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    Signed with Blackburn http://www.bbc.com/sport/football/40802767
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    non-controversial opinion: more canadians need to go to mexico
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    ATIBA IS BACK!!!!!!!!!! http://www.canadasoccer.com/canada-soccer-builds-strong-squad-for-home-match-at-bmo-field-p161090-preview-1
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    JDG is now the head coach of the Fury after Dalglish resigned. http://www.ottawafuryfc.com/news_article/show/823461?referrer_id=2824815
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    In 2015 Vitoria was getting paid $400 000 per year and Maund was making $63 000 per year. Currently Maund is making $175 000, still less than half of Vitoria's salary. I suspect his current salary was the main reason RSL traded him to Vancouver for next to nothing. I am pretty sure if Vitoria had been making anywhere from $60 000 to $175 00 he would have had a long career in MLS as a starter. Maund has stuck around so long mostly because he was cheap and in a salary cap league that is a very important factor in who gets signed (and brings down the level of the league by favouring cheap players like Maund over better players like Vitoria).
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    Wow. If this is a game worn WCQ jersey at a Value Village, I'm not sure whether to laugh or cry ...
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    If they don't start winning more soon, they might have to change "City of Champions" to "Remember the 80's?".
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    Not going to lie, assuming this is where Piette has signed, I'm disappointed the Impact are the destination.
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    Great to see him back out there!
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    Canada 3-0 T&T -advance to semis according to CSA tweet.
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    Buy it first, ask questions later.
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    Seriously @Pat Carrasco this starting a new thread with BREAKING in the title shit for stuff that clearly fits into an existing thread is starting to get old.
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    Alright, my first time posting as a Voyageur... Since this is about speculation, one of the things that I'd like to add to the discussion are the revenue numbers in Francophone media. Of the cities mentioned, several are below 500k in terms of population, and some have high unemployment rates and crashing slowing economies. However, in French-Canadian markets (or markets where Francophones constitute a major presence), there are some interesting stats regarding media penetration and competition. I posted this to Twitter about three weeks ago. These markets all have their own local Radio-Canada affiliate in French (except Kingston, which uses Ottawa's), a population of over 150k and with the exception of Saguenay and St. John's, very strong economies. For example, the current unemployment rate in Québec and Lévis is 5%, lower than the provincial and national average. It also have 8 - 10 major company headquarters in the city. That would make it the biggest and most important market in CanPL to date, if it accepts. The main bonus though would be the media revenue. Radio-Canada has almost no competition for sports coverage, as Québecor (owners of TVA) make you pay separately for TVA Sports, and RDS (French TSN) is not standard on all packages, and does not cover the Impact at all. However, all French speakers, whether online, via TV or through their car's radio antenna, get Radio-Canada. From a major network perspective as well, Radio-Canada is one of the most watched networks in French markets, with much deeper market penetration than the CBC in English. Currently, the CanPL has no penetration in French (literally, they haven't even bothered to translate the site... bèn voyons) and Francophones and french-speakers compose 30% of the country, with a population of around 10-million coast to coast. That's the size of Sweden! This is a market that lacks major sports coverage (TVA Sports shows high school sports, and Ultimate Frisbee as actual, legitimate sporting shows) and is ripe for the entry of some anchor teams in French markets. If Regina is a serious option for the CanPL; I'd like to formally start blustering about three teams in the Québec marketplace; in Québec and Lévis (Stade Telus), Laval and the Rive-Nord (Collège Montmorency) and Gatineau (Parc Ernest-Gaboury - current home of FC Gatineau). Moncton is already here, so I'll skip Stade de Moncton. Each of those cities currently has a PLSQ team, an academy structure, and a stadium, and very little media competition.
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    liam #9 Scored the winning goal(2nd) and assisted the third in the 3rd place match in a U19 tournament game versus Juventus Final score 3-1. In Basel Switzerland good quality opposition... sorry for the ad is anyone can post without it feel free. http://u19-turnier.ch/?page_id=22
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    Just a little update on Halifax. A local councilor (Waye Mason) was on the radio earlier this week and said SEA and the city made good progress with the stadium discussions and they haven't signed a lease yet because they are waiting to be awarded a CPL franchise. Also the renovation continues on the Wanderers ground - they are working on it every day. Things seem fine here.
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    2017 Gold Cup Young Player award winner. 2017 Gold Cup Golden Boot winner. (3 goals. Two other players also had 3 goals but apparently Davies won on fewest minutes played, since he did not appear to have any assists.) Congratulations Alphonso!!
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    First Canadian in the Mexican top flight since Sanchez Macip 10 years ago.. who also played for Puebla.
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    Molinaro on the roster http://www.sportsnet.ca/soccer/atiba-hutchinson-canada-octavio-zambrano-jamaica-friendly/ but to answer questions "Four notable players who played for Canada at the Gold Cup are not on this roster: midfielder Scott Arfield, defender Steven Vitoria, goalkeeper Milan Borjan and forward Lucas Cavallini. None of the players refused Zambrano’s call-up. Instead, they were given this game off because their respective club seasons just started, a Canada Soccer official told Sportsnet. The same official said that Hutchinson hasn’t made any decision as to whether he’ll play for Canada in the next round of World Cup qualifying."
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    Looks like Vitoria is playing every game now. This is much different than last season.
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    Canada advances out of the group in second place. Advancing as the 7th ranked team over 3rd ranked Costa Rica. The u15s will face Mexico in the semifinals tomorrow.
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    -It's literally one game against a bottom 5 team in MLS. -Players from the leagues that are "better" than MLS come to the league and fail all the time. Adam Nemec came to MLS as the top scorer in the 2. Bundesliga and was one of the worst players in league history, Marcelo Gallardo transferred to MLS from PSG and was benched before midseason...you can't judge two leagues using one player as the sample size. -It's entirely possible Piette improved significantly in the last year. Tommy Thompson has gone from complete waste of space on an MLS roster to the best player on the Earthquakes in 2 months after Dom Kinnear got fired. Sometimes players have a ton of talent and just need the right situation, confidence, and development for everything to click.
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    That's his (and Cordova's and Boakai's) agent being quoted there. Might not be as far off as you think.
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    Assuming none of Edmonton, Calgary, or Ottawa are not in the league at launch. Paul Beirne made two very definitive statements just two weeks ago in Regina. He said the probability of a 2018 half season kicking off one week after the 2018 World Cup with six teams is better than 50% and that they're pretty sure who teams 7 & 8 will be (Sask being 7). He also said that if they feel they need to wait until 2019 to get it right they will. I don't know if people on here have noticed, but there are several individuals who are in regular contact with people involved with the actual teams who have either completely abandoned this forum or have significantly reduced the amount they post. And I know from talking with some of them that they are quite fed up with the speculation based on nothing when there is real information out there for people willing to look. When someone posts that they have known personally for 20yrs one of the Halifax City Counsellors but that person's information is basically ignored, it should be little surprise that many in-the-know have said 'screw this'. Apologies for being so blunt folks but many of you should listen instead of constantly pulling out your own personal little hobby horses and riding them into the ground.
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    Condom is fairly well known throughout the world for his bend but not break attitude.
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    It was an interesting run. I feel the results 1 W, 2 D, and 1 L do not seem as good as it feels. For me, as has been stated by many, it is the switch in mentality and feel. OZ does a great job of saying the right things to the media (and I am sure the players) that helps set a positive mentality. I liked how the focus was never defensive or just as reserved as Floro, it was always forward looking. Before Honduras it was more of a lets go and win this screw the tie, which is the right mentality versus the past. It will be tough to wait a few more years for meaningful games, but hopefully we can play as many friendlies as possible. I am also quite pleased with the seeming depth we are assembling (relative to our past). We now have good professionals who are not making the cut and it is not due to a personal grievance or decision. I felt it would be fun to make a depth chart. This was done relatively quickly and please forgive anyone who is missing or positional issues (I made a utility section that includes a few who I was totally unsure). I listed their ages as of what they will turn in 2020, which is most relevant to the next World Cup. GK: 1. Borjan (33) 2. Leutwiler (31) 3. Crepeau (26) 4. Thomas (31) 5. Irving (27) 6. Melvin (26) 7. Carducci (24) CB: (Send Help) 1. Vitoria (33) 2. Jakovic (35) 3. James (27) 4. Edgar (33) 5. Henry (27) 6. Lefèvre (31) 7. Hainault (34) 8. Corbin-Ong (29) 9. Gasparotto (25) 10. Attakora (31) 11. Ouimette (28) LB: 1. Adekugbe (25) 2. Tissot (28) 3. Morgan (29) RB: 1. Petrasso (25) 2. Córdova (25) Utility: 1. De Jong (34) 2. Aird (25) 3. Straith (30) 4. Ledgerwood (35) 5. Fresenga (22) 6. Kapor (29) 7. Pasher (26) 8. Dixon (31) 9. Galvis (23) 10. McKendry (27) 11. Haworth (31) Defensive Mid: 1. Piette (26) 2. Bernier (41) 3. Teibert (28) 4. Kaye (26) 5. Johnson (33) 6. Awuah (25) Central Mid: 1. Arfield (32) 2. Osorio (28) 3. Chapman (26) 4. Froese (24) 5. Hutchinson (37) (? or he would be higher) 6. Choinière (23) 7. Charlie Trafford (28) 8. Bekker (30) Mid/Wing: 1. Hoilett (30) 2. Davies (20) 3. Edwards (25) 4. Ricketts (33) 5. Akindele (28) 6. Bustos (24) 7. Fisk (27) Striker/Forward: 1. Larin (25) 2. Cavallini (28) 3. Jackson-Hamel (27) 4. Hamilton (24) 5. Haber (31) 6. Jackson (33)
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    Would be closer for callups. Shorter flights. Better league.
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    Then this But didn't take the pk Levelled it, extra time next
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    You're showing your newness.
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    Great pic from todays game. 1-1 draw with Derby County FC...couldn't have a better mentor..
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    Dude, that is literally yesterday's news. Please keep up.
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    A few different discussion going on concerning AJH and his lack of playing time/starts given the goals he has been scoring.What I would like Biello to do is give him a couple of starts in a row and see how he handles it. It is not really fair to give him one start every couple of months and then if he is not great don't start him again for a long time especially when Mancosu is not doing very much. From what I have noticed with AJH, I don't think he is more of a sub than a starter, I think it is more that he plays well when the team is attacking. When we are bunkering and counter-attacking he seems to disappear and not be able to play a target striker. I think the Impact game against Red Bull and also the Canada game against Costa Rica showed that. It is something he needs to work on but if he is not getting any starts he can not improve that aspect. For the moment for Canada I would start Cavallini against a strong team that we will be counter attacking but AJH against a team we are going to attack against. Last year I was really impressed with Mancosu but he has been really disappointing so far and at times seems to be lacking effort or concentration. Given that I would like Biello to give AJH a string of starts to see if he can establish himself as the starter.
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    Thanks for this. Three people with different backgrounds and perspectives all pulling in the same direction, and all with the understanding of what a National league can mean to the development of Soccer in Canada. I'm not sure if people realize the broad appeal of local, professional soccer in communities across the country. I've met Canadians that were born in Mexico, that will travel to watch El Tri, that have more knowledge about the Canadian team, players and systems than most people I've met. I've had conversations with German immigrants...and there is a large German community in SK...that still keep track of how the team in their small town is doing in the 6th or 7th tier of German soccer. At the same time, they watch TFC play on TV and can't understand why the regular players are not playing for the CMNT because they don't realize that the players are not Canadian because the media does not report it. And if they do report it, its buried behind the NHL, MLB, NBA, Junior Hockey, etc. Their is a huge opportunity to create a league that will draw in fans from all backgrounds and the media will be a huge part of bringing the stories and the knowledge to fans across the country. Again, thanks to the two of you, your guests, and everyone else that is working so hard to spread the word!!
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    Sandor with an interesting article https://the11.ca/large-number-of-players-agents-already-making-inquiries-about-canpl/ Followed by this response
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    What bugs me is the short leash given to young Canadians - one bad game and you're out (Froese, Teibert, Adekugbe). If you're a "veteran" you can have a full season of horrors and there are no repercussions.
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    I will try to recall how it was explained to me with the disclaimer that one should not 100% trust all of the details (this is me assembling details of several conversations over several months). Pop-Up is not meant to be permanent. It is meant to serve a purpose over a certain number of years. It uses lighter materials (lots of erector-set looking construction) and, although it can be dressed up, has a very temporary look to it. Empire Field is a perfect example. It was erected while BC Place was being built, then disassembled once it was unnecessary. I was lucky enough to be at it once, and it looked and felt really good for a pop-up stadium. Tarps over the pole support structure gave it a more classy feel. Modular is meant to be much more permanent with lifespan of 25 years plus. Heavier materials like beam supports rather than pole structures. More solid anchorage. Take a look at Brita Stadium in Weisbaden and compare to Empire. It looks permanent. Both treatments are relatively inexpensive and changeable though, so they definitely share some characteristics. During my discussions with the SK ownership, they have been very clear that they are looking at modular and not pop-up and hence I have been trying to be accurate with my use of both terms.
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    I think you have to put some blame on the club. The problem is they keep saying they're all about the youth when in fact they only have one kid getting actual minutes with the first team. Sure their USL team stinks but the TFC one stinks too and Montreal doesn't even have one anymore and they both give more minutes to homegrowns than Vancouver. There's an issue there that they need to amend. Either they aren't producing first team calibre players, don't trust them, aren't willing to bite the bullet on giving them the required time at the top level to find their feet or a combination of both. Any way you crack it, the club is dropping the ball somewhere. And from a pure optics standpoint it really doesn't look good that players have to leave to get minutes.
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    Cardiff top of the table with 4 wins from 4 games. Big win today against wolves who were also undefeated.
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    WHO FUCKING CARES? He's some dumbass troll. Pat please stop with the useless threads
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    Sadi Jalali's street cred appears to have skyrocketed under Miller.