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    I have taken all the products offline. I thought I had solved the shipping problem with Canada post wrt to shipping a single item, but alas.... they have tightened the rules again it seems. Out of 7 shipments I just lost money on 6. They refused to do the $4 over sized letter mail shipments, and forced me to ship them as parcels. I am done playing this game with them. $18 to ship a $20 scarf to Alberta. Really disappointing. Have to do things differently. The same package using Amazon fulfillment services using the exact same shipping method via Canada Post would be three times cheaper, and that is with my business discount. Going to switch to annual, or biennial Voyageurs Kits. Shirt, Scarf and some third alternating thing we change up every year (or two). The kits can be shipped via AFS. High upfront capital cost, but less problems overall. I've already sold almost all the studio gear. When I started doing this my rent was $690 a month, now its' $1800. Have to do this differently and really looking forward to simplifying things. Buy a kit. Ship a kit.