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  1. Ha! Perfect. (Made me laugh out loud, and that rarely happens.)
  2. I expected a very strong performance from the Caps, and I think we saw them play very well for 45 or 50 minutes. Otherwise they scrapped it out for the win. They looked very cohesive for much of the game, but are still not the finished product. But that makes sense: this is the first time that the our best attacking players--Bola, Techera, Montero and The Rash--started together. Give them another game or two to build chemistry, and watch out. Waston and Parker were excellent, as always. A bit worried about Tchani and Jacobson going forward. They are disciplined as double-DMs, but quite slow. I'd love to see somebody in the middle of the pitch who has some pace and OWNS that part of the field. Maybe Aly will be that guy. Certainly sounds as though he is supposed to play that role. Kind of how Koffi used to play, when he was on his game. I remain optimistic. I still do not think we've played our best football yet. Good news is that I think this time can take it up a notch, though losing Laba will make that a tad tougher now.
  3. Looks like the guy you get when you cannot sign Hutchinson! He's even tall and skinny like Atiba. What I like to hear is that he has real leadership qualities, which means we may have found our general in the middle yet. But, yes, it makes for a crowded midfield, presuming he works out. I would imagine that Tiebert and Jacobson are not going to see much of the pitch for the rest of the season. But I am loving the depth the team has, now that most everyone is healthy. They'll need five or six games to integrate this new piece, along with Reyna, but just as long as they keep picking up points until then, they should be well-positioned for a playoff run. But all of that depends on the team finding chemistry with the new guys. I am optimistic.
  4. Good stuff, guys. To follow up on your notes: Yeah, the team is rounding into form. I said a couple of months ago that they'd have to grind things out until they got healthy, and then would have to wait four or five games for Reyna to be fully integrated (once he was healthy). I figure we are two or three games away from that now, what with Reyna starting the last two. Jeffrey is right, we've got some real depth now, which is awesome to see. Techera is still the better option on the wing versus Ibini. Bolanos is a bit off form at the moment, but if he can get back in the groove, then our front 6 is pretty dangerous and experienced. My one worry: centre back. If Waston goes down with injury--or is suspended--then we are very vulnerable. We are a much better team with him in the line-up. That first goal against Colorado does not happen if Waston is in the line-up. I bet we do not end up conceding at all if he is in the line-up. At the moment he is our MVP, bar none. I hope he is back this weekend. As for the officiating on the weekend, that was by far the best job I've seen in all my years of watching MLS. Jeffrey is right, there should have been a few more cards considering how much we got hacked, but otherwise the ref was excellent. He has an excellent FEEL for the game, and a wonderful manner. Damn impressed. We need twenty more like him. Prediction: Next home game--versus Houston--will be our best performance in a long time. I better buy tickets!
  5. Agent asking for too much? Player unwilling to move to certain leagues? You'd think he'd get a shot at MLS somewhere, as winger.
  6. Much better game last night! Far more cohesive throughout the middle of the pitch. Montero, Reyna, Laba and Tchani did very well to own that part of the pitch, with Montero doing well to come back to receive the ball, and lay it off intelligently. Montero scored twice, yes, but it was his link-up play and hard work that made him MOTM for me. Reyna is a smart and tidy footballer. We've not yet seen his best, but man is this a good little player. I like how he was slotted just behind Montero, where Mezquida often plays. Back four was very strong. Dallas is a quick, tricky team, but the Caps did well to contain them. I commend Robbo for giving several of the older guys--and Davies!--the day off. Guys like Bolanos and Jacobson have played a lot of football already, and a rest will do them--and the team--a lot of good down the line. This team, lest we forget, has already played a lot of football this year. Nice to see that we have a healthy squad for once. This was a huge win!
  7. I agree with all of this, but must also admit that when he DOES come on, he often makes things happen. The stats tell one story, but not the full story. But I am with you on all the rest.
  8. They STILL need a general in the midfield, somebody who can help with possession and make things happen offensively. The only player who seems to be able to play this role, truly, is Bolanos. With several good options on the wings, I do not understand why Robinson does not start Bolanos in the centre of the midfield every damned game. Mind you, Bolanos was pretty poor last game, as was much of the team. Flat game. Embarrassing loss, to be honest. Waston is their spiritual--and de facto--leader, and they are only half the team they need to be when he is not playing. My starting 11 for next game: Ousted Nerwinski Waston Parker Harvey Davies Laba Bolanos Techera Reyna Montero Subs: Shea for one of the wingers; Ibini for Montero or Reyna
  9. Nice to see Chung there, and I think he's got the skills and attitude to develop into a terrific player. He's not yet 18 too. I'd stick Petrasso in there, no? And a guy like Gloire Amanda has huge potential, and is only 18. I like players who work their assess off! As we know, lots of kids have talent and promise, but the kids who have soccer brains, stay humble, and work their asses off are the ones that have the best shot at becoming real pros. Also, Chapman has most of the tools for becoming a terrific midfielder. He needs to play faster and learn the game, but it sure does not hurt training with guys like Bradley and Vazquez.
  10. Hutch's distribution is remarkable, and with both feet, which means he can make the sort of incisive pass that enables us to break down teams. But what I am suggesting here is that Hutch would free Arfield up to be that creative playmaker you describe. And, until Crisante pledges his allegiance to the Maple Leaf, we don't have anyone nearly as good as Hutch in this role.
  11. Love Edgar, but if we want pace at CB, he ain't the solution.
  12. I feel your pain, but those of us taking the long (and more rational) view are not apologists! As much as we want to win these games and these tournaments, we've not forgotten the context, namely that we have a new manager with a new strategy and lots of young players AND this is only the fricking Gold Cup! Of course we WANT better results. But having a hissy fit and "demanding" a better performance is naive, as if any of the players or coaching staff tried to do anything less than win.
  13. The only reason that OZ should not have started Larin this evening is because he'd not had the chance to build chemistry with this squad over the first three games. These tournaments are ALL about building chemistry as quickly as possible, and growing from game to game. Look at the Yanks vs. El Salvador yesterday. They won, yeah, but they looked so disjointed at times, and that was because they made SO many changes to the squad. Larin and Cavallini did not finish well tonight. I am still not seeing anything significant that says one is better than the other. Larin came a hell of a lot closer to scoring tonight than Cavallini, to be fair. And while Cavallini's hold up play was a bit better than Larin's tonight, I remain unconvinced that Lucas is our automatic starter up top. A few of you have already touched on this, but what BOTH of these guys need is a strike partner, at minimum somebody playing directly behind them that can give them service or play off of them. If Hutch was available, then I'd have played him instead of Tiebert--genius, I know--and give Arfield a bit more license to push up in support of Larin/Cavallini. Overall: We showed some good signs this tournament, with a core group performing very well indeed. Arfield, Piette, Hoillet, De Jong, Borjan were especially good. Davies and Petrasso looked really good at times, with Davies falling off as the tournament wore on. The CBs were solid, if not plodding. Big problem tonight, if we are to be honest with ourselves: This is the first game we've played in a long time where we were asked to break down a team that bunkered and countered for 90 minutes. We are getting better, and some of the chances we created were solid, but we still do not have the quality to break down teams. Having said that, we now have SOME guys who are capable of figuring this out, and once they develop chemistry with each other will start to see better results. Sucks to lose, but I like what I saw this tournament.
  14. Davies looks like he is playing scared. Love Russell, but he does not know how to open up a team. I'd consider putting Osorio in. Give Larin 15. Put Cavallini in if he doesn't make something happen. Hoillet needs to learn how to pass
  15. Yes, and Costa Rica with Bolanos and Waston is a notch better than the team we played in group play this tournament.