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    Alphonso Davies

    The Guardian: Next Generation 2017: 60 of the best young talents in world football https://www.theguardian.com/footbal...0-of-the-best-young-talents-in-world-football Canada: Alphonso Davies (Vancouver Whitecaps) At just 16, Alphonso Davies has achieved some remarkable things at senior level. In July he became the youngest player to score at the Gold Cup at 16 years, eight months and five days old. The hard-working, delightfully technical and scarily fast Canadian was also named the Best Young Player at the tournament, where he picked up the Golden Boot for his three goals. Capable of playing across the attacking line, Davies excels at moving into pockets of space between the full-back and centre-back, where his direct running towards goal or his willingness to stretch the play wide can be factors in developing dangerous attacks. Our boy made it on the list
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    Lucas Cavallini

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    Bryan Cristante

    It's over. Let's move on. Focus on building the CanPL and all the good things happening in the game today.
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    Liam Millar

    Clip of a great goal from today's game
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    CPL General

    Saskatoon city council discussing potential CPL stadium Wednesday as part of a bigger discussion on facilities in the city http://thestarphoenix.com/news/local-news/saskatoon-city-council-hears-pitches-for-future-recreation-facilities Key point from the article... A City of Saskatoon report says six groups have been invited to appear before Wednesday’s committee meeting to outline their plans. “I think this is step one of many steps to come,” Davies said. Those groups include the embryonic Canadian Premier League, a professional soccer league that is considering a franchise in Saskatchewan. The report mentions an 8,200-seat downtown stadium that would also be available for other events.
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    Bryan Cristante

    The importance of Ricardo Ferreira?
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    dyslexic nam

    Bryan Cristante

    Lol. I haven't been on for a few days, so I go the the General CMNT thread, and it is all about CPL drafts and start dates. I come to the Chrisante thread, and it is about Arfield, Johnson, and somehow Nagbe. Jesus boys - focus!
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    CPL Stadium Thread

    And Surrey news drops http://theprovince.com/news/local-news/mystery-surrounds-proposal-to-build-surrey-outdoor-stadium/wcm/bfa480d4-01b9-4047-9558-8be8b3513bb1?utm_source=dlvr.it&utm_medium=twitter
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    Jonathan Osorio

    He stuck a middle finger as a joke. Relax people.
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    Simon Thomas

    Little update on Thomas' club situation. Bodo/Glimt have clinched promotion back to the top flight with 4 games remaining in the season. Conveniently, Thomas has started the last 2 games and will likely get some action in the remaining 4. I think he has one year left on his deal, so perhaps fighting for a starting spot in the top flight next year is in the cards? Not sure what other options would be out there until CPL starts up. Also, looks like he just got engaged. Congrats!
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    Bryan Cristante

    Can't really be mad. Dude is Italian and just happened to have a Canadian dad. I will be rooting for him because of that connection.
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    Frank Yallop, our new Head Coach

    Holy christ, look at this corpse you dredged up.
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    Ndzemdzela Langwa

    Born 98 in Ottawa. Nicknamed Zoom. Left footed, has played as midfielder,forward and left back. Played at the youth level with Ottawa South United, TFC, Ottawa Fury and Vancouver Whitecaps. Signed with Triestina in Serie D in 2016 but had some paperwork issues and only appeared twice on the bench. They got promoted to Serie C and he joined them again for this season. Played in two cup games in July and August and made his first pro league appearance in a Serie C match on September 24th coming on in the 90th minute. Played for Canada U17 in 2014
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    Bryan Cristante

    On a serious note...congrats to him. Getting cap-tied to your nation is an honour, whether it be Canada or Italy.
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    Cyle Larin

    I like Cavallini and I like Larin and I want to see both play together, but if we are going with one or the other I would choose Cavallini, but that does not mean Larin has not performed for the national team, it just means that Cavallini has, in my opinion, been more valuable, or put another way, the team has played better with him in the line up than Larin. I can't say how much that comes down to Cavallini and Larin versus the team just playing better for a variety of other reasons. What I do know is that Cavallini looked better in the Gold Cup alongside Hoilett, Arfield, Davies, Piette etc. than Larin, but it's a very very small sample size. At the end of the day, I am just happy we have two centre forwards that are young and have quality. One has scored regularly in MLS for years, the other is scoring in Liga MX for one of the weaker teams. Both are getting playing time, so not much to complain about. Also thankful we have a third option who scored 9 league goals for a Canadian MLS team. We have a fourth option who has scored 7 league goals for another Canadian MLS team. And we even have another option who scored 9 goals last year in the SPL. Very happy with our CF depth right now.
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    CPL All-star game

    Friendlies makes more sense than all-star. Your local team playing a Euro side in a friendly will get more casuals to the game. 8 CPL teams playing friendlies against Euro or CONMEBOL teams the same week is better than 1 all-star game where the best Canada has too offer gets humiliated. Seriously, at least losing in a friendly is not as bad as all stars losing and all the teams get to make extra money and feature a special match locally to attract more casuals. Just saying.
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    CPL General

    So interesting takeaways; - "A lot more happening" behind the scenes, "a lot of exciting things" but can't be reported on because it's not "sign, sealed and delivered." - Believes that there will be announcements after the new year when the CPL would "have the news cycle to themselves." - "There's a lot of stuff out there that's going to come out sooner, I think it's going to surprise and make a lot fans in the Toronto area, the Vancouver area and other cities pretty happy." And we know Rheo's real name!
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    Complete Homer

    CPL General

    Almost like they said they'll only announce when they are 100% ready It's a black box, no assumptions should be made based on no news, other than 2018 slowly becoming less and less likely
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    Bryan Cristante

    With this rule Cavallini can finally realize his dream of playing for Uruguay so I'm in.
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    Kevin McKenna

    U19 coach at Koln: https://fc.de/fc-info/mannschaften/nachwuchs/u19/
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    Bryan Cristante

    This post aged so poorly.
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    Bryan Cristante

    Sorry to be "that" guy but this doesn't change much until he steps on the field.
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    Jordan Schweitzer

    Why does this forum always have to have discussions about why certain players were not called over another players when those players do not play the same position as the player in question?
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    I feel for Laryea.. his only call at any level was for u23s and he looked good! Meanwhile we have tons of guys at lower levels who have had tons of call ups.
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    Jayson Leutwiler

    But he just moved there. Stay and fight for your minutes, don't quit the club after a month! If he's still riding the pine next summer then year maybe but he chose his lot now time to win the spot...
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    Anthony Jackson-Hamel

    I love this kid, everything about his style is just a mixture of arrogance and brilliance.
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    CPL General

    I tried to build a team under a 1.5 million CAD salary cap based off of players whose salaries are reported, are pretty expendable to their current clubs, and aren't obviously underpaid. Assuming a 25-man roster and the non-starters averaging 30k a week, I'm left with 1,080,000 CAD, let's make that 876,000 USD to make working with MLS reported salaries easier. FW- Jordan Hamilton (CAN), $70,000 FW- Brian Wright (CAN), $60,000 MID- Bradford Jamieson (USA), $66,000 MID- Andrés Romero (ARG), $120,000 MID- Russell Teibert (CAN), $125,000 MID- Tyler Pasher (CAN), $53,000 DF- Kip Colvey (NZE), $55,000 DF- Shaun Francis (JAM), $115,000 DF- Amer Didic (CAN), $55,000 DF- Zach Lloyd (USA), $85,000 GK- Maxime Crepeau (CAN), $75,000 = $879,000...close enough. Obviously the CPL wouldn't be able to get all of these players at these prices and some would require a transfer fee, but this isn't really about these specific players...I'm just showing that you can make a pretty exciting, NASL or better squad with around 1.5 million CAD a year just pulling from MLS rosters. You play the market right, you could have a better team for even cheaper.
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    Doneil Henry

    Don't think he was wrong to leave. Hindisght is 20/20. Don't think there is any player in his shoes that wouldn't have jumped at the chances he was given. It is every players dream to play in the top leagues Doneil got a great opportunity. Shame his luck with injuries have potentially turned him into a big "what if" player. Worst case he will return to the MLS and pick up where he left off but with some life lessons and wider experience in the game. Had he stayed at Toronto, even if fit who knows how much he really would have improved anyway.
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    Andreas Vaikla

    Because he's Canadian?
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    hah hah USA Eliminated from WC

    All I know is that, somewhere, somehow, Mister215Guy has just started Hour 2 of a 3-year-long orgasm.
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    General Discussion on CMNT

    Meanwhile Panama have qualified for the WC for the first-time ever, increasing the number of teams from Concacaf to have ever made the World Cup. They did it with a .500 record in the Hex and a negative goal differential. To be honest, if Panama can do it, so should we be able to.
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    CONCACAF Nations League

    After the events of tonight I don't want to hear another f###ing word from any American about how this competition is beneath them. It's NOT!
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    You obviously have only recently started watching the CNMT.
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    CPL General

    For those who didn't watch the event....
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    Voyageurs' Cup 2017

    I look forward to FC Edmonton losing in the 97th minute to an amateur team in 2018.
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    The CSA has a free scouting network with this board... they would have to be ignorant to not read here. How could it be that no one had heard of him? The kid was being linked to Arsenal ffs.
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    Strait Red

    Liam Millar

    Article about Liam from "This is Anfield" site. https://www.thisisanfield.com/2017/10/liam-millar-steven-gerrards-hidden-attacking-gem-liverpool/
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    Scott Arfield

    He's our best player , plays in one of best leagues in world. He seems like a true leader on field and off. Has alot of experience. I don't care if he's only been with the program for a bit, he has embraced the program and he's committed! . Arfield should be Canada's Captain if Hutch is not there.
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    Bryan Cristante

    I don't see a ultra Conservative organization like FIFA changing that rule. At the end of the day, the player has to live with his decision. If Bryan thinks playing a total of 10 minutes for Italy is worth never being in a World Cup (2026 for Canada, potentially 2022 where he'd most likely be a starter) then that's on him.
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    Bryan Cristante

    Special K suicide watch starts now...welcome to being a Canadian soccer supporter.
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    Ricardo Ferreira is starting for Braga and it's on TSN 3
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    CPL General

    Brampton CPL site. http://www.bdkfc.ca/ No name on who's behind it but doesn't look supporter based. Lots of details that you'd have to do a bit of research to have included it seems. Interesting for sure...
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    So Hutch is good enough to Captain Besiktas but too shite to start for the Concacaf powerhouse Canada....
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    I can't think of a single reason why Spencer should be playing ahead of Hamilton.
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    Cyle Larin

    Disagree. His demand would sink. He is already 22 so wouldn't get more valuable by continuing to score at the MLS level for another 2 or 3 years. His value is in his potential. He needs to go to Europe in the next 12 months. If he goes and fails he can always come back to MLS. But if he waits until he's in his prime before he starts his European career he's going to be playing catch up.
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    Cyle Larin

    He would be dumb to not jump to besiktas if it's true. has there ever been a more ideal situation for a young Canadian? You move to a club where a Canadian from your hometown is club legend, support is massive, you're in the CL and training with guys who have won champions leagues and euros.
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    Bryan Cristante

    It's like courting this very hot girl who ends up dating the "Italian Stallion" over the needy, very average looking guy (Canada). Usually, my advice is to double down on self improvement for when the next hot model comes along, she'll say yes to a date. I know it hurts, but time to move on and hit the gym + improve.
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    CPL General

    That was me he blasted on Twitter. I had heard a few rumours about a Calgary bid over the weekend, but I have no idea whether they are accurate or not. You'll notice in the original tweet that I was very careful to not give any details, as again, I have no idea of the accuracy. Nor is it my place to divulge that information. I would recommend here that everyone completely disregard everything that Pat has tweeted. He has no inside info at all. And now, he's just gone and pissed off all of the people who might have any. As for what I have heard, don't expect me to share that information. I know this board has a tendency to manipulate any shred of information brought forward to fit whatever narrative they want about the league.