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  1. Keep an eye out for this... Blackburn Rovers (@Rovers) 2017-09-19, 9:13 AM 🇨🇦 Was a pleasure to welcome Canadian sports platform @DAZN_CA to Brockhall today for a feature on goalkeeper Jayson Leutwiler 🏻 #rovers
  2. Maybe his performance was better than I thought... The Mirror gave him an 8. Tied for highest on the team, which I think is way too generous. They also have all 3 goal scorers as 8s, so perhaps just lazy rankings Calciomercato gave him a 7.5, second highest on the team. Who scored gave him a 7.67, fourth highest on the team.
  3. I just don't see it. Solid player, but you need to stand out to be called to the Italian National team. Cristante hasn't done that yet, and I just don't see it happening.
  4. No...Atalanta was on the front foot for the first 7-8 minutes. Everton for the next 15 or so. Then Atalanta dominated for the rest of the game. Even I, as a regular Serie A watcher, was surprised how much they controlled the game. Cristante doesn't really do anything impressive on the pitch, so he is never going to stand out. I would certainly rate Arfield higher right now, but he is soon to be 29, while Cristante is still just 22.
  5. So back to Cristante...I'm surprised more Vs didn't watch the game...nationally televised on TSN against well known English opposition. I can understand not being able to track down a Serie A broadcast, but this was simple. Anyways, watched it off the PVR last night. For those that haven't seen him play before, this was a pretty standard Cristante performance. Lots of simple passes and movement from Cristante to keep Atalanta is possession. He played fairly high up the pitch, behind Petagna who was the lone striker. Not a stand out player by any means. His goal was on a counter attack. Brutal Everton defending left him quite open.
  6. Although it doesn't affect us, the FIFA rankings have become even more important...they will now be used to seed teams into various pots for the World Cup group draw. In the past, pots were based on your confederation.
  7. A more in depth article on how England has been hurt by not playing the rankings game:
  8. I haven't had any problems yet. Watched a few of the qualifiers this week. Most of my viewing was on my ipad.
  9. Good so far. They post the on demand games quickly. My only complaint is that they don't have the Champions League games that are on Bein available on demand. You can only watch them on the Bein feed live. Whereas for La Liga, Serie A and Ligue 1, everything is available on demand.
  10. So the Commonwealth games bid may be over, thus a potential new stadium as well.
  11. Nick Harris‏Verified account @sportingintel Champions League groups G & H, arguably the most competitive foursomes, reflected by financial income, in €m, most recent season available. 12:49 PM - 24 Aug 2017
  12. Besiktas drawn into Champions League Group G with Monaco, Porto and RB Leipzig. Very even group. They were fortunate to avoid the real giants, but got probably the hardest draw from Pot 4. So we could easily see them through to the knockout round, or out of Europe all together by Christmas.
  13. Here is his clearance off the line. It was a good effort, but only happened because of his slowness to react to the run.
  14. Atalanta's fine preseason continued with a 2-1 victory over Valencia. Another start for Cristante. Atalanta are bringing Marten de Roon back from Middlesbrough. Reports in Italy say they are paying more for him now that what they sold him for a season ago. I expect him to be a starter. This could potentially have an impact on Cristante.