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  1. Maybe he is not much slower than Davies over longer distances, but Davies has an incredible burst of speed that I've never seen from Tesho, something that Davies sustains for a good 30 or so yards. Davies is damned fast.
  2. Disappointed that we squandered the points, but man are we depleted. What we are missing now is what we were missing all of last year: somebody to boss the midfield. Our work on the wings has been mostly very good, and Laba destroys like a beast, but we never OWN the ball in midfield. There have been times during the season where we were better than last year, moments with Bola on the ball, and sometimes with Jacobson. Tchani, I guess, was supposed to come in and be that general in the midfield, but the guy is far too delicate, and his passing over these last two games has been horrible. Montero, to his credit, is battling his ass off, getting shite service, but still creating stuff. If only he had some quality behind him. I wanted Davies to shift into the middle, if only because we'd get some oomph in the midfield. Tchani is a bust, I'm afraid. Once Bola and Reyna are back, and Waston, I'd imagine we'll not see too much of Tchani going forward. But this team needs to get its skilled players back! They can only grind out games for so long...
  3. I sort of feel the same way, but then I realize that the only thing that matters is that he develops into a truly fine talent, perhaps capable of playing anywhere in the mid-field. There is something that reminds me of Wanchope, though certainly not nearly as polished and slick (yet).
  4. It is all because the Caps hate Canada, dontcha know?
  5. Yes, and the adolescent brain undergoes massive development too! They need to be smart about HOW they develop Davies. The mental side is as critical as the physical, if not more.
  6. Yes, he is remarkably durable for a skinny dude. Smart and quick, is what he is.
  7. Aside from the questions of on-field performance and durability--i.e. in determining if paying all this cash for Atiba is worth it--I wonder how his presence for a couple of years might impact young talent like Davies. Sort of like keeping Linden around to nurture the Sedins. If Atiba can help Davies become EVEN better than he might become without Atiba there, then one could argue that the net benefit of such a move will be realized when Davies transfers to Europe. Maybe? If Atiba signs with the Caps, then I will likely buy season tickets.
  8. I thought the Caps were mediocre at best, but I also felt it was a pretty decent gritty performance, especially defensively. The team is missing more than a third of its roster, including big pieces like Bola and Waston, not to mention Reyna and Mezquida. Not sure there was much more Robinson could have done against a very good team. Nicking the point, all things considered, was pretty positive. As for players, Montero did very well despite no support. Shea was decent. Tiebert worked his ass off, but the midfield did not find any chemistry, really. Davies was a spark plug again, and got the team driving forward positively. Most of his passes were spot on, which is good to see. He's still got a ways to go, but you can see new aspects of his game emerging all the time. Maybe Robinson is a shite tactician, I don't know, but the fact that he's got the Caps right in the middle of the table--with games in hand on everyone in front of them--must count for SOMETHING considering all the bloody injuries. I am curious to see how this team performs once they get MOST of their guys back for a half dozen games.
  9. My understanding is that the league is prepared to help the Caps out in some way, financially. (I honestly do not understand how that would work, mind you.) And what Atiba brings is NOT merely "a 34 year old defensive midfielder". What they get is a player like Michael Bradley who will boss the midfield AND create. His distribution is fantastic, as is his ability to hold the ball and switch play. It will allow Bola to play on his favoured wing, and it will be a massive upgrade on Tchani, Tiebert and Jacobson.
  10. What is most important is that Larin get some help here. If this was simply a young man being a (dangerous) dumbass, then suspend him at all levels, appropriately, and watch closely that he never does this again. If he has an addiction, then he needs counselling and ongoing guidance. As well as appropriate suspension. And some compassion. I hope he was just being a dumbass, for his sake. Easier to smarten up than deal with an addiction or the psychological problems that underlie addiction. Whatever the case, he is going to have to work hard to get the public to respect him again. I am optimistic that this will be the last dumbass move he makes for a very long time.
  11. I actually have to remind myself--often--that he is only 16.
  12. Yeah, I was thinking Junior, or maybe Borjan for MOTM
  13. Aird, not Arfield. But I totally agree, as do many of us. Johnson at RB, with Aird in front of him. That could be an interesting partnership.
  14. Like this thinking, especially Johnson at RB, Edwards at LB, Aird on right side. And I am keen to see how Davies develops over time. We are all sort of assuming he is going to be an out and out winger, and his speed and willingness to take players on would suggest he is best used there, but he has played more centrally in his "youth", and there has been talk that he might prove more impactful as a 10. I like Osorio, but I feel he is a notch behind this group. Tiebert might not be the right guy either, but he and Hoilett connected well, and Tiebert plays with an intensity and quickness that I often find lacking in Osorio.
  15. Well, my answer would be lack of soccer IQ, at least in part. These guys ARE trying hard, but working hard just ain't enough. We are often so damned naïve, and the fact that it took at least a full 45 minutes to figure out that we need to move the ball more quickly speaks to experience (or IQ) as much as it does to psychology. No? We need both, clearly. But where do we start? What is the cornerstone habit that, when adopted, opens everything up for us? Do we start with game strategy (i.e. a system)? Or pure audacity? I will not deny that attitude leads to behavior, and if a team is given a system that is driven by attitude, then interesting things can happen. And the learning can happen along the way. Maybe? I don't have answers. But I feel we are (very slowly) heading in the right direction. We need another 18 guys with the ability and chutzpah of Davies.