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  1. 2017 Toronto FC season (aka the 2017 MLS Cup clinching thread)

    Congratulations to TFC and their fans! That was a well-deserved Cup win. Total dominance and some wonderful football throughout the game. A lot of great performances from TFC, but was especially proud of the game Osorio played. By far the best game I've ever seen him play. Vanney clearly told his squad to go after Seattle from the first whistle, and they did not let down for a second. Relentless for 94 minutes! I don't think Seattle was lethargic; they were totally outclassed and out worked, especially the latter. The TFC approach is akin to how top UFC fighters approach their battles: come out immediately at hit your opponent hard, so hard that their brain reels from the pain and shock and remains on the back foot for much of the fight. TFC grabbed the edge and held it for the entire game. And this is how they played all season. I've been a TFC fan since the beginning, and I am proud to see this team finally--over the last three years--start to show some real quality and, now, win the bloody cup. Glad that the Cup comes to Canada. Next year's final: Caps and TFC!
  2. 2017 Toronto FC season (aka the 2017 MLS Cup clinching thread)

    It will help the cause of the National team, if only because winning championships will get more kids excited about playing professional football in the GTA--and elsewhere in the country. I mean, we need a lot of others things in place, too, but you get my drift.
  3. Marco Bustos

    yeah, the coaching, but also the general emphasis on athleticism over technique and soccer knowledge. We want stallions, not wizards--which is too bad. I hope Bustos can find the right environment for his skill set.
  4. Whitecaps Off Season 2017-2018

    What's your take on Nosa? Can he be that DP #6? Or do you think the Caps are pursuing somebody of even higher calibre? I think of what guys like Lediero and Valeri and Vazquez have done for their sides...We need that player big time!
  5. Whitecaps Off Season 2017-2018

    If so, seems like Robbo is loading up on big, fairly speedy players. The team is getting taller, for sure. Shea, Ibini, Blondell, Ghazal, Tchani, and Zardes if that happens. Any sense of who we might be giving up for Zardes? I DO feel that Zardes needs a new environment, that he still has a lot more to offer. But none of these moves means anything if we do not have a general in the middle, and at the moment we still do not have that player. Nosa is by far the closest, but he is not yet signed. Unless Robbo has somebody in mind for that role, I'd say sign Nosa as fast as you can.
  6. Whitecaps Off Season 2017-2018

    Yes and but also, it could mean that he does not see enough quality in the side. I mean, if he can keep guys like Nosa and Laba, and then maybe get Montero back, he DOES have a pretty darn good core with the other 19 on roster. Not TFC-quality, mind you, but a decent side. Not saying that Robbo has the chops to guide this core to success; just saying that I do not disagree with many of the choices so far, in terms of options picked up and dropped. (Skeptical about paying Shea DP wages, and I am not convinced Tchani has a role on this team if Laba, Ghazal and Nosa are signed and healthy, but the rest make sense. No?)
  7. Whitecaps Off Season 2017-2018

    Saw another report that indicated that Robbo wants to keep Bustos and Tiebert and Edgar, too. But he'll want them back on cheaper contracts, I imagine. At least Edgar.
  8. Whitecaps Off Season 2017-2018

    Note: Caps are still talking to the agents of several of these players, including Nosa, Bolanos, Laba, Bustos and Tiebert. Would love to see Laba and Nosa back for sure. Hope that Tiebert can land with another MLS squad; same with guys like McKendry and Bustos, but I suspect we'll see those guys in the CPL next. Robbo also says they are trying to make something happen with Montero.
  9. Whitecaps 2017 Season

    Oh, and I am big on Nosa. Excited to see what he can do with a proper training camp and a dozen games. He isn't Lodeiro or Valeri, but he's a helluvalot better in that role than anybody else we've had for a while.
  10. Whitecaps 2017 Season

    We are paying too much for Shea, plain and simple. Agree with Jeffrey in that Shea brings a rugged physicality to the squad, but we are paying too much for a guy that will be mostly used coming off the bench. But, having said that, I think that Robbo is big on Shea. As for Tchani, how many of you feel we should have kept Manneh? I guess that depends on where Manneh ends up next year. Will he move to Europe? (Not sure he's done enough at Columbus to warrant a decent European side picking him up, mind you.)
  11. Whitecaps 2017 Season

    Pretty sure he is heading back to Europe. This is why the Caps needed to find a new #1. Ousted has been wanting to head back for quite some time. Sad to see him go. (But Marionovic is a very capable replacement, maybe even an improvement.)
  12. 2017 Toronto FC season (aka the 2017 MLS Cup clinching thread)

    Ricketts as lone striker makes sense for first leg, with a midfield clogged five across. Delgado wasn't as awful as you suggest. The entire midfield was not especially strong, to be honest. Morrow seemed to be struggling, but I credit NYRB for how they never really let TFC find their groove. I DO like the idea of Cheyrou, especially when Bradley will likely be forced to play an even more defensive role in Columbus. I want Edwards to become amazing, but I'd be reluctant to put him. Seems too much of a liability, at least relative to Morrow. If TFC is disciplined in Columbus--i.e. keep their shape and make it difficult for Columbus to break them down--then I could see TFC nicking the away goal.
  13. Whitecaps 2017 Season

    yeah, I agree. Still, he was mostly tidy last night, just not tidy enough in a couple of key instances. I still feel he will prove an upgrade on guys like Tchani, Jacobson and Tiebert. Keep in mind that the Nosa, Ghazal and Reyna are all new to the team, and have not played much together. while the caps did not do much going forward, they had more of the ball than I'd expected, and were mostly very tidy. I feel they are still lacking some quality in key attacking areas, but I like what I've seen from Nosa in the short amount of time that he's been with the team. I expect we'll see stronger performances next year--and better football--if only because these quality additions will have had time to build chemistry with the entire team. As for replacing Robbo, that does not seem likely. If the FO felt that they'd spent a bunch of cash on marquee players but Robbo still underperformed, then I could see him getting his marching papers. But the team never over spends, and Robbo helped this team over perform, which means it would be ridiculous for the FO to replace him. I believe that the entire organization is working with a five-year plan, or some such thing, and so far they are on track. Robbo is indeed part of that plan, at least for another year.
  14. Whitecaps 2017 Season

    Totally agree. Normally the Caps use the wings to get around teams that clog the middle, but Techera was clearly not 100%, and Bolanos isn’t that type of winger
  15. Whitecaps 2017 Season

    Yes, Nosa and Laba together will be brilliant. Nosa has more still to offer. We’ve not seen the best of him yet. From what I understand, Laba IS coming back. Or maybe that is only wishful thinking