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  1. These pictures actually flatter Chester.... Where are the Detroit-esque buildings that are literally crumbling before your eyes?
  2. Yeah I have seen that too, but I have also seen him strike a ball first-time into the goal with his left foot, and the ball was moving across his body AND he hit it while in stride. That is hard to do even on your good foot (at least it is for me ).
  3. Why would that be the case? If they can make a similar salary and play in North America, I think most would take it! The only players who wouldn't (perhaps) are the ones who aspire to climb further up the ladder. It's not like McKenna, for example, was going to stay in Europe and play for a bigger club than FC Koln. Did Klukowski ever look likely to play for a better team than Club Brugge? If Victor Vazquez wanted to make his way to Toronto FC from Club Brugge, why wouldn't a Toronto-native like Klukowski want that? Now a days, someone like Klukowski could get strong competition week-in and week-out in MLS. No need to stay in Belgium really. There are so many internationals coming to MLS with TAM money. I don't see why Canadians would be the exception. If anything, they'd be chomping at the bit to come home, and indeed they are, as nearly half of our pool now plays in MLS. I would argue it is our better half as well, since we have two or three high level players in Europe and the rest are playing at levels well below MLS.
  4. I can't see him scoring in double digits and winning a bunch of cups and league titles without improving in those areas. The good news is that he's getting better every year, I think. That is why I want him to stay in MLS for a little longer before moving on.
  5. Yes and the other thing about that list is that it doesn't account for the shift towards MLS as that league grows in quality and becomes a viable place for internationals to play. Osorio, Teibert, De Jong, Edgar, Ricketts, Akindele, Johnson, Larin, Bernier: That is 9 players right there who'd all be playing somewhere decent in Europe if it wasn't for MLS being such a good league. This list doesn't account for that. If that 2008 group was around right now, most of those guys would likely be playing in the MLS of today. I don't think McKenna, Friend, Imhof, Radzinski, Occean and Klukowski would reject MLS offers when you consider the players coming over now with TAM money and whatnot.
  6. I disagree that Larin is a more talented player than Hutch. Larin is extremely talented in one specific area: finishing. Does that make him a more talented player? I would say no. Hutchinson can pass the ball better, can control the ball better, has better feet, has more endurance (seemingly), can play with both feet. Larin is clearly a better shooter and can shoot with both feet. Larin is better in the air offensively, but that's a finishing thing. Defensively I don't think he's any better in the air than Hutchinson. Larin has much better movement in the box, but that's a position specific skill, because Hutchinson has better movement as a midfielder, clearly. Anyway, I think Hutchinson is an all-around better player, who can do many things decently, while Larin is extremely gifted in finishing, but has some glaring holes in his game, specifically his hold up play and passing. If he can clean up those skills and become a more rounded player I will be happy to say he's more talented.
  7. there is no amount of gentrification that could make chester desirable.
  8. I have had the pleasure of attending a union game in chester. The stadium is like a beautiful diamond sitting in a pile of dog shit.
  9. I think the first one is in new york, isn't it?
  10. I agree with most that he had a good game. I see no reason why he wouldn't be called into the Montreal friendly at this rate. I think it's too early to say he's a lock for gold cup, but he's in contention.
  11. Good to see but I want to see him at least make the bench of the first team before the season is done.
  12. De Jong played in the Bundesliga for about 3 seasons, but I use the word "played" very loosely.
  13. Junior Hoilett at Blackburn, but I can understand if you didn't consider him Canadian at that point.