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  1. Free kick

    Alphonso Davies

    Bayern Munich. That's about as good as it gets. Good to see a Canadian finally moving to a good club in Europe. And, it's for a rumoured eight figures. That's very important. Because when a club pays that much, it means they are serious about giving you a chance. It unlikely that you get loaned out or move to a different role or position. Unlike the Larin move, I can applaud this one
  2. Free kick

    2018 Voyageurs Cup

    When you hear and see incidents like that, your initial thoughts are: well its not me, not a group i am associated with and i dont know any of those people nor do i care what happens to them as far as punishment. As long as there is punishment. But you soon find out that all of us have a network outside of soccer that involves people who know you go to the games and sit in the supporters sections and they dont the difference from one group or another. Or, that you dont know belong to one group but belong to another or thta there is different groups. To the vast majority of the public, there is no difference. Like it or not, we (including V’s) all get painted with wide brush because of idiots like that. We end up havig to answer these questions.
  3. Free kick

    2018 Voyageurs Cup

    Synthetic turfs are bad to start with. But it seems that they become even more brutal after one year or two of usage. They harden
  4. Free kick

    2018 Voyageurs Cup

    Chrome worked for me on my tablet. Stream froze at the 93rd minute but other than, that it was OK. Hate that turf that they played on! Ball was bouncing was too high. And you can tell that players struggle with ball controll as a result. This even affects the entertainment value of the game because the flow of the game is affected by unnaturalal bounces and struggles to control the ball. One small thing that we could do to improve the game in this country is too ensure that as few games as possible are played on synthetic surfaces. We need more soccer only stadiums. Ball controll and touch is a critical point of playing and learning to play the game. Synthetic turf hinders that. Would love to see the whitecaps look to build their venue.
  5. Free kick

    What should we do with the Voyageurs forum?

    I don't mind the talk or discussion but there is fine line between talk and proselytizing or shilling for the league. Too often, I feel that that line is crossed. We don't get paid (at least I don't) to do promotion and publicity for an entity/club/private for profit organization. It's up to the owners of that entity to do promotion and pay for promotion of their clubs and league. None of us get up every morning to go to work or free. And when it comes to supporting it, you should spend your money if you are entertained and satisfied with the entertainment. These are not charities.
  6. Free kick

    What should we do with the Voyageurs forum?

    Amen. A soccer discussion forum is not about the important things in our world. Its a setting of people who share a common interest. If you join a club you always expect some sort of norms. That has nothing to do with basic rights or free speech because you can choose to join the club or not and you can get kicked out as you should expect. That doesnt mean we want group think. Why is it that I can tell right away from someone’s first post when its troll. And yet when I follow the subsequent posts from the troll its seems like moderators cant clue in on it until maybe months later. Or a hundred posts later. Its always been like this here. Good moderation means reading the post, underanding what the person said and (most importantly) recall what he said in his other posts. Ifs its same thing everytime in his first 3-5 you should clue in on it. Secondly, you gotta follow game and sport to a certain minimun degree. I know thats a tough one to define. I get that nobody is will be 100% on the facts and I will get the facts wrong and someone will correct me. Thats good. But you have to know enough to know when someone is trying to says that a chair is an elephant and keeps insisting that its an elephant. I find it helps if you are sports fan in general.
  7. Free kick

    Looking for French speaking TFC fans or GTA Soccer

    Hi jamie. I, as you know, can speak french
  8. Free kick

    TFC 2018

    What this tell me is that this guy probably arrived here thinking it was going to be easy. Thats a you problem with you face with players of similar pedigree. They think its a cakewalk and that you just need to showup and you will dominate the league. Bottom line, mls is not as bad as what they will tell you it is in europe. Its takes about a year for players to acclimatize hence, with time, he might have turned out to be something special.
  9. Free kick

    TFC 2018

    That is true. But he is still not at the same level as last season. Thats not a criticism of him or his play. But he was phenomenal for a certain stretch last season. Sometimes thats the fine line.
  10. Free kick

    TFC 2018

    Yes. This is why i had to roll my eye in frustration when hearing of certain group protesting the fact Giovinco wasnt yet re-signed. There is reason why there are people who get paid to make these kind of decisions (ie.; how much to pay a player ). They have consider, perfomance, age, progression, team chemistry....etc etc etc. Dont get me wrong, Giovinco is still one the best players in the league. Maybe even the best. And, he will continue to be, at worst, a very good player in MLS in one or two years from now. But he is not today what he was two years ago. So the question is, do you want to pay him like the best player in MLS? Or do you want to pay him what he worth today and will be worth in two years. Soccer players, over the age of thirty, decline very quickly; especially Attacking players. You see this in europe with the transfer dollars and how a players age factors into it. Plus, he takes a pounding. Long in short of it, we definitely over rated the depth on this squad. But its not just that, its also that the play of the top players on the teams has dropped slightly. For example, Vasquez is still pretty good, but he was awesome last year. Same could be said from Bradley and Giovinco. It shows you the fine line between winning trophies and missing the playoffs. Soccer is a lot like basketball, isnt it? you will go as far as your top talent will take you and if the top talent is awsome, then it will make everybody else look good.
  11. Free kick

    2026 WC Bid?

    go to 4:12:20 Of course nobody will ever say: “i guarantee.....” or “we commit to....”. But that’s plan and if there wasnt a strong degree of intent, they wouldnt have stated the names of the cities. I am surprised nobody mentioned this here. But those videos show the V’s on few occassions. In one that i recall, it was where J Deguzman goes To the stands in the voyageurs section. The united bid’s full presentation starts at 4:03:00 the first video starts at 4:10:50 the second video at 4:16:30 Lots of canadian content in there!
  12. Free kick

    2026 WC Bid?

    I’ll look up the video. Its on youtube. They said it in the video presenation and list the names of the three cities and showed the city names with a picture of the stadium.
  13. Free kick

    2026 WC Bid?

    I watched the united bid presentation to the fifa congress. They clearly stated that the first games of the tournament woud be played in Mexico city, Toronto, and LA. If the tradition holds that host countries play on the first day, then Canada’s opening game will be in Toronto. Also, they talked about having regional clusters for several groups in order to mitigate the travel issues. Which i took to mean that there might be four regions each having four groups. I also took this to mean that they wont move teams in the group stage outside of the city thats hosting a group. I really hope that they dont have a round 32. That would really suck! That means that two of three teams advance from the group stage. Hence a strong team is not likely to need a stong effort in order to advance. This would render the group stage as meaningfull as a preparatory game or a friendly for the next round. Imagine a Germany grouped with Bolivia Saudi Arabia. You are not going to see the best of Germany in those games. My comments in the posts above were under the assumption that they would go to a round of sixteen after the grouup stage (ie.: one of three teams advances). Edit.: your right. It turns out i miscalculated. In order to have an 80 game tournament, you will have to have a round of 32. That sucks.
  14. Free kick

    2026 WC Bid?

    Several weeks ago, I had heard or read a quote attributable to the CSA rep who is on the bid committee. When asked about Canada going at it alone, he says that there is no way it would have been possible for Canada to go at it alone. And that this was something he only started to realize as he got more involved in the project. And, the more i read things such as the 500 page bid book that FIFA posted on line, the technical report that fifa showed at the congress, the presentations that Morocco did and the United bid presentation (these are on youtube BTW), the more i am now convinced that he was right. Just look at what Morrocco used as selling point. Morrocco highlighted that: it had the culture for the sport, it had that all the 80 games within a 500 kilometer radius, and that it was in the same timezone as western europe and also a very short distance from there for traveling fans. Thats where the big $$$ from the rights fees are. The united bid counter those valid arguments from Morroco by stressing $11 bill it could generate and the fact that that it had stadiums already in place and only a few would require upgrades. All of Morrocco’s stadiums needed upgrades. So what argument would Canada have had in its favour versus morroco? Or what points could we have countered with? Its debatable if our stadium situation would have better. We would have the same geographical problem that the united bid had to counter but not have had the critical mass to generate anything close to 11 billion. Our geography is A big hurdle canada in this kind event. In the end, having ten games in canada will mean that if you live in one of the host cities (other than the fact that there are none of the 1/4 final and 1/2 final games). You are getting the same as everybody else given the sixteen groups of three format. PS.: i am pretty confident that we will get a guaranteed spot. With 48 teams this easier to do and more palatable to the rest of world.
  15. Free kick

    2026 WC Bid?

    The way i read format. Canada is certain to get AT LEAST one round of 16 matces. Given that its 48 teams in 16 groups in 16 cities, that means three matches in each city(ie.: three teamsper group). If all three canadian cities are selected that will mean nine games. But canada was promised ten games. So that means that extra game has to be a round of 16 game. Also, they did say that all 1/4 finals matches and onward would be in the US. And, they also said in the presentation at the FIFA congress that that they will group matches and groups into regional clusters to minimize travel. To make that work with 16 teams, each city/group would have to host one round of 16 games and that means 12 games on Canadian soil. What i suspect will happen is that to get to 10 matches, they may drop one cnd city which would mean each of the two cities would get 5 games (the three group matches plus two round of 16 matches) and the that two or more of those american cities that dont get the round of 16 games would be ones that get the quarter finals or semis.