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  1. TFC off-season - 2017-2018

    According to this Neil Davidson article, they are talking to Cooper's agent though presumably for a lower salary: https://www.tsn.ca/toronto-fc-makes-flurry-of-off-season-moves-1.944127 Also mentions the Cheyrou-likely-to-be-a-coach stuff
  2. 2017 Toronto FC season (aka the 2017 MLS Cup clinching thread)

    Must-see interview with Osorio with lots of laughter, some soul-bearing moments, Gold Cup discussion and a passionate debate with members of the media over who did the worse Viking Clap, Greg Vanney or Ashtone Morgan... https://www.torontofc.ca/post/2017/12/14/will-be-one-biggest-points-canadian-soccer-history-sure-jonathan-osorio?autoplay=true
  3. TFC off-season - 2017-2018

    Please note wording in the TFC press release: https://www.torontofc.ca/post/2017/12/14/toronto-fc-announce-roster-options-following-2017-championship-season " Toronto FC has declined options on goalkeeper Mark Pais, defenders Brandon Aubrey, Oyvind Alseth, midfielders Sergio Camargo, Armando Cooper, Benoit Cheyrou and forwards Ben Spencer and Tsubasa Endoh. These players will likely be invited to preseason next month."
  4. TFC off-season - 2017-2018

    One more thing about Edwards - last night I was looking around youtube for more parade footage (since I had to work during the day) and nearly every video seems to have a massive outpouring of rage from TFC fans in the comments section over Edwards departure - to a level that surprises even me (even though I was predicting this would be an unpopular move even before he went to Montreal). Its ironic because in the TSN parade coverage they were talking about how important it is to for TFC to develop local players and to have them on the roster to help forge that bond between the fans, the players and even with the foreign players coming in so that the local players can help them adjust to the city. And then this happens. TFC has currently got just 5 Canucks on the senior roster (Osorio, Morgan, Chapman, Hamilton and Ricketts), which is an insufficient number for a number of reasons (some of which, as I've alluded to above, have nothing to do with sentiment or national pride). Hopefully at least another 2, if not 3, are signed. Is Michael Petrasso doing anything at QPR these days?
  5. TFC off-season - 2017-2018

    Keep in mind that they can still re-sign some of these players - I think they did that with Astone Morgan last year after they initially declined his option then signed him at a lower salary. I wouldn't be surprised if that happened with Cooper in particular (I would also say Cheyrou but I also heard that he is retiring). Then again, it seems they have turfed every non-International who wasn't a starter to make up more room for international spots, no doubt to fill with TAM players I think Ben Spencer was on the league minimum already so I don't see how they can re-sign him for a lower figure. As for Camargo & Aubrey, not a surprise as they were already in the waiver draft. I'm not fond of saying "another one for the CPL" as seems to be the case for every 2nd poster on this board (since there still really isn't a CPL until they announce more teams and a start date), but in Camargo's case that would be good if that was an option to get playing time. Hopefully TFC will graduate a couple more Canucks from TFC2 such as Uccello. They are currently two down from last year and you can't plan to win the V-Cup with this few Canucks on the current roster and hope they are all both healthy and not on international duty. Edit - Spencer was actually making slightly more than the league minimum (which was $53K) as he was on $65K base salary. Although its tough to imagine that they would bother to resign a player for a measely $12K less, there is also the Vanney couch factor to consider. Aubrey was at $75K base salary so if it wasn't for the fact that he didn't even play much for TF2, you could see that being negotiated down if they were so inclined. Alseth was making the league minimum so he must be gone as how can you renegotiate under the minimum? A shame as I thought he proved useful depth but given the international status and the TAM money you can see why. Camargo was on $65K like Spencer while Endoh was only on $54K (presumably 1K higher than the minimum as it was his second year in the league, but basically the minimum for a 2nd year player) so he must be gone as well, despite what the press release suggests might otherwise be the case about these players.
  6. Raheem Edwards

    It seems like Edwards is the key to the deal for the Impact and that this trade was agreed upon ahead of the expansion draft. I'd like to know how far ahead they are talking about - 30 minutes or three weeks?: https://www.mlssoccer.com/post/2017/12/13/garde-braz-explain-montreal-impacts-decision-trade-laurent-ciman
  7. Impact offseason 2017-18

    Well he did a very respectful farewell tweet so he's taking the news a lot better than Ciman is. I am seeing a lot of anger and sadness from TFC fans on social media however.
  8. TFC off-season - 2017-2018

    Well Camargo definitely won't see any time with the big club or TFC2, if you caught the rest of my post above.
  9. Raheem Edwards

    I think what makes it a bit crazy for me is the notion that you'd go into this process with a plan to use TAM to upgrade the position that you already were strongest at depth-wise (or at least they were before they messed up here). Ashtone Morgan should be entering the prime of his career, so I suppose this is good news for him. From a national team perspective, it does keep Edwards playing with and getting chemistry with other Canucks (Montreal is chock-full of them now, even if one of them is named Tabla). So there are some potential positives, just not from a TFC fan perspective.
  10. TFC off-season - 2017-2018

    So far it's been a very off off-season, with TFC finding a way to lose Raheem Edwards in the expansion draft, who then gets traded to Montreal. Also, in the spirit of getting rid of more Canucks, Sergio Camargo apparently has been waived along with Brandon Aubrey as the two of them are eligible for the 2017 Waiver draft which is made up of players out of contract or have not had their 2018 options excercise. https://www.mlssoccer.com/post/2017/12/12/list-players-eligible-2017-mls-waiver-draft Given their lack of TFC2 playing time and the TFC senior team players ahead of Camargo for the attacking midfield role, perhaps not a surprise. Hopefully this does open the door for TFC signing someone like Luca Uccello to replace the retiring Benoit Cheyrou.
  11. Raheem Edwards

    My pick as well. A pretty easy one actually, but Vanney's one weakness as a coach comes into play here........ John Molinaro is saying this is no big deal on twitter because Edwards wasn't going to play much behind Morrow and besides they can replace Edwards with TAM money signing. He also reports that TFC plan to sign other players of Chris Mavinga (ie. starter) quality. But his logic makes no sense because TFC aren't going to be using TAM to replace Edwards if he's considered the #2 for a position and wasn't going to play over Morrow. If they were going to sign a player for that position replace Morrow as the #1, you then get rid of Morrow and leave the affordable & capable option as the back up. The logical place to upgrade the regular starting line-up with another TAM signing will be at the back. Moor getting on in age and is easily Zavaleta someone who can easily upgraded (to a defender who can actually distribute the ball while also being strong at the one-on-one stuff that Zavaleta is good at). Other possibilities would be Delgado (in the 3-5-2 and, if they are playing 4-4-2, even Osorio (not that I want that, but an upgrade is theoretically possible). Beitashour is another possibility I suppose. I don't see them upgrading from Giovinco, Altidore, Bradly, Vazquez, Mavinga, or Bono.
  12. Raheem Edwards

    Yes, I'm aware of that.....but it simply doesn't make any sense from the point of view of protecting your best young players (even before the question of where they are from is taken into account). Somebody else needed to unprotected instead or I would have arrange for a deal ahead of time. In fact I would have happily traded Clint Irwin to LAFC to get Edwards back. This is not going to be a popular move with the fanbase for TFC - even the cynical types in the stands who are harsher on Canucks simply because they are Canucks and don't believe that they are on the team due to merit but because of citizenship.....even they thought highly of Edwards. To see him go to our rivals is, as others have alluded to, a nightmare. I'd have preferred him to stay with LAFC over that, especially since I think it puts a dent in our chances for the V-Cup as things currently stand (granted there is lots of time to go).
  13. Raheem Edwards

    The fact that the fans could predict this shows that somewhere along the lines this was mismanagement from TFC's part. There's something wrong when Ben Spencer is protected while your top young breakthrough player on the season goes to your #1 rival. Although I thought Ciman needed to stay in Montreal for his daughter's health care or something like that? I would imagine he's not doing cartwheels over this either.
  14. Raheem Edwards

    Molinaro reporting that there were no deals made in advance with LAFC for any of the players they left exposed and as of right now, there is nothing in the works to get Edwards back.
  15. Raheem Edwards

    Actually there is no "Intl" next to his name right now on the mlssoccer website for LAFC's roster, so it looks like he doesn't count as a homegrown player for Toronto but does count as a domestic for LAFC, which is bizarre to me. Unless they are trading back for him, it makes it somewhat insane to have left him off the roster if that was the case. This is a bad move for Raheem given his salary, he can't live at home anymore so he probably loses money this way - if it lasts.