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  1. I'll ask about that when I get back to civilization.
  2. lol -------------------> <-------------------------------
  3. Metro Vancouver CPL Club

    I would like to see more than one team in BC eventually....
  4. This is completely unsubstantiated, but I think (hope) it's possible the results will not be linear. What I mean is if you are a talented young player.. what are you chances of being a pro in this country? Pretty low to essentially zero and any sensible player, parent or coach knows it. Even our MLS teams barely have Canadians on them. There really is nothing to reasonably shoot for, for even the most talented players outside of a scholarship. If you increase the possibility of playing pro with a pathway to the top (for want of a better word) I think the response of players putting in the effort will be substantial. Right now there is no ladder to climb a cliff, so why bother? I hope the relationship is, psychologically speaking, and again I have nothing to base this on, simply blathering.... that it goes something like this.... X = Number of players trying to 'make it' Y = Number of pro spots in this country. X = Y^2 NOT X=(N)(Y)
  5. Canucks Abroad board

    I actually feel the same way. I would prefer most stuff mashed together so there is more 'discovery' to to speak of content. Let's try it and see what happens.
  6. Canucks Abroad board

    Sure, I'll move whatever you need.
  7. Canucks Abroad board

  8. I agree, I don't know where he would go where it would make a difference. I think a lot of this is born from the feeling that people want to see the three MLS teams contributing somehow to the greater good. They just don't really seem to be, at least not as quickly as people had hoped despite some hefty investments in academy infrastructure ect... Ex players just don't automatically make good development coaches. People probably see less upside in Osario than perhaps what Davies could be realistically or not. It feels like there is more hope there somehow.
  9. We need to bring back the soccer labor camp idea. Fenced in, never see your parents, kidnap top coaches and let the navy seals run the whole thing. Seems a reasonable compromise.
  10. Yeah, it's mostly sarcastic. Where could he even go? All of this just doesn't feel like the steps forward it should be.
  11. It sure seems that way. Maybe this is the couch talking, I don't know. He really seems exceptional. Massively increase the size of our youth national programs? But we seem to recycle the same kind of coaches through there too.
  12. Yes, the unintended consequences of something ostensibly good. Perhaps the US lawsuit/challenge of this will bare some fruit and find a reasonable solution.
  13. Please start one. I'll sign it. Twice.