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  1. Obinna

    Cyle Larin

  2. Obinna

    TFC 2018

    More evidence that Altidore is the MVP of this team.
  3. Obinna

    Impact 2018

    Seems like Petrasso had a few minutes off the bench as a winger, is that so? If so, how'd he look?
  4. Obinna

    Alphonso Davies

    Well there goes my theory
  5. Obinna

    Alphonso Davies

    The fact they haven't mentioned it on mlssoccer.com is an indication this deal is either close or imminent. If it was far from being done or just rumour they'd have it plastered all over the homepage.
  6. Obinna

    Alphonso Davies

    For Davies? I don't think it's too low. For me a 6 figure fee would be too low. I love Davies but I never did expect a fee above $15M for a 17 year Canadian player from MLS. A $12M fee for any of our players doesn't even seem real, sad as that is!
  7. Obinna

    Alphonso Davies

    He probably should, but the Brazilian factor comes into play I think. Davies being sold to Bayern for anywhere between $12-15M is incredible. Would be the biggest outgoing transfer from MLS and the biggest for a Canadian international. I would feel comfortable with him at Bayern, and in Germany. Great optics for our program too, clearly.
  8. Obinna

    TFC 2018

  9. Obinna

    Ballou Tabla

    I saw the interview, that is what Herdman said. The tweet makes me more hopeful than hearing the words come out of his mouth. I got the sense it is very far from done. Watch this space I don't think alludes to something actually happening, more like if something happens you will find out in this space, which is rather obvious.
  10. I agree with that more or less! I don't think anyone would argue Teibert is ahead of Arfield, but with him being out injured, I just wonder if we call him in to play down in Bradenton, Florida considering the opponent. I don't know what the injury is and it didn't sound serious, but if he is not back until mid August, do we want to pull him away a few weeks later, coming off an injury? Good point on Johnson. Perhaps he can take Arfield's spot rather than Teibert. He can also cover for RB and is already in Florida. Adekugbe and Morgan I think is a close call. I do like Adekugbe more as a player and I believe he has more upside, but I also don't want him to lose his starting spot. He needs the development. He could come back and retake the spot or perhaps not lose it at all, but why risk it? I would rather us build up some good will with Valerenga now, so that when we really need him later, they're less likely to give us or him a hard time.
  11. I do think we'll see a lot of youth as well. Is Godinho going to be fit in time?
  12. I would love it if they extended it down to PDL, and even amateur teams. Like have the winner of each senior provincial league qualify. That is all long term stuff. In the near term, you could drop the facility requirements, but that doesn't solve the travel issue. The USOC is very regionalized in the early stages. How would that look in canada?