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  1. Gian-Luca

    TFC 2018

    That was one of Delgado's better games on the season though - ok, not saying much and it still wasn't very good (apparently he gave the ball away 16 times in this game and I found many of those were in bad spots), but at least an improvement. 12 goals now for Osorio in all competitions this year, and still only July..... Nice to see Edwards get some of his groove back, even if it was for the team playing against TFC. He really should have had assists two on the night.
  2. Gian-Luca

    TFC 2018

    I don’t get the Hasler trade at all - so many injuries in defence and trade away someone who could fill in at right back for another midfielder?
  3. Gian-Luca

    Herdman new head coach

    I assumed that the players he was referring to who allegedly only want to play for Canada in order to get noticed are players who haven't actually played for Canada yet or committed to the jersey. Johnson isn't going to a higher league from MLS, which he has been in for nearly a decade IIRC so I highly doubt that he only wants to play for Canada in order to, at age 31, move to the EPL or something. And why would Cavallini need to wear the Canada shirt in order to get noticed when he was at Penarol and was tearing up Liga MX this past half--season?
  4. Gian-Luca

    2018 Voyageurs Cup

    I agree, that turf in Ottawa was actually making me glad that this game wasn't broadcast on tv for the general public to see. It was a poor-quality game for the reasons you state. I hope the CPL is putting grass in most of their stadiums or at least turf that is much better than what is in Ottawa presently.
  5. Gian-Luca

    2018 Voyageurs Cup

    I doubt that it will grow much higher than 3......maybe to four but in the words of Michael Palin in Monty Python and the Holy Grail "Five is right out!" I just don't think the MLS teams will agree to that and I'm not sure the CSA will even push for it. Both Ottawa & Toronto easily beat the 3 Canuck starter rule last night without the need for the CSA to force them. Nigel Reed miscounted by the way when he said there were 5 and a half Canadians starting for TFC, with the "half' being Akinola who he said should count as a Canadian for the Canadian Championship, even though TFC didn't have a Canadian flag next to his name when they announced the starting line-up (unlike Osorio, Chapman, Morgan, Fraser, Johnson and Telfer, who of course are already 6 players without counting Akinola). I wasn't impressed by Herdman's comment which made it sound like TFC were using so many Canadians this year against their will......yeah the team has had a lot of injuries of course and mostly to non-Canadian players, on the other hand the likes of Osorio, Chapman and Fraser have got playing time because they outperformed the likes of Aketxe (and one might add Delgado, another player who has been poor in comparison to his 2017 self) rather than purely because of injuries.
  6. Gian-Luca

    2018 Voyageurs Cup

    Not only was it not higher before, the requirement didn't exist until a year or two ago.
  7. Gian-Luca

    2018 Voyageurs Cup

    I can't say that I have missed listening to Nigel Reed calling games......
  8. Gian-Luca

    TFC 2018

    Hundal re-signs to TFC II https://www.torontofc.ca/post/2018/07/17/toronto-fc-ii-re-signs-shaan-hundal
  9. Gian-Luca

    TFC 2018

    Strange that I thought Bradley was having one of his better games in a while and had looked to be getting better each of the past 3 matches - and it's in this game that he's finally subbed off. Giovinco did not have his shooting boots on tonight, that's for sure. I think he hit the net once when he could have had a hattrick. He definitely has to score on that chance Hamilton set him up for in the first half (and Hamilton has to score the open net sitter he whiffed on in the 2nd half). But they shouldn't have to keep scoring at least 2 goals on the road to get a point. Hagglund & Zavaleta continue to struggle next to each other. I know that they are the only 2 healthy central defenders they have (and even Van Der Wiel didn't play tonight) but I don't know how Vanney can say they don't need to sign more players if they can get all of their defenders back. How do you know they won't get injured again when they do get back? Even some of the younger ones like Mavinga have proven to be injury pron Best Canadian on the night was Chapman IMO - at least until Ricketts came on. Not because Ricketts played great (he didn't) but because it moved Giovinco into central midfield and pushed Chapman out wide. He was excellent when he was in the middle and I think showed where his best position is (and he also should have scored tonight, while we are talking about missed chances). Overall though I still sense a lack of hunger/mental fatigue with this team which is another problem compounded by having more than half the starters missing game in game out.
  10. Gian-Luca

    Russia World Cup 2018

    I have a recollection Brazil & Turkey played each other twice in 2002, with Brazil winning both matches.
  11. Gian-Luca

    CPL new teams speculation

    Here are some suggestions I have for team names for forthcoming teams and those that have been mooted/speculated. These have been a specially selected to take into account current political trends and accusations. The Victoria Virtue-Signallers The Mississauga Misogynists The Windsor White Privilege The Quebec We Built This City on Francophone Rock and Roll The Flin Flon Flip Floppers (first signing Neymar) The Saskatchewan Social Justice Warriors Fenelon Falls Fake News-givers St. John’s Safe Space Invaders (just think of the possible video game licences and cross promotions!) Saint John Sensitivity-Trainers The Sherbrooke Surely We Can’t Be Serious With this Post and Please Call Us Sherbrooke
  12. Gian-Luca

    CPL General

    Re the Spectator article, while I applaud the ambition of saying the league could be a higher level of play than the USL, I can’t see that happening for the near future with both a salary cap and a rule to have 6 Canadians on the field at all times. I think expectations have to be lowered in that regard at the outset, while at the same time I understand that you don’t want to suggest it’s going to be a crap level of play either.
  13. Gian-Luca

    CPL General

    If we are going to do a Harold Ramis reference on a Canadian forum, let’s at least make it an SCTV one. This is Moe Green we are talking about after all!
  14. Gian-Luca

    CPL General

    I think you mean Harald Shumacher - he was the bastard who did the flying elbow in the penalty box on Patrick Battiston. Tony was the formula 1 driver I believe. Sorry for the pedantry, I loved the overall sentiment of your post!
  15. Gian-Luca

    Shamit Shome

    I suspect he's referring to the first goal but he would be one several players that could be blamed. I thought Shome looked good when he had the ball but unfortunately he wasn't given it enough in an overall poor team effort IMO.