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    Looks like the moment we've all been waiting for has arrived. Davies has passed his citizenship test and will be taking the Oath of Citizenship today.
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    We have a purpose. It’s straightforward and (at least wrt to soccer) an important one. Our purpose is to develop the culture of the game in this country. A milestone within that purpose is to put 5000 coordinated and dedicated supporters in the stands at a World Cup in Canada. We have nine years to accomplish this. We will not accomplish this bickering and whining over things like the attendance in Montreal. Instead ask, “How do we make the attendance better next time?” That is the attitude and dedication we need going forward if we are going to succeed. This does not mean we operate in a vacuum of criticism. Criticism is good. It’s blame shame and complain that has to go. If people can’t operate in this context, get out of our way. Big games or small, in every city I go to, it is just plain fucking awesome to meet all of you people. It’s what truly makes this all worthwhile. I fully understand I am ridiculously fortunate to attend all the games I do and I understand that many others can’t. So this place, this site, needs to be that awesome place people meet to share in something we all love. Every post you make matters and either helps build that, or tears it down. The next year is about establishing our own identity. The local club supporters groups have been a driving force in support for Canada across the country and we hope to strengthen those relationships in the future. However, we cannot rely on these groups alone and it’s been a mistake on my part to do so. It was too easy, and now we have to do something much bigger and much more challenging. Coast to coast we have a tremendous number of assets in this community, and we probably haven’t even scratched the surface of that yet. In the coming weeks I will be calling on many of you to help develop a comprehensive strategy to help answer the last two questions in the title, while making sure we don’t ignore the first. It’s time to do everything better. As Zach in Vancouver always says, much love, and in the context of your fellow Voyageurs, live it. Jamie
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    Man! This is going to be painful listening to "footy" fans in Canada wearing Man U and Arsenal jerseys talking $h!t about Canadian soccer.
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    Please don't minimize the seriousness of DUI. Too many people have unjustly lost their life or got permanently injured because of it. If found guilty Cyle will get no sympathy from me. He should've know better.
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    Happy bday Junior, love the interaction he had with me on twitter last night, but don't like how close I was to a jersey...
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    I grew up with the guy in St Catharines. I can confirm that he was born in Colombia, when he moved here at age 7 he was placed on my youth team and everyone knew immediately that he was an immense talent. He trialled in Uruguay with defender sporting at 16, was told to return to high school and that they'd sign him when he turns 18. Had d1 offers all over the states but decided to sign at Niagara because it's close to home. Only stayed at Niagara for a brief period of time and last year played at Canadian SC with fresenga in the Uruguayan second division. He's been in Colombia again for about 1 or 2 months now, I believe he was playing with a University in Pereira. He just signed with Once Caldas very recently I believe. He's a 97 but I don't believe he's been on a youth team, although I remember him claiming he played for Canada when he was younger. Super excited for him. Edit: also believe that he was training with Woodbridge Strikers in L10 right before he left for Colombia
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    First things first, nice to meet you all! I think Mississauga is a fantastic city. It's a place I've always been proud to call home. The 6th largest population centre in Canada and a city on the rise, Mississauga is looking to break out of its suburban shell and grow into a city in its own right - outside of Toronto's sphere.I think based on the cultural landscape and because of the fact that no professional teams call Mississauga home, a Canadian Premier League team would be a great opportunity for the city and community to get behind. Soccer goes a long way in creating an identity for a community. It's inclusive, it's cheap, it benefits local businesses...etc. the list goes on and on. The time is now.As far as a stadium is concerned: there isn't one and there aren't plans for one at this point in time. I'm working on changing that. There is only a pop-up boarded pitch in the downtown core for community use that is happening for certain. A step in the right direction but still a very very preliminary one. Discussions with the city are also at an extremely preliminary stage and there should be no mistaking that for "progress" towards a team or a stadium...again, something I'm working on changing. City Councillor's and the league pres have been in contact, and it's our job now to get the word out there and drive the interest way up. The interest is there, the potential is there, now it's time to capitalize!Stay tuned for more and follow along on twitter, facebook and soon, on the web.
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    Hate it when people use initials as short forms. Always takes 10 seconds to figure each initial out
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    We have the President of CONCACAF we can get away with this shit now
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    Crazy idea, but what if supporters bought tickets to the game, and merch, and beer? And brought their friends?
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    first post here! I found this article posted on June 1 2017. Where the coach talks about players. It says that Bernier might be the Captain but more interesting was "Canada's future may hinge on players who have yet to commit to the national team, including the Impact's 18-year-old midfielder Ballou Tabla, who can also play for his native Ivory Coast. Zambrano has met with Ballou and is confident he will choose Canada. Others in his sights include 22-year-old midfielder Bryan Cristante, who plays for Atalanta in Italy but is eligible because his father was born in Toronto, and two Canadian-born 24-year-olds -- centreback Ricardo Ferreira of Braga in Portugal and striker Lucas Cavallini of the Penasol club in Uruguay. "That's three very good players who would elevate immediately the level of the team," said Zambrano. "If we can manage to get these players into the national team, and I think we have a good chance to do so, we can look at big things. "Bigger than just participating, which is what we need to extricate from our guys' minds. We are not just participants, we are protagonists. That is the driving message of this game coming up and hopefully it's reflected against Curacao." http://www.sportsnet.ca/soccer/national-coach-zambrano-high-bernier-ahead-curacao-friendly/ would love to have those 3 play for us!!! Also seems confident that Tabla will play for Canada.
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    This will go down in history as a horrible mistake.
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    Who cares? We have better players in the USL than him. [/sarcasm]
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    an interview with Borjan http://footbar.info/glowne/573,borjan-bartoszek-byl-ojcem-sukcesu-korony Great quote: Q. In Canada, you are considered a national hero. Everyone wanted to erect a monument to you. Nay, even make you prime minister for this reason that there odrzucałeś the appointment of coach Hart. Do you feel satisfied? In the end, Canadians helped both you and your family. A. I feel fantastic, playing for Canada. This is my debt of gratitude. I dreamed of playing for the national team when I came here as an immigrant. Thank you to everyone who helped me and my family.
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    Hypothetical B Team Coaching Staff: Head Coach - Owen Hargreaves Assistant Coach - Jonathan De Guzman Goalkeeper Coach - Asmir Begovic Public Relations - Conrad Black
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    Richie laryea get on at the 65th minute mark first mls game, congrats Richie
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    Respectfully disagree. I've never seen the words "enough firepower" and we [Canada] in the same sentence. Even with Cyle, I'm nowhere near 100% sure we have enough firepower.
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    I equally can't believe that you don't see why hardcore Canadian footy supporters would be critical of a player who is eligible for Canada, heavily used our Canadian development system, represented Canada at multiple youth levels nationally, yet now feels Ivorian I am not saying he is making the wrong decision if he chooses to play for IC (though he may be if he ends up not being a regular). But this is a site where people are emotionally invested in the CMNT. A player who turns their back on that team can expect to catch criticism. I have said it before and I will say it again - supporting footy in the way that we do is not a rational venture. We get worked into a lather watching 11 guys try to kick a fucking balloon into a large onion bag. Clearly we are here because of passion, not reason. So if someone abandons the team we love in favour of another, especially when they consumed limited developmental resources in this country, they will be criticized. That may not make his eventual decision wrong, but is sure as hell is understandable. It isn't about Montreal. He only joined them 2 years ago. It is the Canadian youth development spots he took that people are more annoyed with. He played with us at the U15, U17, U18, and U20 levels - that is a spot someone else (who aspires to play for this country) could have used to foster their development within the highest level of youth development we have. If it turns out we were unknowingly training an IC international, then yes, people will be annoyed. ----------------------- Look, he will play where he wants. And of course his self interest dictates that he will use every opportunity he can to advance his career, including participating in national-level youth development opportunities. And like every other player that has jumped ship, it will be hard for us to claim any sort of "rightness" if he makes a move that ends up substantially improving his career trajectory. But we don't have to like it, and it is pretty obtuse to expect everyone on here to wish him all the best if he jumps ship and joins the nats of another country.
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    You know, I was asking for clarification of the term in my comment, clearly not pretending to be an expert There is a good way to correct people, and there is a way to be unnecessarily hostile. I'd suggest the former next time.
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    A level of 0.18...that isn't a bit tipsy, that's hammered, usually around 0.20 is where most are at the point of vomiting. Considering 0.05-0.08 is typically the limit is most countries/states, I'd have have slightly more sympathy for him (still wrong, but he could have misjudged time/his level or the device could have been miscalibrated) but with that high a blood alcohol level, that is well into the tank, and it's really hard to find doubt in that high a number. Innocent until proven guilty, but I have doubts of his innocence on this one, and if he's found guilty, I hope they throw the book at him to be honest. Driving while that intoxicated is a serious risk to people's lives, athlete or not. As far as the Gold Cup? I'll put it this way, I will certainly not find any fault on Zambrano's part if Larin did not make the roster. I'll be surprised if he's on it, but I understand you go with the player who gives you the best chance to win.
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    Piette won the ball back that directly set up our winning goal in the 87th minute. He was going strong all game IMO
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    Larin missed training this morning (as did Akindele and Lefèvre for obvious reasons), but no one seemed overly concerned about his status for Tuesday. It was just a regeneration sessions, so plenty of ice bags going around.... I spoke to Zambrano about what he took away from the training match and the time with the squad thus far: https://juneof86.com/2017/06/09/zambrano-learning-and-teaching/ cheers, matthew
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    So you accuse someone of being ignorant and culturally insensitive to such an extent that you are disgusted and think he should follow another sport and the only thing you have to say for yourself when it is pointed out that you were the ignorant one in this case is "good you told me or I would have been angry all night"?
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    allow me to manage expectations here. You won't hear us talking about Canadian Quotas in CPL. You'll hear us talking about limits on imports. And the numbers will be way more aggressive than you're suggesting here. The commitment to Canadians is real.
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    I had the chance last night at the MTL/VAN game to have a small chat with Mr. Zambrano and asked him about Tabla and he said "I'm ready, he's ready" but there are other things holding him back at the moment(we all know what that is). So at least to me it sounds that least he wants to play for us. Hopefully at the end of the day it will tilt the decision in our favor. Btw Mr Zambrano is a very personable person. He even came down from his loge when I asked him for a picture with him and chatted for a couple of minutes more.It's sad that of all the people passing us (north section) nobody recognized him.
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    This is just an idea but I figured I'd pitch it. If you don't like it that's cool and if you think it could work with alteration please give suggestions. I've seen a few people here asking "what are you going to do to help the league?" Now there's not much we can do beyond watching games (in person and on TV), joining supporters group and buying some merch, but I thought of something that might be something worth doing that we all (or as many of us as can) can do to support the CPL and the Canadian players: a Voyageur Prize. The idea is simple, using a Kickstarter-sort of campaign (and more traditional fundraising methods) we raise as much money as possible during the CPL season and at the end of the season the money raised (minus expenses used to make an award plaque) is given to the Canadian player (I personally think it should go to a U23 player) with the most outstanding season (deemed by some kind of independent fan vote). The money awarded (even if just say $500) would be a big boost to a player making between $20-40k, which is why I think it makes sense to honour an under 23 player as they would be likely paid a lower amount. I also think awarding a player the prize only once is fair. With how the CPL has reached out to fans, I fully believe something like this would be supported by the league even if the prize was controlled by the fans independently of the league and CSA. What do you guys think?
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    Some quotes from the council meeting: https://juneof86.com/2017/06/20/proposed-halifax-cpl-team-has-a-home/ There may still be a legal challenge that the HRC can even do this, so I don't think we should underestimate the opposition of the people who want the Commons to stay exactly how it is. But the key thing is to get this built. Show they can be good neighbours. Show that with good draping and other considerations the Sackville Street side doesn't ruin the Public Gardens. I think the reason why it's a three-year deal with a three-year extension is so that it allows SEA time to evaluate what they need to be successful and what will work in the area. And as people get used to it, then 7,000 maybe becomes 9,000 (what's two thousand more seats?), perhaps the main "pop-up stand" becomes a semi-permanent modular stand. I remember some of the complaints about BMO. It has fake turf. It looks like a series of bleachers. It looks like a high school stadium. Well the damn thing got built — warts and all — and now 10 years later you can barely recognize the place. Stade Saputo also feels much more significant than it did when it was first built. This is a great start at a dream location. Congratulations to everyone in Halifax/Dartmouth and area for all of their hard work. cheers, matthew
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    I like Davies because he gets shots on goal.
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    Watch out, once Drogba gets ahold of him he'll be soon discovering his Ivory Coast roots.
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    http://www.expressen.se/sport/fotboll/kan-fa-ny-roll-i-aik-efter-spelarkarriaren/ Although Google Translate isn't the greatest (anybody fluent in Swedish on this board?) 1) It seems like Kenny has played since the betting scandal (which is a good sign!). (They mention something else about gambling but I couldn't make sense of it). 2) It looks like AIK may not offer him another contract at the end of the year. He wants to play but could see himself being a goalkeeper coach 3) With Kenny not being named to the 40-man Gold Cup squad, this could be the end of the road for him with the #CanMNT. He played well at the 2015 Gold Cup. I want to thank him for what he has given to the team and wish him all the best.
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    http://ici.radio-canada.ca/nouvelle/1037379/octavio-zambrano-a-de-grandes-ambitions-pour-le-canada http://ckom.com/article/1594206/national-soccer-coach-zambrano-high-veteran-bernier-ahead-curacao-friendly The Radio-Canada story confirms that he actually went to Portugal to talk to Ferreira.
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    Some interesting points made by Scott Mitchell of the Tiger Cats as he was a guest on local radio this morning commenting on theTim Horton Field lease which I posted about in the stadium thread: 6 or 8 teams are ready to go in the fall of 2018, 10 to 12 groups are presently pursuing franchises, facilities are an issue for some right now, the league plans on being in every major Canadian city by 2020!
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    Everyone else loving the CPL ads at the Cdn Championship match tonight?
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    I'm learning that some people take this supporters stuff way too seriously.
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    can people please stop tweeting about attendance? It's one thing to do it on here, but twitter is much more public and we don't need the negative energy. There we so many positives tonight and yet all the tweets in my feed seem to be about attendance. Davies first start Jackson-Hamel first goal(right?) Zambrano win's first game Canada beats higher ranked team and, we actually could have beaten them 4 - 1 given the second half performance. No one cool talks about how few people came to their party. I just wanna be cool guys.
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    Congratulations to Tomori. If things don't work out with England i'd love to have him back.
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    Yes. Especially if they're really good.
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    Didn't make the final 23-man squad for the U21 (under 23-really) EURO in Poland. In an interview he had stated that this was his goal. http://www.figc.it/it/204/2538040/2017/06/News.shtml There is no more youth football for him. It's either: 1) Try to make the senior men's Italian National team (good luck with that! - Look at the midfielders they called in the last 12 months http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Italy_national_football_team) Unless he wants to play for "Italy B" or "Italy C" this could be the end of the Azzurri road for him. 2) File a one-time switch to play for Canada. Bryan, you should be proud of what you've done at the youth level for Italy. There is no shame in switching and playing for Canada now!
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    edited highlights: Halifax may wind up being the only team with grass English Premiership interest: comment that foreign ownership has not come up yet suggests there probably wasn't much to that particular rumour MLS engagement: will find a way to work with them as many of their core interests are the same but will be nobody's development league so doesn't expect TFC II to be involved CONCACAF: will ask for a second Champions League place for the CPL winner and will compete with the MLS teams in the Voyageurs Cup for the other one start with 6 or 7 teams Mississauga: not on board yet but hopefully eventually Ottawa and Edmonton: want the Fury and FC Edmonton to join but that's a decision they have to arrive at themselves foreign players: there will be a cap on the number of foreign players per roster with 10 out of 25 used as a general idea of what could happen initially with it possibly dopping later to 8 then 5 TFC, Impact and Whitecaps joining eventually: want to keep things modest and to have a league where a market size of 200,000 is viable
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    Your flair for the dramatic never ceases to amaze me.
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    Nah, he kept missing. Got loaned to try to punch babies in Norway and Indianapolis but couldn't connect there either
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    That was about the fifth most baffling thing I just read in this post.
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    Interesting you bring that up. Did anyone else see Sportsnet Central Montral last Thursday? One of the topics was the Canada game and it was all a joke from the get go with comments like "there was a Canada game?" or:" I don't care about a team that's ranked 106, maybe when they are a top 25 I might get excited" or" they played a team nobody knows". The whole thing lasted about 30 seconds with laughs all around. Then we wonder why we are in this condition. I think I better stop now.
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