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  1. The Beaver

    Alphonso Davies

    Not an expert, but my impression is that most of the MLS teams are better than most of the SPL teams, which means that MLS is better than the SPL. Like several have suggested here, I'd rather see him go to a top club in Belgium or Portugal, or Bundesliga 2, where he can be shaped and developed and prepared for a transfer to a team in one of the Big Five leagues. SPL feels like a lateral move, at best. Mind you, there is some appeal of Davies playing for Gerard at Rangers.
  2. The Beaver

    Alphonso Davies

    He might find his way into the national team set-up, but the more likely path is a club team with a lower level league, where he can cut his teeth and work on his accreditation. If he has success, then he moves up to a better league. Whatever the case, I hope he continues to have a role in football, especially working with Canadian players.
  3. The Beaver

    Alphonso Davies

    Anyone else get the feeling that Atiba's next career will be as super agent to future Canadian soccer stars? (TBH, I think Atiba would make a remarkable coach. Smart, tactical, calm, and has played at a very high level for a long time.)
  4. The Beaver

    Jonathan Osorio

    Yes, but I am pretty sure Besiktas isn't part of the Caledonian Empire. 😊
  5. The Beaver

    Jonathan Osorio

    If he goes to Scotland, then isn't Rangers where all the Canadians will end up? 😊
  6. The Beaver

    2026 WC Bid?

    Yes, and also the size of the tournament. Far more teams, far more games...
  7. The Beaver

    Vancouver Whitecaps 2018

    I hear you, but if we are going to look back then we need to dig deep when we do so. I think it was two years ago, the most recent year the Caps did not make the playoffs, where I waited and waited for the Caps to show some sort of cohesion and momentum, but at no point did they turn the corner. Why? Well, we could chalk it up to a lot of things, but all of them in the end point to Robbo and, to a large degree, ownership. My point here is that I will not point to a tangible turn around IF there isn't real evidence of one. The recent run of games, including the four draws, have shown a team that is starting to come together. They are scoring and creating a lot of chances and, as of late, starting to shore up the defense. Maybe none of this has anything to do with Robbo and his staff, but that seems highly unlikely. To be clear, I am not in any way suggesting that the recent run of form confirms that we've maligned Robbo needlessly and that he should be given a five-year contract extension. Like many of you, I remain skeptical about his abilities as manager. But I also strongly believe in giving credit where it is due, and maybe--just maybe--Robbo has this team headed in the right direction. We've only half a season to find out! Thanks for this, mi amigo.
  8. The Beaver

    Alphonso Davies

    Ridiculous to rule Hutch out of any discussion about our best player ever. Same goes for JDG, whom I suspect many of us sort of forget about now that he is not lacing up the boots. And, yeah, Radz. Stalteri when he was RB at Bremen might even crack the top five, though I am sure that others here will disagree. Geez, give the Vees a day and we turn on each other real fast (and hard).
  9. The Beaver

    Alphonso Davies

    Or maybe we applaud him for having the good sense to find some way to keep Davies on the pitch when the Caps are short a left back. I've never had the impression that Robbo wants Davies at left back. But when DeJong got injured--spitting blood--earlier this year, Robbo slotted Davies at left back, likely thinking that Davies was the best choice in that position considering his options. The experiment of playing Shea at leftback, keep in mind, is only two games old. It seems to be working pretty well so far. And when DeJong is back, we will have both Shea and DeJong to cover left back, leaving Davies free to play in the midfield where he belongs.
  10. The Beaver

    Alphonso Davies

    He tucked in a fair bit tonight, which gave Shea some room to whip down the left flank. On the Mezquida goal Davies looked like he was playing centre mid. Hey, maybe Alphonso is the play-making general the Caps need, bossing the midfield and breaking up plays and creating all day long. Thing is, he won't be around long enough to become that guy for the Caps.
  11. The Beaver

    Vancouver Whitecaps 2018

    Davies was amazing tonight, for sure, but the entire team has been playing more cohesive football as of late, certainly over the last six or so games. Lots of messy football still, but the team seems to be getting better and better. Felipe brings calm to this squad, and calm is contagious. The Caps are better in possession in these last handful of games, and have done much to improve their defensive play, especially the last two games. I think Mutch, once fully fit, will make a big difference over the last half of the season. His distribution, especially over longer distances, is very solid. That is good news for a team that likes to play the counter. I know we like to criticize Robbo--and for good reason sometimes--but the squad seems to be turning the corner. They've got further to go, for sure, but I am pleased to see the positive evolution as of late.
  12. The Beaver

    Alphonso Davies

    But let's be greedy and pray for both of these guys to choose Canada. But, yeah, I totally agree with you.
  13. The Beaver

    Alphonso Davies

    Kid is electric and getting better every game. What is most exciting to see is how quickly he is learning the game. All three assists tonight were poised, smart and clinical. Credit to Robbo and his staff for handling him as well as they have, for bringing him into the full senior squad as quickly as they did, and for giving him significant game time. Credit to Davies for keeping his head, working his ass off, and choosing to play international football for Canada!! He also drew two yellow cards, all because of his speed and willingness to drive forwards. I will be sad to see him go, but he will not be with the Caps much longer, that's for sure. He's got the tools to play in the Premiership, for sure. Would also love to see him in the Bundesliga.
  14. The Beaver

    Doneil Henry

    No, I did not. I am certainly optimistic based on the game reports on the forum though.
  15. The Beaver

    Doneil Henry

    I am cautiously optimistic. Let's see how he looks after a run of games. Robbo was very pleased with Doneil's performance, that's for sure. I thought he looked good, maybe a bit naïve in his super tight marking, but like one or two of you said, he got his head on a lot of balls and made at least three key blocks/tackles, and was good for 90 minutes. He's still five or six games away from being fully fit and free of ring-rust, but the prospect of Waston and Doneil at CB is pretty damned exciting. As a striker, I'd hate to have to face those two beasts! As for the CMNT, if Doneil get stay fit and get his levels up to his potential, then he and Jakovich would make a strong pairing at CB. Jako's distro out of the back is very good, and Doneil is a strong physical presence. Mind you, we still need a couple of young and talented CBs to announce themselves, and soon!