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  1. If I were Dos Santos, I’d stay the hell away of the Tire fire known as the CMNT. He has a better MLS career to grow under. I’d rather be learning under Bob Bradley than Jason devos, Nick Dasovic and any other ex-Nats, at least Bradley qualified to a World Cup and coached in Europe.
  2. Zambrano out!

    Osiek qualiefied Australia to the World Cup since he left. But then again Australia has a domestic league and higher calibre players than Canada. He would be a welcome sight in Canada, but he’d probably not come back with the current CSA in power.
  3. Herdman new head coach

    Love it, Love Cathal, Sid and Ed Willes criticizing the CSA and its decision and the hiring of Herdman. I wish more people would criticize them more, rather than waiting for a juicy story like Zambrano’s exit to get the public’s attention. Wish there was a way for the feds to clean house there. As Cathal stated the CSA foundation is built on sand and will be for years to come unless changes happen.
  4. Zambrano out!

    I’ll bet the farm that Herdman is making that shit up. Even Martin Rennie, ex-Caps coach worked his way up the USL ranks before MLS came a calling. Herdman doesn’t even have that on his “illustrious” resume.
  5. Zambrano out!

    I don’t usually enjoy Ed Willes futbol articles from the Province but glad he’s taking a shot at the CSA http://theprovince.com/sports/soccer/ed-willes-surprise-herdman-quietly-takes-over-mens-soccer-program
  6. Zambrano out!

    CSA and $$$$$$ is an oxymoron. If someone offered to be TD, coach, trainer, doctor, janitor, water boy for cheap pay, CSA would hire him in an instant, regardless of credentials.
  7. Zambrano out!

    I heard at one time that a high profile South Anerican coach, name escapes me, threw his hat in the ring to be a national team coach for Canada, on the condition he bring his own staff and the CSA tried to get him to have Canadian assistants and he balked and left. I seriously doubt Villas-Boas would’ve accepted to coach here. No medium to high pedigree coaches want to coach Canada. We always get bottom of the barrel resumes it seems.
  8. Zambrano out!

    Jose Mourinho, got mentored under Sir Bobby Robson. Explain to me again where John Herdman got his “world class” experience in the men’s game at a club or national level?? Oh right he has none..hmmmm...
  9. Zambrano out!

    Your turning this into a sexist and gender debate. The reason most of say say a women’s coach rarely succeeds as a mens coach is because there are less ego’s on the team, the women’s game is not as fast paced, technical or precise compared to the men’s game. Herdman will be fighting a battle for respect, experience, etc compared to players that are playing at high levels of leavue play. Just think this going to be a huge trainwreck and the CSA will ho hum like usual and hire the next incompetent person to be a coach and TD.
  10. Zambrano out!

    If this true than fuck the CSA for life. Zambrano wanted change, tried to implement a philosophy here, the CSA and Prov Associations weren’t on board, they complained, and sabotaged him. With that mentality, I seriously doubt any “sane” or top coach would want to be here, even if fhey offered more money. The Canadian Futbol politics needs to seriously change.
  11. Zambrano out!

    I’d rather see lulz if Anthony Totera coached the CMNT. I’d honestly think he’s get better results than Herdman, oh I went there.
  12. Zambrano out!

    I bet Benito Floro is laughing at the CSA’s incompetence. He’s probably thinking I got Canada to play a turtle, turtle style, boring but got me to the Pre-Hex round, got canned, and they fired my replacement with the Women’s coach. Only in Canada this shit happens. And people still wonder why we’re still 94th in the world in rankings.
  13. Zambrano out!

    In order for Canada to be competitive, we need all “best” Canadians on rhe field including Dual nationals and/or fence sitters. Passion alone won’t help the players and program get better, you need a mastermind, great technical director to make all players, commit to his cause. zambrano was trying to do that, like Floro before and was having more success. My question to you is why would a Cavallini, Davies, Bustos or any upcoming player want to play for a coach that has never coached the men’s ranks in any capacity from club to national side. Would you want to play for your country if they hired a coach without any experience in the men’s game??
  14. Zambrano out!

    I thought it was the FA’s job to lineup friendlies. Why would Zambrano be responsible to get friendlies for Canada?? Is thr CSA that incompetent to schedule one with those countries??
  15. Zambrano out!

    Why should I accept the CSA status quo of “if its broken, why fix it” mentality. I hope Herdman gets the same scrutiny from the press and here that if he fails after his first Gold Cup, he gets the boot. I’m not tolerating, 2 years of bullshit and CSA incompetence.