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  1. TFC off-season - 2017-2018

    Anyone have any idea why Edwards couldnt be protected under the homegrown player catgory? Just noticed in another thread, that the whitecaps were able to protect a player like Teibert in this category. YetTeibert has been in the league much longer.
  2. TFC off-season - 2017-2018

    Horrible loss. Edwards had emerged as the most promising prospect. He proved himself as a starter and there was a solid chance that he would start more often. Plus he’s a left footed player. Of all the unprotected players to lose, this was the one i would have least wanted to lose.
  3. 2017 Toronto FC season (aka the 2017 MLS Cup clinching thread)

    I dont know if this is the case with Opta or not, but the problem with game by game players rating in general is that they cant ever factor in degree of difficulty in plays. So if you turn the ball over making a difficult or more risky play, you get penalized. I hate that! Do we really want reward players who do nothing but safe plays? Is that the kind of players we want? i have this lasting recollection of post here way back during an CMNT game where somebody, who was posting player ratings, said something to the effect of: “I downgraded Osorio because of a turnover he made early in the second half”. One is skilled and becomes skilled when you make difficult or riskier plays. Or because you can make those plays. And they are regarded as high quality because they fail more often than not. If we want those kind of players who never turns the ball or hoofs it down field instaed of making that extra touch, then we will never be good. Thats second division soccer, the guys who dont have the elite talent, so they have to stick aound by not standing out in a negative way because they know that they cant stand out in a positive ways. Giovinco misses a lot of chances. But he can score a ton also. Of course, there is a fine line to everything, i am not suggesting applauding a turn over machine. And i am all for calling out errors that derived from the lacking in fundamentals or lacking in effort. But I still think the eye test is the best indicator over any kind of player rating.
  4. 2017 Toronto FC season (aka the 2017 MLS Cup clinching thread)

    Hey Behrouz. If you have cable. Go to channel 100, from the menu, select “Sports”, then “TSN”, then “MLS on TSN”.... ..... just follow the prompts. It available for free.
  5. 2017 Toronto FC season (aka the 2017 MLS Cup clinching thread)

    I watched a fair bit of their two leg matchup with Houston. Yes, there was an early red card to Houston in the first leg that that was a huge turning point, but overall it was more that Houston were a not a good side. Had the Whitecaps gotten their tactics right in the first leg versus Seattle They might have advanced and it would have been an all Canadian final.
  6. 2017 Toronto FC season (aka the 2017 MLS Cup clinching thread)

    I was really puzzled when i saw the 4-4-2 posted as the starting lineup. But it turns out that they were able to completely choke the life out of Seattle in midfield.. By half time, i was hoping for no subs. Interestingly, for all the talk about TFC’s offensive prowess (deservedly so), it was defense that won them the trophy. No goals allowed in the final and two semi finals. The goals conceded against Nyrb, one was a fluke, the other was a pk. I think Bradley should have been given the MVP in this game. Lodiero and the rest of their mf were completely stymied..
  7. 2017 Toronto FC season (aka the 2017 MLS Cup clinching thread)

    What i was referring to when i said that last years final was the the worst experience ever was that the staff abandoned their job and the result is that they let too many people into the supporters sections. It got so over crowded, that it was dangerous. Also there were way too many people i had never seen before inthe supporters sections. I have been going down there since since the very beginning and after all this time faces look familiar.
  8. 2017 Toronto FC season (aka the 2017 MLS Cup clinching thread)

    This is a problem. It was a problem last year and having attended it, it was noticeble. For the worst.
  9. Confirmed: FC Edmonton whitdraws from NASL

    In found it interesting to read Fath’s comments that in order to break even, they needed to averge 9k per game. I recall at the time that Lynx were around, it was understood that the Hartrell’s needed a 5k per game average. What this tells us, is that travel costs ARE a major impediment and cost to operating in Edmonton. The Hatrells could bus their players to several, if not most, away games. https://globalnews.ca/news/3879663/fc-edmonton-folds-after-7-seasons-in-professional-soccer/ In most cases also, its cheaper to fly from canada to US cities than it is to fly within canada. There is more frequencies and competition on US bound routes.
  10. 2017 Toronto FC season (aka the 2017 MLS Cup clinching thread)

    Funny you should mentioned. That might not have been a bad substitution to make in the seond half. Ricketts for Hamilton instead of Cooper for Hassler. Dont know why Hassler was taken out for Cooper. I thought Hassler was Ok. When it looked like that they couldnt play the ball into the scoring area and were resorting to hit and hope balls, why not get that poacher in there whose good in the air.
  11. 2017 Toronto FC season (aka the 2017 MLS Cup clinching thread)

    I dont recall a single chance that CLB had in the first half. The only chances they had was late in the second half (maybe two) but overall there werent many chances by either team. It was a boring game when you think about it. The first half was the opportunity for TFC to seize the initiative on this tie, but they lacked ideas and couldnt create anything in the attacking half. But this wasnt because of anything that CLB was doing defensively. It was as if, they didnt know how to get Ricketts into the game. With Ricketts you need to get him out into open space and get the balls to him. The one or two times he was, the quality balls were lacking; he could have done better on one of them. Overall TfC controlled possesion well at times. But when that penetrating ball was needed, they resorted kick and hope balls and crosses and there is no point to this unless unless you have an aerial presence in the box. i wanted to see cheyrou as well. It was a good ideas to take out delgado. He has been invisible to me in these playoffs. But when your first sub is going to bring in a defender, that tells us, what vanney objective was inthis tie. 0-0 is not ateerble result but getting that awaygoalis very important.
  12. MLS Player Development

    I edit to correct typos. To clarify. Or to add to point. where did i say that i thought Spencer was better than Hamilton?
  13. MLS Player Development

    But those guys (the non Cnds) you cited didnt get more minutes. Cooper has hardly played this year and is probably on his way out. Edwards and Chapman have gotten far more minutes than Cooper, Endoh and Spencer this year. In league play Hamilton slightly less than Spencer. The later is somewhat puzzling. But doesnt change my basic point. Besides, nobody is going to dislodge Giovinco and atidore and ricketts at the fwd position. Osorio lost his spot to Vazquez this year. Vazquez is arguably the team MVP. Osorio is more and more the first choice of the bench but has gotten some starts. He has taken minutes away from Cooper who is pretty much expendable now. Other than in Justin Morrow’s spot where where can you put edwards? Morrow was nominated for defender of the year in MLS. Edwards has played well but he is a leftsided player . How is he getting screwed by anyone. Chapman, looked great in the game in seattle, but (i agree with others) i was expecting him to be more influential in games like the one versus Ottawa. The part i bolded in your post is key. I think you edited it a little and you may have removed the word “CLEARLY” somewhere. Thats good and i agree with that edit. Because the key question here is this: yes, we are all biased in favour of the canadian players, but how much is bias influencing the the agument of whether the system is failing or not? Because, if it is influencing your assesment, then thats tantamount for lowering the standands. If the clubs were to look at it that way(as i believ you are) you are setting different standards. I respect the fact that you have that bias because so do i. But honnestly, if you try looking at it in a different way, more objectively, you will see that when you look at all the opportunity and minutes, it been damn fair. The AJH example, best shows to me the system is working. As is the case for others. The point made by Ben Fisk is worth repeating. We need more non league type of matches. Matches like the v cup and the CCL. Those were great opportunities. TFC and MTL did not have heavy schedule this year because of this. It, along with the fact that the club set all kinds of records, hurts these guys. https://www.mlssoccer.com/stats/season?franchise=2077&year=2017&season_type=REG&group=goals&op=Search&form_build_id=form-w0JYgmP7vImj7zcmuUwscC6R4nMW61P1AFUe-5X9zTU&form_id=mp7_stats_hub_build_filter_form&sort=desc&order=MINS
  14. MLS Player Development

    Thanks for shedding some info on this. Good to know.
  15. MLS Player Development

    Mancuso is gone. AJH beat him out. Mancuso was veteran who, at professional level, had proven himself. The younger Canadian developed kid has to beat him out and prove he belongs. And he did. Not because of just one or two outings. How is this different than on any professional team in any sport. I HAVE BIAS FOR THE CND KIDS AS WELL. but its not by lowering the standands for them to make it, that its going to help them. Its not by making it easier for them that we are going to help them. When i know that one of our developed players can beat out Cooper for playing minutes in TFC (or take a spot away from Cooper), then i know that we have a chance against Panama in Concacaf. Or that we are closing the gap against Panama. When you saying so and so has perform better than so and so “non canadian” thats probably because we are biased. Thats ok, we are entitled to that. But a coach whose job is always on the line and sees these guys more than we do is going to see things differently. Canadian kids also need to develop consistency. I look at that game in Ottawa in the v cup game. That was their chance. But the game ended nil nil. That was disappointing. I was one who was extremely disappointed when i saw Giovinco and others dp’s in the lineup for the return leg. It was saddening to think that TFC needed Giovinco to beat a team like Ottawa. Cant blame Vanney for that.