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  1. Don't know how keen he is to do that. TFC smashing the league and him playing a key role makes that less likely IMO. Morrow got a recall and Delgado is starting to pick up USMNT hype, he's likely thinking why not him!
  2. Proof is in the pudding I guess.
  3. agreed. that move would get him closer I think, but I still have my doubts he'll be able to achieve it. hope he surprises me!
  4. Probably the stepping stone he needs to get into Europe. Plus the other points made already regarding better league quality, closer to home, altitude etc. I like it.
  5. Yeah it was awful having Bernier and his veteran leadership back.
  6. I expect nothing less considering he transferred from the biggest club in Portugal. I would be more surprised if he was healthy and still struggling for game time.
  7. I don't think there is a big rush for him to jump ship. If this was Cyle Larin stuck behind Giovinco and Altidore I would be singing a different tune. Hamilton doesn't look like a future star, he looks like a capable striker who is arguably of starting quality. I know the counter argument will be that we don't know what he can be if he's not given a run in the team, but my rebuttle to that would be that you need to earn your spot, even if Altidore and Giovinco are the competition. I like Hamilton. He is a great substitute option for TFC. Young, local, capable of putting away chances. Again, he's only 21 guys, let him continue to battle for minutes. I would prefer that to Hamilton going to DC or somewhere where he'll likely double his minutes in an inferior team. To me, that is both the easy road and the risky road.
  8. I don't think Hamilton has to move on. He is in a good environment with a winning club and he is getting minutes here and there as a 21 year old. Anything can happen to Giovinco or Altidore, although I hope it doesn't.
  9. I think it's a reminder to put more stock in the player than the club or league he came from.
  10. Yeah I agree it would be unlikely, but I also wouldn't be shocked either. Piette is a good player. If I was a betting man I would say, at best, he'd make it as far as training with the first team (aka..sniffing around the first team).
  11. Wouldn't be surprised if he would have been sniffing around the 1st team by now. You get better when you play with better players. Highly unlikely he would have been a regular for them though. For what it's worth I'd be saying the same if he stuck with Deportivo, though perhaps he'd of had more first team involvement.
  12. He's exactly the type of player the CPL needs. Ex professional and youth NT players such as Cordon, Carreiro and Roberts should also make the jump up when this league gets off the ground.
  13. Right now for me it's Petrasso over Aird but I think that's a battle to really watch as time goes on. Both are the same age and Euro-based, both offensive and quick with defensive shortcomings. Very similar profiles really. I think Cordova will also make it a 3-horse race, so to speak. Also offensive minded and the same age.
  14. Um no. I'm pretty confident both started way more games on the field than on the bench.
  15. Sadly I think it's the latter. Hope i am wrong.