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  1. I don't think Zavaleta's mediocre passing skills would suit the El Salvador style of play but I digress.....
  2. Montreal wins the Can-Con battle for the day by a country mile as 3 Canucks start (Piette, Beland-Goyette & Jackson-Hamel) and of the three only Jackson-Hamel is subbed out of the game, in the 85th minute - and after he picked up a goal and two assists. Beland-Goyette also picked up an assist, on Jackson-Hamel's goal. In 2nd place was Orlando with Larin going 90, Johnson taken off injured in the 32nd minute and Laryea brought on with 7 to go. I think that's about 6 or 7 straight appearances for Laryea now off the bench. None of the Canucks features in the scoring in a 1-1 draw with Columbus. In 3rd place is TFC with Osorio & Ricketts combined netting 25 minutes and Ricketts picking up an assist on the 3rd TFC goal. Edwards and Chapman (who once again made the bench ahead of Cooper, interestingly enough) were left on the bench. 4th place is Dallas with Akindele picking up 25 minutes on his own, but no points in a 2-0 loss to SKC (who didn't dress either Canuck so they finish last on the day, not that I expect they or their fans care in the slightest as they sail into first place). Gave the tie-breaker to TFC because of one more player used. Vancouver finished 5th with just 8 minutes combined for Davies & De Jong as mentioned by TRM
  3. Johnson went out of the Orlando game with an injury in the first half, not sure how serious it is. With a 25 man roster however I'm not sure that they would bother to call anyone in to replace him.
  4. Wasn't sure where else to put this but it does involve a Whitecaps player so I've posted it here.It was inconsequential to the result in the end. My point isn't to trash Tim Parker in any way, just that its somewhat scary to see that certain Refs can't get it right even with video review: And off-topic but related to Canadian content - good to see Richie Laryea not taking any b.s. from Sacha Klejstan
  5. TFC II lost 3-1 on the weekend to Bethlehem Steel - the TFC website claims the win was controversial due to a PK & sending off of young Dunn-Johnson who again was starting over 1st round pick Brandon Aubrey (although I guess he won't be doing that next game). No TFC first team players played in this one - only Ben Spencer was on the bench, suggesting Morgan and Hamilton presumably have been brought back up to the senior team (not sure about Camargo who also wasn't dressed). Hundal, Johnson & Aikim Andrews started up front, the goal was scored on a PK by Mitch Taintor. Fraser, Boskovic, Telfer & Cavaluzzo also played in terms of Canucks As for Bethlehem Steel, it sounds like Chris Nanco had an impressive game. He scored the 3rd goal for this club, assisted on the first and apparently gave the pass that led to the PK for the game winner. Although according to the USL website: "Nanco then provided a beautiful through ball to Nanco in the second half, which led to the penalty-kick call by center official Kevin Broadley." Which suggests that either the TFC II backline is extremely slow, or that there's an error in the match report.
  6. Hagglund back out again another 6 to 8 weeks for TFC. Watched the game late last night. 4-1 actually somewhat flattered TFC I thought although Portland seems to know how to fall apart defensively as there was some brutal defending. And I'm not sure that it would have been 4-1 if Portland's starting keeper doesn't go down with an injury. The turning point really was that 2nd goal, coming after Portland missed a glorious scoring opportunity when Delgado (who otherwise had a much better game than the previous two) lost his marker on a corner kick, but he missed the net. Ironically then Delgado helped to set up Vazquez for a goal about a minute later, which shows sometimes how fine the margins can be between being goat & hero. The camera didn't show much in the way of disgusted Giovinco looks or screams to teammates (plenty to the Ref however) but I'll take people's word for it. I only saw one on screen when Delgado missed a through ball to him late in the first half, but then screaming at Delgado is one of his favourite past-times. I do wonder if he might have given Bradley a "thanks a lot" look for giving the ball away to one of the guys he is chasing for the golden boot, as proceeded to score on the play putting him even further behind. Funny thing is, I didn't think Morrow had that good of a game except that he scored two goals so it's tough to complain. I'm not sure that his stock has risen since the Gold Cup the way the mls website is claiming today, even if people are pointing out that he has more goals the Jordan Morris (somehow I don't think Bruce Arena will be starting him at striker any time soon).
  7. I mentioned this up thread but crosses have always been one of his weak spots and part of his improvement this year has been from playing him centrally so that the crossing situations are minimized. It wasn't just that he would miss the crosses but he would overhit them by a mile. I am out of town at the moment so yesterday's game was the first at home I didn't see live (hoping to do watch my PVR late tonight) so I can't comment on whether he had a poor first half or not as I have only seen highlights, but from what I saw he appears to have had a great bounce back game after a couple of poor outings which is good for both him and the club. A shame that Hagglund got hurt again and also early. Nice to see that the two Canucks contributed to the one goal that TFC scored in the short minutes that they were on. I notice that Cooper was not dressed, haven't seen a reason given as yet - was it mentioned during the broadcast?
  8. Thanks for the report Robin, informative as always, however Having seen the highlights I believe it was Aiden Daniels that made the interception and run on the first goal. Also after seeing the gift goal that Pais allowed, I hope Cavaluzzo is returned to the net so that he can try to extend his shutout streak. As for the TFC coaches, I am sure they will have seen the game and be aware of how the senior team players played
  9. I am not sure what "Whoscored" is or who runs it or how official it is but i am wondering if they have the wrong name for their site if they are giving higher rankings for players who havent scored in any competitive play this year over tthose who have. I mean, I'd expect Ashton Morgan and his 100% shooting percentage to get higher marks for a site with that name (which demonstrates how misleading some stats can be). Good thing I haven't mentioned the goals conceded due to being carelessly dispossessed of the ball just before halftime stats, as that is one where Spencer is clearly leading Hamilton in.
  10. I agree that it isn't all about scoring goals for a striker and I don't think that Spencer has been totally useless. But any player rating system that has Spencer as being a better player than Hamilton using stats as the basis must have been designed by someone clearly insane. At the time of writing the stats for Spencer across all competitions on 2017 are: Minutes: 806 Goals: 0 Assists: 3 Converted Pk's Earned: 0 Hamilton's 2017 stats: Minutes: 603 Goals: 5 Assists: 3 Converted Pk's Earned: 1 In what universe can the above stats be used to claim that Spencer is the better or more productive player? Presumably those sources you are referring to didn't bother to include USL or V-Cup matches but that provides a blinkered view rather than the full picture. Even based on MLS play alone I don't see how 0 goals and 2 assists means that a striker is more productive than one who has 2 goals, 1 assist, 1 Pk foul drawn for a goal in virtually the same number of minutes played (Spencer has played 1 more minute than Hamilton in league play). Are those sites using some anti-Canadian algorithm to come up with their conclusions or something? Also we can pretty much dispense with the goals/assists per MLS minutes stats to argue who is the better player - their sample size is too small. If you were to go by the current stats this would mean that both Spencer and Hamilton should be starting over Giovinco and Altidore, and I am sure nobody is trying to argue for that.
  11. I brought up Mo in this instance as evidence that Giovinco doesn't have as much influence on club selection as had been suggested (if you can think of a clearer example of this feel free to suggest it - I certainly can't),not because I wanted to drag up the topic of whether cutting him for Ben Spencer was a mistake by TFC. Although now that it has been brought up again I would say on that front - especially with the lack of options available domestically for Canadian players - I prefer to judge with my own eyes what I see the players do for the club vs what who they got cut for did, rather than judge by where he plays afterwards. Given that he had already proven himself at the USL level it would seem difficult to believe that he couldn't land somewhere in that league out of town if he really wanted to but I will give him the benefit of the doubt on what his motivations might be until I hear otherwise. As for Spencer, it is difficult to make the argument at this juncture of the season that he has been any sort of marked improvement vs what Babouli brought to the team at this point last season, just based on Babouli's productivity in the Canadian Championship alone where he had a hand in more goals than any other TFC player. I don't have the same hatred of Spencer that others seem to do on this forum but at the same time, until he starts to tear things up at the USL level (where, remarkably, he has still failed to score in parts of two seasons, even though, heading into last nights game he is leading the team in shots taken) I can't blame people too much for viewing his promotion to the first team with suspicion. If anyone else has ever heard of another example of a striker failing to score at the developmental club getting promoted to the first team as a result, I would be interested in hearing it. Because I have never heard of that before.
  12. Hamilton scores twice for TFC 2 in a 2-2 draw, including an injury time tying goal.
  13. I'm not so sure - if that was the case then Babouli would probably still be with the team while Endoh would have been cut instead, while Delgado would be playing less. Giovinco was said (by Vanney) to really enjoy playing with Mo but for confirmation all you have to do is compare last season how Giovinco once publicly apologized to Babouli for missing a boat load of chances that Mo set him up for, while he used to scream at Endoh & Delgado on a weekly basis every time they blew an easy pass or cross. That doesn't happen as much this season since Endoh rarely plays and most of his screaming last season at Delgado was for delivering poor crosses which he's not in a position to do as much this season because Delgado plays centrally rather than on the right side of diamond. It's one of the reasons why Delgado has improved this season because that particular weakness gets minimized with him playing more centrally.
  14. There are still a few stats that weren't updated (or in Hamilton's case, de-updated as you accidentally took a goal away from him), so here's the full update, changes in bold (including additional players who now have minutes this season or who I missed from before), including PK's drawn: Player G A PK's Drawn Leading to Goals Larin 9 2 N/K AJH 6 1 N/K Edwards 1 5 1 Bernier 0 4 N/K Ricketts 3 0 1 Johnson 2 3 N/K Hamilton 2 1 1 Tabla 2 1 N/K Osorio 1 2 0 Akindele 2 0 N/K Morgan 1 0 0 Chapman 1 0 0 Davies 0 0 1(?) Teibert 0 0 0 De Jong 0 0 0 Tissot 0 0 0 Pasher 0 0 0 Choiniere 0 0 0 Awuah 0 0 0 Laryea 0 0 0 Wright 0 0 0 Lefevre 0 0 0 Beland-Goyette 0 0 0 McKendry 0 0 0
  15. I am not saying anyone should be automatically starting over anyone for the non-Vazquez/Bradley midfield spot. I don't think Delgado is such an untouchable though that a couple of poor performances in a row means that he is still guaranteed to start no matter what, particularly when other options for that spot have played well in their most recent appearances (I included both Chapman and Osorio in that regard - not Cooper because he cost TFC the game last time he played.) And it isn't just us biased Canucks who thought Delgado was very poor yesterday, the much-vaunted Audi index would support that view.