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    I searched "Bryan Christante Canada" on google news and saw and Italian article from 3 days ago...I tried to click on it but it redirected me to the English homepage. I did the same search again and found the cached version and used the google translate: This could be important! http://webcache.googleusercontent.com/search?q=cache:YTvX5jlQIP0J:www.goal.com/it/notizie/cristante-visionato-dal-ct-del-canada-ha-la-doppia/123xmc1xy1lzw1k5znuvnmc54n+&cd=2&hl=en&ct=clnk&gl=ca Cristante viewed by the coach of Canada has dual nationality Drafting Goal Italian 05/13/17 Share Close Comments Getty Images During the match between Atalanta and AC Milan, the stadium appeared Octavio Zambrano, coach of Canada. The goal is Bryan Cristante. After a few dull seasons, between Benfica and Pescara, Bryan Cristante is back on the old levels under the wise management of Gian Piero Gasperini. The Italian midfielder has benefited from the favorable moment of ' Atalanta and fits cleanly on the chessboard Bergamo. Besides the three goals he scored from January onwards, a clear sign of the growth of Cristante is the fact that during the game against Milan, between the stands of the stadium Atleti Azzurri of Italy, is Octavio Zambrano , coach of Canada . "But it's not Italian?" - you may think you - Yes, but not completely. That is, Cristante was born in Italy in San Vito al Tagliamento but the father is Canadian, so the Atalanta player has dual nationality. He did the whole chain of youth national teams with the national team but had not yet made his debut with the greater, it is also convocabile with Canada. As long as he wants. Meanwhile Zambrano flew to Bergamo just to watch him and talk to him. I wonder if Cristante accept the proposal.
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    Goodbye thread. You will always be MOAT to us. Let's start over. Good things are happening in Canadian soccer......so.......
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    What doesn't help is shooting down every single thing people post relentlessly. We have a World Cup and a League announced. Part of the problem of soccer registration numbers not translating is the relentless cynicism you find among those who should be the games biggest supporters. I'm not saying we should be witless cheerleaders of everything. The league has been announced, the World Cup has been proposed. Let's do one important thing. Let's hit the reset button and have everyone on this board and beyond asking one single thing. "How can I help?"
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    God bless you, Marc dos Santos!
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    Looks like the official CPL website has gone live https://canpl.ca
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    I have been writing, re writing a response to this question for some time. I need to remove the swear words, violence and other illegal acts. It goes beyond CPL markets. We need to lose the cynicism. The days of people complaining about the CSA because 29 years ago their 2nd cousin who is actually Messi and didn't get picked 'cause the taxi got lost on the way to the tryouts are over. He was always going to deliver pizza. The moderates have to want to participate, and the hardcores have to let them. The first step is with us.
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    Her taunting of the fans at BMO after scoring a meaningless injury time goal, pointing to the US crest on her shirt really pissed me off, and I completely agreed with Craig Forrests' "You can have her" comment!
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    BOOM... Tim Hortons to sponsor entire league as a jersey sponsor. Also revealed is the league wide jersey designs, seen below:
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    Keep Cordova playing in Chile where he'll learn to play a better style!!!
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    Team of Year honors to cap off the season
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    I really hope we can score a goal at the Gold Cup.
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    Arbroath just finished their season with a 1-1 draw, securing 1st place in Scottish League Two. After taking over for the injured loan keeper Robbie Mutch at the beginning of October, Gomes won Man of the Match in his first start of the season and subsequently started every single league game for Arbroath for the rest of the season, totalling 28 league appearances plus 3 cup appearances. Really great career turnaround for a player most thought would disappear into the aether à la Roberto Stillo when he wasn't able to find a stable contract anywhere after leaving Porto in 2010.
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    BOOM: Former President of the Saskatchewan Rush Lacrosse Club Lee Genier and a group of other investors from the Wheat Province have been identified as the group wanting to bring CPL soccer to Regina.They are one of the 10 cities being assessed by the CPL. http://thestarphoenix.com/sports/local-sports/genier
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    Please excuse the 'dad lecture', but if you Toronto folks aren't going into your meeting with the commitment to figure out and do what's best for CanPL soccer in Toronto front of mind, then you're going into the meeting with the wrong idea. If your principle concern is who was here first or who started this thing or who already has an established group, these are the things that make the process more difficult. This is meant in the most positive way possible btw. I know tons of people in Toronto who will want to be in a CanPL SG (if and when there's a team) and they are all fabulous people ... not joking ... everyone. But I've also seen outstanding people get pulled apart by petty concerns. And especially at the beginning of this, it's just not worth it. Go in with an open mind. Have a big tent mentality. Check your egos at the door. It's cliche to say, but we really are all in this together.
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    This makes me happy. A Quebec City team is just as important as a team in Hamilton. It gives the opportunity to have a big rivalry with the MLS teams. It will help solidify the league. Not to mention Quebec the province has a population of 8.5 million. That is a lot of Canadians that would be missing out on the league.
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    BN: #9Lucas Cavallini @OficialCAP received the visit of @oz_football in Uruguay. Proud Canadian doing history on top worldwide club PEÑAROL RETWEETS4 LIKES7 11:16 AM - 27 Apr 2017
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    Hey guys! Couple of my concepts made their way here. Here is my work so far for the CPL:
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    Hi all. I'm posting this on behalf of Matt Gourlie (Matthew on the forum). He would likely not advertise his blog here, but I'm not shy Matt is a long time Voyageur, long time sports journalist with Moose Jaw Times Herald, and a founding member of POBSG. Matt had a sit-down interview with Paul Beirne yesterday and he tells me he will have the article up later today. I'm not 100% sure on the content, but it sounds like there will be some good stuff in there. Thanks to anyone reading it and passing it on.
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    They are 16 years old. Can it man. Some of these kids probably read this board, some of their parents do too. I am as disappointed in the result as any thing but telling a bunch of u17s they are shit won't do anything.
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    From d3 finland to d4 usa to usl and finally first mls game today. Congratulations to Pasher, all about hard work
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    I had a couple conversations yesterday that I thought it might be worth sharing. In the morning I was doing some prep work for a Voyageurs event in conjunction with the Valencia-Cosmos friendly and met a local soccer guy I've known for a while. He has played at a very high level and is now playing recreationally and mid to late 30s. I posed a couple questions to him. If there was a pro team here (Regina) would you go? And do you think others would? He said he would for certain go but did not think others would and went to list a whole series of reasons, many of which you hear nationally and some which are Regina specific. The quality will be below PDL level, the soccer community in Regina is too small, etc etc. Later in the day I was chatting with an employee and I posed the same questions to him. Now he is not a soccer fan at all and he has never played soccer either. But he is a sports fan, and is interested in a wide variety of sports experiences. For example, he is a committed ultimate frisbee player and has travelled widely to compete in ultimate tournaments. His response surprised me a little. He said if there was a pro team in Regina not only he but most people he knows, including their spouses, would go to games. He even described an experience - A decent Saturday afternoon, a chance to go downtown, gather with friends, enjoy a different stadium experience. He said he and his crew would be all over it. It definitely got me thinking. How much has the 'Canadian soccer experience' of the last 20 years coloured the view of my generation? People like me, who haven't had much to cheer for in Canadian soccer can be excused (to some extent at least) for being jaded and cynical. I don't feel like I've succumbed to that mindset, but I certainly understand it. But how much does this mindset blind us to the possibility of latent demand among the 18-35 demographic? Anyway, they were conversations that got the wheels turning.
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    Would love it if some rumblings started coming out of Quebec
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    I expect to watch matches with 22 players I have never heard of. But the previous Canadian league developed some fantastic players and I expect the same thing to happen this time around. So although I may not have heard of them today, I expect to see some of those players to go on and have distinguished football careers so that in years to come I will be able to watch them on TV and say "I saw that guy play in Winnipeg and he scored a hat trick!"
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    Has signed with the SF Deltas.
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    This brings up a good point: Raheem is exhibit A of why TFCII's prioritizing results over development is a bad thing. With TFCII bringing in and relying on the 21-25 year old NCAA products these days, I'd be hard-pressed to see a 19 year-old from Sheridan getting 40 games with them these days. Sure it's only been a couple games, but it has been a couple games where he has shown that he can do a job at the MLS level.
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    Re: Totera rant above What a cop out!! He says the kids are good enough, then he rants about they should have looked elsewhere for kids. Which is it? And the first place he mentions to look is southern Ontario. He says coaches should be fired/held accountable if we dont have success but then he was coddling Romero, who pulled the bone head slap that puts us behind the 8ball in the first game. I used to enjoy his little vids, now i think he believes the louder he yells and the angrier he is the more traffic he gets.
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    https://mobile.twitter.com/CapitaineSoccer/status/865298778538029057 CapitaineSoccer (official Quebec Soccer blog) says they have gotten word that a QC investor is meeting with CPL. Backed up by Beirne's comments that there's a Quebec investor interested. Eric Chenoix (who also writes for NSXI) is the site's editor. Not sure if he posts here but I'd be interested in hearing more
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    Wow, Well done! Posts like this are what make this board so exciting.
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    Assuming Paul is Paul Beirne this is noteworthy:
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    I look forward to the next Dos Santos article titled Dos Santos on smoking: it's bad for you followed by Dos Santos on drinking and driving: limit it to one beer only followed by Dos Santos on pot legalization: it should be regulated....somewhat followed by the masterful conclusion Dos Santos: My opinion on things mirror the concerns of others.
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    We know soccer is a risk here. We need to shift our focus here onto ways of making it work and reaching people.
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    Jesus guys, this thread is a fucking train wreck started by an obvious anti-American troll. You'll never get the time back you spent on those long ass posts.
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    I like TFC as well, but I still want Larin to knock in about 3 on wednesday, and get carried off the field (with Bryan Adams blaring through the PA) by all the CDN players riding the pine for TFC.
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    All this talk about Ballou and Davies but Raheem has been just as good and exciting. We talk about Larin getting service.....he might be the one. At his rate right now, I expect him to be with the CMNT in June and July.
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    Ask him. He seems alright.
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    Get a good laugh every week watching usl games when an announcer calls usl one of the top 2nd divisions in the world
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    I'm personally much less interested in what people say about the league now and when it finally launches and much more interested in what people are willing to do to help it succeed.
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    I have skipped a few days of manically checking in on this thread. Good to see we have moved so far beyond the petty bickering about the involvement (or not) of MLS2 clubs that was initially raised about 200 pages ago. At some point, we could just park that issue, recognizing that it will be what it will be. Either MLS2 clubs will be in or they won't. And if they're in, their involvement will either give the league a D2 feel or it will not. But one thing is absolutely clear - no one on this board has the capacity to convince the other side to change their position.
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    April 22, 2017 (Matchday 1) Current Standings (spoilers) Canada West AFC Medicine Hat Mad Hatters FC @ Hobema Hosers (Highlights - 1st Half - 2nd Half) Nanaimo Barre FC @ Saskatoon Athletic FC (Highlights - 1st Half - 2nd Half) Inter Regina @ Trail & Castlegar FC (Highlights - 1st Half - 2nd Half) Ontario West Windsor Rum Runners @ Hamilton Steelers FC (Highlights - 1st Half - 2nd Half) Breithaupt Park AC @ London Knights FC (Highlights - 1st Half - 2nd Half) Farmers FC @ SC Chatham Corn Stars (Highlights - 1st Half - 2nd Half) Ontario East D.R. Legion FC @ Beaverton FC (Highlights - 1st Half - 2nd Half) Porcupine Gold Rush FC @ Racing Club de Espanola (Highlights - 1st Half - 2nd Half) North York FC @ York Lions FC (Highlights - 1st Half - 2nd Half) Canada East EXPAT FC @ Halifax Wanderers FC (Highlights - 1st Half - 2nd Half) Winnipeg Wanderers @ Summerside Argus FC (Highlights - 1st Half - 2nd Half) AS Sherbrooke Estrie @ Hans Island (Highlights - 1st Half - 2nd Half)