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  1. NCAA Canadians 2017

    Alex Comsia named to All-ACC 3rd team. Carolina places six players on 2017 #ACCMSoccer All-ACC Teams.
  2. Mother of All Defective Albertans Abroad List

    Cristante being linked with Lazio https://www.football-italia.net/112530/lazio-look-cristante
  3. The FIFA ranking system is one of the main reasons Italy missed the World Cup http://www.espnfc.com/blog/marcotti-musings/62/post/3268113/italy-have-only-themselves-to-blame-neymars-tears-for-real Italy need to play the FIFA rankings game Don't get me wrong, there's plenty of blame to be heaped on Ventura -- even if things go Italy's way on Monday night. The players need to share the load too. This may not be a vintage Azzurri group -- there's a glut of gifted youngsters who are deemed "not yet ready" and some veterans who are sticking around too long -- but it is several levels better than what Antonio Conte had to deal with in 2016. Still, there's a collective failure at FA level. In the summer of 2014, I got an email from a guy named Eduard Ranghuic -- a mathematician who works with federations to help them play the FIFA rankings game. He asked if I could put him in touch with Conte and the Italian FA. I forwarded his email. As far as I know, he never heard back. My mind went back to Ranghuic, when Italy were second seeds in the World Cup qualifying draw and ended up in the same group as Spain, which, incidentally, is the reason they're in the playoffs. Countries are seeded based on FIFA rankings which are, essentially, a mathematical formula based on results over the past four years. More recent results are weighted more heavily, as are competitive games, and matches against stronger opponents matter more. Like all systems, it can be "gamed." That's what Ranghuic helps teams do, by carefully scheduling the right opponents at the right time. And that's exactly what Italy failed to do. The pots for the draw were based on FIFA rankings as of July 2015, and those were based on results over the past four years. In that timeframe, Italy won both their qualifying groups and reached the final of Euro 2012 (good) and were eliminated in the group stage of the 2014 World Cup (not so good, but at least they won a game). Where they were terrible was in friendlies. They won just five of 21 in that time period, drawing with the likes of Haiti, Ireland and Luxembourg, and losing to the United States and Russia. That combination of not taking friendlies seriously while scheduling the wrong opponents at the wrong time proved lethal. And it's a big part of the reason why the likes of Austria, Slovakia, Wales and Romania were all ranked ahead of the Azzurri at the time of the draw. The FIFA rankings are far from perfect. But they do matter, and they're based on a straight mathematical formula. Clever FAs pay attention to this. Foolish ones don't and pay a price.
  4. Saw this article on a new basketball league starting up in Canada. How is this CEBL going to compare to the NBL? Are they competitors? If the CEBL is going to play in the summer months, is it a legit competitor to potential CPL clubs for entertainment dollars? http://www.sportsnet.ca/basketball/guelph-becomes-first-city-host-canadian-elite-basketball-league-team/
  5. Besiktas v Monaco is an early Champions League game tomorrow starting at 10am PST. It will be televised on TSN 1/3/4/5.
  6. Sam Adekugbe

    Good article on Adekugbe posted on Twitter by Canucks Abroad: https://www.fotbollskanalen.se/allsvenskan/skadehistoriken-kan-paverka-backens-framtid-i-blavitt/ Using google translate, sounds like his injury history is giving IFK pause as to whether they want to pick up their purchase option or not. Also interesting to note that he doesn't say what his preference would be for next season between staying in Sweden or returning to Vancouver.
  7. CPL General

    Nothing has been announced, but I'm sure the Vancouver Giants would be interested. They moved from Vancouver to Langley a couple of seasons ago and the building they are playing in is not very large. They share it with a BCHL team as well.
  8. Russell Tiebert

    Didn't mean to come off snarky. Only meant to imply that what is obvious now, should have been obvious to those in the organization a couple of seasons ago. And Teibert's potential development has stalled because of it.
  9. Mother of All Defective Albertans Abroad List

    Cristante: Atalanta is the right environment https://www.football-italia.net/111919/cristante-atalanta-right-environment
  10. Marcel De Jong

    I don't think underrated is the right word. I think he has gone through wild swings in form. He looks miles better to me now than he did during his spell with SKC. Even during his time in Europe, he had great games for Canada sprinkled between some poor outings. Sure every player has up and down games, but for me it has been very pronounced for Marcel. Confidence, competition, being comfortable in the situation...I don't know the reason. I just hope this positive play continues.
  11. Russell Tiebert

    His move into a central DM role has been a failure. Perhaps it was worth a shot as it allowed him to use his best attribute, which was his endurance and ability to run around endlessly. But his understanding of the game in that position was never up to par and I don't think he is the spry 20 year old that could run for days anymore either. His passing was always too negative as well. He had his best success in MLS as a wide player where he could use his second best attribute, which was crossing the ball. He was part of a very effective front three with Camilo and Kenny Miller. Playing on the right, he would cut in on his left foot and provide great service. After one strong season, he took a minor step back the next, and pundits started to say that defenses figured him out as a player. While that may have been true, injuries and then the change in position didn't allow the opportunity for a young player to work through those growing pains. It may be too late for him to return to that level, but I really hope that he finds a new opportunity.
  12. Russell Tiebert

    Most Whitecaps fans have been saying this for 2 seasons now.
  13. NASL Lawsuit vs USSF

    Just came here to post that. Seems a lot more reasonable.
  14. Fraser Aird

    Article on Fraser's man of the match performance against Livingston. https://www.thecourier.co.uk/fp/sport/football/scottish-championship/530621/dunfermline-3-livingston-1-fraser-aird-hails-different-class/?utm_source=twitter Was interesting to see him play on the left side so he could cut in on his strong foot.
  15. NASL Lawsuit vs USSF

    From a purely business stand point, I agree with you. Standard business practice. From a soccer perspective, I feel it is wrong and dirty. MLS pretends to be a flag bearer for US Soccer. How is trying to kill off another professional club, and in turn another league, beneficial for soccer in the country. It isn't. It was for their self interest, not for the good of the game. This is where any self respecting national governing body would step in. But given the ties between the USSF and MLS, it doesn't look like they do. Not only is this business, its politics too, and its dirty.