacent against "minnows" when we ourselves are mere salmon fry.
  3. Jonathan Osorio

    Well, I also wonder if the guys got a bit complacent about playing El Salvador. Having said that, Osorio rarely impresses me, even for TFC. To be clear, I WANT to be impressed by him and hope to hell he can find another gear, but too often he is sloppy in possession and slow in moving the ball. Mark Delgado is a great example of what Osorio should aspire to. Delgado is not world class by any means, but he is damned tidy in possession, moves off the ball well, and moves the ball quickly. Smart player who knows his limitations, and has become an excellent piece for TFC. Osorio would do well to learn from Delgado.
  4. Whitecaps 2017 Season

    Oh and also: Waston is our most important player. Hands down! I love what several other players bring, including guys like Reyna and Montero, but Waston is MVP. And this might be the most damned obvious observation I will make about the Caps, but for some reason none of us have noted how porous our midfield is without Laba. The man does not take a shift off. He just keeps running and running and running. And he's damned smart. And he has bite. With Laba in the lineup I don't think Seattle would have sliced us up as bad as they did. Same with NYRB. Without Waston and Laba we have no spine. If those two are around, with Reyna and Montero playing in their regular positions, we've got a pretty damned strong spine all the way up the field.
  5. Whitecaps 2017 Season

    I mentioned this in a post earlier in the week, but one of the huge downsides of regular massive squad rotation is that the team never really builds the sort of chemistry and understanding that develops when you play the same 11 a lot of the time. We know the benefits of squad rotation, especially for a team like the Caps who have already played a lot of football this year. A few weeks ago I was starting to get reasonably excited about what SEEMED to be growing chemistry and (relative) cohesion among a core group, but these last three games have me holding my head, despairing at what seems to be a regression in team cohesion--in both directions! I know we nicked the win in Kansas, but for my money we just played three terrible games in a row. Yup, lots of squad rotation, all of it necessary with international duty and all, but I am not nearly as optimistic about the Caps' playoff chances now as I was a month ago. Good news is that we have two more games where Robbo can get his best 11 on the field, all with the aim of building chemistry and momentum as we head into the playoffs. We just need one win to cement a first round bye! Was hoping to see Nosa today, but maybe he comes in for 30 minutes at home next week when we are up by two goals.
  6. Alphonso Davies

    I maintain that the bunker-and-counter philosophy that Robbo has been employing is not allowing Davies much opportunity to get forward. He has been very good defensively, which is why a few of us feel optimistic about his recent play (today excluded). One other thing to note is that EVERYBODY now knows that the kid has wicked speed down the flanks so they are cutting off that avenue before he can really get his jets going. But the wings are where he should live, at least until he gets tidier in possession. His passing, I've noticed, has improved a fair bit as of late. He's got much to learn still, and I think he will benefit from a more settled line-up, even if he is only coming off the bench at the 60 minute mark. As for the Nats, left or right, I don't know which is best for him yet, but as others have wisely pointed out, it all depends on how we are using other key pieces like Junior and Arfield.
  7. Whitecaps 2017 Season

    Might be, but I think we need to give him more time. Let's see where he's at when he's 18. He won't be the finished product, but maybe we'll know what his best position will be by then. I feel that the system Robbo is playing is having an impact on Davies (clearly), and part of what we are seeing is a kid with remarkable attacking instincts learning how to play Robbo-ball. The fact that he is mostly adapting well, at freaking 16 years old, is damned impressive. The kid has more to show.
  8. Whitecaps 2017 Season

    Thrilled with the win, but I sure wish this team would learn to keep the ball better. Having said that, every team in the league must be at least a little freaked at what the Caps can do on the counter. As TRM said, we did not play our top line up, making 8 changes from Wednesday, and yet we stole all 3 points. Using the full squad has its strategic benefits, but I am still waiting for this team to really gel and play some good football. They don't need to dominate possession, but they still need to play more cohesively.
  9. Whitecaps 2017 Season

    With Aly and Nosa coming into the squad, and with Laba due back next year, it is difficult to see how Tiebert, Jacobson and Tchani see the pitch. Tchani had a poor game last night, for sure. He is usually a more tidy player than that, especially with his passing. Having said that, he is not the sort of player who makes an incisive pass FORWARD. He tried last night, but got killed with the poor pass that Marshall picked off. Williams seemed lost out there. Bola seemed rusty, but there were some nice moments where he and Reyna and Montero linked up nicely. Ibini was pedestrian. Techera had a few nice moments when he came on; he must be in the starting 11. Davies did not get much of a sniff, but did well enough. Seattle moved the ball so quickly and effectively through the midfield last night. I hate Seattle, but I couldn't help but admire their play through the middle. Maybe Laba and Aly would snuff that shit out, but their midfield killed ours last night. From what I've read, Nosa is a pretty fine player. Not sure he'll be able to make a difference this year, but I am excited to see how our midfield shapes up next year with Reyna, Bola, Techera, Nosa, Aly and Laba, and Davies. SKC is going to be a tough game, but I suspect the boys will rebound nicely. I'd play Hurtado up front; give Freddy the day off. Lots of football still to play.
  10. Whitecaps 2017 Season

    Rotated 5 players and got the 3 points. Solid result. Yup, the squad is pretty decent. Still think we are a helluva lot better with a healthy and in form Bolanos. Hope he recovers quickly. Great to see Rusty have a solid game. Hurtado and Shea too. And Reyna has even more to offer. Chemistry seems to be building all around
  11. Canada's Future Captain

    Only one with Sinclair-like potential in terms of brand--at the moment--is Alphonso. But he's not proven himself yet as a professional, and we should not expect him to do so for another 4 or 5 years. (He might get there faster than that, but our expectations should be reasonable.)
  12. Whitecaps 2017 Season

    Nicely done! As for the Caps making the finals: why not? As we all know, the West has been very unimpressive this year. Any of 6 or 7 teams could be legitimate contenders out of the West. We have near parity over here. What the Caps have going for them is a mostly healthy roster and several games in hand, this latter point only relevant in that it gives the Caps some time to integrate Ghazal and find some chemistry throughout the midfield. If Reyna and Ghazal and Freddy and the wingers can figure shit out, then we won't need to sit back so much and counter attack all the time. We can win the ball and keep it a bit more. We've been missing a general in the middle of the pitch all year. Ghazal is the first dude who looks like he has the chops to boss shit. He just needs to get game fitness and build chemistry and understanding with everyone around him. The team needs to get points in the next three home games, with a couple of wins at least, and then the interesting test will be to see what they do on the road against some tough opponents. The good news is that there is some time to sharpen things up before the playoffs.
  13. Canada's Future Captain

    Larin should not be written off quite yet. Kid is still young; plenty of time to raise his game and improve his image. But, yeah, Davies seems like the next in line.
  14. Canada's Future Captain

    Voted for Arfield, but I am curious to see how Piette develops. Nobody for Johnson? Too soon?
  15. Hope Hutch sticks around a bit longer. Guys could learn a lot from him. Piette was terrific, as was Hoilett. Edwards and Petrasso had some nice moments. Dejan was solid. Adekube gets injured far too easily, it seems. Guys are starting to build chemistry. Too bad Arfield wasn't there