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  1. masster

    Victoria CPL

    ^^What I posted 2 weeks ago... Having said that, I feel that the CPL ownership group is under no obligation to work with the HIghlanders if they feel it is not in their best interests. Also, I don't feel like the Highlanders have any divine right to be involved in the CPL project just because they were in the market first. We don't know the negotiations that have been going on behind the scenes, who is asking for what and that sort of thing. Without that information, it is impossible to make a determination as to which party is in the right. I suspect the Lake Side Buoys heard one side of the story, which is why I believe their statement was slanted in one direction the way that it was. If the 2 parties are having positive discussions now, then great.
  2. masster

    General Discussion on CMNT

    Neutral site games vs. away matches in WCQ is not a valid comparison.
  3. masster

    Victoria CPL

    You realize that the 'one person on YouTube' is the same Ted that posts on this board...right?
  4. masster

    Alphonso Davies

    He has been already. Was bought by Roma.
  5. masster

    The Importance of Jr. Hoilett

    Price himself out of the EPL? If he does that, where is he going to go? If the EPL can't afford him, then nobody can.
  6. masster

    CPL General

    The marketing arm is CSB, not C-SUM. Also, the North American television rights for 2026 have already been awarded. FIFA extended their agreement with FOX and CTV from 2022 to 2026 so they wouldn't be sued for changing the dates of the 2022 World Cup from Summer to Winter
  7. masster

    TFC 2018

    The fact that MLS and their member clubs require all banners to be approved is ridiculous. The fact that they would sanction a group for a banner that was not vulgar and contained no profanity is beyond acceptable to me. Why would the other groups in Toronto not support Inebriatti in this?
  8. masster

    2026 WC Bid?

    Well the president of Liberia's son plays for the US National Team. Would have been rather awkward if they didn't.
  9. I think Davies could squeak into that lineup.
  10. This is so wrong. The Whitecaps want to lose Davies to Europe because they want the money! They are just trying to balance showcasing him to the world and have him be available for the first team at the same time, which is not an easy thing to do. It is not reasonable for them to release him for every U20, U23 and senior camp. He is too important to their current squad.
  11. masster

    Victoria CPL

    Yes, it was Josh Simpson. He was in another photo at the FIFA Congress after the World Cup Announcement.
  12. masster

    Alphonso Davies

    Caps can't be happy? Why not? The team is on a week break for the World Cup. Most players are on vacation. Davies can do as he pleases. Why would the caps care whether he is in Russia or on a beach in Mexico?
  13. masster

    Alphonso Davies

    In the bag? Have you been following the declared votes of support?
  14. masster

    Victoria CPL

    Is that the Victoria CPL part owner hanging out with Victor in Russia? Edit: bottom left hand corner of the picture holding the flag.
  15. masster

    2026 WC Bid?

    I share a lot of those feelings. I'm not super excited because I really don't feel like it is OUR bid. Think about it...if we were to progress out of the group stage into the knockout rounds, we wouldn't even be playing at home! It would be in the states where there is a good chance that the opposition would have more fans than we would. How does that sound for a 'home' world cup. If we are successful, I just hope we can enjoy substantial ancillary benefits.