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    Zambrano on Tabla: http://www.rds.ca/tele/loin-de-s-en-foot http://www.rds.ca/soccer/impact/octavio-zambrano-veut-convaincre-ballou-et-patrice-bernier-n-est-pas-trop-vieux-selon-lui-1.4442394 We need to bring him witht he senior program immediately. We can't wait anymore. Ballou and other players are ready to join this program. On the possibility of Ivory Coast and Drogba's role in that: "I respect everyone including Mister Drogba, but Canada was the country that gave him the chance to excel and have success. I don't want to into details, but I'll sit with him and give him my opinion. Yes, he has Ivorian origins that you can't ignore, but when you find a home like he found it in Canada, he must watch what are the best option better for him. Also: "I don't want to pressure him, but I want to give him my opinion and give him the things that he needs to considre in choosing for Canada or not. I think that he has a golden opportunity to play for Canada and this opportunity probably wouldn't be given to him. In my opinion, it's much more advantageous for him to play for Canada." (To be fair I translated the second link that talks about Tabla but if you listen "LDSF Semaine 8", you'll be able to listen an interview between Zambrano with Olivier Brett and Patrick Leduc and you don't need to speak French to understand since the interview is done in English. )
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    Just got backed from the meeting, it was jammed. I think it took them by surprise. After hearing Paul Beirne very eloquently explain the plan for the 'CPL' and viewing SEA's proposal for a stadium and team on the Wanderer grounds I am fully 100% confident this has a chance to be something special for Halifax and Canada. The enthusiasm from the overflow crowd was amazing.
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    It's staggering to me that there are so called Canadian soccer fans who talk about how long they've been a fan and then shit on the CPL at every opportunity. This is despite the fact that this is more credible than ever, with credible soccer people involved, credible promotors involved and credible business people involved. What's the end game? Come back here in 5 or 10 years and say "I told you so!" If it doesn't work? Okay great, point taken, now move on.
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    I'm not sure why any Canadian soccer fans would be opposed to this. It's more games for Canada against regional opponents, and presumably more games IN Canada. It's everything everyone has wanted for ages now.
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    Here are my predictions for that time frame: - Various members of this board will continue to be arguing over the validity of the Canadian Premier League at that time. - Various members of this board will be arguing over some promising dual national that they want to cap tie in place of an older, better player at that time. - Russell Teibert will have gone through another 6 hair styles. - Doneil Henry will still be at West Ham, attempting to make a comeback after having titanium knees, hamstrings, and quads implanted in him. - Tuscan will still have his shirt off, which will both nauseate and arouse me. - Lenarduzzi and Robinson will still be in be in charge in Vancouver, having lead the club to 9 consecutive 7th place finishes via their tenacious captain Deybi Flores. - Unnamed Trialist will continue to preach how Barcelona is the greatest club in the world and how we are all idiots for not conforming to the practices they have in place. He will also be mostly biodegraded at this point given that plastic does that sort of thing over time.
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    I am probably one of the ones on here that may not watch or have any sense about "the best" football in the world, but I can sure recognize a world class blow hard.
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    So the cfl is a regional league?
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    They're at the very least better than the Scottish
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    While listening to he Manning interview I had many of the same reactions that people on here had. I thought he represented himself well and was very candid making the interview very interesting to listen to. However, I also kept thinking that in regards to what the vision of CanPL should be and what it's function should be that he simply doesn't get it. Sure he's protecting his territory, and as an employee of MLSE that's exactly what he should be doing. But that's why he shouldn't be trusted to make decisions on what is best for Canadian soccer. That doesn't make him dishonest, deceitful, or a bad person at all. It simply means that he is focused on other interests. However, I also think that he displayed that he simply doesn't understand some things and his answers displayed this lack of understanding. He commented that he didn't think that the supporters groups would support CanPL and not TFC, but there are a large number of people in TFC SGs who were Voyageurs first and for whom the advancement of Canadian soccer is front of mind. It might not be an overwhelmingly high percentage of those in TFC's SGs but it's not an insignificant number either. He also shows his bias by suggesting that a CanPL team in Toronto would struggle to draw a few thousand while TFC 2 in CanPL could draw 5000+ and that TFC 2 playing other Canadian teams would be an even bigger draw. This is a blatant contradiction. Either Manning is aware of this and is just trying to protect his territory or he's unaware of this and has blinders on ... likely the former, but who knows for sure. Regardless, major kudos to the VMP folks for getting him on and handling him in such an engaging fashion. It was a great piece of podcasting work on their part.
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    Its not their plan - its you opinion on what you think they may do. They have never said any such thing as far as I can tell. You are basically doubting if a plan you just dreamt up can work lol
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    There must have been like 100 people there. The main section was jammed and the overflow was out in the reception area was fairly full too. Derek (SEA) discussed the local club while Paul B. discussed the league. Some points made....... League points: 1) Keep you eye peeled for the CSA AGM in May for news. 2) League will not start with less then 6 teams if it reaches its full potential could possibly reach 16 clubs max down the road. 3) Paul stated 'We will absolutely not be a developmental league for MLS' 4) League will start at a lower quality then MLS but will no necessarily be that way for ever depending how things develop. 5) League will emulate the things MLS did right - learn by MLS mistakes. 6) Strong focus on Canadian players - solid quotas expanding over time. 7) A business plan that will allow markets outside MTL-TOR-VAN to be a success. Local news: Basically discussed the stadium, ticket prices (10$-35$), and goal of 3000 season tickets.
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    Thanks buddy! You have no idea who I am, my football upbringing, or the teams/competitions I choose to support and watch, yet can make these amazingly insightful judgments based on the fact we don't agree on something (quite insignificant). I would never say such things about others on this board. At most, this is an "agree to disagree" type moment, not a "I clearly know much more about world class football and you're nothing but an ignorant dilettante. Please, don't even bother to respond or engage with my vastly superior football IQ." I'm surprised you come here at all, amongst such uninformed football fans! I assume you consider posting on this board as philanthropy or community service?
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    Well, that covers the main options.
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    I'm not sure if this will be a popular opinion on the whole FCE-potential second team in Edmonton, but here goes anyway. There is so much bad blood/so many bruised egos/so much small thinking going on throughout the soccer community in this country that I really hope that things go down in a good way in Edmonton. The fact is, there is an owner there that has tried his best and spent millions of his own money to run FCE and establish the FCE academy that many players have benefitted from. At the very least I think that means that the Faths are owed a great deal of respect from a potential new league so at the very least I hope that CanPL folks have been up front, transparent, and honest with them. FCE has been trying to do locally what CanPL/CSA is interested in doing nationally. So there is common purpose there even if their visions differ and I think ultimately it's better to acknowledge that. I'm not saying that CanPL doesn't have the right to search for an alternative Edmonton investor if FCE is not interested. All I'm saying is that I hope CanPL has brought FCE to the table, explained to them that they need an Edmonton team (if indeed they do need one), given them the opportunity to be that team (if they feel they are the right ownership group), and been upfront with them about finding a different investor if that is actually what they're doing. CanPL is a serious opportunity to get Canadian soccer folks working for and with each other instead of against one another, and I feel that this situation could serve as either an example or a non-example of that. So here's hoping. Having said all of that, there's every possibility the Halifax graphic was not intended to be the literal original six teams and that rumours of a potential 2nd Edmonton team are greatly exaggerated. I don't know, and I respectfully submit that no one else on here does for certain either, so maybe we should all find some chill.
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    WOW, Floro just keeps bringing them in. Amazing!!!
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    7-1 ....at home...in the World Cup semi-final.
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    Boom sources have just told me that the official ball used by CPL is going to be spherical in shape and that all of the franchises will be located in Canada. You heard it here first so keep watching my podcast.
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    So where were Colorado springs (and american USL teams) 2-3 years ago?? FC Montreal gave playing time to the 18 year old Kacher. A dozen games two years ago and over 20 last year. Do you think he would have ended up at a US USL team without getting time in Montreal? Same with Riggi in Phoniex, Sukunda in Sweden, Dominguez and Temguia in Cinncinati. Thats not counting the FC guys still with the big club (Tabla, Choiniere, Crepeau etc) and all the guys they pipelined into Ottawa. Maybe they were a "dumpster fire" as you like to call them, but they did give alot of young guys a shot that otherwise I dont think they were going to get. Perfect..NO...complete disaster..I dont think so.
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    Petrasso gets a start for QPR at home to Sheffield Wednesday this morning!
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    I don't think anyone is comparing Petrasso with Bergkamp in terms of quality. I see nothing wrong with comparing 2 different goals at 2 different levels of play. Nice goals can happen at any level.
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    Our first championship since the 2000 Gold Cup....Zambrano weeks into the job and already getting us titles. Sign of things to come my fellow Voyaguers.
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    In case you all want to know what Rob is referring to... http://www.halifax.ca/boardscom/SCcped/documents/ProposaltoCPED-WanderersGrounds.pdf Original 6 teams are Hamilton, Ottawa, Calgary, Edmonton (???) , Halifax, Winnipeg Timeline is there League logo (or at least placeholder) is there Stadium renderings are there
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    and just when you think it can't get any sweeter, you realize that volley came off of him physically beating Jermaine Jones
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    Canadian Press: "Do you think the Halifax Wanderers can win the World Cup?"
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    How many other fence sitters saw Aird run Scotlands defence? Hopefully we discover at least 1 more before the GC
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    I think that's the nicest goal I've ever seen a Canadian team score. Granted, I'm used to random deflections off Cyle Larin's asscheeks.
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    I'm personally much less interested in what people say about the league now and when it finally launches and much more interested in what people are willing to do to help it succeed.
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    I have skipped a few days of manically checking in on this thread. Good to see we have moved so far beyond the petty bickering about the involvement (or not) of MLS2 clubs that was initially raised about 200 pages ago. At some point, we could just park that issue, recognizing that it will be what it will be. Either MLS2 clubs will be in or they won't. And if they're in, their involvement will either give the league a D2 feel or it will not. But one thing is absolutely clear - no one on this board has the capacity to convince the other side to change their position.
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    Ya. It's like they're trying to do something stupid like sell tickets. Morons.
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    I'm just glad Tabla will make the decision quickly. From a supporter perspective, I'll be glad to know that he's not stringing us along unlike other players in the past.
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    I found this very interesting. It was designed by graphic designer Xavier Ouellette from Victoria, B.C. It's probably a fan concept. Love the logo. Thanx God it has no monarchy-crown symbols in the background.
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    Germans suck at English? Throughout my European travels, they were amongst the best I came across. Miles better than the French, Spanish, Portuguese or Italians. I'd put them in the same boat as the Austrians and Dutch.
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    Um... no scoring til you're cap tied Bryan. You know the rules.
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    Probably someone saw his Subway quality chip in Qatar. A lot of people like Subway.
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    BOOM I'm here with the former backup keeper for Toronto Croatia who says he might be interested in watching a CPL game.
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    Per Canucks Abroad https://www.thescottishsun.co.uk/sport/football/786645/st-johnstone-midfielder-david-wotherspoon-may-be-the-next-scot-capped-by-canada-and-could-join-burnley-star-scott-arfield-in-squad/ Looks to be a solid SPL level player.
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    So even if the league runs from halifax to calgary it'll be regional because it lacks a bc team?
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    Hey all, I interviewed Tyler Pasher from SKC a week or so back-the interview is now online at NSXI. I was able to talk to him specifically about the CPL and the domestic rules, their impact on Canadian soccer. If you don't feel like reading the whole interview-the CPL-pertinent stuff is contained in the last 4-5 paragraphs: http://www.northernstartingeleven.com/tyler-pashers-journey-to-skc-why-canadians-needs-cpl/
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    I feel like whoever wrote that tweet put in about 0.2 seconds of thought into those quotation marks and was never expecting a forum of people to analyze them. Clearly, they underestimated this place.
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    Nope, too late. I've already committed to getting ahead of myself on this one.
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    You've already got a CPL avatar! Priorities!
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    I'll never understand this reasoning. They gave him a chance and made him a pro. Unfortunately, he didn't cut it. But surely now that he's been playing for two years and showing his potential, some USL- or NASL-team will pick him up so he can restart his career. Now how is that ruining?
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    http://www.reuters.com/article/us-soccer-americas-league-idUSKBN1791QA HIGHLIGHTS ....Plans for a new league competition for national teams in North and Central America and the Caribbean are set to be agreed on this weekend, the region's football chief has told Reuters. CONCACAF president Victor Montagliani has been privately sounding out the 41 federations within the region regarding the 'League of Nations' plan, which would effectively eliminate friendlies. Saturday's CONCACAF congress in Aruba will finalize the structure of the competition, which will include regional powerhouses the United States and Mexico.... ...The new UEFA league means that top teams in CONCACAF will have little or no opportunities for friendly games against European opposition. "What people need to realize is that the world of friendlies is going to change, with Europe changing to the Nations League, it is going to get harder to get friendlies," said Montagliani who believes that will be no great loss. "The truth of the matter is that a lot of the friendlies our nations play, including the bigger nations, are a waste of time, let’s be honest, a lot of them are not quality. You are better off playing a game that actually means something (even) against an opponent, that on paper anyway, may not be as good," he said.... .................................... Well looks like I was wrong about nations skipping also this thing just became super useful to us
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    No TFC gear regardless of wether a player is playing. If you don't have anything else just wear a generic red t-shirt. The V's should be promoting no club gear at any Canada game and a TFC in Montreal is disrespectful in my opinion.
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    Hey, if you were in the NT pool it would be relevant!
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    This thread going nuts in 5, 4, 3, ...