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  1. I wouldn't say it is "nothing", but they collectively haven't been stubborn enough when it comes to winning. Not even close. That is the mental fragility Zambrano has identified and has come in to fix.
  2. I don't think it's likely or even realistic that a rift would be caused in the locker room because Cavallini desperately wants to win. If he brings that Latin American passion to win, I can't see that being a bad thing, no matter which angle I look at it from. Those are the type of players you want representing the shirt. Team unity is great but not if the team are united in their lack of self belief, lack of passion and lack of a stubborn will to win.. . . Case in point: Kevin McKenna at half time "it is damage control at this point". What a damn embarrassment. Where is your desire to win? Like someone else mmentioned, I would rather have a miserable bastard stirring up shit than nobody giving one.
  3. I think you are totally spot on. Canada needs more of that swagger that Cavallini brings. I hope TFC's new found winning culture also bleeds into the national team.
  4. Not that I think any of them are scouring the internet for articles of Uruguayan football, but if they did and were insulted, so what? Are they going to get into a cat fight and pull each other's hair in the change room? Cavallini is a breath of fresh air. I like it.
  5. This is sport though, not corporate culture. Apples and oranges.
  6. Running down teammates? Don't you think that is an exaggeration? He is telling reporters what us fans know to be true in our gut. Is it more helpful to keep your mouth shut and fall in line with the team culture of being okay with losing. Or, do you simply think this culture doesn't exist in our team? You may call it something different than "being okay with losing", but whatever you want to call it, it's there. I'll put it this way, I am sure we don't respond to a loss in the same way the Uruguayan or even Honduras NT.
  7. Why does it matter how many caps you have? Does a player need to hit some magical cap threshold before he can be critical of the team and question their desire to win? We get disappointed when we tie El Salvador or lose to Honduras. No, we need to get angry. Show some damn passion. I fully support what Cavallini has said.
  8. Why, because he tells it like it is? Clearly Canada has mental problems we have discussed that already. Zambrano has discussed that already. Cavallini was perhaps less tactful, but why should be be any different? He is a player not the manager. Sticking your head in the sand and not telling it how it is because you don't want to offend your teammates or rock the boat, that attitude is why Canada soccer is where it is in the first place.
  9. Glad it is not the case of Zambrano not rating Johnson.
  10. I think this was a very good decision. Much more important to establish himself in the 1st team at Dusseldorf after the season he just had with the reserves. You must strike while the iron is hot. Good luck Kianz!
  11. I would love to see that move. Yeah getting some preliminary Europa league action is nice, but playing for one of the top teams in Costa Rica would be great on multiple levels: CONCACAF environment, more exposure to MLS / Liga MX scouts, pre-existing relationship with the manager, still will be in a squad with internationals. James is 24 and perhaps he may be able to still climb another level or two, but I don't see him playing for a big team like Besiktas or even a Burnley or a Cardiff City. I think the pros definitely outweigh the cons.
  12. You have a tendency to exaggerate in order to drive home your ideas. That makes you a target and detracts from the point you are making, which is a shame because I think you make great points. It all gets lost in the hyperbole, sadly. As for this particular issue, I do think that Cavallini has the quality to relegate Larin to the bench, if he takes his chance. You don't play and score for Penarol like he has without having quality. What he has done in Uruguay is just as impressive as what Larin has done in Orlando, perhaps even more so. I am looking forward to giving Cavallini the starting role at Gold Cup. Does anyone actually think this will be a drop off? I think it will be a breath of fresh air and when Larin does return they'll be a battle especially if Cavallini starts scoring for us. I would also love to see AJH continue his rich vein of form, further muddying the waters in the CF position.
  13. The comparison is to highlight that calling relatively unknown players is not automatically bad. Nothing more. At the time, he was a college player on the international stage. Kaye is now a USL player on the international stage. I see no difference between calling Larin back then and calling Kaye now. Both got called while playing in football backwaters. To me it doesn't matter that Larin was a star in college. Why is that relevant? Furthermore, I don't have a problem with Kaye being 23 already. It would be nice if he was younger, but it is what it is. Also, if you are suggesting Kaye's selection is a sign we have a poor squad, I would say "yes, that is true", but I wouldn't say it is particularly insightful as far as where our squad is at. Actually, I would say the reverse is true, which is that it says more about Kaye (that he is better than he's getting credit for).
  14. First of all, that is different than saying "his career is coming to a close". That is simply untrue. Perhaps that's what the author meant (that Jackson is on a career-downslide), but if so it was very poorly communicated. Secondly, I don't even agree that Jackson's career is in decline. I would argue it has stabilized after a major drop (EPL > Bundesliga > Championship > League One) in a very short period (18 months?). At his low point he was not scoring in League One, but since then he was picked up again by a Championship club, scoring 2 goals in 18 games (not great, but an improvement), before moving back down and having a strong season scoring 7 goals, which was more than double his rate during his last spell in League One. So yeah, at a glance Jackson's career is in decline, but a closer look shows a slight uptick from a massive drop. I still think he has enough time to get back to the Championship and become a useful sub / occasional starter.
  15. Sure, it is not the sexiest selection, but I'm not going to worry about Kaye until his performances give me reason to. Cyle Larin was getting calls when he was in the NCAA, which is even lower than USL. Not that I expect Kaye to be better than Larin, but I will trust Zambrano with this one. I see the potential in his game, so that is comforting at least, although yes I would feel better if he was playing in MLS.