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  1. Arfield starts for Burnley against Brighton. 0-0 at the half.
  2. Liam Millar

    Fair points but an average age of 23 is way different than an average age of 17/18. Remember, Miller isn't even playing with Liverpool's reserves yet - just the U18 side.
  3. Atiba Hutchinson

    That's precisely my point. "Furthermore, each of those guys (davies aside) have arguably had a better club season as well" was in comparison to Borjan, not Hutchinson.
  4. Voyageurs #CanMNT Player of the Year for 2017

    1. Arfield 2. Hoilett 3. Borjan In the Hutchinson thread, I shared my opinion on him winning the CSA male Canadian player of the year. This is different. As a Voyageurs "CanMNT" player of the year, I couldn't bring myself to vote for him, given he only played once for us. Youre welcome @matty 😁 Honorable mentions: Davies, Osorio, Jackson-Hamel and Piette
  5. Maxime Crépeau

    I think it's a good call. If he wants to become a regular part of our pool, at some point he'll have to play regularly at a level higher than USL.
  6. Massih Wassey

    If I had to choose one I would go with Wassey. I really, really like Miller's potential, but until he starts getting professional minutes, that's all it is, potential. Wassey can perhaps help us right now and with the league of nations kicking off soon (2018, right?), I would integrate him back into our program sooner rather than later. Really want to see this guy in the 2.Bundesliga next season.
  7. Sergio Camargo

    Unfortunate but he never quite looked like a player who would make it at TFC or even MLS, especially considering the new TAM entering the league next season. Type of player who should keep fit in L1O before (hopefully) winning a spot in the CPL.
  8. Atiba Hutchinson

    I know what you mean. We had a great Gold Cup and ideally we'd see a player from that team win the award. That being said, it's not like we won the cup or even made it to the finals, and although it was our best finish in a decade, we only made it one extra step in the competition. For me, Gold Cup was nothing more than a step in the right direction. Borjan rightly deserves to be in the conversation, but I don't think he had an outstanding Gold Cup. He was solid, but I think Arfield, Davies, Junior and arguably Cavallini had more of an impact. Furthermore, each of those guys (davies aside) have arguably had a better club season as well - Cavallini scoring 6 in 16 for Peñerol before going to Puebla to lead that team in Liga MX scoring. Arfield, once again proving to be a contributor for Burnley, who found themselves as high as 4th in the EPL at one point. Hoilett, leading Cardiff City in scoring and on pace to promote from the Championship. For me, the award is recognition of Canada's best male player in 2017. I get placing a high value on CanMNT play, but I think it makes sense to give the award to the player who made an impact on the biggest stage, and it gets no bigger than the Champions league. To flip your comment around, I can't see a small nation like Canada prioritizing results on a small stage (ex Gold Cup) over results on a larger stage (UCL). All that being said, congrats to all our players who have had a great 2017!
  9. Raheem Edwards

    Sad to see Raheem the dream Edwards leave Toronto FC. He was getting minutes in a winning environment, which is what we should want for all our players. At the same time, we want our guys getting as many minutes as possible. If Edwards doubles his minutes next season with Montreal and maintains his good form, BUT has to settle for an early playoff exit or missing playoffs alltogether, is that a win for him and for Canada?
  10. Atiba Hutchinson

    I am okay with it. I think the award should go to the best canadian international, period. I would even extend it to former internationals. If Atiba retired from the national team tomorrow and somehow went on to captain Besiktas to the Champions League trophy, he'd get my vote for the CSA male player of the year. He would be the best canadian player in my eyes. In my opinion, Borjan was not exceptional for Canada. Was he good? Yes, but not good enough to make up the distance Hutchinson has on him at the club level. Not even close. Winning the Turkish league and qualifying for the Champions League knockout rounds, while occasionally captaining your side, is much better than a hot start in Serbia and making the Europa League knockouts.
  11. Russell Tiebert

    Always pegged this guy as a middle of the road MLS player capable of starting, so not surprised that is where he's at 5 years or so into his career. If this is how davies turns out I would be way more dissapointed.
  12. Cyle Larin

    A loan to either of those countries would be exactly what he needs. Cyle Larin today will not make an impact at West Brom in the EPL, but Cyle Larin after a year at Genk or Feynoord or AZ Alkmaar might. Again though, why go on a loan when you can get a commitment from Celtic or Besiktas? They would be the safer plays, especially Celtic..
  13. Cyle Larin

    Wouldnt mind either of those at this point, but in general i do not think he is good enough yet to play regularly in the EPL, so I prefer Celtic or Besiktas
  14. I will risk opening some old wounds to inform you guys that Bryan Crisante has been linked to Man U. This is a rumor, but goal and the sun are reporting that he is being considered as Fellaini's replacememt. The plan would be for Atalanta to exercise their 10 million pound buy-option from Benfica, then turn around and sell to Manchester United for 31 million pounds. Not a CMNT player but he was recently eligible and it's fun to dream "what if". We were close....
  15. Tyler Pasher

    Unfortunately I agree with this one. I dont see a player who can forge a career in MLS, the level is too high.