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    Liam Millar

    It would only be a 6 month loan and only to play in the Sunderland 1st team with penalty for under 70% playing time. It would be a good move to get first team playing time. It is standard pathway for top English prospects. Harry Kane went on loan 5 times as did Beckham. This is the clubs plan. Sunderland is one of 4 clubs looking to take Liam on loan. Liam is not leaving lfc(except on Loan)...not anytime soon anyway .
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    The Importance of Jr. Hoilett

    Re-signs with Cardiff for 3 years https://www.bbc.com/sport/football/44614641
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    Atiba Hutchinson

    Speaking of retirement, Tg11 has had a good run. 345 posts, many of them classics. Might be time to consider hanging up the keyboard
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    CPL Stadiums Thread

    Having just spent the last 4 hours watching Croatia / Russia at Spruce Meadows, I think they will have a fantastic match day experience for Cavalry games. Lots of food and drink options already there, and given that there was a big equestrian event on at the same time, I saw how organized Spruce Meadows were and how they could get thousands of cars parked without issue. Already have a vision of pregame supporters mingling followed by a march through the plaza and into the stadium. Founders Plaza, which is maybe 200 m from the stadium could have a beer gardens where home and away supporters mingle (because this is Canada and I don't hate away supporters)... Then home supporters march through the plaza below to the North side of the stadium... And into the stadium where they will end up on the South side under the giant Spruce Meadows sign.
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    Mark-Anthony Kaye

    I'm getting confused, I cant tell real posts from impressions of TG11 anymore.
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    Alright @Tg11....you gotta give it a rest a little bit. I've been advocating for your sympathy with you being new and all, but now you're over doing the foolishness. When? Canada has never been involved in any match fixing, so the extra man is ridiculous. I don't know you, nor do i know your schedule....but thats a blatant lie. How? Why? You joined on June 14, and have posted 318 times. A Voyaguer record averaging 26.5 posts a day!!!! Canada has played only 4 games within the past year (June 2017 - 2018) there's a thread that has links to previously recorded games. You're outrageous amount of posting tells me you got time. Note: You were asked if you have watched any games...and it's fine that you haven't (as a new follower) but Google is everyones friend. This forum is not to be used a Google...you use Google as resource to back your constructive conversations even if you have to act as if you already knew. If you have questions, use the search...chances are what you are asking is not revolutionary and has been talked about for at least a decade - read that forum to see if your answers are there, if not bump (posting to an outdated thread) thread. What you learn and state will still be factual giving others reason to engage in your conversation.
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    Mate we’re winning it in 2022 I don’t know what gone through your head.
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    Alphonso Davies

    I hope we can cap tie him guys, do you think the CSA knows about him ? We should tell him. We have to invite him to camps or else USA will call him up, we can’t lose him because we aren’t interested in him... anyone know if the csa knows about him ?
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    Unnamed Trialist

    Alphonso Davies

    Exactly, anyone saying the Caps have not had a huge hand, a determining hand, simply has not watched him. Even this year he is far better than last season. He is doing things he never did even last year. His decision making, passing, positional play, defence--all have taken a leap this season. Last year he looked like he could end up like a bad version of Kekutah Manneh, running into holes away from teammates and out of space and just using speed with no control. His defending was plain soft. This year it is radically different. What the Caps got from Edmonton was about 20% of the current player, in pro terms. Because 3 years ago he was just a bit brash and quick and unshaped, and there was nothing to say he would for sure develop into a proper pro athlete.
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    Mark-Anthony Kaye

    Hit that ignore button, it’s liberating. I swear we could have a guy starting on Real Madrid and tg11 would be speculating on whether they should move to MLS/SPL.
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    Iain Hume

    Iain Hume posted on his FB page that he will not be returning to his club Kerala for another season in the Indian Super League. He is currently without a club... just in time for the CPL. Coincidence? His experience helping to launch the ISL would be extremely valuable to any CPL club.
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    Cyle Larin

    That "article" is trash. This just reeks of a typical lazy transfer window story. "Hey we need a striker and an article for the website, what about Larin he was good! We'll get some clicks out of that." Why would they spend all that time getting him match fit, have him score 4 goals in 4 games then dump him in the offseason for less money than they just paid for him?? Why would Larin agree to come back to MLS after all the baloney getting out? The last place he wants to come is back to MLS.
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    Atiba Hutchinson

    Look, I know a lot of you have been posting on here a long time and followed Hutch's career closely. You think he's pretty good, have witnessed his tremendous consistency for club and country, and truly believe he's got at least a couple good years left. And you make some good points, you really do. Champion's League and pass completion % and all that jazz. But @Tg11 posts way more than any of you, pretty much owns every thread on here, and has won every day since he joined. So forgive me if I think his opinion carries a little more weight than all of yours. Conversation over. Hutch is done.
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    Maxime Crépeau

    Not even @SpecialK can handle this level of shitposting.
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    Liam Millar

    Agreed. I may not appreciate what tg11 has to offer, but I do not recall him being offensive to anyone. I have found it more shameful how some stalwarts on this forum have been demeaning to tg11. As many have pointed out, you can always use the ignore function.
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    CPL General

    We are in “first world problems “ with this string ! if the Logo’s are done on an etch-a-sketch and if the team names were selected in a circa 2000 gold cup drawing of lots, I would not care ! My first soccer national soccer love started in 1982 watching my county of birth France (on tape delay on CBC) play in World Cup - I still hate Tony Shumaker ! Then Canada qualifies in 1986 and I recall empty Mexican stadiums hosting us and watching thinking please score a goal - shout out to Tino Leteri still today then living in edmonton at the time and seeing the team play in person in a long forgotten tourney - Peshi and Alex Bunbury much love losing to Aussie in PK- still stinks Gold Cup 2000🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦👍👍👍👍 Attiba was onside At an all inclusive in Mexico with my wonderful sons when we cap tied Kevin Aleman ! going to a wild wing restaurant and asking them to put on the CANADA at Cuba game during a Euro Cup - bartender asks “ we have a team?” O Ocean scores!!! Too many Toronto hosted games where we are the visiting team Dero quick free kick v Panama K McKenna missing the header at the death 8-1 #FH and so on long live the league and what it does for our country
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    Liam Millar

    As we’ve seen in the past, @spitfire is very close to Liam. No doubt necessary.
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    HFX Wanderers reduced the price of tickets as a result of Fortuna Dusseldorf sending a U21 squad. They had initially priced tickets based on a U23 squad being sent over. They are in the process of issuing refunds to those purchased already. Premium centre $35 --> $30 West Sideline $25 --> $20 Youth $17 --> $10 Endline SG Section $20 --> $15 West End Beer Garden $15 --> $10 These prices definetly seem a bit more reasonable.
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    Alphonso Davies

    Bayern Munich, Real Madrid, Liverpool, PSV Eindhoven and Manchester United all are interested in acquiring Major League Soccer’s top prospect.. The aforementioned clubs have been tracking Davies since he appeared for Canada at last summer’s Gold Cup, where he claimed the Golden Boot Award.
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    Mississauga CPL Supporters Group Thread

    The full motion
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    Alphonso Davies

    Here is the moment he found out. Honestly, can't help but love this guy, eh. I'm so excited to watch his national team career progress!
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    Joseph DiChiara

    He has signed with Jonava in the Lithuanian 1st tier, and so far has played in 2 matches. His first match was on June 20th. https://alyga.lt/zaidejas/josephas-di-chiara/976
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    Atiba Hutchinson

    I dont think he is a troll, and i love his enthusiasm. But if he took a little of time and energy he puts into posting and instead read some of the threads, or searched for a little on his own everyone wouldnt get so worked up. Most of us can have differing opinions on a lot of things without annoying 99% of the group. As far as Hutch, of course he is on the downside, but he still is a very good player. If he cant make a long term deal anymore at 35, I'm sure he can still drop to a lower league and play on if he so chooses. Selfishly I would like to see him come back to canada and get some of the recognition a CDN soccer hero like him deserves. Play a season or two in MLS get his face plastered all over the CDN media and make some money off local endorsements etc. He can be the new poster boy for PIZZA PIZZA instead of GIO.
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    FC Edmonton launch/2019 offseason thread

    Loyal Company of the River Valley episode 149 part 2 with Jay Ball http://loyalcompanyrv.libsyn.com/lcrv-episode-149 -“Clarke Stadium is nothing more than a band aid solution to a long term problem. It’s a community recreation facility. In no ways or means does it represent a professional sports environment or venue.” -Club needs to “check off boxes”, “Once you redesign the venue or choose a new venue, you change the vision” and that’s the biggest one FCE still needs to do -Changing the venue is a message and they aren’t there yet -They don’t want to displace football for soccer, while being quiet it’s in respect to the process with the city put forward to resolve the issues. -Brought up Remax field and DC comments on it. Ball says Prospects (baseball team) have a long term contract there and they’re doing well. Ball can see it as a venue if there is no other tenant, many other local soccer groups in need a full pitch to play on. But has not been discussed. -Looking for a 2-3 year lease with the city for Clarke and go from there. -First time in club history that someone from the team has went to the city and asked “what’s possible” -“Clarke for 2019 and beyond isn’t the only option and we’re working through other ideas” They have to think outside the box and be creative and they have a couple of other ideas. -Other than filling the venue and making it a fortress, the venue itself is the “biggest nut to crack” -Now working on how to design Clarke in the short term as well as the infrastructure upgrades to the stadium that are needed -Announcements are coming (kit/coach/etc) but time frame is 6 months -Talked the crest and the work behind it. Also the preps for the launch and working with Oilers game day staff who assisted. -Talk of how to keep the community working together to keep the momentum going into the first CPL season -Sold out of merch at the launch. Reordered stuff. Working with the league to get an online presence for sales. -League is working with the teams to provide the merch, finding suppliers at the best possible cost. Ball said it’s a big help to the teams, one less thing they have to focus on -Believes that there is a greater benefit (strength/buying power) for the league to market all teams to one opportunity for sponsors (in regards to kits) -“This league is going to be successful. It already has been successful on a number of fronts. It’s the right time for this league. Now it’s time to blow it up together and shock and make a statement. -Getting emails every day from companies looking to get in and he’s referring them to head office for cross country exposure. Lots of national companies based in Edmonton and it’s important for the league to have access to them. -Night and day in the response from corporations from last year. Thinking on a bigger level. -Biggest differences from CPL to NASL access to the league. Rarely called NASL for advice but is in contact with CPL every day or two. Put over PB’s experience again and the rest of the staff there as well as the various ownership groups. “No one is alone” -Talked about the need for supporters groups to help each other, work together and grow the newer communities without the history some have (like FCE). On the pitch hate and yell and scream together but off the pitch groups can do a lot of good together. -Reiterated the 5-10 years pro/rel hope of PB -Talked about the Free Footie group in Edmonton as something they need to support and raise awareness of the good work they do. -Predicted an FCE 2019 championship lol