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    CPL General

    Address of the BCFC trademark is listed as 388 - 1111 West Hastings Street, which is the address of Knightsbridge Capital Group. President of Knightsbridge is Dean Shillington, who follows just about every CPL related account on Twitter (https://twitter.com/DeanShillington) and is followed back by Rob Friend, Joe Belan, and Lee Genier. Looks to me like the CPL Surrey group.
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    Alphonso Davies

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    Complete Homer

    CPL General

    Translation: They aren't talking to us or our clubs, but we've got to add a subtle jab at CPL by implying the B teams ought to be there. All in the name of cooperation and Canadian development, of course.
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    Adonijah Reid

    Will be with Dallas for 2018 https://www.fcdallas.com/post/2017/11/27/fc-dallas-exercises-contract-options-six-players-declines-options-10-2018-season
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    CPL new teams speculation

    Not at all. No looks from the Eskimos. I've asked the Oilers Ent. Group and there is no interest on their part. I asked Tom yesterday if he's ever thought about selling, and he said no one has ever even come forward with any kind of offer, so he kind of laughed it off. Basically, I find it frustrating when we sit back and say "find other investors" like that's easy. Soccer is an exceptionally bad investment. We all know that. Finding soccer investors in Canada who would be serious is like finding needles in a haystack. You need to find people worth hundreds of millions (at least) willing to lose tens of millions (at least). If you guys know of those people, maybe a guy at the bar who says he's got like $100 million to burn, please put their names out there for us. If we don't, we shouldn't say "find investors!" like it's easy.
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    CPL General

    If I knew as little of what's going on as you clearly do, I would spend much more time asking questions rather than making statements like this. Casting doubt on a process that you don't understand, and likely don't have the resume to play the tiniest role in, is yet another example of your schtick now, isn't it. To be fair, much of the cheerleading on here isn't much more accurate. But you seem to have a particularly large chip on your shoulder as if it's more important to prove the thesis that everyone in Canadian soccer is useless rather than to improve Canadian soccer. By framing it the way you have of course, you've given yourself an opening to now characterize any positive upcoming announcement as a negative one. And I predict you'll do exactly that. When they announce the league you won't give CPL and their owners credit for building a business plan, building legal documents from scratch, building the necessary league standards, finding willing ownership groups who not only share the league's very high goals and philosophy, are willing to invest rather large sums of money at considerable risk, but who would also agree on all of the details in the various documents I outlined above. You instead will criticize things for your own mostly imaginary reasons. The task is mammoth. Yet you think it even occurs to them to save some information releases for when the 'troops get a little restless.' I assure you, this is not the case, and you're a fool if you think so.
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    10 goals allowed in 25 games across all competitions, at any level, is excellent. Congrats to the guy who's name you can't even remember for playing there. But I'm talking about borjan, and that is an achievement. Would you not agree that he is doing well? Played very well against Arsenal, and I know they're not Spanish but even you would admit they're good and have a wealth of attacking talent. guess I'll stop commenting on any Canadian player, seeing as because someone has played in the division before any current accomplishments mean squat. Sorry hoilett, peschisolido scored in that division before
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    Atiba Hutchinson

    Atiba in Elite company again. The man is pure class
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    Metro Vancouver CPL Club

    Your map is quite out of date. Below is the most recent version
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    Canadians abroad: December 8-14, 2017

    In FA Cup action Jayson Leutwiler starts and gets the clean sheet as Blackburn win 1-0 over Crewe Alexandra
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    CPL General

    A few cranks can stew in their own bile. The rest of us will celebrate a great victory for Canadian soccer and another huge step forward for the acceptance of our sport as one of the major leagues alongside hockey, basketball, baseball and football.
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    Osorio looked like the one of the best players on the pitch in the MLS final. He won the ball back over and over again, and broke through Seattle’s lines many times. In my opinion, he was the most outstanding player in the first half. I really hope he will be a mainstay in TFC’s midfield next year beside Vazquez and Bradley.
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    Actually, Tom Fath IS indeed what we'd consider a big-money guy. Fath Industries, O'Hanlon Paving... In terms of finding deeper pocketed owners in Edmonton, you'd be hard pressed to find them.
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    Cyle Larin

    Besiktas is a much better team than Celtic.
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    Let's hope Jordan moves on to a team that will give him a chance. Ridiculous that a guy who can't use his head at 6'5 and doesn't score goes to the bench of a game when your two best strikers are out and you have a guy who has scored in the league when given the opportunity.
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    Canadians abroad: November 17-23, 2017

    Looks like Twardek made his Championship debut for Millwall today. Came on in the 85th minute of a 0-0 draw.
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    Dieu Merci Yuma

    Dear All, I'm from Sedan, and moderator of allezsedan.com fan website (you're welcome). As an information, Yuma has un occasion to play 2 weeks ago, after 2 month off. Unfortunatly, he was injured again. For the moment, he's back to Canada to heal himself. I hope he will come back to game at begining 2018.
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    CPL General

    Regarding CFL & CPL in Halifax From the CPL group twitter:
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    Peru-NZ WCQ Playoff

    Too many young V's are just gifted a spot in the stands now a days. The CSA needs to bring in some foreign fans to compete for a spot and make the young V's earn it.
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    Ayo Akinola

    The fact you are on this forum says otherwise.
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    CPL General

    Three options: 1- It's a non-professional soccer thing. 2- That's the Vancouver NWSL team. 3- That's Rob Friend's CPL group...Friend by the way, left his job in LA a year ago to start a "project" in Vancouver, and happens to be very proud of the fact that he's Six foot Five inches tall.
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    Massih Wassey

    For the entirety of Floro's stint as MNT Manager Massey was playing in the 4th tier Regionalliga, so it's understandable he didn't warrant a look. It seems this year he was given a shot at a level significantly higher and he took the chance and ran with it. I guess he may have been a really good player in Regionalliga and worthy of playing in 3. Liga, but it just took a few years for someone to finally give him the chance.
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    Raheem Edwards

    Eric Zavaleta.
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    CPL General

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    Liam Millar

    A little snow for the Canadian and his 13 goal of the season.. in a 2-2 draw with Man U. Coming from behind with 10 men the drew. Liam with a goal and assist. here is a link to Twitter of the goal
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    CPL General

    I like how Garber said "second teams" like theres not only one team left in Canada. He is right though, the second teams were pretty important... How else would Vancouver have found 2 more Kiwi's to sign to their first team over Canadians.
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    Canadians abroad: November 24-30, 2017

    Hoilett scores as Cardiff win 2-0 away to Forest. Cardiff takes sole possesion of 2nd place in the Championship. Top 2 get automatic promotion to premier league. Hoilett has 5 goals and 5 assists on the year.
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    Canadians abroad: November 17-23, 2017

    Hmmm weird, Arfield had been a regular in the starting XI but looks like he hasn't played since the 3-0 loss at Man City. Burnley have won all 3 games since then so that sucks for Scotty. No, he doesn't need to transfer out, he just needs to wait for his next chance. It's the EPL this stuff happens all the time. He's a pro who's not going to tuck tail and run.
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    Yeah would have been great to have Hamilton dressed for the game, but apparently Vanney thought Ben "no goals" Spencer was the better option sitting on the bench.
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    CPL Stadium Thread

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    Stephen Eustaquio

    Thats some crazy Stockholm Syndrome level stuff right there.
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    So when the CONCACAF League Of Nations ultimately fails, will it be replaced by the CONCACAF United Nations?
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    Massih Wassey

    I hope Massih gets called up in the next camp. He’s playing amazing right now and scoring! 20 games 10 goals and 3 assists , between league(3. Liga) play and Domestic Cup so far. Also he a 6’2 midfielder that can play as a A.M./CM/DM. He’s team is in 1st place right now. canada lacks scoring, he could be a option.
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    Complete Homer

    CPL General

    Not sure if this was posted or not. Just got my copy of the NSCAC's Journal for Soccer Coaches, has an interview with Bierne. Don't want to rip off the article, go out and buy it if you want the full thing, but some quick takeaways: - Some teams will have true academies, others will be partnering with existing clubs to create a development pathway. - In a response to a question about drafts and free agency, the league doesn't want to have many rules and constraints about the acquisition and distribution of player, but they have to have discussions on how things will work with the initial launch with such a high volume of player acquisitions that will have to be made. They also estimate that teams will need 2 transfer windows to have adequate time to build rosters. - "From a budget perspective, with Hamilton and Winnipeg, I think we are sending the world a message about the scale and aspirations of this league [...] but we've also said we want to launch and be successful in communities of 300,000 [...] we need to be able to do both" - He can see them selling out games in markets like Saskatchewan with 10000 people and selling 20000 seats in Hamilton in a "future state"
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    Jonathan Osorio

    Osorio played one of the best games I’ve ever seen him play and to do it in a championship final game at that is very impressive, one of the best players on the field today.
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    Alphonso Davies

    Wow, you have some really crappy auto correct. Regardless, manure is exactly what United are!
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    dyslexic nam

    Doneil Henry

    The only way it makes sense is a move to a lower league for a team that is really thin at the back. Sign him for free, knowing he will have to accept very low wages, and cross your fingers that he can get healthy/fit. For the right club, in the right circumstances, it may make enough sense that he can get picked up. As others have said, I am wishing him luck and think he should do whatever can get minutes - assuming he can still get back to a state of health. Regardless of the past, 24 is too young to give up given his level of talent.
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    CPL General

    I haven't been naive enough to imagine the USSF gives a shit about our interests. I just think getting in that pyramid is better than nothing. Imagine being 18 and looking for a pro or semi-pro deal, and the CSA telling ready-and-willing organizations prepared to join PDL/USL to just wait, it's coming. Boom, 18 roster spots gone this year. Oh, we need to wait another year? 18 more spots gone. Then when it doesn't come at all (watch this space), we'll have lost what? 3, 4 years plus all the momentum those organizations had locally? And I'm the naive one?
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    CPL new teams speculation

    Way more forgiving than me. For me it's 2019 or bust. They have already used up a lot of optimism and patience. I don't see how they can have any credibility if they push it back yet again.
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    CPL new teams speculation

    No one is freaking out or panicking, and I'm kind of disappointed that you're resorting to a strawman in order to get in some cheap shots. The original leak of the CPL concept happened more than three years ago now; god knows how many years they were trying to kick-start this idea for before that. They've gone through various iterations in order to try and make this thing work - NASL Canada, CPL, etc. - and so far nothing has stuck. No one is saying they haven't tried - god knows they have - but if they have tried and failed, maybe it's time to admit as much and find a better way forward from there. If they could find solid investors who were willing to bleed cash for several years, we'd have a league by now. We don't. If they'd been working with municipalities behind the scenes for years in order to find locations for these teams, we'd at least have more than a grass patch in Halifax. We don't. If there had been a solid push to try and build fan support to attract investors, we'd have more than a (very well-done) fan-made scarf poll. We don't. If there was a solid business plan for this league, the Faths - probably our country's most long-term modern-day investor at the level we're looking for - would've been praising it from the rooftops. He isn't, and he pretty much just took his ball and went home. God knows "time" has not been the issue here. I want the CPL to succeed, because I believe it would be the best option forward for Canadian soccer. If we've given the CPL our best shot and it's not turning out to be feasible, we need to find the second-best option forward for Canadian soccer and move on with that. Where we're at now - 3 MLS teams, an affiliate, and an academy - is probably not where any of us would've expected us to be five years ago.
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    CPL General

    God the CPL needs to be more active on Twitter. Not revealing things or saying "the new era is here" but just stuff like wishing Canadian soccer players a HBD or a weekly "this day in Canadian soccer history" would be good.
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    While the fate of FC Edmonton was sealed with the impending demise of the NASL, brought on by some seriously misguided management of the league and its aspirations, the real fault of FC Edmonton's demise, and of every previous professional soccer endeavour in this city, lies directly with the so-called soccer fans than can never be bothered to support the local team. Drillers, Eagles, Brickmen, Drillers (again), Aviators and now FC Edmonton, all suffered from fan apathy. Even in their best seasons the soccer fans of this city have failed as a group to get behind these efforts. In the Faths, Edmonton had possibly its best hope for long-term survival of the professional game. With the NASL Drillers and the Brickmen, and later the NPSL Drillers, Edmonton soccer fans had to deal with the capricious nature of Peter Pocklington as an owner. In their final season, the NPSL Drillers were run by an ambivalent Wojteck Wojicki, who I later learned cared more about grid iron football than the round ball version. The 2004 A-League Aviators are a chapter best not discussed in polite company, suffice to say they got it wrong from the beginning and it got worse as their only season went on. In Tom and Dave Fath, the city had owners who were committed to making it work, FOR THE FANS. Unfortunately, many Edmonton soccer fans could care less. Too many Edmonton soccer fans, raised on European and South American football, can't be bothered to support the local product because it doesn't live up to their standards. Well good for you, you have your wish, the only professional soccer you will see in Edmonton for the foreseeable future is on TV and live streams. The modern NASL is flawed in both its makeup (primarily a southeastern US league) and its philosophy (seeing itself as a challenger to MLS). The NASL had an opportunity to secure its future a few years ago when MLS floated a partnership option to them. Seeing themselves as MLS's rival, the league dismissed the offer outright and chose to continue to go it alone. The USL, on the other hand, a third division league at the time, accepted a similar offer from MLS and has now supplanted the NASL as the division two league. That league also includes three former NASL clubs. But even if FC Edmonton and the NASL had been given the opportunity to flourish, I doubt the soccer fans of this city would have ever gotten behind the project. Professional soccer in North America has had its struggles over the past 50 years, and now, thanks to hard work by many in MLS and the support of fans in cities across that league, it is finally establishing roots. What soccer fans in Edmonton need to realize is that you will never have soccer equal in calibre to the great European or South American teams without many years of mediocre and, in some cases, very weak on field products. Without the opportunity to compete, the product does not grow, but also without support the product cannot exist. If all the soccer fans in Edmonton care about is watching soccer on TV, then they need do no more than they have done in the past 40 years, however if they wish to have a strong and competitive team to call their own, they need to support whatever comes out next, Win, Lose or Draw, every game.
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    CPL General

    Edmonton’s academy is actually quite developed. I believe almost all the top players are a part of it. The academy has a super high graduation rate to College. I heard from an FC Edmonton employee that it was a 100% graduation rate, but that doesn’t seem possible. Several of the eddies players have gone from the academy to college to the first team. Allen zebbie started in the academy, then to Nait, and last year he was a consistent starter. Shome followed the same rout and is now with Montreal. Edmonton does not have a team above the age of 18; after 18 they go to college and then if they want, back to the team. in terms of success, the Edmonton academy tied TFC earlier this year sometime. They aren’t quite at the MLS level, but it is amazing their commitment and success with it.
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    Ben Spencer on the subs bench instead of Jordan Hamilton for leg one of the semi final. If Hamilton is not injured then it's a completely unjustifiable selection and reluctantly Jordan may have to leave town to get past what appears to be a biased coach who favours prodigal sons. Or if someone else can justify it based on 2017 production or Spencer being a more like for like replacement for Ricketts, be my guest
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    Canadians abroad: November 17-23, 2017

    Besiktas into the knockout stage of Champions league for the first time. Hutchinson played well.
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    After over a week of hard work, the mod is finally ready for release! Credit for the CanPL team logos once again goes to GuillermoDelQuarto. Aaron Nielsen was also kind enough to send over his scouting data. You can find the file over at the steam workshop: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1206790064 ----------------------------- Adds the Canadian pyramid to Football Manager 18, with the forthcoming Canadian Premier League, an expanded Voyageurs Cup, and a second division (L1O, PLSQ, PCSL). Other features: -Full rosters for all Canadian PDL teams (including those not promoted to CanPL), L1O, PLSQ teams - for a total of over 500 new players! -Potential Ability for key players informed by scouting data provided by prominent Canadian data analyst Aaron Nielsen -Filled out missing players for Whitecaps II and TFC II -Full rosters for TFC, Whitecaps, and Montreal Impact academies -Canadian media sources and prominent soccer journalists -Over 100 Canadian university coaches and physios to increase available staff -Added missing L1O, PLSQ, PCSL stadia CPL: Victoria Highlanders, British Columbia FC, FC Edmonton, Calgary Foothills, Saskatoon FC, Winnipeg Bluebombers, Hamilton Steelers, Toronto Blizzard, Quebec Royals, Halifax Wanderers, Grand River Union; Four team playoffs, winner qualifies for CONCACAF Champions League Voyageurs Cup: CPL teams, MLS teams (Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver) and the champion of a round robin tournament between PLSQ, L1O, and PCSL. Winner qualifies for CONCACAF Champions League Canadian Second Division: Made up of League1 Ontario, Premier League Soccer Quebec, and Pacific Coast Soccer League -Thunder Bay PDL team moved to L1O -Vancouver and Montreal academy teams moved to PCSL and PLSQ -Round robin playoff between 3 respective champions -To keep things realistic, there is no PRO/REL between leagues and the three MLS teams remain with MLS -Had to make changes to Concacaf Champions League - switched to a summer schedule, with the Caribbean receiving one less team and the CFU Cup has become an earlier stage in the champions league
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    Canadians abroad: November 17-23, 2017

    In Germany, Kianz Froese and Gabriel Boakye both score match winners for their respective sides.
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    Tomer Chencinski

    Chencinski will be returning to Shamrock Rovers in 2018.
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    Tristan Borges

    Based on what? You think if we had a game scheduled for the November window in which he played but then he received a call up to a Portuguese youth team there's a greater chance he wouldn't accept? Come on. This knee jerk reaction to always blame the CSA when someone mentions dual nationalities is ridiculous. This kid is 19 and still playing youth football. There's no indication he's considering or even on the radar of Portugal. We'll presumably have a camp in January in which if OZ deems him worthy, he'll get a call. If this kid was such an amazing prospect and there were worries about loosing him why didn't OZ call him in September? Do you not trust OZ's judgement?
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    Kadin Chung

    I do not believe for one second that calling it a D2 league made the USL's level of play any better.