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  1. Given our current formation, I would see Cristante as a Bernier replacement, not Piette. From this article that @matty posted in the Cristante thread, he talks about his position. "My ideal role would be in a 2 man midfield, but this year I have played also as a trequartista (advanced midfielder/withdrawn striker/number 10 role) and in the youth ranks I played in front of the defense (deep lying playmaker)"
  2. Here is my translation of that last paragraph: Yes, the Canadian coach has asked whether I would be available immediately. I told him I would think about it. Canada has big plans, they want to detach themselves from the USA and have a league of their own. They have also asked to organize the 2026 World Cup. But it is clear that my target is the blue shirt (Italy)
  3. UConn Men's Soccer (@UConnMSOC) 2017-07-16, 6:31 AM We are glad to welcome Nicolas Apostol to our 2017 signing class! #UConnNation
  4. Yes, bickering is not productive. Defining who we are and what we want to be, is productive. If this was clearer, perhaps we would have prevented this whole argument in the first place. As Califax said, right now, we piggyback off what the local supporters groups are doing. As Grizzly said, this happens naturally out of circumstance. Are we okay with this? Are we not? Can we do better? Is creating a Voyageurs identity even possible with limited games and long travel distances? If we do not agree on identity or style, is it better to split into like minded groups or compromise on our personal preferences? Edit: Which it sounds like @socceronly is already on top of this.
  5. Hutchinson was never going to leave in February or March with Besiktas in the middle of the title race and still alive in Europa League. Also, Blasco was not released because of weed.
  6. What I have been disappointed about regarding TSS is their defensive structure. They give up way too many shots and chances. I wonder how much of this may have to do with coaching.
  7. This is totally fair. Also what @Unnamed Trialist said. There are different styles. Not better or worse, just different. I prefer one, you prefer another. No problem. My issue was with somebody on this board putting down a fellow Canadian supporter for trying to lead and support in the manner they are used to. If and when I travel to Edmonton or Winnipeg for a match, I will follow along with the organizers of that section and appreciate their efforts. Excuse me if I expect others to do the same.
  8. The system RNO outlined is the system I am familiar with from the major sporting publications in Italy. Don't think that scale is universal though.
  9. And this is the big cultural and stylistic difference. When I go to a match, especially as a capo, I am there to support and to lead, not to have fun.
  10. OK. But I will side with Grizzly who has said the behaviour was not out of line. As a drummer for Curva Collective and occasionally a capo for the Vs when there are matches in Vancouver/Seattle, I will receive the same sort of criticism from a certain minority of people that you have just thrown at the Montreal 'dickhead'. If you aren't participating, I'm going to let you know. If you don't like that, or that is too intense for you, please move. Don't go into the Montreal section and tell them how you want to be lead. Otherwise pick up a drum and a megaphone and do it yourself.
  11. I'm going to guess that his problem is you calling a fellow Canadian supporter a dickhead because you don't appreciate his style of support.
  12. Not surprising at all. Even from far away, it is so obvious that something isn't right in Edmonton.
  13. Plus with the San Diego MLS bid having stadium problems, the city is looking a much safer bet for NASL.
  14. I don't understand the captaincy situation. Watson has been the team captain for years, but Miller decides to give it to Ledgerwood. Nick gets injured, but instead of giving the armband back to Watson, Diakite gets it. Something just isn't right.