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  1. Whitecaps 2017 Season

    Just wondering if any of the Caps fans might think that the Caps finishing 3rd (if that should happen) might be a blessing in disguise. My theory is that the Caps are successful at home playing a counter-attacking style but they are often poor on the road in comparison. If they lose the first leg of a playoff series on the road, they may find it more difficult to play counter-attacking at home against at team that would themselves be sitting back and hitting them on the counter-attack because they would already have the lead. I could be talking out of my rear end but I just get the feeling that Vancouver will be more successful if they play the first leg at home with their style of play.
  2. Canada Fails for Same Reason as USA Did

    Interesting stuff but Twellman seems to me to be blaming Americana arrogance more than anything for their failure to qualify and I agree with that as a reason (arrogance leading to complacency - hence starting an aging Tim Howard in goal who doesn't move his feet anywhere near as quickly now as he should have or once did). But I think we have the opposite problem here and I think Zambrano senses it too based on his earlier comments. Perhaps the US is too arrogant, but at the same time we are not arrogant enough - having more of a self-belief that we can qualify or succeed in tournaments. Not that I want blind arrogance, perhaps confidence is a better word but it is sometimes difficult to separate the two.
  3. General Discussion on CMNT

    Well you only need to look at the standings to get a hint at what he has been like. Not that Colorado's position at the bottom of the league is all Howard's fault but even so if he's that good why is he playing for an almost-last-place team? Given that Arena was taking shots at the European "hotshot" countries that they would find it difficult to qualify in Concacaf, some of those countries would probably ask him when the last time one of those hotshot countries attempted to qualify with a keeper on a last or near-last place team in their country's top division? I am struggling to think of any examples of a successful qualification for one of those "hotshot" teams where the keeper they have used is on a club that is in de facto relegation territory. This, IMO, is the biggest mistake Arena made, causing him at least two games (I'd put the game in US against Costa Rica in the same bracket - first goal should have been stopped).
  4. General Discussion on CMNT

    Apologies as I hate to do this but I hate seeing "of" used when it should clearly be "have" even more. To answer your question - after getting the shaft so many times through the 90's and the 2000's, I probably would happily take advancement for Canada on a "goal" like that, but I would still be mortally embarrassed by it, and the reputation jokes among the general sports fans would be annoying (ie. Canada can only get in when they start being awarded "phantom goals", etc.)
  5. General Discussion on CMNT

    I'm sure Concacaf or the bigger nations (the ones that make the semi-final round) can afford it, particularly for the semi-final and final rounds (if they stick with that format). At the very least having it for the last two rounds would be an improvement, as long as it is fair to all teams in each round.
  6. General Discussion on CMNT

    Although now it looks like Panama qualified for the World Cup by scoring a goal which didn't even come close to crossing the goal-line, knocking the US out in the process. So that does put a bit of an asterisk beside the "if Panama can do it" statement above.... Vic needs to get VAR into Concacaf WCQ & Gold Cup matches. If there was ever a region that was in need of it, it is this far more than MLS needs it (there at least, it is needed because of incompetency rather than the whiff of corruption).
  7. General Discussion on CMNT

    Meanwhile Panama have qualified for the WC for the first-time ever, increasing the number of teams from Concacaf to have ever made the World Cup. They did it with a .500 record in the Hex and a negative goal differential. To be honest, if Panama can do it, so should we be able to.
  8. General Discussion on CMNT

    I think this might be the first time that two teams from the same semi-final group finished 5th and 6th in the Hex. Maybe this happened in 1997 as well (can't recall if El Salvador finished fourth, we definitely finished 6th). Cue the change in Qualifying format for next cycle. Somewhat stunned that a Honduran team which hasn't exactly looked miles ahead of us when we have gone head to head with them the past couple of years has qualified for the playoff, although I guess they had the benefit of playing an already-qualified-Mexico twice to end each of the last two rounds of qualifying.
  9. General Discussion on CMNT

    Not only is this not good news for the US, but probably not good news for Jordan Hamilton given that Jozy Altidore won't be missing from the roster for 6 weeks next summer after all. I wonder if the league will bother to take a break next summer now with both countries in the league not represented. Tim Howard looks his age......I am surprised that Arena kept going with him and I think it cost them.
  10. Canada vs El Salvador - Sun Oct 8th - Houston TX

    It should also be pointed out that because we haven't got that much depth (more than before, but still not that much) many of the younger players who had an off day will surely get another chance down the road because of necessity and if they continue to play well for their clubs. I'm sure Zambrano will realize that everyone can have an off-day and it shouldn't be "one and done" for the younger players. For "everyone can have an off day" look no further than the US, who are having yet another off-day as we speak (losing 2-0 at the half to T&T) but who might still qualify directly for the World Cup because the other two teams who are in a must-win situation (Panama & Honduras) are also losing at the half. It appears that nobody other than Mexico or Costa Rica wants to qualify.....
  11. Octavio Zambrano

    I don't think that is reading too much at all, it is what I took from it as well. That said, he seem to be referring to the newer guys who he hadn't seen before, which is why I think Aleman might be the chief guy he is referring to
  12. Canada vs El Salvador - Sun Oct 8th - Houston TX

    Agreed - it was probably the poorest performance we have seen under Zambrano, I think everyone was expecting more because we have seen much better from most of these players under this coach, and the players like Aleman who got their first cap under OZ didn't do much to suggest they should be called back. I will exempt Twardek from any blame, by the time he came on with about 12 to go there was only about 3 minutes of the ball being in play with all the ES flopping. I don't think he had even an opportunity to touch the ball
  13. Canada vs El Salvador - Sun Oct 8th - Houston TX

    I would like to have seen Awuah tried at left back - Kaye did well in what is not is natural spot until the goal but didn't offer much going forward, particularly a problem with Edwards presumably being asked to cut inside all the time (I say presumably because Aird was doing the same thing on the right but worked better with Petrasso)
  14. Canada vs El Salvador - Sun Oct 8th - Houston TX

    Re Larin, the coach needs to direct his players on how to use him properly - the team is never on the same page with him. No chemistry today with him Aird and Edwards but that was largely true of the entire squad going forward with the ball
  15. Canada vs El Salvador - Sun Oct 8th - Houston TX

    Not giving up hope, especially for an even more meaningless friendly than last month