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  1. Lucas Cavallini

    Good points. I knew they were off the pace domestically but they weren't 8 points back when I last checked. Yes, prioritizing Europe indeed. It makes sense that Negredo is in poor form, as one wouldn't think he'd have a place in the lineup if he was playing well. I don't think he was brought in to be depth. You may be right about Larin having a good opportunity to get a chance at Besiktas, but I suppose he'd be fighting with Negredo for that back up role, behind the starter, who I think is a Turkish international, but the name escapes me at the moment.
  2. Lucas Cavallini

    With Besiktas still flying high, I am sort of hoping it is Leeds. I don't think Larin gets minutes at Besiktas the way they are playing. Leeds on the other hand are strong, but not dominant as usual, at least based on the standings. At last check I think they are in or around the Promotion play-off spots. I think Larin needs a few seasons at the Championship level before for making the jump to the EPL (if he can).
  3. Looks like Ferreira went 90 and picked up a yellow in the 44th minute, as Sporting Braga lose 2-0 to Borjan's former employers, Ludogorets. They now sit second in their Europa League group ahead of Hoffenheim and Basaksehir.
  4. Spoke to soon, Arsenal score the moment I finished typing.
  5. Wouldn't hurt to give Roberts a look and perhaps his time will come, but OZ hasn't looked at Ouimette either, who plays regularly for San Fransisco and is the same age and has much more international and arguably club experience than Roberts, providing more versatility as well. I would expect Ouimette to get called first just based on the resume, but I haven't watched either this season...
  6. CONCACAF Nations League

    I would prefer a single table to the groups each league has as we see in Europe. I guess there aren't enough windows to accommodate single tables?
  7. Jonathan Osorio

    Good analysis. I agree 100%
  8. 2017 The Challenge Trophy

    I thought I saw that the team was coached by a Jazic. Brother of Ante perhaps?
  9. General Discussion on CMNT

    MLS is helping the big 3 Central American nations, along with Jamaica and T&T. It is economics. Good players in poor countries can make more in the USA (or Canada). At the same time, those players are great value for MLS teams because they are cheap. It's a win for the clubs, a win for those players, and a loss for USA soccer. They should consider reducing the limit on international players.
  10. General Discussion on CMNT

    Honduras go to the playoff! Did the Aussies beat out Syria? I am going to enjoy them withering in the Honduran heat. See how they like the Central American treatment... yeah im not bitter or anything ..... hahaha
  11. General Discussion on CMNT

    What an insane finish to the hex!!! I had the panama and Honduras games on at the same time. That was the most CONCACAFing I have ever seen! Absolute insanity! Fake injuries and pitch invaders galore! There wasn't a minute of football played in San Pedro Sula after Elis scored in the 70th minute or so.....insane!!
  12. Jonathan Osorio

    Yeah Delgado is a little more tidy than Osorio, and more consistent, but I wouldn't say the gap is very large. Osorio can be more inventive, to his credit. Cooper can be more inventive than both, but is also more inconsistent. I do think perhaps the team was complacent as a whole against ES, which is why I liked your comment!
  13. Jonathan Osorio

    Yeah perhaps. I took what you said to mean Aird was very motivated against Scotland and if Osorio (or even Aird, for that manner), could bring that same intensity to every match, they'd have a strong case for a starting spot. I don't think Osorio was any less motivated than the next guy, but for sure it is possible that his mind was back in Toronto or perhaps he just took his foot off the pedal a bit in this one, after being in good form recently. Only he knows...
  14. Jonathan Osorio

    Watched part of the game again last night. Osorio was not very sharp, but he was not much worse than anyone else. It was an inconsistent performance by all. Probably Piette was the most reliable, followed by Arfield, but even he got stripped of the ball more than usual.