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  1. Is it? If Vitoria doesn't see the 18 for three months, but is very effective and plays great upon his return, what does that tell us? It tells us he is a good player regardless of his struggle to get into his club team, which is a level far higher than the NASL. Contrast that with a player who was playing great for the top NASL team. Is said player fitter and sharper? More than likely yes. Are they better and more effective than Vitoria (or someone in a similar situation)? I'm not so sure. I guess it boils down to this: Do you want an inferior player who has played a lot of games or a superior player who hasn't?
  2. Yup, he would also been in contention I imagine. We can offer Tomori a key position in 2026, that's for sure, but a strong showing next (whether that is at Chelsea or elsewhere) could attract Nigeria ahead of Russia 2018. If Tomori wants to play for England and Nigeria visits him and says "look, we can give you the opportunity to play in WC not in 2026, but NOW", I think it's tough for us to compete with that, unfortunately. If Victor Moses and Alex Iwobi spurred England youth ball to play for the Super Eagles, I also think a Tomori switch is possible. Will he ever play for Canada again? It is looking less and less realistic to me. It is too bad we never cap-tied him at the earliest opportunity. The more time goes on, the less likely he'll ever play for us. Another one bites the dust.
  3. Oh okay so his point is that he'd have to fail hard enough that neither England or Nigeria wanted him? Nigeria has recently called up two defenders to their program, one of Dutch decent (I think he plays for Gent in Belgium) and one of German decent (plays for Mainz in the Bundesliga), so yes, I think a Nigerian who gets time in the EPL will be on their radar, especially when we are talking defenders, which is the weak point in the team.
  4. They are on pace to qualify for their 3rd straight WC, four points clear leading their group of four teams, which include Cameroon and Algeria. They have more players in top clubs / leagues than ever, such as Iwobi (Arsenal), Iheanacho (Man City), Moses (Chelsea), Musa (Leicester City), Ndidi (Leicester City) etc. Most of these guys are very young too. I don't think any Nigerian would consider their team to be in a down period. The future is very bright indeed. Why would he need to fail hard for Nigeria to be a second choice? I don't quite understand that statement.
  5. I am very optimistic of Cavallini playing for us under Zambrano. Visiting him in Uruguay is one thing, but the smiling photo says a thousand words. In light of this, I would be more surprised if Cavallini turned down the call. He is already married, has a child, family life is in order, scoring for a top team in South America, he just seems settled now, as opposed to playing for a relatively obscure team like Fenix. Sure, there is arguably another level, like a Boca Juniors or even Europe, but I don't imagine he has the same urgency now to focus solely on club ball, now that he's proving to be a contributing member of such a club as Peñerol.
  6. Why can't Edwards provide service from LB? I don't think we need to play him at LM for Larin to get that service. I think Hoilett at LM cutting inside is perfect for Edwards playing LB, overlapping and whipping in dangerous crosses. I know he hasn't played much LB, but I don't think that's reason not to try him there. His position may need work but he has the recovery speed to get back into position, so I'm not worried. By the way, I don't think Aird was / is a disaster at RB. I think he is serviceable there despite his short comings defensively. I would much prefer him playing in midfield because his offensive talent warrants it. I like Juan Cordova at RB if we are experimenting with offense full backs. Anything that lends itself to more offense I support.
  7. Hoilett is deceptively quick. I think it's because he has a muscular build. When he sprints he doesn't appear to be moving fast, but when he beats players for pace it's clear that he is. I don't know if he has as much pace as Accam, but I'd put him in the same tier, which would be a level below the top guys like Ricketts, Mattocks or Oduro. Like Accam, he's shifty and can change direction and is a good dribbler and likes to cut inside from the left. I can't think of an MLSer who's closer to Hoilett in style and quality. Justin Merram, for example, has similar dribbling and shooting ability, but not the same pace.
  8. I think he could be a "David accam" level player in MLS.
  9. Out of the to 4 leagues, I think his game would benefit most in Germany. It may force him to improve technically without being overwhelmed, or at least that's my hope. Italy would be an interesting move, but it is hard to score in that league, which may be good or bad depending on how you view it. The top scorers in that league always seem to have lower totals than elsewhere. Too bad we haven't seen any French links. I think that would be an interesting level for him. Signing for a OM or Lyon could provide a high level with enough chances that he's not completely glued to the bench, or so I dream. Realistically though, i'd feel better with a Rennes or Saint Etienne, where he'd really get a solid chance. I'm confident about that.
  10. This is a good point. I do suspect the EPL is overrated, or at least they play a style that doesn't lend itself to success against continental Europe. How else do you explain the lack of Champions League success in recent years? The strange thing is, on paper it is definitely a "top 2" league. Or perhaps the English-based player is simply overrated, making teams look better on paper than they are? Hard to tell anymore, really.
  11. Good riddance. Hope his butt doesn't get too sore on the Jacksonville bench.
  12. Good point but to play devil's advocate, Ciman is the only MLS player he called. I don't recall anyone else, so just a one-off perhaps. Jelle Van Damme didn't seem to get any love after moving to Galaxy and he was equally deserving.
  13. I would personally love to see a CIS draft. Lots of good players end up in a CIS program and after that it's just senior amateur soccer. Would be nice for CIS guys to have something to aim for. I know a couple of MUN seahawk players who had good oppotunities in the past but didn't quite make it. Both are Newfoundlanders. One had a trial with TFC Academy but wasn't selected, while the other had a few trials in Germany (I think it was either Energie Cottbus or Dynamo Dresden U 23's) and also never made the cut. There is a third Newfoundlander now at MUN who I haven't played against (he's young and I now live in Alberta) but heard he played with the Ottawa Fury reserves and trained with the first team last season. At any rate, these are the type of players who'd likely aim to get drafted and could get a break and get drafted into the CPL. Once you catch that break, anything can happen. Look at Raheem Edwards! Was playing at a level technically lower than CIS (Sheridan college).
  14. Would be a massive pick up. Still a good age and we really need quality in the back. Iffy about his lack of game action but we really are lacking centre back options. I'll wait for official confirmation he met with him before I get my hopes up.