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  1. Is he referring to Osorio in this last paragraph?
  2. I find that Caldwell is usually pretty harsh on the Canadian players for TFC but even he found the half time subs for TFC surprising. I didn't in Ricketts case because Altidore coming on for him was predictable and would have happened even if Ricketts had scored a first half hat trick. However I thought Osorio had a pretty good first half so it makes me think that was also a pre-planned sub - it was not as though the goal against was his fault in any way.
  3. Now having returned home to watch the TSN2 re-broadcast of the match, I disagree somewhat with the consensus. It was not only not a red card on Bernier, I didn't even think it was a foul. On TSN radio after the game Terry Dunfield thought it was a make up call for not giving a blatantly obvious penalty moments before, but I thought the officiating crew was incompetent the whole night missing both big and little calls for both teams, so why put the last bit of incompetency down to an intentionally bad call? While I don't think Gantar was the reason TFC won, as a Canadian I would have preferred the victory to be because of the crap American Fisher tackle rather than a Canadian Bernier play that probably wasn't even a foul and absolutely not a red card. And that aspect was Gantar's fault. Thought Crepeau looked good and it will be a damn shame if we lose Tabla to the Ivory Coast as he was more of a handful for TFC than even Piatti was.
  4. As Blackdude has stated, using the process of elimination, Borjan, Crepeau and Leutweiler. Also Vitoria and Cavallini were reported earlier. That's about half the roster. I was assuming that Arfield is coming back and that would mean that the someone like Kaye would get dropped from the 23 man roster that was called against Curacao. The fact that Petrasso is being added to the midfield mix while Kaye is still called, while Bernier Johnson, Hoillet & Arfield would seem to be locks is making me wonder if the likes of Teibert or Piette are being dropped, or maybe Arfield isn't coming after all? There doesn't seem to be room for everyone in central midfield. Taking a stab at what the final line-up might be: GK - Borjan, Leutweiler, Crepeau D - De Jong, Vitoria, Jakovic, James, Aird, Straith, Cordova M - Petrasso, Kaye, Osorio, Edwards, Bernier, Johnson, Hoilett, Arfield, Piette F - Cavallini, AJH, Ricketts I'm not sure now that Akindele (or Haber, who didn't play against Curacao) does get picked now except for injury to AJH and I see that I don't have a spot for Davies (or Teibert). I can't see them not picking Davies, so something is not adding up - Kaye's inclusion means that someone playing at a higher level of play in midfield will not be on the roster, even if I am wrong about, say Cordova getting picked. I am starting to wonder about Arfield now that I put this together. Maybe Kaye was just tweeting that he was heading to Toronto to visit family? No I didn't mean that seriously..... Edit - I have always sucked at math. My roster was only 22 names. So add in Davies I suppose or Tesho, but someone who should be on the roster (besides Larin) still won't be there....
  5. Yes - he's a striker who scored 2 goals in MLS play but was left off the 40 man roster entirely. I'm not counting goals by midfielders in that tally. Hopefully the 15 doesn't become 17 (as I'm assuming Akindele gets called, which seems more likely now but still not 100%).
  6. Ricketts would have to re-injure himself in order to not be healthy in time given that he was on the bench for TFC on Friday. I forgot about Tesho - make that 15 of 20 MLS striker goals being left off the initial roster if AJH is injured.
  7. As of this morning, Canadian strikers have scored 18 goals in MLS play. If AJH can't go for the Gold Cup, we will have managed to find a way to keep 15 of those 18 goals off the roster.
  8. AJH gets his 5th of the season and is subbed out in the 55th minute with his team tied 1-1 with Columbus. They go on to lose 4-1. Lefevre played 90 for Montreal and Tabla also came on in the 2nd. With Larin suspended Orlando still manages to play 2 Canucks. Johnson starts and congrats to Richie Laryea on his first team debut in the 64th minute. A shame that his team was trailing 4-0 to Chicago at the time.
  9. True but there is bound to be at least one player get injured during the first round with that many games and travel over so few days
  10. I had a feeling Cavallini might be in once it was announced that Larin would not be called (at least for the first round). Big news!
  11. Post-game Vanney said that the subs they brought on (all of whom were Canadian for the 2nd game in a row) all did a nice job of keeping the game under control. While Osorio did have two consecutive giveaways shortly after he came on, I am guessing Vanney probably didn't mind those turnovers as much because they occurred so deep in NE territory, unlike some of the earlier ones like Morrow and Endoh had done which gifted NE with gilt-edge scoring opportunities. After that he settled down. Interesting (having watched the broadcast of the game this morning after being in the stands last night) to hear Kristian Jack's sideline commentary where he relayed a lot of Vanney's frustrations and comments to his assistant coaches to the viewer - Cooper was taken off (even though he hadn't played two days before) in favour of Osorio because it was felt that he'd been a "passenger" defensively (I'm also guessing the stupidly needless off the ball fouls wouldn't have endeared him either) while they decided to keep a tired Altidore on for the rest of the game because they felt they needed Chapman to come and shore up the midfield and retain possession - which I thought he did for the most part.
  12. He had some nice runs going forward but unfortunately for him certain teamates of his (most notably the ones from Italy) didn't want to pass him the ball when he was wide open.
  13. They somehow credited Endoh with an assist on the Moor goal - similar to the goal he scored with his hair last year, if he had any touch on the ball it was a completely insignificant one as it didn't alter the path of the ball. He certainly didn't "create" anything unless you count the brutal giveaway that should have resulted in NE tying the game up. My father and I were chuckling that after that play Endoh tried to hide on the other side of the field from Vanney in the hopes he wouldn't get subbed off (which of course he was)
  14. Four Canucks on the bench - Ricketts, Morgan, Chapman and Osorio. Nice to see Morgan in the 18 again. Edwards and Hamilton are not dressed, presumably being rested (along with the also-not-dressed Beitashour) as they will start again on Tuesday.
  15. Subbing on Morrow for Edwards was a bit surprising to me - Edwards hit the goal post and assisted on the TFC goal whereas Beitashour was fairly anonymous on the other side but, more importantly, plays a position which TFC doesn't have as much depth in - maybe Cooper starts there tomorrow? Taking him off and moving Edwards to the right if they really needed to bring on Morrow made a bit more sense to me I thought the weakest player on the night was Irwin, followed by Moor & Zavaleta (who struggled with man-marking the whole night). A lot of TFC players I didn't think were at their best (including Bradley & Giovinco when he came on) but Irwin somewhat cemented Bono in the number one role with that performance. A nice bit of honesty from the Impact's Chris Duvall in this Neil Davidson article: